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RightWingNuthouse ^ | September 04, 2005 | Rick Moran

Posted on 09/04/2005 1:00:05 PM PDT by coffee260

The following is a timeline that details the response of local, state, and federal authorities to the disaster in New Orleans.

I have not included any information for other areas hit by the storm.

I used one source almost exclusively – the online editions of the New Orleans Times-Picayune (hereinafter referred to as TP). I daresay the paper will receive a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage.

IT IS NOT MY INTENTION TO PLAY THE “BLAME GAME” BY PUBLISHING THIS TIMELINE.. In fact, if you have a link to a story that contradicts or adds to this timeline, I urge you to send it along. My sole purpose is to place this timeline on the record to dispel the rumors, the spin, and the outright falsehoods being flung about by both right and left bloggers and pundits.

The timeline runs from Friday, August 26 to Friday September 2.




Dozens of local, state, and federal disaster officials meet to discuss FEMA Disaster Declaration No. 1601 that was issued as a result of tropical storm Cindy damages that occurred in July.

They also briefly discussed Katrina – although not quite in the context you might think:

“We’ve got this one storm we’re clearing up, yet we have another in the Gulf,” he said of Katrina, a rapidly strengthening storm that crossed south Florida on Thursday night and is expected to make a second landfall as a strong Category 3 hurricane somewhere between Louisiana and Florida late Sunday or Monday.

The subject of Friday’s meeting was serious, but as is often the case, participants relied on a bit of humor to ease the tension.

“Shouldn’t we just apply for Katrina money now? It would save time and taxpayers’ money,” joked Jim Baker, operations superintendent for the East Jefferson Levee District, one of the public agencies in line for a FEMA check.

Wonder what the group thought about this?

Off and on throughout the morning, Smith and Col. Steve Dabadie, Louisiana National Guard chief of staff, used a hand-held device to keep a check on Katrina’s track.

When the storm began a slight shift to the west, the device was passed from hand-to-hand for others to get a look.

Bet that room sobered up quite a bit after that.



Overnight, Katrina strengthened and was drawing a bead on the gulf coast, moving west-northwest at 15 miles an hour and packing winds of 115 MPH.

In response to a letter from Governor Blanco, President Bush ordered a state of emergency for Louisiana, authorizing federal emergency management officials to release federal aid and coordinate disaster relief efforts.


A press conference with Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco sounded the alarm. The Mayor urged residents to take the storm seriously saying to residents of low lying areas, “We want you to take this a little more seriously and start moving — right now, as a matter of fact,” Nagin said he would open the Superdome as a shelter of “last resort” for people with “special needs.”

He advised anyone planning to stay there to bring there own food, drinks and other comforts such as folding chairs, as if planning to go camping.

“No weapons, no large items, and bring small quanties of food for three or four days, to be safe,” he said.

Nagin spokeswoman Tami Frazier stressed that the mayor does not want citizens to plan on staying in the Dome—instead, they should make arrangements to leave the city if possible.

Police Superintendent Edward Compass said that looters would be “dealt with severly and harshly and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

By mid-afternoon, officials in Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, Lafourche, Terrebonne and Jefferson parishes had called for voluntary or mandatory evacuations.

Mayor Nagin issued a voluntary evacuation order at 5:00 PM.

Nagin said late Saturday that he’s having his legal staff look into whether he can order a mandatory evacuation of the city, a step he’s been hesitant to do because of potential liability on the part of the city for closing hotels and other businesses. “Come the first break of light in the morning, you may have the first mandatory evacuation of New Orleans,” Nagin told WWL-TV.

The National Hurrican Center warns officials that Katrina is strengthening and will probably make landfall as a Category 4 or 5. This is really scary. This is not a test, as your governor said earlier today. This is the real thing,” said Director Max Mayfield. “The bottom line is this is a worst-case scenario and everybody needs to recognize it,” he said.



By 8:00 AM, Katrina has been upgraded to a category 5 hurricane and is headed straight for New Orleans. This is what finally precipitated the mandatory evacuation order issued at 9:00 AM:

The Superdome opens at 8:00 AM and begins to take people in.

In the face of a catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, a mandatory evacuation was ordered Sunday for New Orleans by Mayor Ray Nagin.

Gov. Kathleen Blanco, standing beside the mayor at a news conference, said President Bush called and personally appealed for a mandatory evacuation for the low-lying city, which is prone to flooding.

There doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight,” Blanco said.

At 11:30 AM the President delivers a statement vowing to help those affected by the hurricane.

