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To: Mrs Mark

Murder is the business of all gov't.

21 posted on 03/27/2005 8:48:19 AM PST by Almondjoy
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To: Almondjoy

First, the Iranian regime will be collapsed by a combination of the Iranian people rising up, and the upcoming US Navy blockade. Of course, the blockade may not prove to be necessary. But the blockade guarentees success.

Second, I support strikes on Iran ONLY if there is no option, and it is either lots of Americans or Jews die, or a relatively small amount of Iranians die. We need to hold off on military strikes even past the panic stage. Maybe even threaten Israel a bit to keep them from doing anything rash. The blockade will work. It may take the better part of a month, but it'll work.

Third, if Iran bombs someone with a nuclear bomb, it is my hope that Bush would bomb (nulcear) Iran within 72 hours, in such a way that would immediately collapse the regime. Thed world must know that using WMD's, most especially nuclear weapons, is absolutely unacceptable. Bombing Tehran would collapse the regime, yet the hatred of American would be transferred from the dead mullahs to all of the people of Iran, I believe. So maybe some other target. Perhaps the best option might be a tactical nuclear strike that could target just a section of Tehran where the ruling mullahs are. Though, they might disperse in advance, knowing this option. I don't think that the mullah's strategy for survival will be a Saddam-type insurgency, but they may very well attempt a nuclear strike, because it could prove difficult to immediately decapitate the regime due to the regime's advance planning, and the fear that Iran may have more nuclear warheads at their disposal.

And finally, well, Iran is simultaneously attacking both Israel and Iraq witgh suicide bombers. True, since the demise of Arafat, things have really become peaceful. The Palestinian people themselves are becoming anti-terror. I remember reading in January or February that when a terror group bombed Israel, the Palestinian people were protesting. They are waking up to the fact that terror doesn't pay when your enemy is stedfast in its resolve. In my opinion, Ariel Sharon on defense matters at least has been great. Because he is not only fighting terror, but also doesn't do everything that Bush tells him to, even though the American government gives something like $2B in foreign aid to Israel each year.

Iran has many organizations that it pays and contributes to, it can carry out multiple operations simultaneously. And with all that oil revenue coming in, they basically have as much money as they need.

The reason that Iran has been fighting Iraq's complete liberation and democratization is that they don't want that. Democracy is a poison to them. The Iraqi government is certainly more pro-American than pro-Iranian. Although their are allegations that some members of the Shi'ite Alliance are basically Iranian operatives, yet the Iraqi government will never be anything like Iran's theocracy.

The ideal situation for Iran would be for the Americans to topple Saddam Hussein, then pull out once the insurgency began raging. We didn't pull out, and the war is now nearly won. The last thing Iran wants is to be surrounded by American forces (Afghanistan and Iraq), particularly now. They feel they are invulerable to American military might as long as the Americans are bleeding and dying in Iraq. Well, the bleeding has now slowed to a mere trickle. And there is the US Navy that we must not forget about.

Consider these facts on Iraq:

American casualities are down 40% in the last month.
American casualities are down nearly 70% since the January 30th election.
American casualities are at their lowest point since April-May, 2003.

Something near 250 insurgents were killed or captured in Iraq in just the last week. Not to mention vast amounts of deadly weapons were taken out of terrorist's hands.

We are definitely winning the war on terror. The war against the insurgents in Iraq is nearly won (even the NY Times admitted exactly this in a headline last week!). Once Iran, Syria, and Lebanon flip later this year, the Middle East will be dramatically different.

We will still have the problems of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Yet, I believe that if the modern Islamo-terror movement will continue to exist as we know it today, it will have to shift to Europe, I think. True, the money will probably keep coming in from Saudi Arabian citizens and others around the Middle East. Yet for terrorist training camps, and sanctuary, I think the former Soviet republics are probably their best chance of survival. But I think in a few years, Islamic terror will be far less potent than it is today, or was for the past several years. It will not be wiped out any time soon, but I believe it can be greatly diminished.

Of course, we must not forget the Asian countries of concern, such as North Korea, Phillipines, Indonesia, etc.

We are not really fighting against Islamists, as we are against people of tyranny and oppression. Saddam Hussein, Bashar Assad, and Kim Jong-il aren't Muslims. When horrible things are doing in the name of religion, the religion they cite is usually just a cover for their activities. Just like Hezbollah may insist that they build hospitals and schools, and not bombs.

22 posted on 03/27/2005 11:29:55 AM PST by JWojack (Faster please.)
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