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Do Americans have the courage to face terrorists with WMDs?
Renew America ^ | April 28, 2004 | Mary Mostert

Posted on 06/30/2005 3:37:22 PM PDT by Peach

Do Americans have the courage to face terrorists with WMDs?

Mary Mostert April 28, 2004

As recently as a month ago, John Kerry slammed President Bush with "George Bush sold us on going to war with Iraq based on the threat of weapons of mass destruction." According to Kerry, those weapons of mass destruction don't exist. At the annual dinner for radio and TV journalists at the White House, a video spoof of the President looking under his desk for weapons of mass destruction was shown. Kerry, hoping to make political hay out of the video complained, "If George Bush thinks his deceptive rationale for going to war is a laughing matter, then he's even more out of touch than we thought."

Now, if you had taken Kerry's and the world media's reaction to the weapons of mass destruction and Bush seriously, naturally you have to assume there really IS not such threat. In fact, many sources, including several Democrat candidates for president, have been campaigning on exactly that issue. Iraq and its friends in the al Qaeda, we have been told, simply DON'T have weapons of mass destruction.

If terrorists don't have WMDs, why is an Associated Press story about a foiled attempt by Al-Qaeda to destroy the government of the nation of Jordan and kill 80,000 people with chemical weapons, buried on the back pages of my morning newspaper? If that bomb had been detonated, instead of there terrorists being captured, it would have killed nearly 2% of the population of Jordan. By comparison, the 3,000 who died on 9-11 in the United states killed about .001% of the US population.

I assure you this was not a buried news item in Amman, Jordan's capitol. Mahmoud Al Abed wrote of the event in the Jordan Times:

"Suspects arrested earlier this month in connection with a major terrorist plot confessed to planning to carry out the first ever Al Qaeda chemical attack in Jordan."

The targets were Jordan's General Intelligence Department, the Jordanian Prime Ministry and the US embassy in Amman. Mahmoud went on to report:

"In taped testimonies broadcast on Jordan Television Monday, the suspects revealed that the mastermind of the operation was the Iraq-based top Al Qaeda leader, Ahmad Fadeel Khalaileh, better known as Abu Mussab Zarqawi.

Now where have we heard the name "Zarqawi" or "Zaqawi" before? Well, for one it was part of that what the world media and the Democrats have been saying every since was "misinformation" or "lies" in Secretary of State Colin Powell's February 5, 2003 speech to the United Nations. In speaking of Saddam Hussein flouting UN Resolution 1441, Secretary Powell said,

"But what I want to bring to your attention today is the potentially much more sinister nexus between Iraq and the al-Qaida terrorist network, a nexus that combines classic terrorist organizations and modern methods of murder. Iraq today harbors a deadly terrorist network headed by Abu Massad Al-Za)kawi an associate and collaborator of Usama bin Laden and his al-Qaida lieutenants.

"Zarkawi, Palestinian born in Jordan, fought in the Afghan war more than a decade ago. Returning to Afghanistan in 2000, he oversaw a terrorist training camp. One of his specialties, and one of the specialties of this camp, is poisons.

"When our coalition ousted the Taliban, the Zakawi network helped establish another poison and explosive training center camp, and this camp is located in northeastern Iraq. You see a picture of this camp."

Now let's go back to yesterday's Jordan Times account of the foiled chemical attack in Amman. The group leader of those trying to destroy both Jordan's government and the US presence in Jordan admitted on Jordanian TV is Azmi Jaiousi,. Mahmoud wrote:

"Last week, authorities announced that they had killed four terrorist suspects, three of them reportedly Iraqis, in shoot-out in the Hashmi Shamali neighbourhood of Amman.

"Jaiousi, who appeared in the televised programme, said that he met Zarqawi in Afghanistan, then in Iraq, where he was recruited to carry out the attack.

"'Abu Mussab assigned me to go to Jordan, with Mwaffaq Odwan. Our mission was to instigate military work on the Jordanian arena. He [Zarqawi] arranged for my infiltration to Jordan,' Jaiousi testified.

"Jaiousi added that contacts with his leader were through prepaid mobile phone cards and through messengers who came from Syria."

Those who want to trash the Patriot Act because it authorizes law enforcement agencies to track cell phone calls, as well as phone lines, take note. You are not living in the 1930s.

"The first attack was planned against the General Intelligence Department, using three large trucks laden with 20 tonnes of chemical explosives and two small cars.

