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Cardinal Newman Society E-mail Alert ^ | Thu, 28 Apr 2005 14:34:13 -0700 | Cardinal Newman Society

Posted on 04/28/2005 3:30:37 PM PDT by Diago

Thank you everyone who participated in Cardinal Newman Society's protest against Hillary Clinton's commencement address and honorary degree at Marymount Manhattan College! Your actions have led to a just outcome and will send a strong message to other wayward Catholic colleges. Please continue to help us protest several other commencement scandals -- more details to come next week! -- CNS


(April 28, 2005)

The Archdiocese of New York has formally declared Marymount Manhattan College -- which has been under protest by the Cardinal Newman Society for inviting pro-abortion Sen. Hillary Clinton to give its commencement address and receive an honorary degree on May 20 -- no longer a Catholic institution. The College will no longer be listed in The Official Catholic Directory, which identifies institutions including Marymount Manhattan College that are formally recognized as Catholic.

This is the fourth time since Pope John Paul II issued Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the apostolic constitution on Catholic universities, that a bishop has declared an historically Catholic college or university to be not Catholic. The 1990 document gives local bishops the responsibility of determining whether colleges can bear the label “Catholic.” Catholic colleges established prior to 1990 are assumed to be Catholic and to conform sufficiently to the guidelines of Ex Corde Ecclesiae until a bishop declares otherwise.

Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, was declared “no longer Catholic” by Cardinal Edward Egan of the Archdiocese of New York in 2003, during a similar protest by Cardinal Newman Society of the college’s commencement speaker, pro-abortion New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer. CNS also protested Spitzer as the commencement speaker at Marymount Manhattan College last year, but no public action was taken by the Archdiocese and the College took no step to end its affiliation with the Catholic Church. Two other historically Catholic colleges in Rochester, New York -- Nazareth College and Saint John Fisher College -- have been declared no longer Catholic by Bishop Matthew Clark.

“The decision to honor one of Congress’ most outspoken and strident advocates of abortion rights was just the latest episode in a long history of secularization at Marymount Manhattan College,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), in a press release. CNS is a national organization dedicated to the renewal of Catholic identity at America’s 220 -- now 219 -- Catholic colleges and universities.

“Why the College chose to remain officially Catholic while turning traitor against the Catholic Church, I cannot say," Reilly continued. "This is a good day for those seeking truth and clarity, but at the same time a sad day for Catholics, who founded, attended and funded this college only to be turned away for the sake of government funding and private ambitions.”

CNS wrote Cardinal Egan on April 14, complaining about Marymount Manhattan College’s plans to honor Sen. Clinton and suggesting “immediate action to prevent scandal in the Archdiocese of New York.” CNS asked Cardinal Egan to consider advising the College privately to withdraw Clinton’s invitation, but also acknowledged “that the enforcement of Ex Corde Ecclesiae may require the declaration that an institution is no longer Catholic, and we support such action if Marymount Manhattan College obstinately refuses to acknowledge your pastoral authority as bishop and to uphold the Church’s fundamental teachings.”

According to the Archdiocese of New York, the College’s officials agreed with today’s action. Indeed, College employees had been rebuffing CNS protesters of the Clinton honors by claiming that Marymount Manhattan College has not been Catholic since 1961, when it separated from its parent institution, Marymount College of Tarrytown, and its founding women’s religious order, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary. In fact, the College’s actions in 1961 were similar to those of most other Catholic institutions throughout the country that incorporated separate from the Church to qualify for state government funding. The vast majority of those colleges continue to claim a Catholic identity while slowly secularizing, and Marymount Manhattan College is not much different -- any apparent trace of its Catholic identity has disappeared over time, even though until today it preserved its official status as Catholic, possibly to avoid alienating its Catholic alumni and donors.

“There is tremendous value to clearly and formally identifying wayward Catholic institutions as no longer Catholic, as Cardinal Egan has done so courageously,” Reilly said. “If Senator Clinton had a similar degree of dignity, she might have declined the College’s honor out of respect for faithful Catholics who are appalled by her stridency on abortion and embryonic stem cell research. If the College’s trustees and officials had a similar degree of dignity, they might have chosen to respect the College’s roots and give their students something young people today are longing for -- a moral education rooted in the truth about God and man.”

