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Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat - Thread Twenty-Six

Posted on 04/14/2005 4:02:23 PM PDT by nwctwx

Image Created By : TheCabal
Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat
Thread Twenty-Six (Index)
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The Threat Matrix

The title refers to a daily report given to the president of the United States detailing the most serious terrorist threats against the country. To tackle those threats, the government has formed a top-notch task force to infiltrate the terror cells and cut off the danger.

"Every morning, the president receives a list of the top ten terrorist threats - this list is known as the threat matrix."

We here at FR are trying to be in conjunction with the daily reports around the world that involve threats. We try to provide a storehouse of information that takes hours of research.

YOU be the judge and get informed!
Threat Matrix - Daily Terrorism Threat
Details show extent of terror plot against U.S.
Full Story

We now know more about an alleged attack that triggered an increased national threat level last summer.

That's when U.S. officials said they had uncovered a plot targeting financial institutions. The plot involved bombs, banks and British nationals.

The detail was startling, the targets enormous. They included financial buildings in Washington, New York and New Jersey.

Trio charged for terror plot in US
Threat Matrix #15 (August 31, 2004) :: Big Apple Terror?

"I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat."
TM designed by: Ian Livingston

TOPICS: News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: terror; threat; threatmatrix
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To: All

Worth another look...

"It's Pakistan, Stupid!"
By Paul Sperry | May 6, 2005

2,001 posted on 05/08/2005 3:59:32 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All
Latin-Arab summit worries U.S., Israel

By Carmen J. Gentile

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Brazil will host a meeting of Latin America and Arab leaders, including new Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, in an effort to promote greater economic integration between the two regions and talk diplomatic goals.

But there are indications that the United States and Israel are concerned the summit could become a platform to attack U.S. and Israeli policies in the Middle East.

A summit declaration, to be released Wednesday, could strain relations between South America and the United States if it is seen to tacitly back groups such as Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrillas, which Washington classifies as terrorist organizations.


2,002 posted on 05/08/2005 3:59:51 PM PDT by Oorang (You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me)
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To: grizzfan; MamaDearest; JustPiper; penguino; All
Today's article on an issue we've been reading about:

Non-Mexican immigrants pour into Valley Federal officials say Central, South Americans may become majority of illegal crossers

The Brownsville Herald

May 8, 2005 — Brazilians, Central Americans and others are expected to overtake Mexican nationals as the largest group of undocumented immigrants entering the Rio Grande Valley.

Although some federal authorities said the demographic shift has already happened, figures given to The Brownsville Herald this month show the number of OTM (Other Than Mexicans) immigrants detained in Deep South Texas has exploded in the last two years but remains slightly behind the number of Mexican nationals.

Border Patrol officials said the number of OTMs detained in the Valley could overtake undocumented Mexican immigrants in the next few months or sometime in the next fiscal year.

U.S. Consul John Naland in Matamoros says the shift has already happened.

“It is very much an area of concern for the U.S. government,” Naland said.

“There has been a sharp increase in OTMs who are transiting (crossing through) Mexico and illegally entering into the United States.”

Naland said a growing number of Brazilians and other foreign nationals are using lax visa requirements for travel into Mexico as a “trampoline” to illegally enter the United States — the prominent theory for the recent influx of Brazilian immigrants to this country.

Brazil is one of 45 countries whose citizens are not required to present a passport to enter Mexico.

Others include Germany, Argentina, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Spain, Great Britain, South Africa and America.

Although the State Department would welcome Mexico to tighten its immigration laws, Naland said the choice is ultimately up to the Mexican government.


2,003 posted on 05/08/2005 4:13:33 PM PDT by Oorang (You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me)
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To: All
CSIS: Africa may be breeding ground for al-Qaida

May 8, 2005

OTTAWA (CP) - The Canadian Security Intelligence Service warns much of Africa could be fertile soil for Osama bin Laden's terrorist network to cultivate new recruits.

Foreign extremist organizations such as al-Qaida "have exploited the permissive environment of the continent," CSIS says in the report obtained by The Canadian Press.

Release of the spy service's grim assessment comes as Canada ponders taking on a greater humanitarian role in war-ravaged Sudan.

