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Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat - Thread Twenty-Nine

Posted on 08/06/2005 4:45:21 PM PDT by nwctwx

Image Created By : TheCabal
Threat Matrix: Daily Terror Threat
Thread Twenty-Nine (Index)
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The Threat Matrix

The title refers to a daily report given to the president of the United States detailing the most serious terrorist threats against the country. To tackle those threats, the government has formed a top-notch task force to infiltrate the terror cells and cut off the danger.

"Every morning, the president receives a list of the top ten terrorist threats - this list is known as the threat matrix."

We here at FR are trying to be in conjunction with the daily reports around the world that involve threats. We try to provide a storehouse of information that takes hours of research.

YOU be the judge and get informed!
Threat Matrix - Daily Terrorism Threat
Threat Matrix: U.S. Terrorism
Was Bomber's "New York" Shirt A Message?
Full Story

It's hardly a unique fashion statement for a mass transit rider: a Yankees-style cap, and a "New York" sweat shirt.

But the New York Police Department is teaming with British authorities to determine whether those items were worn by suspects in the London terror cases to send a "purposeful message" to the city, according to an NYPD officials.

David Cohen, the NYPD's deputy commissioner of intelligence, raised the concern earlier this week at a security briefing for business leaders at police headquarters in Lower Manhattan.

New assessments warn of Qaeda suicide attacks in U.S.
Still Not Ready in The ER | Cell Phone Number: ICE
Where bin Laden is, why he's still alive

"I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat."
Threat Matrix HTML designed by: Ian Livingston

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: chicagothreat; dcthreat; gwot; islamists; italythreats2004; italythreats2005; jetfueltruckstolen; lathreat; londonattacked; seattlethreat; tankerthreat; terror; threat; threatmatrix
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To: All

[AHN] FLORIDA - Suspicious Package Prompts Evacuation At Miami Airport

[California Chronicle/ Jim Kouri] USA - California Chronicle: British Counterinsurgency Expert Arrested in US

[New York Times] CALIFORNIA - 4 Men in California Accused Of Plotting Terrorist Attacks

[AP] USA - FBI to Do Prisoner 'Threat Assessment'

[ / Jim Kouri] USA - Traffickers Nabbed Smuggling Middle Eastern Aliens

[] MARYLAND - Suspicious Package Left Outside Post Office

[CP] CANADA - Captain of Maltese ship arraigned [ 8 Turksih crewmen jumped ship ]

[AP] USA - Patriot Act defense in homeless transit case gets boost from feds,0,3307884,print.story

[] USA - CFR's Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada [ Editors Note - Perhaps this finally explains
the Presidents inexcusable refusal to secure our borders]

[Santa Maria Times] CALIFORNIA - Monitor triggers bomb scare [False alarm]

[Putnam County Courier] NEW YORK - Suspicious device found, but no bomb

[AP] WASHINGTON DC - Metro Expands Terrorist Training

[AP] WASHINGTON DC - Pentagon Has Sole Shootdown Say Over D.C.

[Reuters] USA - Militants used sham marriages to get US papers: report

[Standard-Speaker] PENNSYLVANIA - Suspicious package in Hazleton

[Tampa Bay's 10 News] FLORIDA - Suspicious device found at Health Department

[New York Newsday] USA - Feds say FBI interpreter tipped off targets,0,1049670.story?coll=nyc-manheadlines-crime

[AP] USA - FBI investigating some Northwest flight attendants

[AP] MICHIGAN - State Police deny labeling Michigan groups as terrorists

[AHN] USA - Counterterrorism Unites Dozens Of Federal Agencies

[WTOP] USA - Intrigue Over Able Danger Grows

[AP] USA - Animal activist accused of freeing mink to plead guilty [Animal Liberation Front]

[AP] MARYLAND - Bomb Squad Investigates Possible Pipe Bomb [ Under bleachers at school ]

[] CALIFORNIA - Golden Gate Ferry passengers screened for explosives

[PRNewswire] KENTUCKY - ATF Offers Reward for Information About Explosives Theft in Kentucky