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To: NYer; Salvation; redgolum; Aquinasfan; AAABEST; Canticle_of_Deborah; ELS; ninenot; maryz

If it is no longer Catholic, then the trustees should RETURN the stolen property to the church.

61 posted on 04/28/2005 8:15:09 PM PDT by HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity
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To: Diago; NYer; dangus

The code of canon law on the improper alienation of church property should be invoked and proceedings should begin for the return of church property to authentic Catholic educational authorities. It should be illegal for a secular cabal to STEAL a Roman Catholic college. That's big chunk of real estate and some change there.

62 posted on 04/28/2005 8:18:48 PM PDT by HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity
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To: Diago

Bumpus ad summum

63 posted on 04/28/2005 8:26:11 PM PDT by Dajjal
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To: Diago
There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.

Pope Benedict XVI

(We are so lucky to have him.)

64 posted on 04/28/2005 8:36:17 PM PDT by Barnacle (A human shield against the onslaught of Leftist tripe.)
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To: Primetimedonna; Diago; St. Johann Tetzel; american colleen; Lady In Blue; Salvation; narses; ...
Hillary Clinton used a Catholic Church in New York to deliver a talk to loyal Democrats when she was running for her senate seat. Protesting parishioners prayed the rosary while she spoke and they were thrown out of their own church by strongmen. The church allowed their own to be tossed while this pro choice female pandered for votes. What Parish was this??

Mrs Clinton giving speech on sanctuary floor in front of altar at St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church. Pulpit in background. Four busloads (one from Salvation Army) were trucked in. Catholics were evicted when spotted by usher.

This is the Diocese of Rochester, NY, 'shepherded' by Bishop Matthew Clarke. His best friend in seminary was Bishop Howard Hubbard of the Diocese of Albany, NY. Both Bishops Hubbard and Clark were appointed to their present posts - 28 years ago!!! by Archbishop Jadot. Archbishop Jean Jadot, Pope Paul VI's apostolic delegate to the United States from 1973-1980, has no regrets about the spate of bad bishops he inflicted on the Catholics of this country.

"In the United States today, that all depends on one's point of view. An American priest who is second in command of his ancient religious order in Rome says Jadot was 'the best man we ever had.' The reason: 'For seven years, Jadot helped pick our very best bishops.' He instanced Ted McCarrick,now the cardinal archbishop of Washington, D.C., and Roger Mahony, the cardinal archbishop of Los Angeles, two of a very small group inside the College of Cardinals who could be called Progressives. (Jadot also plucked a priest out of the Diocese of Jackson, Miss., and had him made bishop of Springfield, Mo. He is now the embattled cardinal archbishop of Boston, Mass., Bernard Law. But that's another story.)  

"If, however, you were to ask a conservative like Cardinal Edward Egan, archbishop of New York, he would say Jadot hurt the Church in the United States by picking the ‘very worst' bishops. This is because John Paul II had changed the criteria. It was part of his plan to bring a runaway, postconciliar Church back to its senses."


65 posted on 04/28/2005 8:39:20 PM PDT by NYer ("Love without truth is blind; Truth without love is empty." - Pope Benedict XVI)
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To: Diago
There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.

Hey, that's me !

This is a 120mm H.E. shot across the left's bow! //lol

66 posted on 04/28/2005 8:40:34 PM PDT by IYAAYAS (Live free or die trying)
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To: NYer; Romulus; livius; eastsider; ELS; american colleen; ventana
Let us be careful in praise of Cardinal Egan.

All he has done is read the writing on the wall. He wants to remain Cardinal Archbishop of New York and not "promoted" to obscurity at the Vatican so Pope Benedict XVI can appoint someone else.

Pope Benedict XVI collaborated with Cardinal Saraiva Martins on the idea of the Mandatum for Colleges and Universities -- but it is well known that Pope Benedict believes in driving out non-Catholic universities and schools even if it leaves the Church with only a handful of truly Catholic institutions of higher learning.

If I were Notre Dame and Marquette, I would be worried about now.