The newly declassified report notes that, while Muslim communities of sub-Saharan Africa have grown more militant since the advent of multi-party democracy in the mid-1990s, this militancy "is driven more by domestic politics than Islamic extremism."

CSIS argues, however, that could change.

The conflict and poverty of central and southern Africa, along with the weakness or failure of several states, have increased the receptiveness of some African Muslims "to the message of global jihad and ensured a ready supply of local recruits," the intelligence service says.

"The poor, young, disaffected and undereducated members of these communities have provided terrorist organizations with intelligence and logistical support for their activities."

A copy of the August 2004 report, The Islamist Threat in Sub-Saharan Africa, was recently released under the Access to Information Act. It is marked Secret/Canadian Eyes Only.

A section of the declassified document entitled Implications for Canada was completely blanked out.

Al-Qaida attacks on the American embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi in 1998 killed 224 people and injured thousands. But CSIS says it wasn't until the Sept. 11, 2001, assaults on New York and Washington that the West seriously considered the threat of Islamic extremism and other forms of terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa.

The United States subsequently led raids on Taliban and al-Qaida forces in Afghanistan, prompting fears some extremists would flee to Africa.

Attention focused on the Horn of Africa, where the al-Ittihad al-Islamiya, "a shadowy Islamic fundamentalist organization" suspected of links to al-Qaida was believed to be regrouping, CSIS says.

In the heavily censored report, the intelligence service also mentions Sudan, a sanctuary for bin Laden in the early 1990s, as well as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania as possible breeding grounds for violent extremism.

The report says that while West Africa has not yet experienced a terrorist attack against a western target, the region "contains large ungoverned areas," particularly along the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.

In addition, the political instability of most West African states has left them susceptible to the "proselytizing of extremist Islamic clergy" calling for a return to strict enforcement of Muslim law.

However, CSIS stresses that while western countries remain seized with the fallout of the 9/11 attacks, Africa has been subsumed by its own horrible turmoil.

The report notes the terrorist outrages motivating the West are "seen as relatively minor when compared to the depredations perpetrated by domestic terrorist groups operating in sub-Saharan Africa."

Millions of people have died or been driven from their homes in brutal conflicts in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

2,004 posted on 05/08/2005 4:29:09 PM PDT by Oorang (You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me)
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To: All
Peshawar put on high alert: Four die in accidental blast

WANA, May 7: Four tribesmen were killed and one was injured on Saturday when a rocket they were trying to dismantle exploded in Wana, an official said. Meanwhile, the authorities in Peshawar have declared high security alert after saboteurs attacked two check posts of paramilitary forces near Miramshah on Friday night.

The tribesmen had found an unexploded rocket in a forest near Lalayzai village, which blew up when they tried to dismantle it, a local administration official told AFP. The injured had been admitted to a hospital, he said.

Our Correspondent from Miramshah adds: Miscreants fired missiles on Friday night at two check posts of paramilitary forces near the Pak-Afghan border. Officials said three missiles had been fired from an unknown location at about 2pm, which landed near Sidgi and Girgat checkpoints some 15 kilometres west of Miramshah, the agency headquarters.

The missiles fired at Sidgi check post missed the target and landed at a close distance whereas two missiles fell Girgat checkpoint near the Pak-Afghan border. The attacks created fear in the locality. However, there were no reports of injuries or loss of life. The paramilitary forces did not retaliate the fire.

Peshawar Bureau adds: The authorities have declared a high security alert in Peshawar and installed surveillance equipment at foreign missions and other sensitive places in the city, police officials said.

They said extensive security arrangements had been made across the city after the dramatic arrest of Al Qaeda key leader Abu Faraj Al Libbi and other suspects from Mardan and the tribal areas a few days ago.

Senior Superintendent Police (operation) Mohammad Saeed Wazir told Dawn here on Saturday that additional police force had been provided to all foreign missions in the city, including offices of the United Nations, diplomatic missions, banks and their residential areas.