By noon, the city puts its contraflow traffic system in effect so that both sides of major highways will allow for traffic out of the city.


The Coast Guard Auxillary was preparing to deploy. “William Crouch, Vice Commodore of the Auxiliary Eighth District Central Region stated this afternoon that “units from outlying areas are preparing to depart for the disaster area as soon as the situation becomes clear.”

By 3:00 PM, more than 10,000 people had either made their way into the Superdome or were standing outside. Those with medical problems were shuffled over to one side of the dome. Everyone else went to the other side:

“The people arriving on this side of the building are expected to fend for themselves,” said Terry Ebbert, the city’s homeland security director. “We have some water.”

About 150 National Guard soldiers, New Orleans police and civil sheriff’s deputies were patrolling the facility. Some weapons were confiscated.

Officials were settling in for what they predicted would be an incredibly hot and uncomfortable night. They expected flooding on the field and loss of power early today.

But officials were confident they could care for those with special needs.

“I’m not worried about what is tolerable or intolerable,” he [Ebbert] said. “I’m worried about, whether you are alive on Tuesday.”

Mayor Nagin ordered a curfew for the city beginning at 6:00 PM.


Louisiana Senators send a joint letter to the President thanking him for his actions and requesting that he visit the storm ravaged area “as soon as practical.”

The Coast Guard closes the ports and waterways into New Orleans. “The Guard also moved 40 aircraft and 30 boats and cutters in positions surrounding the expected strike zone, such as Houston and Jacksonville, readying to conduct search and rescue and humantarian missions, the Guard release said. ”

A 10:00 PM Katrina advisory by the National Hurricane Center has the storm moving slightly to the east and weakening.

About 26,000 people are taking refuge in the Superdome. “To help keep them fed and hydrated, the Louisiana National Guard delivered three truckloads of water and seven truckloads of MREs — short for “meals ready to eat.” That’s enough to supply 15,000 people for three days, according to Col. Jay Mayeaux, deputy director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Emergency Preparedness.

Louis Armstrong Airport closes late Sunday night.


Overnight and Morning

More than 4,000 National Guardsmen are mobilizing in Memphis” to help police New Orleans streets.

The city’s director of homeland security said tonight that officials hope Katrina gets through the region Monday with several hours of daylight left so they can get up in the air and assess the damage.

“We are going to have very limited communication,” Terry Ebbert said. “The first order of business will be life-saving operations.” That may mean relocating thousands of people in the Superdome once power goes out and temperatures start to rise above 100 degrees, he said

At 3:00 AM the National Hurricane Center reported Katrian three hours from landfall with winds of 150 MPH.

Aircraft in position to help assess the damage and carry out rescues:

Aircraft are positioned from Hammond to the Texas border ready to fly behind the storm to check damage after it passes over New Orleans, said Maj. Gen. Bennett C. Landreneau, head of the Louisiana National Guard.

Search and rescue operations are being coordinated by the Guard with the state Wildlife and Fisheries Department and Coast Guard poised to help search for survivors stranded by the storm. Guardsmen are also deployed at the Jackson Barracks ready to head into the city using high-water vehicles, Landreneau said.

Director Ebbert said rescue priorities would be given to those stranded in their homes and those hospitalized. “If the storm passes by 2 p.m., Ebbert said, “we have a few hours to get these people out before dark. It may involve some airlifts.’’

Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans at 8:00 AM with winds at 150 MPH and a storm surge of 18 feet.

As the Category 4 surged ashore just east of New Orleans on Monday, FEMA had medical teams, rescue squads and groups prepared to supply food and water poised in a semicircle around the city, said agency Director Michael Brown.

Brown, in a telephone interview with The Associated Press, said the evacuation of the city and the general emergency response were working as planned in an exercise a year ago. “I was impressed with the evacuation, once it was ordered it was very smooth.”

Levee break at 17th street floods about 20% of the city.

At 11:00 AM, FEMA Director Brown arrives in Baton Rouge at the State Office of Emergency Preparedness.


At 1:30 PM, boil order goes into effect for water.

At 1:45 PM, President Bush declares the states of Louisiana and Mississippi “Major Disaster Areas.”

Midafternoon: First reports of looting. TP terms it “widespread.”

At midafternoon Monday, a parade of looters streamed from Coleman’s Retail Store at 4001 Earhart Blvd. The looters, men and women who appeared to be in their early teens to mid-40s, braved a steady rain and infrequent tropical-stormforce winds to tote away boxes of clothing and shoes from the store.