67 posted on 04/28/2005 9:12:03 PM PDT by Siobhan ("Christianity is, by its very nature, joy -- the ability to be joyful." -- Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)
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To: Siobhan

This is excellent news. And while we shouldn't assume that Egan supported the move, let's not assume that he didn't. When someone does the right thing, he/she should normally be thanked. Whatever Egan's motives, he will be attacked for this. We need to defend him.

Perhaps if there is enough of this decertification -- which we can hope will be quietly or not-so-quietly encouraged by the new Pope -- some of these BS institutions will actually be driven out of business. That would be a good thing. Some of the kids would end up at genuinely Catholic institutions, and some would go to the usual leftist places -- but without the phony Catholic label. Their leftist "education" won't be served up with pseudo-religious sanctimony, and things will be a tiny bit more clear to them. That's my guess, anyway.

68 posted on 04/28/2005 9:18:10 PM PDT by California Patriot
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To: Tadhg

I gather that these schools stand to lose considerable support from well-to doalumnae who are practicing Catholics.

69 posted on 04/28/2005 10:30:17 PM PDT by RobbyS (JMJ)
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To: oldironsides

do you have a date & the name of the church? Just want to make sure I never attend Mass there..

70 posted on 04/28/2005 10:37:13 PM PDT by SAMS (Nobody loves a soldier until the enemy is at the gate; Army Wife & Marine Mom)
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To: California Patriot

Certainly this would be a way for the Holy Father to confront the liberals without getting into politics. I doubt that many of these schools could survive as strictly secular institutions. Most do not rank very high on the USNEWS listing.

71 posted on 04/28/2005 10:37:26 PM PDT by RobbyS (JMJ)
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To: RobbyS

Yes, and there is a lesson here for conservatives. Rather than the almost hopeless task of trying to reform the most corrupted of the liberal institutions, we should be thinking of ways to destroy them. Hitting them in the pocketbook by means of constant public denunciation and by means of lawsuits is one way to start. The Catholic church can withdraw their phony pseudo-Catholic seal of approval, and in the secular realm, political activists and lawyers (and angry parents) can do the rest. It would be wonderful to see a few dozen colleges and universities driven to utter extinction in this way.

72 posted on 04/28/2005 10:43:16 PM PDT by California Patriot
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To: Diago

OH well.I guess she will speak at a non-catholic COLLEGE,just keep weeding them out for us Hillary .

73 posted on 04/28/2005 10:46:44 PM PDT by fatima (Who loves you baby.)
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To: NYer
Catholic colleges...that is REAL Catholic colleges may want to offer an easy transfer of credits and tuition for those exiting students wanting a CATHOLIC education away from Marymount Manhattan.

Anti-Catholic press will demand "justice" for Marymount students.
74 posted on 04/28/2005 11:20:55 PM PDT by SaltyJoe (May the Blessed Virgin guide mankind's effort to reaching a Just and lasting Peace.)
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To: NYer


75 posted on 04/29/2005 12:07:48 AM PDT by lainde
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To: Diago

It would probably be easier just to issue a (rather short) list of those self-proclaimed Catholic colleges that are in fact Catholic!

76 posted on 04/29/2005 1:55:57 AM PDT by maryz
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To: Diago

think this is the beginning of the end for Hillary.

Even though in general Roman Catholics are harder on Roman Catholics who violate basis Church teaching, (remember John Kerry), I don't think anyone who is open to this kind of condemnation could never be elected.

On abortion and euthanasia there not great support for either by American Catholics. On these two issues,the Church will not give one millimeter.

77 posted on 04/29/2005 2:45:06 AM PDT by Cincinna (BEWARE HILLARY and her HINO)
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To: Diago

Very Important Story


78 posted on 04/29/2005 3:54:04 AM PDT by Cincinna (BEWARE HILLARY and her HINO)
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To: Diago

This is good to hear. Is this Manhattanville College? Or is that a different college?

79 posted on 04/29/2005 4:58:06 AM PDT by Aquinasfan (Isaiah 22:22, Rev 3:7, Mat 16:19)
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To: Aquinasfan

This is amazing news!

80 posted on 04/29/2005 5:52:01 AM PDT by Romish_Papist (The times are out of step with the Catholic Church. God Bless Pope Benedict XVI!!!!)
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