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Lawmaker: Remove Toxic Nailpolish now!
NY Post ^ | May 15, 2005 | Paul Tharp

Posted on 05/16/2005 6:19:34 AM PDT by Diana in Wisconsin

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To: little jeremiah

Oh, boy. Well, this will certainly take up my idle time. I won't have anymore time to feel sorry for myself since Phillip passed away.

My kids will croak! They have been after me to start cooking again. Wait until they see this! ROFLOL!

81 posted on 05/18/2005 5:11:01 AM PDT by Goodgirlinred ( GoodGirlInRed Four More Years!!!!!)
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To: little jeremiah
I'm one of those people. Cigarette smoke may stink but at least I can still breathe around it. But put me in the soap aisle of the grocery store or some hair salons and I can't get any air in. My mom about flipped out when she saw the reaction I had to the fragrances in that aisle.

The fragrances in products really do a number on me and others I know. You have to look very hard to find products without fragrances in them, especially hair products.

82 posted on 05/18/2005 5:21:09 AM PDT by Ladysmith ((NRA) Wisconsin Hunter Shootings: If you want on/off the WI Hunters ping list, please let me know.)
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To: Veto!
My son-in-law has chickens. They let you hold them, too. I don't think I will want to eat chicken, either. He SAYS he is not going to kill them for meat. He better not or his 8 year old son and 3 year old daughter will be devastated. I guess I will have to learn to hide tofu in something to make it seem like something it isn't.
83 posted on 05/18/2005 5:23:48 AM PDT by Goodgirlinred ( GoodGirlInRed Four More Years!!!!!)
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To: Goodgirlinred
I do not have a thyroid gland so weight is never going to be an issue as it is what it is. Prior to having the gland removed I was 100lbs wet now 250lbs with allot of muscle as I have been packing around another human for 26 yrs. I swim twice a week too.

However with the change of diet to veggies and no processed food or as I say can't recognize the cut I don't eat it. No lunch meat, things in casings, no pork, no turkey, chicken maybe three times a year, New York steaks and allot of fish, crab and shrimp(have to be careful of shrimp and pinto beans to often as to keep uric acid levels down). I don't like bread. Quit pop last November.

Now my cholesterol dropped 125pnts. and glucose levels at normal levels and all my chronic GI ailments healed or in check.

It has totally put my health in the right gear and so the heavy body mass is not an issue, and I have been single as a lifestyle for 20plus years so do not have to worry about being attractive for a mate.

Eating natural produced foods such as veggies/fruits/dairy(skim milk and cheese/nuts/fish some beef on occasion is good for the body period.

Now the food industry would love to take me out and shoot me as I am bad for business because I don't by processed foods.

I eat out at our local family run Steak House a real Mom and Pops owned place that makes allot of there stuff fresh once a week on my day off.

However if I eat at any other restaurants I double over in cramps shortly after. With my son having a trach and copious secretions we do not go to restaurants for obvious reasons hence I go when I have my respite time.

I use to go without eating for 12hr stretches and ate whatever and I ended up in the hospital. That was 5years ago.
84 posted on 05/18/2005 9:13:00 AM PDT by oceanperch ( Labrador Lover!)
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To: oceanperch

Regardless of Mr. Morris' opinions, the picture in post 11 is sublime. :)

85 posted on 05/18/2005 9:13:54 AM PDT by Skooz (Property Taxes are Immoral)
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To: ContraryMary

I agree.

My son, King Vanity freeper, has a rule that as his wheelchair and personal careprovider when we go to town I am dressed well and totally groomed with the face made up to cover uneven skin tones ect. nice not war painted.
He dresses well and is very well groomed and expects the same from me as he is out socializing.
I do wear dressy birkenstocks for security reason as I am pushing and pulling him and his chair which is #350 pounds of weight.
Ulla Popkin has nice comortable snazzy/stylish pant suits that I can work in. /
No way could I get away with sweats and a t shirt.
Around the house caring for him I live in kness length tees as work can be very messy and the excertion I am usaully over heated.

86 posted on 05/18/2005 9:26:49 AM PDT by oceanperch ( Labrador Lover!)
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To: Goodgirlinred
Cooking well bean soup and the other stuff lil Jeremiah suggested can be done in a short prep time once you get in the groove of it.

If you do allot of salads you can prep out all your veggies on one day and put lettuce mixture in one bowl and group other veggies in other bowl like a salad bar in the fridge. Then when the end of the week comes take the left over veggies to flavor your bean or other soups.

They make organic broths that are vegetable based now too.

Do a search for recipes on the net and you will have a wealth of info.

I make my own cocktail sauce on occasion and it beats the bottled stuff by a long shot and you don't get the preservatives.

Same with salad dressings olive oil and flavored vinegars with kosher salt (use kosher salt all the time) and herbs or fruits.

Here is one of my faves.

Baby spinach uncooked
Fresh steamed Asparagus
Fresh sliced strawberries

Topped with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Raspberry Vinegar
Olive oil
Raspberry or Blackberry preserves
all mix and dump over salad.

