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A United Playbook for the US - (exactly right on dangers within Democrats' obstructionism!)

Posted on 06/20/2005 12:29:52 PM PDT by CHARLITE

Ever wonder what makes Democrats so relentless in their quest to demean Republicans? Could it be that they learned their incessant doggedness from their heroes of the Watergate era, Woodward, Bernstein, and Deep Throat, now self-revealed as Mark Felt, a former illicit FBI informant? After all, this triumphant Rat Pack was credited with championing the downfall of a Republican administration. And, by so doing, it was the genesis of the Democratic Party’s political playbook and game plan that still exists today.

Watergate represented a consummate dismantling of a Republican administration where the Democrats’ deftness of investigational and inquisitorial skills were honed. Of course, since those glorious and victorious days some three decades ago, today’s ‘Party of No’ and ‘Blame America First’ has expanded their playbook considerably.

The new Rat Pack…..Kennedy and Kerry, Byrd and Boxer, Feinstein and Leahy, Pelosi and Reid, Clinton and Shumer, Biden and Dean, et al, may have expanded the playbook, but the game plan remains essentially the same….attack the Republican agenda, block judicial nominees and presidential appointees, accentuate only the negative aspects of our war effort against terrorism, and exploit any opportunity to discredit the Republican administration. The enablers of the game plan are its cheerleaders, the likes of Krugman and Friedman, Franken and Moore, Donahue and Couric, Streisand and Sarandon, Fonda and Baldwin, et al. Oh yes, then there’s Dick Durbin. Tell me, does he wear a turban?

Then there are their fans, many raised by parents who were diehard Democrats and, like their parents, wish to keep the family political tradition going. There are those who place free giveaways above free enterprise (like socialism…the party who gives the most gets the vote). And then there are those who are enamored with the beautiful people and influenced by whatever their political views may be. To all of these people, I would encourage only a look at both sides of every issue. Read. Study President Bush’s second term agenda. Ask yourself…Is the passage of any of these initiatives good for Americans? Bad for Americans? If these issues were sponsored by a Democrat administration, would you support them? Why or why not. Will any or all of President Bush’s initiatives eventually pass, under either administration?

The latest firestorm was introduced by Senator Joe Biden, senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who called for a closing of Gitmo, the prison camp for terrorists who would give their lives for their Jihad against the infidels of the United States of America. I can think of only one other incident that is more repulsive than Biden’s plea to close Gitmo, and that was the testimony of a spokesman for the Vietnam Veterans against the War (VVAW) which was made some thirty years ago by a Democrat who ironically now sits as a member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee. That would be Senator Kerry, the self-proclaimed war hero who continues to report for duty and unceasingly does disservice to his country.

Biden’s plea to close Gitmo was echoed by former President Jimmy Carter who stated, “The US continues to suffer terrible embarrassment and a blow to our reputation as champion of human rights because of reports concerning abuses of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo.” What embarrassment? Isn’t our mission since 09/11/01 to secure the United States against further aggression? Are not the prisoners at Gitmo enemy terrorists? Former President Carter, an Annapolis graduate, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for finding peaceful solutions to International conflicts, will eventually have to atone to 58,245 patriots whose names appear on the Vietnam Memorial Wall for pardoning draft dodgers of the Vietnam War, together with more than a million others who served their country in that war. There are human rights and there are human wrongs. Carter got that one wrong, big time and he‘s dead wrong on this one too.

Well, if not Gitmo, where? Potentate Kennedy calls for closure, but what does he and his ’Party of No’ propose as an alternative? Another prison stateside? Release them? There are no alternatives, just relentless negativism. Same ole game plan.

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. Finally, President Bush recently said as much to the ‘Party of No’ and ‘Blame America First’ obstructionists. Our president is trying to lead, but leading a dysfunctional team of lawmakers is mighty difficult at best. While the polls indicate a dip for the president, they likewise show that Americans are even more displeased with the performance of Congress. In the Democrats’ endeavor to debase the performance and effectiveness of the president, they have laid out their playbook for all to see. It is not a pretty picture.

Fighting Congressional disunity while engaged in a worldwide war against terrorism is certainly counterproductive to our resolve to spread and preserve freedom throughout the world. We seemingly had some semblance of unity and resolve after 09/11/01and maintained it for perhaps a year or so. Unity is synonymous with victory. Division is synonymous with defeat. Unfortunately, the only thing that may bring us together again is another calamity like 09/11/01. Some in our society need only one wake-up call. Others need two….perhaps more. But, we had better collectively wake up soon and begin working from the same playbook.

If the same energy directed toward that relentlessness now displayed by the left could be redirected toward our effort to defeat terrorism and improve domestic programs, then we might convince the world that liberty and freedom is the right playbook for all humanity.

Robert Lanzotti attended the University of Illinois on a football scholarship from 1955-1960. Through the ROTC program, he was commissioned into the Regular Army as a second lieutenant in 1960 and retired as a lieutenant colonel twenty-five years later. Robert was an Airborne Ranger and a Master Army Aviator. During his two tours in Vietnam he flew more than 1,000 hours of combat helicopter time and was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, four Bronze Stars, and twenty-four Air Medals. He commanded a helicopter unit within the 1st Cavalry Division and served as operations officer of the Army's largest divisional aviation group. Robert served fours years on the Army General Staff at the Pentagon. His formal education includes: University of Illinois, BS, ALS; Hampton University, MA, Ed. Admin.; and Marymount University, ME, Ed. Robert also graduated from the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA. Today, Robert is an elementary school teacher in Smyrna, a suburb of Atlanta.


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1 posted on 06/20/2005 12:29:55 PM PDT by CHARLITE
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"Jimmy Carter was a president who claimed that human rights was “the soul of our foreign policy” despite making an agreement with Baby Doc Duvalier to not accept the asylum claims of Haitian refugees."

East Timor, Nicaragua, El Salvador are other examples of Carters duplicity.
2 posted on 06/20/2005 1:05:32 PM PDT by ncountylee
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