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Exclusive: Real Indiana Jones Locates Lost Ark
Israel National News (Arutz 7) ^ | May 18, 2005

Posted on 05/18/2005 11:38:36 AM PDT by Alouette

Dr. Vendyl Jones, the inspiration for the “Indiana Jones” series, told Israel National Radio that he is sure he will uncover the hidden Ark of the Covenant before the Fast of Tisha B’Av this summer.

The explorer and teacher, who published a book in 1959 predicting the Six Day War based on his analysis of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt up until the First Temple Period, says that employing the same biblical analysis to modern times points to major events that will “turn the world right side up” this coming June.

Dr. Jones left his post as a Christian pastor to become a leader of the growing Noahide movement. Noahides are non-Jews who observe the seven laws of Noah, which are obligatory upon all of humanity.

The famed archaeologist has spent most of his life searching for the Ark of the Covenant, which housed the Ten Commandments, and was hidden just before the destruction of the First Temple – where the Ark, it resided in the Holy of Holies part of the Temple..

The man who wrote the first draft of what became the blockbuster movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Randolph Fillmore, was one of the volunteers who worked with Jones in 1977. “I agreed to help him write the movie as long as, number one – he wouldn’t set it here (In Israel) – some people believe the ark is in Ethiopia or Egypt, some believe its in Constantinople or Rome - I just didn’t want it to be portrayed as being here. The second thing was – don’t use my name. So he didn’t. My name is Vendyl – V E N D Y L – so he just dropped the first and last letters and it ended up Endy Jones.”

Although at the time of the film, Jones was far from pinpointing the location of the Ark, he has come a long way since then. With the help of an ancient document known as the “Copper Scroll,” - found in Qumran together with the Dead Sea Scrolls - Dr. Jones has pinpointed the location of the Ark of the Covenant.

“In the copper scroll, the first five lines say, “In the desolations of the Valley of Achur, in the opening under the ascent, which is a mountain facing eastward, covered by forty placed boulders – here is a tabernacle and all the golden fixtures.”

This is what we have been looking for all these years and I’ve walked over those boulders thousands of times without really stepping back and looking – realizing ‘hey, those boulders have been brought in here, they’ve been placed in here, they didn’t come off a mountain. And they’re huge.’”

The Talmud says the Ark is hidden in a secret passage under the Temple Mount. Jones says that in fact, the Ark was brought through a secret passage beneath the mount – but that that same natural tunnel continues 18 miles into the Judean Desert to the Valley of Achur.

“My son and I went an hour and 20 minutes into the tunnel,” Jones recounts. “There were so many branches and we didn’t have anything to mark the route, so I said, ‘we better get out of here and come back with a roll of string.’ Then I made the mistake of asking permission to do it. That was before I learned that Israel is a lot like heaven - it is a lot easier to get forgiveness than it is permission.”

The opening to the tunnel is 50 meters north of the Old City’s Damascus Gate. When Dr. Jones noticed Arabs using the tunnels to store arms he notified the army, who promptly sealed it up completely.

Dr. Jones divides his time between Texas and Israel and has been here since March 9th, ready to finally reveal the Ark but waiting for permission from a mysterious Kabbalist and for funding to come through as well.

Jones’s daughter Sarah converted to Judaism and lives in the Shomron town of Maaleh Levona. She has been in touch with a great unnamed Kabbalist from whom she requested a blessing on behalf of her father to merit finding the ark. Last month, the rabbi, who only communicates via messenger, told Jones that the time was not yet right to discover the Temple vessels.

Last Thursday, Dr. Jones received a communication from the rabbi. “The time is right,” read the message.

Noahide guru Jones, who predicted the outbreak of the Six Day War, says that the State of Israel is merely passing through the same biblical straights of the generation that entered Israel for the first time. “If history repeats itself, the history itself is prophecy, Jones says. “Israel is different from all other nations in a lot of ways, but more than anything else, Israel is the only nation whose history was written before it happened.”

He calculated the occurrence of the 1967 war by taking the sequence of events in the First Temple Period and transposing them onto “the Third Temple Period” – which is what he referred to the Jews’ founding of a State in the Land of Israel as. “It fits just like tongue in groove,” he says. “So from 20 years old and upward, all that are able to go, went to war in Israel. Well ’67 was the 20th year.”

“Two years at Mt. Sinai and then the Jewish people went to Kadesh Barnea,” he says, transposing the Jewish people’s first entry into Israel via the Jericho region and the re-entry to those areas in 1967. “Then they sent in those spies who gave the evil report, and because they believed the evil report, they were sentenced to wander for 38 years before they could come into Gilgal.”

“1967 was a repetition of Kadesh Barnea,” Jones says. “If Israel had come in and taken this place, the Arabs would have fled like they did in 1948. But no, because of the evil report of Golda Meir and Motta Gur and Moshe Dayan, who said ‘We can not do that – world opinion will be against us’ – so Israel was sentenced to 38 years more – and June the 7th, Jerusalem Day, will be the 38th year.

“Chapter One in Isaiah,” Jones, who has a photographic memory, quotes. “How has the holy city become a harlot? Righteousness filled the street but now murderers. The ruler is a friend of thieves and the ministers desire bribes.”

“The prophet wasn’t talking about his day – he was talking about now. ‘Therefore, says the L-rd, I will restore them to their beginnings. I will set judges up as at the first, and counselors as in the beginning.’

Dr. Jones dismisses the current Israeli governments plan to uproot the Jews of Gaza and northern Samaria from their homes, saying “there will not be any disengagement, nor will there be any Palestinian State.”