Honey Roasted nuts on the side.
87 posted on 05/18/2005 9:40:35 AM PDT by oceanperch ( Labrador Lover!)
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To: Ladysmith

We can't handle either smoke or perfumes.
But in public respect others rights to smoke. I do like cigar smoke it is cigs that choke me up.
I find it amusing that when taking my son in for wheelchair clinic or visiting one of his specialists at the hosp the CNA's and Nurses who group smoke in the designated areas usually not to far from the entrance.

More hospitals are hiding them in locations outside where the gen. public can't smell or see them and it usually is the short cut entrance we sneak through.

My son is so sensitive at times when asthma and allergies are active that he complains about the dryer vent on the side of the house drifting into our living area.

Oh and we live out on acres but when the neighbors down wind from us have company we know it as the cig smoke comes into our living area.

88 posted on 05/18/2005 9:50:59 AM PDT by oceanperch ( Labrador Lover!)
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To: oceanperch

Thank you. That salad sounds wonderful. I will try it. I love salads with Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing.

89 posted on 05/18/2005 11:18:54 AM PDT by Goodgirlinred ( GoodGirlInRed Four More Years!!!!!)
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To: Goodgirlinred
Anytime I have many combos as I AM the Queen of Green and other veggie colors too.

Right now I am into Romaine, cucumber,Asparagus,celery,green onion, avocado, crab or shrimp topped with lotsa chopped fresh cilantro, kosher salt, rice wine vinegar and olive oil.

MMMMMMMMM Soooooo Good.
90 posted on 05/18/2005 11:23:55 AM PDT by oceanperch ( Labrador Lover!)
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To: tiamat
They can have my make-up when they pry it from my cold, dead hands!

Exactly! I designed my bathroom around my cosmetics. I drawer for this, a cabinet for that. I have a whole friggin' drawer just for NAIL POLISH fercryinoutloud! And just for my TOENAILS at that!

~~sigh~~ Maybe I do have a problem.

91 posted on 05/18/2005 11:27:13 AM PDT by najida (OK, so, ya see, uh huh.....I have this stress problem....maybe it's living without running water.)
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To: najida

There's probably a 12 Step program or something for us!

92 posted on 05/18/2005 11:30:28 AM PDT by tiamat (Can't sleep...clowns will get me..can't sleep...clowns will get me...can't sleep....clowns will get)
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To: oceanperch

Why the kosher salt? Is it iodized? Boy your food sounds good.

93 posted on 05/18/2005 11:34:07 AM PDT by Goodgirlinred ( GoodGirlInRed Four More Years!!!!!)
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To: najida

No, you don't have a problem. However, you must be one heck of a beautiful woman. I need to get my stuff organized. :(

94 posted on 05/18/2005 11:35:46 AM PDT by Goodgirlinred ( GoodGirlInRed Four More Years!!!!!)
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To: kcvl
Bryony Schwan, national campaigns director for Women’s Voices for the Earth, a founding member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

For some reason I don't see this group big on lipstick, eyeshadow or even deodorant.

95 posted on 05/18/2005 11:43:36 AM PDT by retrokitten ("I've seen you break up entire bridal and baby showers with one catty remark!"- Peggy Hill)
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To: Goodgirlinred
Kosher salt more bang for your buck in a sense. A little goes a long way for flavor and you don't shake and shake.

If you can spare allot more money sea salts are very good also.

I put my Kosher salt in the cheap glass Parmesan shakers to add flavor keep on on the cooking side of the kitchen and one on the salad prep side.

Iodine IMO is in so much processed food that we get are daily and so it is not a need as it was in the '30's and 40's to prevent Goiter.

My thyroid disease is actually quite famous as President George Bush, First Lady Barbara and their Dog all suffered from early stages of Graves.

Unfortunately my health care was misdiagnosed until the late stages, still have the fatty tissue behind one eye causing protrusion.

I am very grateful to be alive and thriving regardless of thickening of body mass.
Go in for that yearly Mamo and have to redo every time due to hypothyroidism (post Graves) the tissue in that area is so thick it is hard for radiology to read for any abnormalities. But! I make sure I sched. with the non smoking gals the one gal they have nick named "the crusher" always stressed and looking to go out for her nicotine fix, my GOD she will kill you. If you know what I mean. Mispells I just came off of a day off and have to go back on shift at 2am so I am not doing perfect English, rushing.
96 posted on 05/18/2005 10:39:36 PM PDT by oceanperch ( Labrador Lover!)
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To: oceanperch

My youngest daughter has Graves Disease. She has not had her thyroid gland destroyed yet because she has small children and the doctor does not want to do it until she is through having babies. She wants to have one more baby. Her eyes protrude, though not as bad as they did when she was first diagnosed. She goes back and forth from being hypothyroid to hyperthyroid sometimes. She has to have her levels checked periodically. Now she knows the symptoms and gets to the doctor as soon as she notices a change. When she becomes hyper, it affects her heart and she is put on an antiarrythmic medication. I wish she would go ahead and have the thyroid destroyed so that she would be well. I worry about her.

I know what you mean about having smokers work on you. I changed dentists because of that.

97 posted on 05/19/2005 9:15:39 AM PDT by Goodgirlinred ( GoodGirlInRed Four More Years!!!!!)
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