By 2:00 PM, “Wes McDermott, from the office of emergency preparedness in New Orleans, said officials have fielded at least 100 calls from people in distress in the Lower 9th Ward and eastern New Orleans.”

At 3:00 PM President Bush said in a speech in Arizona “the federal government has got assets and resources that we’ll be deploying to help you.”

At 3:00 PM, Director Ebbett said “Everybody who had a way or wanted to get out of the way of this storm was able to. For some that didn’t, it was their last night on this earth.’’ He also said that the city had 100 boats to carry out search and rescue operations.

By 5:00 PM, hundreds of reports are coming in of people trapped by the flood.

At 6:50 PM, more reports of looting.


Search and Rescue teams work through the night to bring people to safety.

[Wildlife Secretary] Landreneau said by dawn he will have more than 200 boars in the water, 120 more than he had Monday. He said he has a commitment from Texas for another 50 boats.

Red Cross issues a statement. Expects largest recovery operation ever:

American Red Cross spokesman Victor Howell said 750 to 1,000 Red Cross personnel are now at work on hurricane recovery in Louisiana, and 2,000 more volunteers will be here in the next few days.

The Red Cross will bring in three large mobile kitchens to prepare 500,000 meals per day. There are 40 shelters statewide, housing about 32,000 people, “and you’re going to have more,” Howell said.

Mayor Nagin, in an interview with TP relates a conversation with federal disaster officials. “FEMA said give us a list of your needs,” said Nagin, referring to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. “And let me tell you, we’re giving them a hell of a list.”



Water continues to rise with officials at a loss how to explain it.

It is announced that 500 “special needs patients” at the Superdome will be moved by the end of the day “by whatever means necessary.” Also, Director Landenreau says that 350 boats are in the water looking for trapped residents with 60 more on the way from Texas.

By midmorning it is confirmed that 4 people have died at the Superdome; 3 sick patients and one probable suicide.

Prisoner evacuation from two jails begins.

President’s statement on Katrina devastation.

TP evacuates - moves to Houma

Pentagon spokesman Di Rita issues statement saying “the states have adequate National Guard units to handle the hurricane needs, with at least 60 percent of the guard available in each state. He said about 6,500 National Guard troops were available in Louisiana, about 7,000 troops in Mississippi, nearly 10,000 in Alabama and about 8,200 in Florida.


At 4:30 PM, officials send out a call for anyone with boats to help in the rescue effort.

TP reports that police and firefighters are joining in the looting:

At the Wal-Mart on Tchoupitoulas Street, an initial effort to hand out provisions to stranded citizens quickly disintegrated into mass looting. Authorities at the scene said bedlam erupted after the giveaway was announced over the radio.

While many people carried out food and essential supplies, others cleared out jewelry racks and carted out computers, TVs and appliances on handtrucks.

Some officers joined in taking whatever they could, including one New Orleans cop who loaded a shopping cart with a compact computer and a 27-inch flat screen television. (Um…read the whole thing. You won’t believe it. Ed.)

Director Ebbert announces that work has begun to plug the 17th street levee. (Note: Work on plugging the levee did not begin at this time. It is unclear whether he was told that it was beginning or whether he assumed it was from a conversation with the Army Corps of Engineers who said work would begin that afternoon. Ed.)

Levee repair timeline uncertain. This from National Guard Commander Jeff Smith:

Col. Jeff Smith with the Louisiana National Guard said the Corps has informed the state that they are beginning to plan how exactly to fill the holes in the levee, which observers described as several hundred feet long.

Ebbert says work has started. Smith says work has started on planning. This would be a possible explanation for both Ebbert and the Mayor’s frustration. Could they have misunderstood?

Also, hospitals are being evacuated and rescue operations continue. The Governor made it clear that search and rescue was the highest priority:

Blanco said that while search and rescue operations continued that officials were also getting supplies to hospitals and people who sought refuge at the Superdome, which is receiving more residents as people are rescued. After officials have completed all of their rescue operations, they will begin to assess how to evacuate other people in the city who are in high, dry locations.

At 5:50 PM Bush announces he is cutting short his vacation and returning to Washington.

As of Tuesday, less than 24 hours after the storm had passed over the area, this represented the federal response to date to the disaster. Here are some highlights:

FEMA deployed 23 Disaster Medical Assistance Teams from all across the U.S. to staging areas in Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, and Louisiana and is now moving them into impacted areas.

Seven Urban Search and Rescue task forces and two Incident Support Teams have been deployed and propositioned in Shreveport, La., and Jackson, Miss., including teams from Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Three more Urban Search and Rescue teams are in the process of deployment.