According to Jones, The Sharon government will soon be history and the Sanhedrin (the Jewish High Court of 71 judges) will take its place and lead the Jewish people. “The Sanhedrin was established October the 13th of last year. Now all we have to do is have an election to elect counselors. The Sanhedrin is like a Senate and the elected counselors are like a House of Representatives.”

Dr. Jones says the discovery of the lost ark will “flip the whole world right side up.”

“I just gotta drill a bore-hole into the chamber, drop a pin-camera in and there it is. And everything is gonna change, believe me. The Jewish people are gonna come back.”

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Comment #21 Removed by Moderator

To: TXBubba

ping for later

22 posted on 05/18/2005 11:55:00 AM PDT by TXBubba ( Democrats: If they don't abort you then they will tax you to death.)
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To: Alouette

23 posted on 05/18/2005 11:55:41 AM PDT by knittnmom
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To: wideawake

So can the Israeli Defense Force carry it into battle and then the God of Abraham will smite all those palestinian and arab terrorists?

Sounds like a good deal to me.

24 posted on 05/18/2005 11:56:43 AM PDT by boofus
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To: tje

"Isn't that where the Holy Grail is?"

No, it fell into a deep chasm after a raider removed it from a cave guarded by a really old knight.

25 posted on 05/18/2005 11:57:25 AM PDT by conservativewasp (Support John Kerry......... Ho Chi Minh would. Damn! Now I need a new tagline.)
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To: redgolum
Another wonders just what that would mean if the Ark was found again.

A lawsuit. Egypt will want the gold back.

26 posted on 05/18/2005 11:57:37 AM PDT by SJackson (I don't think the red-tiled roofs are as sturdy as my asbestos one, Palestinian refugee)
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To: F15Eagle
That's it... Ethiopia.

I didn't realize this. The only reason I knew anything about it was the History Channel, and whenever they do anything related to the Bible, I tend to take it with several grains of salt.

27 posted on 05/18/2005 11:59:16 AM PDT by SaveTheChief (<insert clever, witty, or silly statement here>)
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Comment #28 Removed by Moderator

To: Alouette; Salem; F15Eagle; dennisw; SJackson

Mount ARRARAT ping.

29 posted on 05/18/2005 12:00:55 PM PDT by Happy2BMe ("Viva La Migra" - LONG LIVE THE BORDER PATROL!)
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To: wideawake

My "crock detector" went off early during this article and kept sounding throughout.

Indy Jones, not Endy Jones. What a laugh. The whole family sounds like nutcases to me.

If we dug up the entire area, most people would still not believe.

30 posted on 05/18/2005 12:01:26 PM PDT by sine_nomine (Protect the weakest of the weak - the unborn babies.)
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To: Alouette


31 posted on 05/18/2005 12:03:29 PM PDT by July 4th (A vacant lot cancelled out my vote for Bush.)
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To: Alouette; Salvation; EggsAckley

*BUMP* and ((( ping ))) ! Thanks for posting this great find! I hope and pray this Dr. Vendyl Jones report is true.

32 posted on 05/18/2005 12:03:44 PM PDT by ex-Texan (Mathew 7:1 through 6)
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To: Happy2BMe
Mount ARRARAT ping.

No, the other Ark.

33 posted on 05/18/2005 12:05:10 PM PDT by wyattearp (The best weapon to have in a gunfight is a shotgun - preferably from ambush.)
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Comment #34 Removed by Moderator

To: Al Simmons
The real Arc of The Covenant - or a facsimile made from the original by the son of Solomon and Sheba - is in Ethiopia, in a monastery on an island in the middle of a lake.

(1) There is no record that King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (her name was probably not Sheba) ever had a child or any relationship other than a conversation in the course of a formal state visit.

It is not attested in the Scriptures.

It is a legend among Ethiopians.

(2) The presence of the Ark in Ethiopia is also a folk legend which does not have a scrap of documentary or physical evidence - despite the efforts of many archaeologists to track it.

(3) According to the Ethiopians it is not in a monastery, but in a church.

(4) That church, the Chapel of the Tablet of Our Lady Maryam of Zion, is not located on an island in a lake but in the town of Aksum, right in the downtown area.

The only people who are allowed into the sanctuary are male Ethiopian Orthodox believers. There has never been any external confirmation of whether it's there, and probably most guests to the sanctuary never even see it.

35 posted on 05/18/2005 12:05:48 PM PDT by wideawake (God bless our brave soldiers and their Commander in Chief)
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To: ex-Texan; F15Eagle

"I hope and pray this Dr. Vendyl Jones report is true."

Not a chance, the Ark is lost in a huge Government warehouse here in the USA.

36 posted on 05/18/2005 12:05:57 PM PDT by conservativewasp (Support John Kerry......... Ho Chi Minh would. Damn! Now I need a new tagline.)
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To: SaveTheChief
That's nonsense. The History Channel says the Ark is in Somalia, or some North African country. The History Channel wouldn't be wrong, would it?

I saw that pr%$*-teasing show while channel surfing. The intro says it's "digging for the truth", then after an hour of going in circles yakking to Third Worlders, it ends with "we don't know, but if they believe it - isn't that good enough for us as well?"

What crap.

37 posted on 05/18/2005 12:08:26 PM PDT by Hank Rearden (Never allow anyone who could only get a government job attempt to tell you how to run your life.)
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To: SaveTheChief
The commercials on the History Channel are more reliable than this guy.
38 posted on 05/18/2005 12:09:39 PM PDT by notigar
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To: conservativewasp

"We have top men working on it"

39 posted on 05/18/2005 12:10:54 PM PDT by areeves79
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