"Between July 29 and Aug. 17, approximately 305 pounds of high explosives
were stolen from the McConahy & Stucker Drilling Company's storage facility in
Edmonson County near the intersection of Highway 259 and Highway 70"

[HealthDayNews] USA - Local Health Agencies Faulted on Bioterror Response Times

[AP] CUBA - Lawyers Say Terror Suspects at Guantanamo Start New Hunger Strike

[Hilltop Times] NEW MEXICO - EOD members train in N.M. ‘terror’ town

[AP] USA / MEXICO BORDER - Border Patrol finds 55 illegal immigrants in a refrigerated truck

[Everett Navy Base News] WASHINGTON - Police boat sabotaged

"bomb blew out the boat's windshield and damaged radios, gauges and controls"

[] USA - A new issue of has been published

"Latest BioTerrorism News headlines, mysterious deaths, outbreaks, epidemics, etc "

[ Editor] USA - KATRINA RELIEF - If you are considering donating to help the victims of the devastation from
Hurricane Katrina, we suggest donating to the "Convoy of Hope" at


[ABC News Online] AUSTRALIA - Queenslanders reminded to be alert for terrorism

"Queensland Government has begun a $700,000 television and newspaper campaign to warn rail travellers and the general public
about terrorism"

[Reuters] AUSTRALIA - Sydney Futures Exchange evacuated due to bomb hoax

[AAP] AUSTRALIA - Two sets of keys to Sydney's trains stolen

[Bangkok Post] THAILAND - Bomb blasts rock Narathiwat

[Reuters] THAILAND - Three bombs hit Thai Muslim south, injure 15

[Reuters] SOUTH AFRICA - Minister: Terror suspects hiding in southern Africa

"it is not just a question of seeking refuge, it is also quite possibly attempting to set up networks"

[AP] ASIA - Asian Militants Sharing Bomb Designs

[AP] PHILIPPINES - Official warns of major attack in Manila

[INQ7] PHILIPPINES - Suspected JI members set off bomb in North Cotabato town



[Voices Magazine] ISRAEL - Egypt, Israel Disagree on Palestinian Borders

[Kent Messenger] UNITED KINGDOM - Fire sparks panic on 18.57 to Gillingham

[Times Online] UNITED KINGDOM - Radical scholar joins task force

"Muslim academic who has justified suicide bombings in Chechnya and Iraq has been appointed to a government task force created
to tackle Islamic extremism",,22989-1758362,00.html

[Financial Express] BANGLADESH - Law enforcers arrest 8 more suspects

"convicted fugitive leader of militant outfit Harkatul Jihad Tuesday and seven others Monday night in connection with the August 17
countrywide bomb explosions"

[London Times] UNITED KINGDOM / USA - Bin Laden's London man may finally be sent to US after 7 years,,22989-1757771,00.html

[AP] LEBANON - Lebanon Nabs Three in Assassination Probe,2933,167655,00.html

[Scotsman] IRAQ - A thousand pilgrims crushed and drowned in 'bomb' panic

[AP] IRAQ - U.S. planes bomb targets in Iraq; 'known terrorist' killed

[IANS] INDIA - Crude bomb kills one, injures two in Pondicherry [ Near tourist resort]

[AP] PAKISTAN - One killed as bomb explodes in southwest Pakistan

[Sun Star] PHILIPPINES - Bomb scare hits university building

[Japan Today] IRAN - Iran claims nuclear breakthrough

[Brisbane Courier Mail] BALI - Luxury hotel evacuated after 'explosive' found

"device found at the Kuta Paradiso Hotel contained two timers, powder, and a battery but no explosives",5936,16454808%255E401,00.html

[Guardian] SAUDI ARABIA - Saudi link to Beslan militant,3604,1560100,00.html

[RIA Novosti] RUSSIA - Terrorist group eliminated in Chechnya

"group of terrorists planning an attack against Chechen leadership has been eliminated in northwestern Chechnya"

[AP] GLOBAL - Report Links 6 Nations to Biological Arms Efforts,1,7842751.story?coll=la-headlines-world

[] SOUTH KOREA - Yongsan ‘Computer Geeks' Get Bomb Training,13190,SS_082905_Geeks,00.html?