“Though situation is normal, but there is apprehensions about sabotage,” the SSP said, adding that fresh arrangements was part of the countrywide security alert. He said surveillance cameras had also been installed at various sensitive places in the city and foreign missions had been directed to improve their internal security arrangements while police also beefed up security in public parks and business centres.

An official told Dawn that they had been directed by the UN security agency to avoid unnecessary movement. He said they had been receiving directives from time to time to exercise extreme caution while on duty and the use of UN vehicles, especially outside the city.

2,005 posted on 05/08/2005 4:51:58 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: All
Al Libbi’s arrest stirs US nuclear fears
By Our Correspondent

WASHINGTON, May 7: There’s a serious possibility of Al Qaeda trying to steal nuclear weapons in Pakistan, says a report released recently by a Harvard University study group. The report, launched by a former US senator Sam Nunn, tries to persuade the United States and Russia to work together to prevent terrorist groups from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Mathew Bunn, who co-authored the report titled “Managing the Atom Project” with Anthony Weir, warned that the United States and Russia will become vulnerable to nuclear terrorism if they don’t focus on securing weapons of mass destruction.

Mr Bunn warned that Pakistan’s arrest of suspected Al Qaeda operative Abu Farraj Al Libbi, announced on May 4, highlights that vulnerability. He said two assassination attempts against President Pervez Musharraf are believed to have been orchestrated by Al Libbi, with the collaboration of some military officers.

“The danger of nuclear theft is a global problem, not just a Russia problem,” said Mr Bunn while urging the United States and Russia to “forge a common nuclear standard for the world because terrorists are going to get nuclear material wherever it is easiest.”

2,006 posted on 05/08/2005 5:08:28 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: All
2 dead, 5 injured in Kabul blast
Aziz Zahid

KABUL: At least two people were killed and five injured in a suicide bomb explosion in an upscale Kabul neighbourhood Saturday evening.

Security officials said the blast occurred in an Internet café opposite the First Microfinance Bank in Shahr-i-Naw at about 5:50pm. Fortunately, there was no usual rush of visitors because of incessant rains here, they added.

Interior Ministry spokesman Lutfullah Mashal said: “Yes, there were two fatalities in the blast that left five people wounded.” But police said six people had been injured.

Mashal said the explosion near Ansari Square was initially linked to a cylinder burst in the shop. But according to another account, he added, the blast hit the Internet café immediately after a suspect stepped in. Police have cordoned the high-security Park Residence Guesthouse area, where a large number of foreigners live. “The injured have been rushed to a local hospital,” said Mashal.

“The dead have not been identified as yet. One of the bodies has been charred and mutilated beyond recognition,” the spokesman remarked, saying no one had been held in connection with the blast.

One of the injured, Israr Ahmed, a software expert, said 15 people were busy surfing the Internet when the bomb exploded. Three foreigners including a young girl were among them, he said.

“This Internet café has been targeted by terrorists because a large number of aliens visit it,” opined Mohammad Bilal, who was also slightly injured. He was unsure about the casualties, saying: “Smoke engulfed the whole place immediately after the bang.”

On August 28, 2004, a massive car bomb detonated outside the office here of the US security contractor DynCorp - providing security for President Hamid Karzai - killing seven people including two Americans.

The explosion comes hard on the heels of a fierce clash in the violence-plagued Zabul province, where at least 64 Taliban fighters and government troops are reported to have perished over the least four days.

2,007 posted on 05/08/2005 5:19:58 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: Domestic Church; Cindy; All
Govt promoting Islamic values: CM
F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: The NWFP Chief Minister Akram Khan Durrani has said that the invincible unity of MMA put a brake to sectarianism in the country and foiled conspiracies of anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan elements.

He was addressing Provincial Seerat Conference at Auqaf Auditorium, Peshawar on Saturday. Provincial Ministers Amanullah Haqqani, Hafiz Akhtar Ali, MNA Rahmatullah Khalil, MPAs Abdur Razaq Mujaddadi, Dr. Zakir Shah, Advisor to Chief Minister NWFP Fazle Rahman Madani, Chairman Shariat Council Mufti Ghulam ur Rahman, Owais Qadri and Mufti Muneeb ur Rahman were also present at the occasion.