FEMA is moving supplies and equipment into the hardest hit areas as quickly as possible, especially water, ice, meals, medical supplies, generators, tents, and tarps.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) dispatched more than 390 trucks that are beginning to deliver millions of meals ready to eat, millions of liters of water, tarps, millions of pounds of ice, mobile homes, generators, containers of disaster supplies, and forklifts to flood damaged areas. DOT has helicopters and a plane assisting delivery of essential supplies.

The National Guard of the four most heavily impacted states are providing support to civil authorities as well as generator, medical and shelter with approximately 7,500 troops on State Active Duty. The National Guard is augmenting civilian law enforcement capacity; not acting in lieu of it.

At 6:30 PM Mayor Nagin issued an urgent bulletin:

Nagin said efforts to stop the flow of water at the breach on the 17th Street Canal are failing, which means the floodwaters will rise again.

Nagin said the waters will soon overwhelm the pump, shutting it down. He said the water will rise to 3 feet above sea level – or 12-15 feet in some places of east Jefferson and Orleans parishes.

The additional flooding causes 80% of the city to be underwater.

At 8:10 PM, TP reports that more than 24 hours after it started, looting is now city wide.

“People are leaving the Superdome to go to Canal Street to loot,” Thomas said. “Some people broke into drug stores and stole the drugs off the shelves. It is looting times five. I’m telling you, it’s like Sodom and Gomorrah.”

At 8:55 TP reports that the Army Corps of Engineers is working frantically to try and fix the breach in the 17th street levee.

Mark Lambert, chief spokesman for the agency, said that a convoy of trucks carrying 108 15,000-pound concrete barriers – like those used as highway construction dividers—was en route to the site Tuesday night

At 9:02 PM TP reports that the State Attorney General’s office is denying that martial law has been declared.

At 10:40 PM TP reports that 40 additional state troopers have been deployed more than 28 hours after initial reports of looting.

At 10:15 PM, Governor Blanco releases a statement calling for the evacuation of the Superdome.

She set no timetable for the withdrawal but insisted that the facility was damaged, degrading and no longer able to support the local citizens who had sought refuge in the Dome from Hurricane Katrina.

“It’s a very, very desperate situation,” Blanco said late Tuesday after returning to the capital from her visit, when she comforted the exhausted throngs of people, many of whom checked in over the weekend. “It’s imperative that we get them out. The situation is degenerating rapidly.”



Governor Blanco called for a total evacuation of the city of New Orleans.

In an interview on Good Morning America, the Governor said “We’ve sent buses in. We will be either loading them by boat, helicopter, anything that is necessary.”

When asked about looting the Governor said “We don’t like looters one bit, but first and foremost is search and rescue.”

Blanco said she wanted the Superdome — which had become a shelter of last resort for about 20,000 people — evacuated within two days, along with other gathering points for storm refugees. The situation inside the dank and sweltering Superdome was becoming desperate: The water was rising, the air conditioning was out, toilets were broken, and tempers were rising.

Governor Blanco asks the President to send federal troops to conduct law enforcement activities.

At 10:00 AM TP reports that a spokesperson for the Texas Governors office says refugees from the Superdome will be put up in the Astrodome:

FEMA is providing 475 buses for the convoy and the Astrodome’s schedule has been cleared through December for housing evacuees, a spokeswoman for Texas Gov. Rick Perry said.

A spokseman for Homeland Security:

Mark Smith, a Department of Homeland Security spokesman, said 3,000 Louisiana National Guard members are helping with the rescue effort and that more guard troops are on their way from other states. The main focus Wednesday morning is to evacuate patients from hospitals and to evacuate the Superdome, where conditions are deteriorating for the estimated 15,000 people sheltered there.

Yahoo News:

Gov. Kathleen Blanco said she has asked the White House to send more people to help with evacuations and rescues, thereby freeing up National Guardsmen to stop looters.

“We will restore law and order,” Blanco said. “What angers me the most is that disasters like this often bring out the worst in people. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.”


Governor Blanco announces that Superdome evacuation will begin Wednesday evening.

Department of Social Services Secretary Ann Williamson said the buses should start rolling later Wednesday. About 475 vehicles have been arranged to ferry the evacuees to Houston.

State officials said they hope that bringing in the Army to help with search, rescue and relief efforts will allow National Guard troops to redirect their efforts to restoring order and curtail the widespread looting taking place in New Orleans and elsewhere. “We’re trying to shift our resources,” said Denise Bottcher, a Blanco spokeswoman.

