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Quotes by abortion providers- new site ^ | 9/11/05 | Sarah Terzo

Posted on 09/11/2005 12:05:04 AM PDT by sarah5775

I have set up a new abortion site for those interested, here are some excerpts....

TOPICS: Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: abortion; abortionists; prochoice; prolife; quotes
I have set up a huge page with a collection of quotes by abortion clinic workers and staff at this address It was moved because someone hacked into it and deleted it from its old server. Some people don't want the truth to be known. But its up now, and I've taken the opportunity to add some new material.

There is also an archive of pictures and a number of other resources. I hope you can find this site of use. Here are a few of the quotes.

From Dr. Anthony Levantino, former abortionist- a description of a D&E abortion in the second trimester (12% of all abortions are after the 1st trimester)

"Imagine for a moment that you are a "pro-choice" obstetrician-gynecologist as I once was. Your patient today is seventeen years old and she is twenty weeks pregnant. At twenty weeks, her uterus is up to her umbilicus and she has been feeling her baby kick for the last two weeks. If you could see her baby, she would be as long as your hand from the top of her head to the bottom of her rump not counting the legs. Your patient is now asleep on an operating room table with her legs in stirrups. Upon entering the room after scrubbing, you dry your hands with a sterile towel and are gowned and gloved by the scrub nurse.

The first task is remove the laminaria that had earlier been placed in the cervix to dilate it sufficiently to allow the procedure you are about to perform. With that accomplished, direct your attention to the surgical instruments arranged on a small table to your right. The first instrument you reach for is a 14-French suction catheter. It is clear plastic and about nine inches long. It has a bore through the center approximately ¾ of an inch in diameter. Picture yourself introducing the catheter through the cervix and instructing the circulating nurse to turn on the suction machine which is connected through clear plastic tubing to the catheter. What you will see is a pale yellow fluid the looks a lot like urine coming through the catheter into a glass bottle on the suction machine. This amniotic fluid surrounded the baby to protect her.

With suction complete, look for your Sopher clamp. This instrument is about thirteen inches long and made of stainless steel. At one end are located jaws about 2 ½ inches long and about ¾ on an inch wide with rows of sharp ridges or teeth. This instrument is for grasping and crushing tissue. When it gets hold of something, it does not let go.

A second trimester D&E abortion is a blind procedure. The baby can be in any orientation or position inside the uterus. Picture yourself reaching in with the Sopher clamp and grasping anything you can. At twenty weeks gestation, the uterus is thin and soft so be careful not to perforate or puncture the walls. Once you have grasped something inside, squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard – really hard. You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg about 4 to 5 inches long. Reach in again and grasp whatever you can. Set the jaw and pull really hard once again and out pops an arm about the same length. Reach in again and again with that clamp and tear out the spine, intestines, heart and lungs.

The toughest part of a D&E abortion is extracting the baby’s head. The head of a baby that age is about the size of a plum and is now free floating inside the uterine cavity. You can be pretty sure you have hold of it if the Sopher clamp is spread about as far as your fingers will allow. You will know you have it right when you crush down on the clamp and see a pure white gelatinous material issue from the cervix. That was the baby’s brains. You can then extract the skull pieces. If you have a really bad day like I often did, a little face may come out and stare back at you.

Congratulations! You have just successfully performed a Suction D&E abortion. You just affirmed her right to choose. You just made $600 cash in fifteen minutes.

This account is from the blog of a medical student working a rotation at a Planned Parenthood clinic:

"Really it's just inserting a vacuum device into the woman's cervix and sucking out all the contents of the uterus. First the cervix is numbed up with some lidocaine and another drug that constricts blood vessels so that there's less bleeding. Then her cervix is dilated (how much depends on how far along she is) with these metal rod-dy things. Then a plastic tube attached to the vacuum device is placed in her uterus, the vacuum is turned on, and then the tube is moved back and forth while rotating it to suck it all out. Then an ultrasound is done through the vagina to make sure the gestational sac is gone. THEN we looked at what was sucked out after they wash out the blood and strain it. The first patient I saw was at 11 weeks and some days. I completely wasn't expecting it, but there were fetal parts. Like hands. And legs. And kidneys. It was pretty shocking. But, of course, after the initial shock, I was fine. I was actually fascinated by it. Until I saw one with a face. Complete with eyeballs. Told you it was graphic. It's amazing to think that all of this can form within only a couple of weeks. You go from someone who's only about 7 weeks along, and you can't make out anything, to someone who's at 9 weeks, and oh, there are some fingers. The human body is amazing. Apparently, at some point this month, I'll be doing the abortions. Still not sure how I feel about it."