The chief minister said that Deeni Madaris were the centers of learning spreading the message of love and peace. He said that the worship places of minorities were safe in frontier province under MMA’s government. It was his government responsibility to protect the lives and property of minorities.

The chief minister said that MMA was a source of strength for the entire Muslim Ummah. His government was promoting Islamic values and hoped that the people of Punjab and Sindh would give a mandate in favour of MMA and would follow the people of frontier province to break the chain of slavery and would turn a deaf ear to the politics of landlords, wadera and khans.

He called upon the Khutba to unite the people against the conspirators conspiring to defame Islam. He assured that the provincial government within its powers was striving to implement its agenda for Shariah in the province.

The provincial assembly has unanimously adopted Shariat Bill and to put it on ground, the adoption of Hasba Bill was inevitable that would ensure cheap and easy access to justice.

He hoped that it would be adopted unanimously as the provincial government had got the opinions of all segments of the society through seminars. The people have been taken in to confidence and their apprehensions addressed to. He lashed out at the opponents of his government and added that their propaganda lacked substance.

What his government did to the welfare of the society should be seen and understood. His government improved law and order situation, banned purchase and sell of liquor, introduced interest free banking, provided free books to students up to Matric and declared education free up to Matric.

It exempted five marla houses from property tax, established A-grade hospitals in all districts, set up an education commission, introduced Jail reforms, established orphans centers and Darul Kafala and sensitized police to safeguard the lives and property of the people.

The chief minister said that his government gave an industrial policy giving attractive package to the investors and it was about to announce agriculture policy.

He said that his government made all decisions on merit and took all the political forces on board. He said that the establishment of Women University, women medical college, a separate sports directorate and other people’s friendly steps were the glaring achievements of his government.

Earlier, Provincial Minister for Religious Affairs, Maulana Amanaulah Haqqani presented a detailed resume of his government achievements and future plan.

2,008 posted on 05/08/2005 5:28:53 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: Oorang

Have you been to " to order the free movie they made? It will ship may 20, supposed to uncover all this info to the American public in movie form starring Fred Thompson as the US President.

2,009 posted on 05/08/2005 5:33:53 PM PDT by eastforker (Under Cover FReeper going dark(too much 24))
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To: All
JUI claims govt days are numbered

HASIL PUR (inp): Secretary General of Jamiaat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri Sunday claimed that government is fully utilizing its machinery to make the country a secular state.

Talking to a delegation of party workers the JUI leader said that non-governmental organizations were fully supported and a free hand has been given to them to play with Islamic ideology.

He said that Agha Khan Board was allowed to tarnish educational system and alter our Islamic and moral values. Keeping in front the government policies he said that government’s days are numbered and soon the people will get rid of the present undemocratic government which he said was working for the interests of West.

He criticized that General Pervez Musharraf led government failed to improve law and order situation and (he) president did not kept his promise to remove corruption from the society.

Despite remaining in power from six long years the president failed to take practical steps to remove corruption, he remarked adding that still justice is being sold in the country and poor cannot afford it. The MMA MNA claimed that sincere and people friendly government never came into power and that usually corrupt governments ruled country.

He asserted: “MMA will form peoples friendly government in the country.”

Maulana Haidri was of the view that reconciliation between the government and the PPP was a good omen but it should be open and in a political manner. He said that secret dealings will harm the democratic process and country as well as it is against the national interests.

About reconciliation between the MMA and ARD he said, “There is no improvement as the PPP is the main hurdle in the negotiation process between the two alliances.” The MNA assured the delegation that JUI would get maximum number of seats in local bodies’ election from the MMA platform.

2,010 posted on 05/08/2005 5:35:09 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: eastforker

Nope, I didn't know anything about it. I'm going to now to check it out. Thanks.

2,011 posted on 05/08/2005 5:37:13 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: Oorang

Let me know what you think about it, Senator Sam Nunn is heading up the project.

2,012 posted on 05/08/2005 5:47:32 PM PDT by eastforker (Under Cover FReeper going dark(too much 24))
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To: eastforker

Oh, and sign up for the daily terror briefings about NP as well as biological and chemical WMD's.