“This is one of the largest, if not the largest evacuations in this country,” said Col. Jeff Smith, deputy director of the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

“This (plan) buys us some time so we can figure things out,” said FEMA spokesman Bill Lokey.

At 1:40 PM State Secrertary of Transportation and Development Johnny Bradberry said Lake Pontchatrain has receded by two feet since yesterday as water levels equalized between the lake and the flooded city interior.

“The good news here is that we’ve stabilized. Water is not rising in the city,” Bradberry said.

The feds declare a Public Health Emergency:

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt Wednesday declared a federal public health emergency and accelerated efforts to create up to 40 emergency medical shelters to provide care for evacuees and victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Working with its federal partners, HHS is helping provide and staff 250 beds in each shelter for a total of 10,000 beds for the region. Ten of these facilities will be staged within the next 72 hours and another 10 will be deployed within the next 100 hours after that. In addition, HHS is deploying up to 4,000 medically-qualified personnel to staff these facilities and to meet other health care needs in this region.

Governor Blanco issues an Executive Order allowing the National Guard to seize school busses in order to help in the evacuation:

National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Pete Schneider, said the order, signed by Gov. Kathleen Blanco late Wednesday, means “we are going to take the buses. We need to get people out of New Orleans.. . . .Either they will give them up or we will take them.’’



At 12:30 AM evacuees from the Superdome begin arriving in Houston.

Col. Pete Schneider of the Louisiana National Guard said this morning that the evacuation of the rest of New Orleans was in full swing. At least 70 buses had picked up refugees from the Superdome, and officials were considering using trains and boats to ship people to safety.

At 4:15 AM TP reports that the Coast Guard says it has rescued 3,000 stranded victims from the city.

President Bush calls for “zero tolerance” for looters or price gougers in an interview with Diane Sawyer.

More snafus in attempts to fix the levee at 17th street:

Spokeswoman Cleo Allen of the state Department of Transportation and Development said the agency is coordinating with railroads and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to raise the Seabrook bridge, the Almonaster Ave. bridge and the Danziger Road bridge. Farther southwest, authorities are also trying to raise a bridge at Larose so that a barge loaded with relief supplies can get through Bayou Lafourche.

More National Guard troops on the way:

Lt. Col Pete Schneider of the Louisiana National Guard also said 7,500 guard soldiers from around the country are en route to Louisiana to complement the 3,000 from Louisiana who have been helping with search and rescue operations and security since Katrina struck on Monday.

President Bush agrees to have the federal government pick up the entire tab for relief efforts.


Governor Blanco announces at a press conference that there are less than 2400 people left at the Superdome.

The Defense Department announces the deployment of an additional 30,000 troops to the Gulf region.

State and Federal authorities begin the evacuations of Charity and University Hospitals. They are halted briefly when shots are fired at helicopters evacuating patients.

In an article on Thursday afternoon, Brian Thevenot of TP reports that officials are starting to get control of the city.

As military and humantarian efforts finally began to take hold, the anarchy that has consumed New Orleans over the past two days, making the city resemble a Third World war zone, had not fully subsided but authorities appeared to have amassed sufficient numbers to seize the upper hand.

Neighborhoods that had been populated by bands of wanderers and armed thieves looked nearly empty, save for police patrols that were non-existent a day earlier. In Uptown, the Central Business District and the French Quarter, substantially smaller crowds of refugees and potential looters found themselves surrounded by ever increasing numbers of National Guard troops and police officers.


State Rep. Karen Carter, D-New Orleans, made an urgent plea Friday morning for gasoline and buses to ferry victims to safety who have been stuck in New Orleans under deteriorating conditions since Hurricane Katrina struck the city four days ago.

“If you want to save a life get a bus down here,” said Carter, whose district includes the French Quarter. “I’m asking the American people to help save a wonderful American city.” Her voice cracking with emotion and her eyes bloodshot from fatigue and distress, Carter said pledges of money and other assistance are of secondary importance right now to the urgent need for transportation.

“Don’t give me your money. Don’t send me $10 million today. Give me buses and gas. Buses and gas. Buses and gas,” she said. “If you have to commandeer Greyhound, commandeer Greyhound. … If you donn’t get a bus, if we don’t get them out of there, they will die.”

Lt. Gen. Steven Blum, who is coordinating federal relief efforts on behalf of the National Guard, could not say when people can expect to be rescued. “If you’re human you’ve got to be affected by it, Blum said. “These people, their heartstrings are torn as are yours. (But) the magnitude of this problem is you cannot help everybody at the same time.”