[UPI] SINGAPORE - Singapore steps up terror alert

[Jakara Post] INDONESIA - Indonesia heightens vigilance against terrorist attacks


4,061 posted on 09/01/2005 4:16:47 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny (WAKE UP AMERICA!!! You have enemies, within and without, they are communist based.)
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To: Velveeta
i left islam this time for good....

If this is true, may God protect Tigger from the inevitable backlash and strengthen his heart.

4,062 posted on 09/01/2005 4:23:22 AM PDT by SlowBoat407 (A living affront to Islam since 1959)
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To: SlowBoat407

WOW, this pic really puts the NO flooding into perspective.

4,063 posted on 09/01/2005 4:36:31 AM PDT by bored at work (I feel more like I do now than when I first logged on . . .)
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To: bored at work

Epic proportions, no doubt about that.

4,064 posted on 09/01/2005 4:39:52 AM PDT by SlowBoat407 (A living affront to Islam since 1959)
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To: nw_arizona_granny
Hi, granny; all. My students are doing a worksheet and I have a moment. Wasn't there a big deal happening in the 60's or 70's with something called The Report From Iron Mountain? Can't remember exactly, but it was the start of all this.
4,065 posted on 09/01/2005 5:07:11 AM PDT by ExSoldier (Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.)
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To: nwctwx


4,066 posted on 09/01/2005 5:07:51 AM PDT by mom3boys
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To: mom3boys; theophilusscribe

We are both interested in suggestions you all may have about what should be included in an emergency kit.

Rather than piecemeal posts, is there one thread or link to such a kit that you can recommend?

4,067 posted on 09/01/2005 5:14:21 AM PDT by Peach (South Carolina is praying for our Gulf coast citizens.)
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To: Peach
Thanks so much, Peach.
American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Kits,1082,0_217_,00.html

Emergencies can strike at any time. Be prepared with an Emergency Preparedness Kit, Adult 1- or 3-day. These backpack-style kits contain either one or three days of supplies for an adult, including water, food, radio, a flashlight, batteries and more.

Emergency Preparedness Kit (Adult, 3-day)
An Emergency Preparedness, Adult 3-day, is a complete kit, sufficient for one person, to provide essential items an adult will need for at least three days after a disaster and is intended for storage at home, and to be used at home or in a place where someone may go if local authorities ask for an evacuation. The Red Cross online store offers both a regular and deluxe (higher quality content material) model of the Emergency Preparedness Kit, Adult 3-day. For more information, check out the Red Cross online store at

Emergency Preparedness Kit (Adult, 1-day) for the Workplace
An Emergency Preparedness Kit, Adult 1-day, is a complete kit, sufficient for one person, to provide essential items that an adult will need for at least one day after a disaster or emergency strikes in or near the workplace. Workplace kits may be tailored to the unique circumstances of the workplace. For example, if the workplace already provides and makes available OSHA-complaint first aid kits in facilities, then Workplace Emergency Preparedness Kits do not have to contain first aid supplies. If the workplace stores food and water in bulk quantities to be available in emergencies for building occupants, then the workplace kits do not need to have separate food and water in them. To order an Emergency Preparedness Kit (Adult 1-day) for the Workplace log on to the Red Cross online store at

Intended Use of the Items in an Emergency Preparedness Kit
Use the flashlight to find your way if the power is out. Do not use candles or any other open flame for emergency lighting.

Battery-powered Radio
News about the emergency may change rapidly as events unfold. You also will be concerned about family and friends in the area. Radio reports will give information about the areas most affected.

Plastic Sheeting and Duct Tape (Adult, 3-day only)
Use the plastic sheeting and duct tape for sheltering-in-place verses evacuation.

Enough non-perishable food to sustain you for at least one day (three meals) if close to a workplace with stored food or three day supply if at home or other location, is suggested. Select foods that require no refrigeration, preparation or cooking, and little or no water. The following items are suggested:

* Ready-to-eat canned meals, meats, fruits, and vegetables;
* Canned juices; and
* High-energy foods (granola bars, energy bars, etc.).