2,013 posted on 05/08/2005 5:48:31 PM PDT by eastforker (Under Cover FReeper going dark(too much 24))
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To: Oorang
Who is watching the Paki nukes while this is transpiring?
2,014 posted on 05/08/2005 5:51:38 PM PDT by Myrddin
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To: Myrddin
Good question Myrddin. I fear that Pakistan is not nearly as stable as "they" would like us to believe.
2,015 posted on 05/08/2005 5:54:31 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: eastforker

I ordered a copy of the DVD. Sounds very interesting.

2,016 posted on 05/08/2005 5:55:27 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: All
Huge cache of weapons recovered
F.P. Report

QUETTA: Police on Sunday foiled a sabotage bid and recovered huge cache of sophisticated weapons here on Sunday at Western Bypass area.

The CID on tip off that huge amount of weapons were hiding in the western by pass Hamza Baloch garden which might be use for anti-state activities in the City.

The timely action by the DSP Abdul Baqi Baloch, SHO, Inspector Nazir Ahmad, CIA and other staff of the Anti Terrorist Force, they recovered one rocket launcher, 15 rocket launcher bullets, 25 rocket launcher fuse, 25 hand grand, bomb and detonator and safety pen from the garden but no arrest was made yet.

2,017 posted on 05/08/2005 6:11:46 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: All
Pakistan police arrest soldier with explosives
Sun May 8, 4:11 AM ET

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Police in the Pakistani capital have arrested a soldier who was carrying one kg (2.2 lb) of explosives and some detonators, police said on Sunday.

The man, named by police as Imtiaz Hussain, was arrested on Friday during a routine check of passengers at a bus station on the outskirts of Islamabad, one policeman said.

The Daily Times newspaper said the man had been planning an attack but police, intelligence and military officials could not confirm the report.

Security agents have made a series of arrests across Pakistan since Monday's capture of senior Islamic militant Abu Faraj Farj al Liby, a Libyan whom President Bush described as one of Osama bin Laden's top generals.

But there was no indication that Hussain's arrest was related to the operation against suspected al Qaeda plotters.

Officials said Hussain had been going on home leave to Punjab province from his posting in Muzaffarabad, capital of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, when he was detained.

Hussain had told investigators he had obtained the explosives from a civilian building contractor to do some blasting, a military spokesman said.

2,018 posted on 05/08/2005 6:16:50 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: tmp02; Oorang; drymans wife; MamaDearest; nwctwx; Domestic Church; Rushmore Rocks; Labyrinthos; ...
Terrorism Summary 05/08/05

Thanks to all those who ping me. My work tempo doesn’t allow me to engage in much discussion, however I do read the posts and links and they greatly help me. Notice again the increase of Iraqi and Afghani terrorist leaders right along with an increase in attacks. Most of the leadership that are captured are due to the general peoples getting tired of being blown up. Less than 10% of recent casualities are American.

Let me know if you want on or off the Ping list.

05/08/04  Current National Homeland Defense threat level is YELLOW

1. Attack threat windows - America
05/08/04  Primary Window:  No significant windows currently identified.

05/08/04 Secondary windows:  None currently identified.

2. Attack Indicators
05/08/05 None currently identified.

3. Current Terrorist Operations

05/08/05 Continued vague rumors of an impending OBL tape of some kind.

              Southern  ASIA Region

Indonesia  - State Dept. Travel Warning issued 03/24/05 
05/07/05 A flurry of interest was expressed at the beginning of the month in the contents of a 7-page letter, apparently from a Sumatra-based operative of the al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamyiah (JI), detailing the training of militants for suicide bombings in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. If authentic, the letter indicates that which U.S. officials in Jakarta have suspected, that Indonesia is likely to face a new wave of attacks to match the Bali bombings of October 2002. Senior Indonesian counter-terrorism official Ansyaad Mbai, also confirmed the authenticity of the document, saying that it "corroborates some of our findings in the field that there will be another bombing."
The existence of the letter was reported by the Singapore daily the Straits Times on April 1 and actually dates from last November. The letter was addressed to JI's top bomb maker the Malaysian national Azahari Husin. It detailed how people were being trained to make bombs in the Sumatran towns of Lampung, Bengkulu, Padang, and Palembang, that 12 militants were ready to be martyrs and that plans for a Bali-style attack were underway [].
Godzilla - notice that this country has been flagged for increased attacks for several months now.