The Coast Guard announced it has rescued more than 4,000 victims of the hurricane and flood.

Mayor Nagin explodes on live radio, railing against federal relief efforts. If you’ve come this far with me, all I ask is that you read his comments and compare them to what has been reported in this timeline previously.

“You know the reason why the looters got out of control?” Nagin said. “We have most of our resources saving people. They were stuck in attics, man, old ladies. You pull off the doggone ventilator and look down and they’re standing there in water up to their fricking neck.”

“I need reinforcements,” he said. “I need troops, man. I need 500 buses.”

The relief efforts made so far had been pathetically insufficient, Nagin said.

“They’re thinking small, man, and this is a major, MAJOR deal,” Nagin said. “God is looking down on this and if they are not doing everything in their power to save people, they are going to pay the price. Every day that we delay, people are dying, and they’re dying by the hundreds, I’m willing to bet you.”

Rolling now, Nagin described distress calls he’d heard. Nagin mocked the efforts to block the 17th Street Canal breach.

“I flew over that thing yesterday and it was in the same shape it was in after the storm hit,” he said. “There is nothing happening there. They’re feeding the public a line of bull and they’re spinning and people are dying down here.”

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To: coffee260


21 posted on 09/04/2005 1:35:26 PM PDT by Alia
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To: Eva

Eva you are exactly correct.

22 posted on 09/04/2005 1:35:57 PM PDT by HannaUSA
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 18 | View Replies]

To: coffee260

Self evident from the TL that state and local officials fiddled around, until New Orleans drowned.

23 posted on 09/04/2005 1:37:18 PM PDT by Ursus arctos horribilis ("It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!" Emiliano Zapata 1879-1919)
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To: coffee260


24 posted on 09/04/2005 1:37:54 PM PDT by jonno (We are NOT a democracy - though we are democratic. We ARE a constitutional republic.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: backhoe

Aug 28th Sunday - In the face of a catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, a mandatory evacuation was ordered Sunday for New Orleans by Mayor Ray Nagin.

This is what should have happened on Friday Aug 26th when the weather satelite images clearly showed Katrinas strength was taking in more air mass from both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. No way can a city be evacuated one day prior to the storm hitting land. Insane Drive-thru mentality.

25 posted on 09/04/2005 1:37:54 PM PDT by SunnySide (Ephes2:8 ByGraceYou'veBeenSavedThruFaithAGiftOfGodSoNoOneCanBoast)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies]

To: coffee260
He advised anyone planning to stay there to bring there own food, drinks and other comforts such as folding chairs, as if planning to go camping. “No weapons, no large items, and bring small quanties of food for three or four days, to be safe,” he said.

It would seem that NO had little in the way of supplies for the multitudes in the Superdome and nothing for those in the Convention Center.

26 posted on 09/04/2005 1:40:01 PM PDT by Mike Darancette (Mesocons for Rice '08)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: rimmont

Hurricane Katrina wasn't a major failure of the federal government was a local failure... Period.

27 posted on 09/04/2005 1:41:36 PM PDT by faithincowboys
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 5 | View Replies]

To: Eva

Plus, there is a lot that seems to be left out.

What did the local television news people report about the storm? For instance, people I've talked to have said they downplayed both the severity of the storm and the likelihood that it would hit New Orleans.

When did they shut down the city buses? I've heard noon Sunday. This is significant because many people thought they could get rides on the buses to the edge of the city. Some of them connect to other bus lines. In any event, they could have used them to bus people out of town.

Why were there no banks of porta-potties for the "shelters"? Everyone knows the power goes out during a storm, and this was a hurricane. When the power goes out, the pumps that send water to flush-toilets go out too. The sewer the shelters became were an inevitability without portapotties or SOME alternate solution. People "gotta go."

There's a lot more, but these are some items that might have been added.

28 posted on 09/04/2005 1:47:06 PM PDT by MizSterious (Now, if only we could convince them all to put on their bomb-vests and meet in Mecca...)
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To: coffee260
Nagin said late Saturday that he’s having his legal staff look into whether he can order a mandatory evacuation of the city,


The Category 4 or 5 is sitting off the coast and this guy starts asking questions a day and a half before it hits as to whether he can force an evacuation?

29 posted on 09/04/2005 1:50:43 PM PDT by doug from upland (The Hillary documentary is coming -- INDICTING HILLARY)
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To: Mike Darancette

This long time Free Republic lurker has been sick with anger since this morning's (Sunday) talk shows.....and now this timeline!!