Keep at least one gallon of water available, or more if you are on medications that require water or that increase thirst. Store water in plastic containers such as soft drink bottles. Avoid using containers that will decompose or break, such as milk cartons or glass bottles.

Include usual non-prescription medications that you take, including pain relievers, stomach remedies, etc. If you use prescription medications, keep at least three-day's supply of these medications at your workplace. Consult with your physician or pharmacist how these medications should be stored, and your employer about storage concerns.

First Aid Supplies
If your employer does not provide first aid supplies, have the following essentials:
* Absorbent Compress 5x9 Dressing
* Adhesive Bandages (Assorted Sizes)
* Adhesive Cloth Tape 5 yds/1"
* Antibiotic Ointment Packets (approx 1g)
* Antiseptic Wipe Packets
* Packets of Aspirin (162mg)
* Pair of Non-Latex Gloves (Size Large)
* Scissors
* Roller Bandage 3"
* Sterile Gauze Pads 3x3
* First Aid Instruction Information

Additional Tools and Supplies to Include in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit (1-or 3-day)
* Paper plates and cups, plastic utensils
* Non-electric can opener
* Personal hygiene items, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush, soap, contact lens supplies, and feminine supplies
* Plastic garbage bags, ties (for personal sanitation uses)
* Include at least one complete change of clothing and footwear, including a long sleeved shirt and long pants, as well as closed-toed shoes or boots
* If you wear glasses, keep an extra pair with your workplace disaster supplies.

General Information
* Your kit should be adjusted based on your own personal needs.
* Do not include candles, weapons, toxic chemicals, or controlled drugs unless prescribed by a physician.
* Click here for a PDF checklist to help further customize your Emergency Preparedness Kit (1- or 3-day).
4,068 posted on 09/01/2005 5:21:40 AM PDT by theophilusscribe
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To: theophilusscribe

Thank you; I'm printing off a few things now.

I think every should add a gun to that list, btw :-)

4,069 posted on 09/01/2005 5:23:08 AM PDT by Peach (South Carolina is praying for our Gulf coast citizens.)
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To: Peach

Too true! LOL!

4,070 posted on 09/01/2005 5:25:39 AM PDT by theophilusscribe
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To: Peach; prairiebreeze
READYAmerica—Make a kit

When preparing for a possible emergency situation, it's best to think first about the basics of survival: fresh water, food, clean air and warmth.


Find out how to store and prepare for at least three days of survival.


Learn how to improvise with what you have on hand to protect your mouth, nose, eyes and cuts in your skin.


Knowing how to treat minor injuries can make a difference in an emergency. If you have these basic supplies you are better prepared to help your loved ones when they are hurt.


Assemble clothing & bedding, tools and other basic supplies.


Lists for those with special needs - babies, adults, seniors and people with disabilities.
4,071 posted on 09/01/2005 5:37:28 AM PDT by theophilusscribe
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To: theophilusscribe

Another excellent list; I see I have some work to do.

4,072 posted on 09/01/2005 5:49:32 AM PDT by Peach (South Carolina is praying for our Gulf coast citizens.)
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To: bored at work

Gas prices in my area! (Waukesha)

Mon @ $2.85/gal.
Tue @ $2.99/gal.
Wed @ $3.10/gal.
Thr @ $3.29/gal.

4,073 posted on 09/01/2005 5:49:47 AM PDT by bored at work (I feel more like I do now than when I first logged on . . .)
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To: Peach

Me too.

There are alot of preparedness sites out there. I'm going to make a list of links.

4,074 posted on 09/01/2005 6:01:33 AM PDT by theophilusscribe
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To: Peach; All

FEMA:Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit
FEMA:Emergency Food and Water Supplies
FEMA:Your Family Disaster Plan

Boy Scouts of America: Emergency Preparedness Kit
Boy Scouts of America: Emergency Preparedness Plan

4,075 posted on 09/01/2005 6:26:27 AM PDT by theophilusscribe
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To: theophilusscribe

I'm starting a file on all these preparedness sites and will make sure to take notes from all of them and compile a bag (or two).