"Using $170,000 Zarqawi sent him from Iraq, Jaiousi said the group purchased the vehicles and structurally reinforced them, bought the chemicals and manufactured part of them in a deserted house in a village near Irbid, then later in a warehouse near Ramtha.

"'I envisioned the result after executing the work. According to my experience as an explosives expert, the whole of the Intelligence Department would have been totally destroyed, and nothing of it would have remained, nor anything surrounding it. Destruction would have even reached far away areas,' Jaiousi said."

So, are terrorist threats, and weapons of mass destruction mere figments of George W. Bush's and Colin Powell's imagination? Can we really afford to continue listening to people like John Kerry and most of the media that are trying to convince you that George Bush and Colin Powell are liars? Not according to the realities now being faced by one editor in Jordan who said in today's editorial entitled: "The Threat is Real":

"For those who still believe terrorist plots are conspired or fabricated to detract attention, it's time to face reality. The threats are real. The threats could be as close as the hospitals, schools, universities, bus stations, movie theatres, and malls we frequent.

Zaraqawi, based on what he hears Americans saying and what he has seen America do in cutting and running out of Vietnam and Somalia, thinks his methods will eventually win because, he says, "The Americans ... as you know, are the most cowardly of God's creatures. They are an easy quarry. We ask God to enable us to kill and capture them to sow panic among those behind them and to trade them for our detained shaykhs and brothers."

Time will tell who is right — Zaraqawi or George W. Bush.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary Mostert is a nationally-respected political writer. She was one of the first female political commentators to be published in a major metropolitan newspaper in the 1960s. After working in President Lyndon Johnson's failed War on Poverty programs in New York state, she became a Republican. She ran, unsuccessfully, for the New York State Senate and became campaign manager for a number of candidates. She once served as the secretary of "Positive Action NOW!"--a South African women's group that sought to reduce the hostility among South Africa's various racial, religious, and political groups.

In recent years, Mary has researched, written, and edited articles for national talk show host Michael Reagan's Information Interchange on the Internet, and for The REAGAN MONITOR, a monthly newsletter that provides in-depth information on key issues. Her book, COMING HOME - Families Can Stop the Unraveling of America," was published in 1996 by Gold Leaf Press. Mary maintains a political media site, Banner of Liberty. She can be contacted at Click here for more information.

TOPICS: Extended News; Foreign Affairs; Government; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: iraq; jordan; michaelmoore; wmd; zaqawi; zarqawi

1 posted on 06/30/2005 3:37:24 PM PDT by Peach
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To: WmShirerAdmirer

Thank you, WmShirerAdmirer for finding this article.

2 posted on 06/30/2005 3:38:22 PM PDT by Peach
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To: Peach
Do Americans have the courage to face terrorists with....'$$$$-Oil-$$$$'.... WMDs?

?....Loss of American jobs to Foreign jobs.....?

Their....Prime....WMD is the U.S. dollar's MASSIVE devaluation.....they 'hit' their 'target' after all?


/sarcasm 9-11?

3 posted on 06/30/2005 3:49:19 PM PDT by maestro
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To: Peach

Our current President is the first World leader to face terrorists seriously. We have removed two other governments, for crying out loud, and we did so with the belief that Iraq had WMD's.

4 posted on 06/30/2005 3:57:30 PM PDT by passionfruit (Using the ethernet to try to catch the etherbunny.)
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To: passionfruit


5 posted on 06/30/2005 4:24:37 PM PDT by Peach
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To: Peach

Oh these damn liberals need to LOOK at the authorization of war that THEY voted for back in 2002. It had WMDs at the very bottem of the list and at the top was Al-Queda being harbored and trained in Iraq. I am SICK and TIRED of these liberal lies and the fools that fall for it.
Why won't someone PLEASE set the record straight???

6 posted on 06/30/2005 4:35:40 PM PDT by jackv
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To: passionfruit; frank opinion; backhoe

In my opinion, it was more than a belief. They did have WMDs. And they've found a good many of them, but again, Bush's PR fails him. Then, there's everything that got spirited into Syria and Iran...

7 posted on 06/30/2005 4:53:29 PM PDT by MizSterious (First, the journalists, THEN the lawyers.)
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To: Peach
NO, I think, unlike the Israelis, Americans will hunker down in their houses.

Anywhere the terrorists attack we want to make sacred ground.

In Israel they clean up the mess and keep life moving foreward.

I think the U.S. will pretty much go into a VERY DEEP DEPRESSION as soon as a few jihadis set themselves off at the local malls, blaming their leaders, demanding more than can be delivered, we've gotten good at that.

