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A slander on our troops
Toldeo Blade ^ | June 18, 2005 | Jack Kelly

Posted on 06/18/2005 6:08:50 PM PDT by Laverne

IN A speech on the Senate floor Tuesday, the assistant Democratic leader likened the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to Nazi, Soviet, and Cambodian concentration camps.

What's giving America a black eye is the slander of our troops by Mr. Durbin, Amnesty, and others. Americans should be outraged, but not by the conduct of our soldiers

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Another good article about the Durbin Slander.
1 posted on 06/18/2005 6:08:56 PM PDT by Laverne
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To: Laverne
The Toledo Blade is complaining about Durbin? Holy Toledo!
2 posted on 06/18/2005 6:15:55 PM PDT by armymarinemom (My sons freed Iraqi and Afghanistan Honor Roll students.And we're unlikely to get a look into this t)
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To: Laverne
Here's my response to Durbin:

A Military Father’s Response to Senator Durbin and the Democrat Party

3 posted on 06/18/2005 6:16:42 PM PDT by America's Resolve (Liberal Democrats are liars, cheats and thieves with no morals, scruples, ethics or honor!)
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To: Laverne

4 posted on 06/18/2005 6:18:01 PM PDT by Zacs Mom (Proud wife of a Marine! ... and purveyor of "rampant, unedited dialogue")
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To: Laverne
Stop Dick Turbinladen Durbin before he aids our enemy again!

Link to contact your senator
Link to contact your representative

ABC CBS NBC CNN its all the SAME, Propaganda.
Might as well call them all AmeriJazerra.
Show them how much Gravitas Hugh Bris has. Vote with your remote! Shut down the Alphabet channels.

He's Got A Plan
Zippo Hero
Seven Dead Monkeys Page O Tunes

Don't be a know nothing do nothing dumbocrap!

"Hitlery's legal stance on everything"

5 posted on 06/18/2005 6:22:58 PM PDT by rawcatslyentist (Man, You should have seen them, kickin Edgar Allen Poe! Koo Koo Kachoo)
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To: Laverne
Excellent article.

As this was published in Ohio, George V. Voinovich came to mind. If the very thought of the 'danger' John Boulton represents as our UN Ambassador drove him to tears, the very real threat to our Service men and women due to Durbin's irresponsible lies and distortions should what... force him into an institution?
6 posted on 06/18/2005 6:25:03 PM PDT by ncountylee
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To: Zacs Mom

The hollow Demo drumbeat of negativity reflects their moral and intellectual vacuum. These are the dying gasps of a bankrupt party. Their dry bones will not rise again.

7 posted on 06/18/2005 6:35:35 PM PDT by Louis Foxwell (LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE)
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To: Laverne
Durbin blames media for 'Nazi' flap
Durbin FBI Memo
Video of Dick Durbin comparing US servicemen to nazis on the Senate floor...

8 posted on 06/18/2005 6:38:33 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: ncountylee

I haven't heard a word from either senator from Ohio....given Voinivich's last appearance on the floor, tearful and all, it will be interesting to see if he takes the floor at all to condemn these comments. Hope he will; as should all senators.

9 posted on 06/18/2005 6:43:29 PM PDT by Laverne
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To: Admin Moderator

I didn't mean to post this in breaking news.....please fix. Thanks.

10 posted on 06/18/2005 6:48:04 PM PDT by Laverne
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To: Laverne


STATEMENT FROM DICK DURBIN (if he were thinking out loud)

From: Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill.)

To my family, fellow Senators, citizens of Illinois, the American people, and especially to the arrogant and brutal men and women of the United States military. To our supposed enemies around the world, pay attention.

I come before you with a deep sense of embarrassment for the United States of America. We dishonored ourselves in the eyes of the civilized world.

It is my intent to harm the morale of our troops and give aid and comfort to the supposed enemy while we are fighting this phoney War on Terror. I now realize that is exactly what our rotten president has done. For that he should be deeply sorry.

During interrogation at the hands of our NAZI-like soldiers, innocent detainees die. It is, after all, the nature of the US military . The so-called terrorists did not ask for this war. We simply attacked them without provocation. Almost three thousand American citizens paid the price for the arrogant policies of the U.S. and who could be surprised when we drove Muslims to such desperation as to make it necessary to fly jets into inhabited buildings?.

This greedy nation has spread misery around the world. We have stolen more money and resources from the world than all other nations combined. What should we expect of those other nations? We should not be surprised that they despise us and want to kill us because we are Americans. By being so arrogant and greedy we have made ourselves legitimate targets for random violence against men, women, and children in public places.

American soldiers have done many things for which they should be held accountable to international tribunals and to the brave Muslim rebels themselves. This nation treats prisoners no better than Hitler or Stalin did. We force captives to listen to American pop music. We expose them to the sinful presence of American females. We make them wear ladies panties on their heads and even go to the horrific extreme of making them stand in butt-crack pyramids.

To the insurgents, America's atrocities must be stopped. What we do is evil, and evil shall not prevail as long as there are people like me who stand up to the United States of America.

Finally, and most importantly, to those of you who are the real heroes -- you brave men and women who strap bombs to yourselves and detonate them in crowded public places, I am profoundly sorry for the United States persisting in opposing you in your desire to be left alone to practice your peaceful religion of persecuting infidels, making slaves of women and children, and forcing the wisdom of your worship practices on the unbelievers for their benefit. It was wrong for us to oppose you .