4,076 posted on 09/01/2005 6:30:48 AM PDT by Peach (South Carolina is praying for our Gulf coast citizens.)
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To: Peach

Excellent!! I am going to do so too. And I am going to pass the information on to loved ones as well . . .


4,077 posted on 09/01/2005 6:33:38 AM PDT by theophilusscribe
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To: Peach; appalachian_dweller

Hi Peach,

This list was compiled by freeper and TMer Appalachian Dweller:

With the threat of catastrophic terror attacks on US soil, and with the help of other Threat Matrix FReepers, the below is a list of actions to take and supplies to have on hand to help us survive the next hit.

Pre Event Actions:

1. Learn about the natural disasters that could occur in your community from your local emergency management office or American Red Cross chapter. Learn whether hazardous materials are produced, stored or transported near your area. Learn about possible consequences of deliberate acts of terror. Ask how to prepare for each potential emergency and how to respond.

2. Talk with employers and school officials about their emergency response plans.

3. Talk with your household about potential emergencies and how to respond to each. Talk about what you would need to do in an evacuation. If someone in the family has a critical job, expect them to be gone.

4. Plan how your household would stay in contact if you were separated. Identify two meeting places: the first should be near your home—in case of fire, perhaps a tree or a telephone pole; the second should be away from your neighborhood in case you cannot return home.

5. Pick a friend or relative who lives out of the area for household members to call to say they are okay.

6. Draw a floor plan of your home. Mark two escape routes from each room.

7. Post emergency telephone numbers by telephones. Teach children how and when to call 911.

8. Make sure everyone in your household knows how and when to shut off water, gas, and electricity at the main switches. Consult with your local utilities if you have questions.

9. Take a first aid and CPR class. Local American Red Cross chapters can provide information. Official certification by the American Red Cross provides “good Samaritan” law protection for those giving first aid.

10. Reduce the economic impact of disaster on your property and your household’s health and financial well-being.

• Review property insurance policies before disaster strikes—make sure policies are current and be certain they meet your needs (type of coverage, amount of coverage, and hazard covered—flood, earthquake)

• Protect your household’s financial well-being before a disaster strikes— review life insurance policies and consider saving money in an “emergency” savings account that could be used in any crisis. It is advisable to keep a small amount of cash or traveler’s checks at home in a safe place where you can quickly gain access to it in case of an evacuation.

• Be certain that health insurance policies are current and meet the needs of your household.

11. Consider ways to help neighbors who may need special assistance, such as the elderly or the disabled.

12. Make arrangements for pets. Pets are not allowed in public shelters. Service animals for those who depend on them are allowed.

If you have a disability or special need, you may have to take additional steps to protect yourself and your household in an emergency. If you know of friends or neighbors with special needs, help them with these extra precautions. Hearing impaired may need to make special arrangements to receive warning. Mobility impaired may need assistance in getting to a shelter. Households with a single working parent may need help from others both in planning for disasters and during an emergency. People without vehicles may need to make arrangements for transportation. People with special dietary needs should have an adequate emergency food supply. Find out about special assistance that may be available in your community. Register with the office of emergency services or fire department for assistance, so needed help can be provided quickly in an emergency.

Create a network of neighbors, relatives, friends and co-workers to aid you in an emergency. Discuss your needs and make sure they know how to operate necessary equipment.

Discuss your needs with your employer.

If you are mobility impaired and live or work in a high-rise building, have an escape chair. If you live in an apartment building, ask the management to mark accessible exits clearly and to make arrangements to help you evacuate the building. Keep extra wheelchair batteries, oxygen, catheters, medication, food for guide or hearing-ear dogs, or other items you might need. Also, keep a list of the type and serial numbers of medical devices you need.

Those who are not disabled should learn who in their neighborhood or building is disabled so that they may assist them during emergencies. If you are a care-giver for a person with special needs, make sure you have a plan to communicate if an emergency occurs.