Monitoring - AQ attack watch #2 through 12/31/05
05/08/05 Nothing significant.

05/07/05 Four huge bomb explosions have rocked the Burmese capital Rangoon, killing dozens of people and leaving over 200 injured. The near-simultaneous mid-afternoon blasts targeted two packed upscale shopping centres, the Dagon and Junction Eight, and the downtown Rangoon Trade Centre which is hosting a Thai trade fair. ...snip....
Military-ruled Burma has been at various stages of civil war for decades, with government troops battling several ethnic guerrilla armies, but the capital has not seen an attack on this scale in living memory.

              East  ASIA Region

05/08/05 Nothing significant or n ew

N. Korea
05/06/05 White House and Pentagon officials are closely monitoring a recent stream of satellite photographs of North Korea that appear to show rapid, extensive preparations for a nuclear weapons test, including the construction of a reviewing stand, presumably for dignitaries, according to American and foreign officials who have been briefed on the imagery. North Korea has never tested a nuclear weapon.
Godzilla - This may cause Japan to go nuclear as well as sway opinion in S. Korea back towards the U.S. China is still a wild card, but may not want a crazy man in charge of nuclear weapons at this stage of their stratigic game.

       Middle East / SW Asia

05/07/05 U.S. officials are working feverishly to decipher numbers and apparent codes in a notebook retrieved from suspected al Qaeda leader Abu Faraj al-Libbi, ABC News has learned. Al-Libbi -- believed to be third in command of al Qaeda leader after Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri -- was arrested by Pakistani authorities on Monday.

05/05/05  Pakistani security forces have rounded up some two-dozen suspects around the country in raids using information from the senior Al Qaeda leader arrested early this week, intelligence officials said on Thursday.§ion=subcontinent

05/08/05 Still going on with their nuclear plans.

005/07/05 Taliban rebels have been moving in larger numbers since the end of the winter, making them vulnerable to big losses in stepped up attacks by government and U.S.-led forces, Afghan officials said on Friday. About 60 insurgents have been killed in recent days in two battles against U.S. and Afghan government forces backed by air power, the U.S. military said.
"We've stepped up our operations and at the same time the Taliban have been operating in bigger numbers since the weather warmed up," said Salim Khan, a senior police official in Kandahar province in the south. "So they easily lose men in fighting, whether they're attacking or defending," he said.

05/07/05 Iraqi security forces have captured an aide to Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al Qaeda leader in Iraq, the government said on Saturday.

Saudi Arabia
05/06/05 A message from al-Qaeda in the Land of al-Haramain (Saudi Arabia) asking bin Laden for help was posted to the internet today, May 5, 2005.
The message is a plea to bin Laden to aid the al-Qaeda Organization in Saudi Arabia, which, according to the communiqué, has “suffered greatly…[and] we call upon you, our father asking you to fulfill your promise” . The message calls upon bin Laden to attack the US immediately as he promised: “The blows, the blows that you promised to give America our sheikh. The zero hour has come and there is no way back.”
Following the message, the poster of the message, Hareth Ben Harran, posted his own comments saying he is “fed up with woman appearing more than before on Arabic channels especially the Saudi (women) when they talk and issue fatwas which nobody controls. We are fed up with people who attack the mujahideen everywhere.”

Israel - Terror Attack Watch through May 1, 2005
05/08/05 There have been scattered, common attacks, no serious incidents.

05/07/05 At least one person has been killed in an explosion in Lebanon's Christian heartland, security sources said. More than seven people were reported injured in the blast, near the centre of the port town of Jounieh. It was the latest in a string of bombs in Christian areas. Three people were killed in a bomb in Jounieh in March. The latest attack comes on the eve of the return of the anti-Syrian Christian opposition leader Michel Aoun, after 14 years in exile in France.