I am sorry to have to say this but it's what I see these days all around me.

Lord help us.

8 posted on 06/30/2005 5:06:23 PM PDT by Mister Baredog ((Minuteman at heart, couch potato in reality))
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To: Mister Baredog

I agree with you. Sadly. We seem to have lost our will, in large part thank so the media constantly running down the country and the lies on the left.

9 posted on 06/30/2005 5:15:33 PM PDT by Peach
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To: jackv

I am extremely discouraged that not ONE of our Congresscritters has had a major press conference; the RNC has not sent out a mass e-mail ... to discuss this.

10 posted on 06/30/2005 5:17:27 PM PDT by Peach
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To: jackv

"Why won't someone PLEASE set the record straight??? "

The record has been set straight. The MSM is just ignoring it.

11 posted on 06/30/2005 5:22:31 PM PDT by EQAndyBuzz (Liberal Talking Point - Bush = Hitler ... Republican Talking Point - Let the Liberals Talk)
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To: Peach
There are a lot of disconnected Americans who have no will to fight and no idea of what they would be fighting for. They think the terrorists are just a bunch people holding grudges against past U.S. actions in the world.

It will take more than the kook Democrats leaders of today to make them see how out of touch they are with reality. My best guess is until the threat turns into another successful attack they will not budge at all. I'm not even sure one more attack would be enough to make them see the light.

They need to see it for themselves to break free from the brainwashing that goes on in our public schools and universities. Would it require them seeing their love ones die from an attack? for some it would. They need to understand that when we support our military we support them in every way and that politics should stop at our shores as the saying goes.

The liberals and the Democratic Party have moved to the extreme left. There are moderate Democrats I believe that held on to the party through the last election and since then they have watch their party move so far to the left they feel abandoned and will not vote Democrat next time. I'm not sure if they will vote Republican but they will not be voting Democrat. I think Chicago Mayor Daley is a prime example of the old Democratic party member.
12 posted on 06/30/2005 5:39:49 PM PDT by TheForceOfOne (My tagline snapped the last time the MSM blew smoke up my ass. Now its gone forever.)
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To: Peach
Do Americans have the courage to face terrorists with WMDs?

Those who do not will not survive.

13 posted on 06/30/2005 5:59:34 PM PDT by mtntop3 ("He who must know before he believes will never come to full knowledge.")
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To: TheForceOfOne

JFK would be appalled at what has happened to his party.

And politics used to stop at our shores, but not anymore. Now ex-presidents (Democrats, naturally) go overseas and bash the country. It is not good for the morale of our troops and it certainly must make the jihadists laugh their heads off to see the country so divided.

14 posted on 06/30/2005 6:42:03 PM PDT by Peach
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To: Peach
I wonder how much of what the Democrats say and do has contributed to the number of foreign fighters flowing into Iraq to fight our soldiers?

Do they fear us less by listening to our leaders that they hear saying we should give dates for withdraw, how wrong it was and without justification that we attacked Iraq, calling them freedom fighters and insurgents to be PC during wartime. etc.

I think it may be enough to make the blood of our soldiers boil if they knew the whole story.
15 posted on 06/30/2005 6:55:07 PM PDT by TheForceOfOne (My tagline snapped the last time the MSM blew smoke up my ass. Now its gone forever.)
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To: TheForceOfOne

It's outrageous, some of the things the Democrats have said. Durbin for one example.

And after the president's speech the other night, they've all taken to the air waves that AQ was not in Iraq until we got there, which is a lie and their 2002 War Resolution clearly states that AQ is in Iraq.

It would be far better if the jihadists thought that ALL of America was united. It wouldn't stop the most dedicated jihadist, but when those young men who could kind of go either way listen to the horrible rhetoric coming from our OWN countrymen, it may be just enough to push them over the edge and join the jihad.

16 posted on 06/30/2005 7:25:28 PM PDT by Peach
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To: EQAndyBuzz

True, however, I think they could be calling for more press conferences and be a lot more aggressive.

17 posted on 06/30/2005 7:26:53 PM PDT by jackv
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To: passionfruit

If not for the actions of President Bush I've no doubt that we'd already be facing them. Regardless of the other things, and there have been some, that have disappointed me with the Administration, taking the fight to the enemy isn't one of them. And it is the most important one!

18 posted on 06/30/2005 7:39:25 PM PDT by pepperdog
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