Every sentence tells another sad sad story. For whatever reason, my brain settled on this quote...

"Nagin said late Saturday that he’s having his legal staff look into whether he can order a mandatory evacuation of the city, a step he’s been hesitant to do because of potential liability on the part of the city for closing hotels and other businesses. “Come the first break of light in the morning, you may have the first mandatory evacuation of New Orleans,” Nagin told WWL-TV."

Wouldn't one expect that after 9/11 and all the federal money poured into major cities like New Orleans for preparedness, local officials would have been resolved issues like this long long ago. Seems to me the fact that this was a hurricane disaster really isn't the issue. What if it had been a terror attack?

Freepers, I'm so mad! All the discussions here are not being read by those that prefer to attack our President. My own neighbors are still telling me that "ALL" national guard of Louisianna are in Iraq. Doesn't matter that I tell them differently....They believe what they WANT to believe.

How does one get the truth out? I don't know where to begin but will do my part with some guidance.

Thank God for Freepers and Bloggers....all doing the footwork one would expect an investigative media to do themselves.

Hope I've not come across as a nut....although I admit I'm not in control of my anger right now!!!!!!

30 posted on 09/04/2005 2:04:45 PM PDT by WSue601
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To: WSue601
Hope I've not come across as a nut

No, the nuts are on the other Democrat sites.

31 posted on 09/04/2005 2:11:36 PM PDT by Mike Darancette (Mesocons for Rice '08)
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To: Redbob

"I'll show you a picture of where your buses are, you pea-brained fork-off!

If you'd used them to get people out, you would have saved the buses as well!"

This is the level of competance I would expect from a Mayor elected based on his race. Affirmative action elections give the same results as affirmative action admissions.

32 posted on 09/04/2005 2:15:28 PM PDT by BadAndy (Yes liberals, I DO question your patriotism.)
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To: coffee260
Several other types of timelines are being developed, too.

(Vanity) Freepers lets get the facts together
  Posted by janetjanet998
On General/Chat 09/04/2005 11:09:35 AM CDT · 12 replies · 99+ views

There will be a "9-11 report" like investagtion about all of this..lets help them by starting now..lets get all facts and data and when they happened....the local and state people there are trying to blame Bush... lets document all the lies and misinformation the media and the local politicians are spreading...back them up with sourced facts

Aug 27 WhiteHouse release of aid to Louisiana
  Posted by Verbosus
On News/Activism 09/04/2005 2:06:46 PM CDT · 25 replies · 625+ views

WhiteHouse Press Release ^
I searched and didn't see this anywhere, but I thought this was of interest. It is the WhiteHouse release of aid to Louisiana dated August 27, 2005. Obviously prior to hurricane Katrina. From the URL above: ---------------------------------------- Statement on Federal Emergency Assistance for Louisiana The President today declared an emergency exists in the State of Louisiana and ordered Federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts in the parishes located in the path of Hurricane Katrina beginning on August 26, 2005, and continuing. The President's action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to...

Glance at National Guard Deployment (Katrina Timeline)
  Posted by Tall_Texan
On News/Activism 09/04/2005 11:49:50 AM CDT · 27 replies · 793+ views

National Guard Bureau ^ | 09-03-05 | Associated Press
Sep 3, 4:57 PM (ET) By The Associated Press A day-by-day look at when National Guard troops from around the country arrived in Louisiana and Mississippi, the two states hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina: TUESDAY, Aug. 30: In Louisiana: - 4,725, all from Louisiana In Mississippi: - 2,747, all from Mississippi WEDNESDAY, Aug. 31: In Louisiana: - Ohio: nine - Oklahoma: 89 - Texas: 625 In Mississippi: Arkansas: 350 Delaware : 68 Florida: 350 Maryland: 130 THURSDAY, Sept. 1: In Louisiana: Arkansas: 446 Colorado: 4 Kansas: 12 Missouri: 40 Nevada: 12 Ohio: 210 Oklahoma: 283 Texas: 972 In Mississippi: Alabama:...

A Chronology of Hurricane Katrina
  Posted by neverdem
On News/Activism 09/04/2005 3:30:47 AM CDT · 25 replies · 605+ views

The Guardian ^ | September 3, 2005
Saturday September 3, 2005 8:31 PM By The Associated Press A day-by-day look at Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Wednesday, Aug. 24: - Tropical Depression 12 strengthens into Tropical Storm Katrina over the Central Bahamas; a hurricane warning is issued for the southeastern Florida coast. Thursday, Aug. 25: - Hurricane Katrina strikes Florida between Hallandale Beach and North Miami Beach as a Category 1 hurricane with 80 mph winds. Friday, Aug. 26: - Katrina weakens over land to a tropical storm before moving out over the Gulf of Mexico. It grows to a Category 2 hurricane with 100 mph winds,...