Preparedness Overview:

You may need to survive on your own for three days or more. This means having your own water, food and emergency supplies. Try using backpacks or duffel bags to keep the supplies together. Assembling the supplies you might need following a disaster is an important part of your disaster plan. You should prepare emergency supplies for the following situations:

A disaster supply kit with essential food, water, and supplies for at least three days—this kit should be kept in a designated place and be ready to “grab and go” in case you have to leave your home quickly because of a disaster, such as a flash flood or major chemical emergency. Make sure all household members know where the kit is kept.

Consider having additional supplies for sheltering or home confinement for up to two weeks.

You should also have a disaster supply kit at work. This should be in one container, ready to "grab and go" in case you have to evacuate the building. Remember to have a comfortable pair of shoes in case you need to walk long distances.

A car kit of emergency supplies, including food and water, to keep stored in your car at all times. This kit would also include flares, jumper cables, and seasonal supplies.

Stockpiling Water Safely

Stocking water reserves should be a top priority. Drinking water in emergency situations should not be rationed. Therefore, it is critical to store adequate amounts of water for your household. Individual needs vary, depending on age, physical condition, activity, diet, and climate. A normally active person needs at least two quarts of water daily just for drinking. Children, nursing mothers, and ill people need more. Very hot temperatures can double the amount of water needed. Because you will also need water for sanitary purposes and, possibly, for cooking, you should store at least one gallon of water per person per day.

Store water in thoroughly washed plastic, fiberglass or enamel-lined metal containers. Don't use containers that can break, such as glass bottles. Never use a container that has held toxic substances. Sound plastic containers, such as soft drink bottles, are best. You can also purchase food grade plastic buckets or drums. Containers for water should be rinsed with a diluted bleach solution (one part bleach to ten parts water) before use. Previously used bottles or other containers may be contaminated with microbes or chemicals. Do not rely on untested devices for decontaminating water.

If your water is treated commercially by a water utility, you do not need to treat water before storing it. Additional treatments of treated public water will not increase storage life. If you have a well or public water that has not been treated, follow the treatment instructions provided by your public health service or water provider. If you suspect that your well may be contaminated, contact your local or state health department or agriculture extension agent for specific advice.

Seal your water containers tightly, label them and store them in a cool, dark place. It is important to change stored water every six months.


If activity is reduced, healthy people can survive on half their usual food intake for an extended period or without any food for many days. Food, unlike water, may be rationed safely, except for children and pregnant women.

You don’t need to go out and buy unfamiliar foods to prepare an emergency food supply. You can use the canned foods, dry mixes and other staples on your cupboard shelves. Canned foods do not require cooking, water or special preparation. Be sure to include a manual can opener.

Keep canned foods in a dry place where the temperature is fairly cool. To protect boxed foods from pests and to extend their shelf life, store the food in tightly closed plastic or metal containers.

Replace items in your food supply every six months. Throw out any canned good that becomes swollen, dented, or corroded. Use foods before they go bad, and replace them with fresh supplies. Date each food item with a marker. Place new items at the back of the storage area and older ones in front.

Food items that you might consider including in your disaster supply kit include: ready-to-eat meats, fruits, and vegetables; canned or boxed juices, milk, and soup; high-energy foods like peanut butter, jelly, low-sodium crackers, granola bars, and trail mix; vitamins; foods for infants or persons on special diets; cookies, hard candy; instant coffee, cereals, and powdered milk.

Buy a box of MRE entrée’s – 72 packages of main course MRE meals and keep them at home. They will fee a familty of four for about a week. It’s no frills eating.

You may need to survive on your own after a disaster. Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach everyone immediately. You could get help in hours, or it may take days. Basic services, such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment and telephones, may be cut off for days, even a week or longer. Or you may have to evacuate at a moment’s notice and take essentials with you.

You probably won’t have the opportunity to shop or search for the supplies you’ll need. Your household will cope best by preparing for disaster before it strikes.