05/08/05 Instability in African countries are being identified as potential locations for terrorism bases to spring back up again.


05/07/05 Gadel Sugayumov, 20, detained yesterday in Zelenograd (northwestern Moscow) had arrived in the Moscow region to mastermind and perpetrate terrorist attacks on the eve of the 60th VE Day celebrations, police reported.

05/05/05  Russian security forces said they foiled a major terrorist attack today, discovering a truck bomb and a cache of poisons days before dozens of dignitaries arrive in Moscow for celebrations marking the Allied victory over Nazi Germany.
The find is likely to raise fears that other terror attacks could be in the works as the world turns its attention to Russia and Monday's ceremonies marking the end of World War II. Russian authorities almost immediately blamed the planned attacks on militants, including some with reputed ties to al-Qaida.
The truck with more than a ton of explosives was found near the Chechen capital, Grozny, said Maj. Gen. Ilya Shabalkin, chief spokesman for the federal forces in the North Caucasus region. The truck frame and chassis had been fitted with about 2,640 pounds of explosives, he said.
"The only thing left to do was to put a suicide bomber behind the wheel and turn on the electric detonator," Shabalkin was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.,0,6955208.story?coll=la-home-headlines

         The Americas

United States
05/08/05 A New York ringleader of a Pakistani-based terrorist group — who was seen taking pictures last year of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges — was arrested yesterday for allegedly lying on his immigration papers about his terror links, officials said. Tariq Javid is a member of Sipah-e- Sahaba, which is aligned with al Qaeda and the International Islamic Front and has declared jihad against Americans, according to the complaint issued by Manhattan U.S. Attorney David Kelley.

05/06/05 More Than 500 People Linked to September 11
There's an interesting nugget in a Washington Times article interviewing Assistant Attorney General Christopher A. Wray who provides the following information. "Terrorists will fail, official says," with thanks to Jeffrey Imm:
...Criminal Division prosecutors and investigators, working with state and local authorities, have disrupted more than 150 terrorist cells and threats from Portland, Ore., to Lackawanna, N.Y., incapacitating more than 3,000 known operatives. They also have charged 375 persons in terrorism-related cases, 195 of whom already have pleaded guilty or been convicted, and removed from the country more than 500 people linked to September 11. The targeted terrorists have included members of al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas as part of an effort to prevent and prosecute those who commit or intend to commit terrorist acts against the United States...

05/06/05 Jund al-Sham (Soldiers of Levant) claimed responsibility for the small explosions outside of the British consulate in New York City, claiming that the attack was “the beginning of war inside and outside of America.” No one was hurt in the blast. Since late March, Jund al-Sham has claimed responsibility for random attacks across the globe, including in Qatarand Lebanon. In addition, the group claimed responsibility for an explosion at a Texasoil refinery. The group argues that the United States overlooked the Texas refinery explosion, and that more attacks will ensue. “We will not hesitate,” the communiqué states, “to hit the parties and coffee shops, the hotels and the churches, with the help of Allah.” To complete its task, Jund al-Sham calls for “our cells in Americato start battles in the streets.”

05/05/05  Two makeshift grenades exploded outside a building housing the British Consulate early Thursday, Election Day in Britain, causing slight damage but injuring no one, officials said.   Officials stressed that it was not clear whether the consulate itself had been targeted. The midtown Manhattan office building houses a variety of domestic and foreign companies.

05/05/05 A 41-year-old Dearborn businessman sought to support the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah by collecting at least $600 to send to relatives of suicide bombers, the FBI said Tuesday.   FBI agents arrested Nemr Ali Rahal on April 20 at his Dearborn home. They found a videotape of a 2002 Hezbollah rally in Lebanon attended by Rahal. Agents also found books, posters and videos -- one of which was titled "A Martyr Speaks About Martyrs."….snip….
  On Tuesday, U.S. Magistrate Steven D. Pepe ordered Rahal to stand trial on charges he had committed financial fraud by stealing more than $400,000 -- largely by opening more than 30 credit card accounts and then failing to pay balances.