Katrina: A timeline -- proof the Federal response was NOT SLOW
  Posted by Wolfstar
On News/Activism 09/03/2005 10:44:11 PM CDT · 308 replies · 4,430+ views

White; multiple news & other sources ^ | 9/3/05
After days of being harrangued by media reports to the contrary, this may seem like a radical notion, but... THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSE TO KATRINA WAS NOT SLOW!FACT: Coast Guard, U.S. Navy and other search and rescue units were in New Orleans, elsewhere in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama on Monday, after the storm passed out of the area. FACT: The full extent of the devastation to the Gulf Coast region, and the levee breaches in New Orleans, were not known until Tuesday. FACT: A convoy of about 500 buses reached the Superdome late Wednesday. FACT: The first of 500 busloads...

Let's put together a timeline
  Posted by rhetorica
On News/Activism 09/03/2005 10:03:04 AM CDT · 45 replies · 1,015+ views

OK folks, let's get this thing under control. We need to build a timeline of (1) events relating to Katrina (e.g. landfall, levee breeches, flooding, etc)(2)events relating to LA, MS and AL and Fed government responses to Katrina (e.g. evacuation orders, activating guard, etc) (3) events as reported by major media outlets (e.g. hurrincane hits and misses, breeches, flooding, evacualtions, looting, etc.) Let's see if we can put a timeline together that chronicles all these events. I am willing to assemble all the information if Freepers will help me locate the evidence. It will be very important that we have...

When did the various governors ask for federal troops and a few other questions
  Posted by airedale
On News/Activism 09/02/2005 11:12:23 PM CDT · 10 replies · 563+ views

In order to get federal troops the state governors have to formally ask in writing. I was wondering when exactly the various governors asked for federal troops and their support. FEMA is different and no formal request is needed. Second question when did the various governors mobilize there Air and Army National Guard units. When did the units actually mobilize? Third question in terms of Louisiana does their Air National Guard have helicopters (cargo and heavy lift as opposed to gunships and attack helicopters)? If so how many and when where they put into service flying missions in support of...

33 posted on 09/04/2005 2:26:47 PM PDT by TomGuy
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To: hophead

I just read a couple pages and thought,"WOW!" No wonder Nagil is making so much noise (An empty wagon makes lots of noise." - a good southern saying)

I wonder if he or the governor ever read this thing? When did Nagil get elected? When did Blanco get elected?

It's CYA time for both of them!!!

34 posted on 09/04/2005 2:30:58 PM PDT by bethtopaz (We will not allow another generation of heroes to be forsaken. -- NewLand, from Free Republic)
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Steve Harvey was in Baton Rouge (he's a comedian who has a foundation and came out to help) said something about how ridiculous it was to use school buses for adults. What does it matter -- just get them the heck outta there!

35 posted on 09/04/2005 2:32:11 PM PDT by bethtopaz (We will not allow another generation of heroes to be forsaken. -- NewLand, from Free Republic)
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Nagin is quoted as saying " I didn't use the schoolbuses to evacuate because they didn't have toilets"..

Where that? I can use that one.

36 posted on 09/04/2005 2:37:07 PM PDT by Doe Eyes
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To: George from New England

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." JFKennedy's Innaugural Speech.

What in the world has happened to the Democratic Party?!

37 posted on 09/04/2005 2:40:55 PM PDT by bethtopaz (We will not allow another generation of heroes to be forsaken. -- NewLand, from Free Republic)
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To: doug from upland

act first -- ask for forgiveness later. Should have been the mayor's philosophy.

38 posted on 09/04/2005 2:43:13 PM PDT by bethtopaz (We will not allow another generation of heroes to be forsaken. -- NewLand, from Free Republic)
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To: coffee260

Where does the celebratory drinking in the French Quarter, when it thought NO dodged another bullet, fit into this time line?

39 posted on 09/04/2005 2:43:13 PM PDT by frogjerk (LIBERALISM - Being miserable for no good reason)
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To: MizSterious

There's a lot LEFT out.
Seems like something the Left does a lot.
I don't think you intended it to be a pun, but it is.

40 posted on 09/04/2005 2:44:34 PM PDT by bethtopaz (We will not allow another generation of heroes to be forsaken. -- NewLand, from Free Republic)
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