First aid:
· Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes
· Assorted sizes of safety pins
· Isopropyl alcohol
· Hydrogen peroxide
· Antibiotic ointment
· Latex gloves (2 pairs)
· Petroleum jelly
· 2-inch and 4-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6 each size)
· Triangular bandages(3)
· 2-inch and 3-inch sterile rolled bandages (3 rolls each)
· Cotton balls
· Scissors
· Tweezers
· Needle
· Moistened towelettes
· Antiseptic
· Thermometer
· Tongue depressor blades (2)
· Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant
· Sunscreen
· Aspirin
· Anti-diarrhea medication
· Antacid
· Tagamet
· Decongestant
· Cough Suppressant
· Space Blanket
· Mole Skin & Foam
· Epi-pin
· Snake Bite Kit

· A portable, battery-powered radio and extra batteries
· Flashlight(3), extra bulbs(6) & batteries(12)
· Oil Lamps (Hurricane)
· Signal flare(6)
· Candles
· Matches
· Lighters
· Waterproof Matches
· Magnesium Fire Starter
· Paraffin
· Leather-man Tool(2)
· All Purpose Knife(2)
· Duct tape
· Scissors
· Plastic sheeting
· Whistle
· Small canister, A-B-C-type fire extinguisher(2)
· Compass(2)
· Work gloves (2)
· Paper, pens, and pencils
· Needles and thread (2)
· Wrist Watch
· Honing Stone & Oil
· Hatchet
· Shovel

Kitchen items:
· Manual can opener
· Mess kit
· Fork & Spoon
· Knife
· Frying Pan
· Pots
· Plastic Forks, Spoons, Knives
· Heavy Duty Paper Plates
· PUR Drinking Water System
· Water Bottles
· Extra filters for PUR Water Filter
· Propane Stove
· Propane Grill
· Extra Case(s) Propane
· Heavy Duty Tin Foil
· Trioxane Stove
· Trioxane Fuel
· Sterno Fuel
· ZipLoc bags (Lg & Sm)
· Cooler

· Vitamins.
· Summer Sausage
· Hard Candy
· Freeze Dried Dinners
· Cup of Noodles
· Canned Veggies
· Canned Meats
· Canned Soups & Stews
· Coffee
· Tea
· Sugar
· Salt & Pepper


Sanitation and hygiene items:
· Washcloth and towel
· Towelettes
· Soap
· Hand sanitizer
· Liquid detergent
· Tooth paste and toothbrushes
· Shampoo
· Deodorant
· Feminine Supplies
· Razor
· Shaving cream
· Lip balm
· Sunscreen
· Insect repellent
· Heavy-duty plastic garbage bags (to go potty in)
· Toilet paper
· Medium-sized plastic bucket with tight lid
· Disinfectant
· Chlorine bleach
· Shovel (for a latrine)

· Personal identification
· Cash
· Emergency phone numbers
· Map of the area

· Extra pair of prescription glasses
· Candles
· Carton of Cigarettes
· Tequila
· Extra set of car & house keys
· Reading material, books, etc.

Clothing (no cotton):
· Heavy Boots
· Wool Socks
· Rain gear
· Hat w/ visor
· Gloves
· Sunglasses
· Capelin Pants (4)
· Wind pants
· Polypro Shirt (2)(short sleeve)
· Polortech Shirt (2)(Long sleeve)
· Polartech Pants (2)
· Polypro Boxers(5)
· Gortex/Thinsulate Parka
· Gortex/Thinsulate Bibs

· Sleeping bag
· Sleeping pad
· Tent
· Small Tarps
· Large Tarp
· Folding Chair
· Nylon Cord

· AR-10 + 1000rnds
· Beretta 92 + 500rnds
· S & W 686 + 200rnds
· Remington 700 + 200rnds

4,078 posted on 09/01/2005 6:39:44 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Velveeta

This is the best list I've seen and #8 is something I just know we'd forget. Thank you!

4,079 posted on 09/01/2005 6:41:22 AM PDT by Peach (South Carolina is praying for our Gulf coast citizens.)
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To: Domestic Church

Thanks for the link, DC.

4,080 posted on 09/01/2005 6:41:59 AM PDT by Velveeta
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