4. Attack method.
11/23/04  No real change in the preferred method of choice of AQ which are bombs - the bigger the better.  There are special concerns regarding the use by terrorists of the following types of vehicles:

1.  Uhaul type cargo trucks.
2.  Gasoline / Propane supply / tanker trucks.
3.  Emergency vehicles (ambulances, police cars, fire trucks)

5. Significant meetings canceled:
05/08/04 No new cancellations.

6. Security has been heightened in specific cities
05/08/04  NYC is at a locally declared ORANGE where it had been since. 9/11/01.

7. Military operations. 
05/08/05  No announced operations out of normal.  

8. Dept of Homeland Security. / State Department
05/07/05 Travel Warning
United States Department of State
Bureau of Consular Affairs
Washington, DC 20520
This information is current as of today, Sat May 07 2005 01:01:40 GMT-0700.
May 06, 2005
This Travel Warning is being issued to warn U.S. citizens to defer non-essential travel to Yemen due to the high security threat, even though the authorized departure for non-emergency personnel and family members of U.S. Embassy personnel has been lifted. This supersedes the Travel Warning for Yemen issued April 8, 2005.

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens to defer non-essential travel to Yemen. The security threat to all U.S. citizens in Yemen remains high due to terrorist activities in Yemen. The Department continues to be concerned about possible attacks by extremist individuals or groups against U.S. citizens, facilities, businesses and perceived interests. From time to time the Embassy may temporarily close or suspend public services for security reasons. Emergency assistance to U.S. citizens during non-business hours (or when public access is restricted) is available through Embassy duty personnel. ...snip...

Office of the Spokesman
This information is current as of today, Sat May 07 2005 01:32:32 GMT-0700.
May 06, 2005
This Public Announcement is being issued to remind U.S. citizens to the potential for terrorist actions in Uzbekistan. This Public Announcement updates the Public Announcement of November 4, 2004, and expires on October 5, 2005.

The United States Government has received information that terrorist groups may be planning attacks against U.S. interests in Uzbekistan in the near future. Supporters of extremist groups such as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Al-Qaida, the Islamic Jihad Group, and the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement continue to remain active in the region. These groups have expressed anti-U.S. sentiments and may also attempt to target U.S. Government or private interests in Uzbekistan. The Department of State urges Americans in Uzbekistan to exercise extreme caution, including avoiding large crowds, celebrations, and places where Westerners generally congregate.

Uzbekistan experienced a wave of extremist violence in 2004. Three suicide bombings occurred in July 2004 in Tashkent, including one outside the U.S. Embassy. Other targets included the Israeli Embassy and the Uzbekistani Prosecutor General’s Office. The Islamic Jihad Group released a statement claiming responsibility for these attacks.

Multiple attacks also occurred in Tashkent and Bukhara in late March and early April 2004. These attacks used suicide bombers, mainly focused at police and Uzbek private and commercial facilities. In late July, approximately 15 people pled guilty in an Uzbekistan court to charges related to the attacks. The Islamic Jihad Group also claimed responsibility for these operations.

In 2003, the U.S. Embassy received information indicating that terrorist groups had planned attacks against hotels in Uzbekistan frequented by Westerners, as well as against other institutions affiliated with or representing foreign interests.

Terrorist groups do not distinguish between official and civilian targets. As security is increased at official U.S. facilities, terrorists and their sympathizers seek softer targets. These may include facilities where Americans and other foreigners congregate or visit, such as residential areas, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, schools, hotels, outdoor recreation events, resorts, beaches, maritime facilities, and planes.

The U.S. Embassy in Tashkent continues to employ heightened security precautions. U.S. citizens should report any unusual activity to local authorities and then inform the Embassy. ....snip....

9. Suspicious Domestic Incidents Not Currently Linked to Specific Terrorism Attempts
05/08/05 There have been more MSM articles about the strange intrusions into hospitals by impostors. Greater inclination to view as terror reconnanisance.

2,019 posted on 05/08/2005 6:26:42 PM PDT by Godzilla (When you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.)
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To: Godzilla

Thank you Godzilla. Your summaries are greatly appreciated.

2,020 posted on 05/08/2005 6:30:29 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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