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To: Alia
That would be a wonderful scenario, but I've given up on this adminstration.

What's up with Laura Bush all of sudden? Speaking at the WEF, going to Israel, etc. Why does her profile need to be raised? W just escaped a live grenade and he sends his wife on a trip like this? I don't see her running for any office, but heck, maybe she and the hubby are greasing the skids for a place at the Global Government table after this gig is up. Or maybe run for Mayor of Tijuana or something. s

grmblng. . . . . . .

..."Strong's most significant role at the U.N. to-date has been his position as Secretary General of the 1992 U.N. Conference on the Environment and Development, the Rio Earth Summit. In the opening session of the Rio Earth Summit, Strong commented: "The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation. It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states, however powerful. The global community must be assured of environmental security." Interestingly, Strong had initially been blocked from participating in the conference by the U.S. Department of State. When Strong learned of this, however, he persuaded then-President George Bush to overrule the State Department."...

35 posted on 05/22/2005 7:16:25 AM PDT by JesseJane (Close the Borders. No Amnesty.)
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To: JesseJane
I haven't given up at all on this administration. I think they are quite smart, in fact. The WEF is an organization that has been going for quite some time. Whether or not the US approves or not, the WEF is still a vital organization whether I like or not. Were I able to attend, I would also go. I don't think this has to do with the first Lady attempting to "raise her profile", per se. I do know that she as First Lady has projects. She is attempting to help the women in the mid-east. And, in order to do that, she has got to address organizations which have purview over men and women in certain, specific lands. The women alone, in the mid-east, for example, can only do so much with regard to becoming educated, being able to vote; education of the males in those country has to occur too! When these things are set to motion -- it is best and most polite to make such presentations to those who have influence in and over those countries. Laura Bush is doing this.

And, in so doing, better economic strata and potential will occur in these countries.

The way I see it is this, JJ -- in a nutshell: sending Laura over versus sending Maurice Strong. Laura Bush will champion private ownership; Maurice Strong will champion "large governments". Further, he will be most inclined to bring in the usual overregulatory factors which have done NO good to American businesses -- chasing American businesses out of America and to countries where the Fist of Big Government is not as invasive and oppressive - Basically, hobbling businesses before they even have a chance to catch their own breaths.

Lastly, I do not at all think the President would send the First Lady on a mission "like this". From absolutely everything I've studied about the First Lady, she is absolutely a woman of her own mind. She's made clear, to me certainly, what her missions are: Education, uplifting females and males in poorer countries. That these issues also dovetail with Bush Admin policies, certainly doesn't hurt. In fact, it is quite pleasant to see a Presidential couple working so neatly together. Unlike the Clintons, for example, and sad to say. This mission isn't about Laura. Or her support for her husband. She has the power to do certain things and to make some very positive changes in the lives of others. If I suspect anyone at all of encouraging Laura... it would be .. the President's Mother-- Barbara! lol. Yes, I am a huge fan of Barbara Bush. Her mission, her biggest one as first lady? Literacy. Literacy in America and around the world.

Are you aware of the type of education Palestine offers its people, and in particular to Palestinians residing in Israel? I have examples. Much of it is horribly anti-semitic. And being spoonfed to children.

Obviously, IMHO, our US military are not the only ones brave enough to put their lives on the line in order to go the root sources of war and problems in the world. She was heckled in Jordan, I read. She stayed focused.

In re the US and immigration policy.. I've been immersing myself in learning much I never knew before about the Civil War. Often, the US Immigration "discourse" puts me in mind of the Civil War. The problem is that huge, IMHO.

One side yells: "Shut down the borders! That's the only solution".. and I hear this echo in my mind "attack the plantations, free the slaves, that's the only solution to the North/South debate."

But lastly, I have respect for the connections Maurice Strong has; but have not much respect at all for Maurice Strong. Period.

36 posted on 05/22/2005 12:13:18 PM PDT by Alia
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