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To: johnnyBbad
>>>>>Unless MacKenzie can explain why all of Eastern Bosnia was attacked (Zepa was overrun soon after Srebrenica and Gorazde was hammered throughout) then the Serb claim that they were only responding to Oric just doesn't hold up.<<<<<

Since you are in explanation mood, can you explain these poaradoxes:

1. Intent to eliminate group is mandatory condition for the crime of genocide. However, Muslim women and children were not harmed in Srebrenica. Neither were Muslim men in Zepa, in operation you mentioned. None of them was harmed. How is that possible, if Serbs had an intent to destroy Muslims as a people?

2. Safe Haven Srebrenica was never demilitarized. There is ample hard evidence about it from NATO sources. How members of Bosnian Muslim Army in Srebrenica can be called Bosnian Muslim men and boys" when their status was "Bosnian Muslim soldiers and paramilitaries" or Bosnian Muslim POWs?

3. There were only several boys among alleged 8000 Bosnian Muslims dead. Nevertheless, guideline "8000 men and Boys" is repeated ad nauseam. At the same time, foreign mercenaries who werte among Srebrenica Muslims are never mentioned. Why "8000 Men, Boys and foreign mercenaries" is not used instead?

4. In Kravica incident, Bosnian Muslim POWs overpowered BSA guard, took his weapon and killed him. Enraged guards opened fire. Why this incident is never described in detail?

5. BSA offensive used only two tanks and both were captured by Bosnian Muslim Army. How it is possible if Muslims were unarmed as propaganda depictrs them. When barehanded man meets a tank, Tienanmen happens.

6. How many Serbs were killed in Srebrenica region according to Muslim sources. Serbs have the names of all 3287 killed. Where are their corpses?

7. What happened with alleged intel photos Mad Albright waved in UN?

8. During retreat, some Bosnian Muslims were fighting among themselves and killing each other. Also, there was a firefight between Bosnian Muslims and foreign mercenaries who resisted surrender. When a Bosnian Muslim shoot and kill a Bosnian muslim or foreign mnercenary, is the resulting corpse an evidence of Serb genocide? If not, why all casualties are billed to Serbs?

9. Photos taken in Srebrenica shows that among the women and children boarding busses were Bosnian Males as well. Busses were escorted by peacekeepers and no males were taken off the bus. What happened to them once they reached destination in Muslim held Bosnia? Are they also "8000 men and boys" killed by Serbs?

10. Last but not least, Muslim sources speak of Srebrenica being sold out. Diplomatic sources confirm that Clinton in his talk with Izetbegovic stated that international community will intervene if the number of dead Muslims is higher than 5000. Are they talking about the same thing?

21 posted on 07/15/2005 10:29:24 AM PDT by DTA
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I'm gonna get in serious s**t for doing this at work...

1. In my opinion claims of genocide in Bosnia were rubbish. No one committed genocide. It was a territorial struggle in which horrific crimes were committed - not the Holocaust or Rwanda. George Kenney accurately likened it to Lebanon.

2. Yes, Srebrenica was never demilitarized. Put yourself in the shoes of a Bosnian cleansed from Visegrad or Foca - would you give up your guns surrounded by Serbs and "protected" by a UN that got pushed around by all sides? Me neither.

Members of Bosnian army are protected by war crimes laws when they surrender. You can't shoot em at that point, regardless of whether they're in the army.

3. Agreed - "boys" is overused. Many/most of Muslim men were soldiers (many unarmed) trying to get to tulza (or thereabouts).

Please elaborate on the "foreign mercenaries" in Srebrenica. to the best of my knowledge there were none in that region. most radical imports fought in central bosnia against the HVO.

4. The Kravica incident you describe (in 93?) is nothing at all like rounding up thousands of POWs and blowing them away. No comparison.

5. The Muslims did have two Serbian tanks - captured in 93 -which soon ran out of fuel and ammo. they were by no means the "only" tanks used by the BSA.

6. Dunno where Serbs corpses are. I imagine the Serbs would have recovered a fair bit given that the Muslims could only raid and then retreat. They wouldn't exactly have time to burry them would they?

7. No idea.

8. again, what foreign mercenaries are you talking about?

9. Most Muslim men were seperated from the women or captured en rout to Tulza.

10. No idea.

25 posted on 07/15/2005 10:51:36 AM PDT by johnnyBbad
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