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Katrina Live Thread, Part XI
Various ^ | 30 August 2005 | Various

Posted on 08/30/2005 1:34:04 PM PDT by NautiNurse

The situation in New Orleans continues to deteriorate due to rising water levels and desperation. Search and rescue continues via boat and air. Authorities have announced the goal to evacuate all the remaining residents of NOLA. The New Orleans Mayor has reported numerous gas leaks throughout the city. Sporadic fires occurring. Attempts to evacuate hundreds of hospital patients from Charity Hospital and Tulane Medical Center are in process. Patients are being transported to other hospitals as far away as Florida.

The Army Corps of Engineers is at the NOLA levee breaks with current plans to drop 3000 lb sand bags in an effort to stop the flow of water. NOLA hospital evacuations continue for thousands of patients. Reports indicate all evacuees are being taken to the SuperDome, which is now surrounded by water. The generators at the Dome are now in jeopardy. The Governor of Louisiana has called for a day of prayer tomorrow...

Elsewhere, search and rescue continue in Mississippi and Alabama. Biloxi reports indicate catastrophic damage.

Links to various news and local government websites:

WLOX TV Biloxi, Gulfport, Pascagula has link to locate family and friends (very slow load)

2theAdvocate - Baton Rouge Includes Slidell, St. John Parish, St. Bernard Parish updates, and other locations.

Inside Houma Today needing boats, volunteers, lists gas station openings, water, etc.

WALA Channel 4 Mobile, AL Includes links to distribution centers, Emergency Ops, etc.

Sun-Herald Gulfport MS Includes link to town by town reports

Gulfport News via

WAFB Baton Rouge

Mobile Register via

Mississippi updates via Jackson Ledger

Lafayette LA Daily Advertiser

Pensacola News Journal

St Bernard Local Government

Streaming Video:
WWL-TV (via KHOU/Houston):

WKRG/Mobile: mms://

WDSU/New Orleans via WAPL/Jackson: mms://

All are Windows Media Player links.

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Post Hurricane Katrina IMAGES Here

Looting Begins In New Orleans

Martial Law Declared in New Orleans

Due to the number of requests to assist, the following list of some charities is provided.
This is not intended as an endorsement for any of the charities. or 1-800 HELP NOW - note: website is slow
Salvation Army - 1-800-SAL-ARMY or Salvation Army currently looking for in-state volunteers - (888)363-2769
Operation Blessing: (800) 436-6348.
America's Second Harvest: (800) 344-8070.
Catholic Charities USA: (800) 919-9338, or
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee: (800) 848-5818.
Church World Service: (800) 297-1516 or online at www.churchworldservice. org.
Lutheran Disaster Response: (800) 638-3522.
Nazarene Disaster Response: (888) 256-5886.
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: (800) 872-3283.
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is accepting donations at its 3,800 stores and Web site,

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Tropical Storm 12

TOPICS: Breaking News; News/Current Events; US: Alabama; US: Florida; US: Louisiana; US: Mississippi
KEYWORDS: aftermath; hurricane; hurricanekatrina; katrina
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To: ExSoldier

ping to #6297

6,361 posted on 08/31/2005 3:23:38 PM PDT by Velveeta
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To: Mad Dawgg

Won't a lot of what was destroyed in warehouses affect Europe and even Africa -- since we ship to those areas out of the NOLA port?

6,362 posted on 08/31/2005 3:23:40 PM PDT by Arizona Carolyn
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Comment #6,363 Removed by Moderator

To: The Pastor

Thanks for the response.

Good an answer as any, I guess.

6,364 posted on 08/31/2005 3:24:42 PM PDT by 76834 (There's nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.)
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To: Mad Dawgg

Mad Dawgg, from what I have heard, the Port of New Orleans is a critical shipping point for cotton, soybeans, and other ag products, and we are coming up on harvest season.

Another note, I am on a railroad run by Canadian Northern - they run trains from Canada down to Port of NO. I don't think I have heard a train all day. I believe they run a lot of ag products south, and coal & chemicals north, just from loose observation. All that movement stopping has to leave a dent. (ripple effects....)

6,365 posted on 08/31/2005 3:25:19 PM PDT by GaltMeister (“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”)
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To: NonValueAdded

Your link works in real alternative also. No XP required.

6,366 posted on 08/31/2005 3:25:30 PM PDT by Revel
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To: steveegg

geez I go away for a while to do WORK and come back to a ZOT!!, i miss all the good stuff

6,367 posted on 08/31/2005 3:25:30 PM PDT by markman46 (engage brain before using keyboard!!!)
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To: ken5050
"Have we had any reports or pics from the southernmost part of LA"

It seems to be overwhelmed right now, but here you go.


6,368 posted on 08/31/2005 3:25:58 PM PDT by Michael Goldsberry (an enemy of islam -- Joe Boucher; Leapfrog; Dr.Zoidberg; Lazamataz; ...)
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To: SauronOfMordor
New Orleans will be shut down for 3 or 4 months. This means NO is dead. People who worked in the city are going to need to get jobs elsewhere, and they most likely won't come back when the city is re-opened. Businesses that were based in NO are going to have to try to relocate. Those that don't go bust won't have the $$$ to relocate back in NO

Unfortunately, you're right. I think NO will be shut down longer than 4 months. But nobody can be without any income for that period of time, especially when whatever savings one has will have to go to some incidentals in rebuilding your own life and home.