I have notified my supporters, the barking moonbats at and the nice tin-foil hat wearing folks at that I will stay on the job until all the evil perpetrators of these heinous actions committed by the United States of America are run out of office even if I have to stay up all night myself, typing up memos full of smoking guns.


---Senator Richard Durbin


11 posted on 06/18/2005 7:00:52 PM PDT by spinestein (See Dick talk. See Dick rant. See Dick dishonor himself. Don't be a DICK!)
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To: Amos the Prophet

"Their dry bones will not rise again."

I believe you're correct. The Zell Miller democrats are going to have to build a whole new party - with morals and values which they can articulate.

12 posted on 06/18/2005 7:09:10 PM PDT by CyberAnt (President Bush: "America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth")
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To: spinestein

Are you sure this is satire??? ;-)

13 posted on 06/18/2005 7:41:24 PM PDT by Laverne
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To: Laverne

Since my mom actually lived in Germany during WW2 and saw the war in a child's eyes and my Uncle being held by the Nazi's I think Mr Durbin needs to sit down with my mom and Uncle and discuss the truth about Hitler because if he can compare our military to that evil man and what he did to Germany and innocent people than Mr Durbin is truly smoking something This man is a digusting person. you dont have to like the war but our soliders are up against the dumb media, the dumb dems and the crazy people who probably believe Saddam is a nice man

14 posted on 06/18/2005 8:34:46 PM PDT by loveamerica1
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To: Laverne

After writing my two senators to see what their stand will be on this issue should censure or a resignation be handed down for the asshole from Illinois, I decided to draft a letter to the other senator from Illinois, Barack Osama to make sure he knew I had a nephew serving in Iraq and laid out so there could be no "buts" exactley what this jerked did to add an excuse to the Islamofacist's cause. I indicated I assume he was at this late date fully aware of how the mideast news media are repetively using this against America, to the extent they now have it on good authority by a United States Senator that our troops are using torture against helpless Muslims being impounded against their wills. I directly asked him what side of the fence he shall be on if censure or more harsh terms are presented against this senator in the days to come. I am sure he will not answer my email letter but at least he knows there is one quite pissed off voter from the state of PA for what his cohort did to this country and it's military.

I wonder if anyone else has written or called his offices.
I made it clear though he may be a newly elected senator that does not excuse him from protecting the welfare of all Americans by punishing this senator and showing the world our senate stands behind our military personel and our war on terror.

15 posted on 06/18/2005 9:21:28 PM PDT by Marine_Uncle
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To: Laverne

Durbin's slander is typical of the left. They think the real enemy is America and not the islamofascist evildoers who attack our soldiers and civilians.

16 posted on 06/18/2005 9:38:55 PM PDT by red state girl
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To: Laverne

Thank you for the post, I sent him an email to say thanks as well

17 posted on 06/18/2005 11:33:52 PM PDT by angelsonmyside
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Durbin was quite foolish to use the Nazis as a comparison. The regimes of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria would have been ideal, not only because it highlights the similarity of US conduct in the region to these regimes, but there's the added bonus of the US dispatching prisoners to these countries for just that purpose.

"Some former CIA operatives and human rights campaigners claim the agency and the Pentagon use a process called “rendition” to send suspects to countries such as Egypt and Jordan. They are then tortured largely to gain information for the Americans who, it is alleged, encourage these countries to use aggressive interrogation methods banned under US law.

Bob Baer, a former CIA operative in the Middle East, said: “If you want a serious interrogation you send a prisoner to Jordan. If you want them to be tortured you send them to Syria. If you want someone to disappear . . . you send them to Egypt.”,00.html

Durbin could have brought this up and stirred a real public debate. Makes me wonder if the opposition really is paid off to be self-defeating.

18 posted on 06/19/2005 12:45:40 AM PDT by stoppage
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To: Laverne

Mr Durban....

Are you working for Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda??? Why are you so vociferously defending people whose stated goal is TO KILL AMERICANS...meaning MY WIFE AND MY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE...including SAWING OFF THEIR HEADS WITH KNIVES?????

Why are you comparing our Government to the NAZIS or POL POT'S KHMER ROUGE...both of which butchered some 20 MILLION innocent human beings???
Because OSAMA's BOYS had to endure 100 degree heat on ONE OCCASION...even though OUR TROOPS HAVE TO ENDURE 125 DEGREE HEAT EVERY DAY???

You, sir, are an organ of AL QAEDA'S PROPAGANDA MACHINE, and as such, are the ENEMY of MY FAMILY, of OUR TROOPS, and of the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! This is war, and you have given COMFORT to our MURDEROUS ENEMIES!!! You are a DISGRACE to the SENATE and to OUR GOVERNMENT!!!

Bob Kirby
Lemon Grove, CA 91945

19 posted on 06/19/2005 1:57:23 AM PDT by B Kirby (Letter to Turban Durban)
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To: B Kirby

Good letter. Thanks.

20 posted on 06/19/2005 2:01:47 AM PDT by Jet Jaguar
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To: rawcatslyentist


21 posted on 06/19/2005 2:17:06 AM PDT by beyond the sea (No more legitimate hearing room ever again, Conyers......... to the broom closet ! ;-))
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To: All

My friend that has has the webspace, he wants to know if anyone on Free Republic wants this space, he doesn't have time to set it up...but said he would help with anything they's his home state. Get the word out please.

Contact Nedd at

22 posted on 06/19/2005 7:55:48 AM PDT by AliVeritas (Ignorance is a condition. Stupidity is a strategy.)
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