Baton Rouge will become the major city in Louisiana. No owner in his right mind would rebuild in Louisiana unless he had an iron-clad guarantee that something like this would never happen again. And that can't be done, given where NO is located.

6,369 posted on 08/31/2005 3:26:40 PM PDT by sinkspur (We who have been given much must help those who now have nothing.)
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To: BurbankKarl
"Soy and corn prices have plunged, because they cant get to overseas markets."

Interesting. I wonder if this may help! Maybe keeping much needed food in country? Or does it rot because we do not have the infrastructure to use it before it goes bad?

6,370 posted on 08/31/2005 3:26:50 PM PDT by Mad Dawgg ("`Eddies,' said Ford, `in the space-time continuum.' `Ah,' nodded Arthur, `is he? Is he?'")
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To: The Pastor
I'll throw this out, in hopes that some good can come out of this.

Why can't we get ALL our LE and first responders on the same com system. Satellite?

6,371 posted on 08/31/2005 3:27:14 PM PDT by don-o (Don't be a Freeploader. Do the right thing and become a Monthly Donor!)
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To: 76834
Why is she wearing the yellow slicker suit inside?

The question is: why would she wear it at call? It's kind of funny for Louisianans to see anyone wearing raincoats. They do NO good in southeast Louisiana because of the humidity. You won't see any natives wearing them.

I suspect that she wears it at all because it lends an image of being prepared and in command or something. Either that or she's been in DC too long (which is redundant because a day is too long for her to be there).

6,372 posted on 08/31/2005 3:27:18 PM PDT by Types_with_Fist (I'm on FReep so often that when I read an article at another site I scroll down for the comments.)
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To: Mad Dawgg

I think we all need to remember that President Bush said that is was going to take a long time...and that the whole nation needs to be aware...

The reason I say this is, the dems will come out in a few months...when things aren't already fixed, and accuse Bush of putting a "rosy" picture on the hurricane damage...blech!

And I agree with you...I don't think it is known, or will be known for a while---how this impacts all of us.

6,373 posted on 08/31/2005 3:27:58 PM PDT by Txsleuth
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To: Mad Dawgg

Get ready for it, The grapevine's preview was, wait to you hear what Cindy Sheehand has to say about this storm.

6,374 posted on 08/31/2005 3:28:21 PM PDT by mware (Atlantic County, NJ Heart of the Pinelands.)
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Comment #6,375 Removed by Moderator

To: Mad Dawgg

Well shrimp might increase in price.

6,376 posted on 08/31/2005 3:29:08 PM PDT by aft_lizard (This space waiting for a post election epiphany it now is: Question Everything)
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To: GaltMeister

I live on the BNSF Lampassass sub.

Lots of traffic thru here is NOLAC LACNOL
New Orleans to Los Angeles and vice versa.

Rail traffic thru here has dropped dramatically.
Seems like nothing is moving at all.

6,377 posted on 08/31/2005 3:29:25 PM PDT by 76834 (There's nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.)
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To: Txsleuth

It won't be anytime until people will have forgotten that the President said that it was going to take a long time, just like Iraq.

6,378 posted on 08/31/2005 3:29:25 PM PDT by Coldwater Creek ("Over there, Over there, we will be there until it is Over there.")
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To: BurbankKarl; NautiNurse

Not on any topic, but just had to rant:

Just now around 5:25 cst I saw Lisa? on MSNBC Abrams? right now interviewing via phone two officials from LA. I have never heard such a bubblehead before.

She was grilling the first man about stopping the looting, then when he said lives were first, she kept saying, "yeah but but", it was awful.

Then, when another official was on the line, he said it was Armageddon, she prodded him, put it into words what you see. So he tried, etc.
Then, as she was concluding this brilliant interview, she says:
"words can't describe this disaster...."

Gosh, she ought to be sacked or put to work in the rescue effort. Of course, it reminds me why I don't normally watch MSNBC.

6,379 posted on 08/31/2005 3:29:46 PM PDT by bwteim (Begin With The End In Mind)
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To: All

Okay, I'm in tears now. CNN had a videophone report minutes ago about a fire in the French Quarter--Canal & Bourbon street.

The firefighters are pumping water from the street, but the debris is making it difficult to fight the fire.

They're worried that it will jump to the other old structures.

This is exactly what happened in the town where I live-a fire flattened a 25-year old shopping center, the oldest mall in this town. The buildings were all connected and had a lot of wood inside, just like the buildings in the FQ.

Also, the mall had no sprinkler system--and even if the old buildings in the Quarter were retrofitted with sprinklers (were they?), there's no water...

It is so incredibly sad. I was going to call the local talk radio host this a.m. when he was talking about it, but I thought I'd start to cry on the air.

6,380 posted on 08/31/2005 3:29:55 PM PDT by proud American in Canada
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