The article is “I Love Uteri” from Thursday July 7, 2005 on the blog “Never a Straight Answer” It can be found here

From "Abortion at Work: Ideology and Practice in a Feminist Clinic" by Wendy Simonds. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1996. Wendy Simonds is pro-choice but she included a chapter on how clinic workers reacted to abortion 'tissue':

Quotes from clinic employees:

"You're going from dealing with people to dealing with what most people here at the Center consider a real hurdle, to do sterile room, because you have to deal with the actual abortion tissue. And for some people, that's really hard. They can be abstractly in favor of abortion rights, but they sure don't want to see what an eighteen-week abortion looks like."

"It's just- I mean it looks like a baby. It looks like a baby. And especially if you get one that comes out, that's not piecemeal. And you know, I saw this one, and it had its fingers in its makes me really sad that that had to happen, you know, but it doesn't change my mind. It's just hard. And it makes me just sort of stop and feel sad about it, the whole necessity of it. And's very warm when it comes into the sterile room because it's been in the mother's stomach. It feels like flesh, you know..."

"It's going to be weird now because you're going to see the sono. You're going to see the heart beating- little hearts, you know- and then, all of a sudden, you're going to put his cardiac medicine in it to make it stop- to kill it. So you're going to see the exact moment when you kill the fetus. I won't kill it, the doctor will kill it...and, I mean, it might be more humane...[if] the fetuses do feel something, why not kill it, you know, fast, [rather] than rip its leg off?"

"I feel some sadness [about abortions] and I think part of the problem is that we don't talk about that...we don't talk about it as much as we think about it...somehow your pro-choice stance is compromised by saying the word "baby."...We don't allow ourselves to say or think that word...."

"At nine start seeing fetal parts. And by the second trimester it's, you know, it's a baby, and by eighteen weeks it's definitely a baby. And by like, you know, twenty-two weeks, you go in and you watch someone do a sonogram, and you're like, "Oh my." There it is just moving, moving around. And it's really hard because I always thought of abortion in terms of just the woman, just her body."

"You're looking between the woman's legs; you're seeing, you know, what the doctor's doing. And it's what a lot of people would call kind of, I guess, gruesome- that's not really the word because- it's identifiable. I mean, when he...takes the forceps and pulls out a foot, you can see the foot, and my reaction- because I feel so strongly that women who want to have a twenty week abortion should be able to have that- but I mean when I look and was just like, you know, my first reaction was, you know, I was pretty horrified."

"So by it looking like a baby, you're associating it with yourself used to be a baby, you used to be a fetus."

"...when you're, you know, putting a fetus's feet in over its head in a baggie, there's just this brief moment of "This could have been me," which I fundamentally believe is okay. She should have the right to choose..."

" looks like a baby, That's what it looks like to me. You've never seen anything else that looks like that. The only other thing you've ever seen is a baby...You can see a face and hands, and ears and eyes and, you know...feet and toes...It bothered me real bad the first time..."

"The destruction I can't deny....I wish we lived in a world where abortion didn't have to exist."

"You know, we still say "products of conception." Well, why don't we say it looks like- you know, a twenty-week fetus looks like a baby. Why can't we say that in public? Because that's what the antis say, you know."

"I think the tough part was seeing actual pieces of fetus being removed..And in the beginning, yes, I remember looking, standing behind this woman's shoulder [as she performed an early second- trimester-abortion] and thinking, "I can't do this...There's something emotionally upsetting about this..Features are discernible; you can count five fingers on a hand and five toes on a foot. You know, all the organ systems are formed. You know, you can see ears as structures, and the nose and eyes as structures...I have gotten to the point now that because I've been doing this work five months, four months, I look at it a little differently. I don't see the same things that I did. And, honestly, when I sit down to do one of these now, I am watching to be sure that I'm getting everything that I need to get. It's 'Do I have two lower extremities? Do I have two upper extremities? Is t here a spine? ...and the skull?...It does become a bit routine after a while. I don't fear it."

"I hate it when people put it together to look like a baby. I hate that...I don't want to look like it when its like that because it's like a broken doll, and that grosses me out."

From the author: "Many health workers told me they 'never look at the face' when processing tissue."

"I can remember...the resident doctor sitting down, putting the tube in, and removing the contents. I saw the bloody material coming down the plastic tube, and it went into a big jar. My job afterwards was to go and undo the jar, and to see what was inside. I didn't have any views on abortion; I was in a training program, and this was a brand new experience. I was going to get to see a new procedure and learn. I opened the jar and took the little piece of stockingnette stocking and opened the little bag. The resident doctor said "Now put it on the blue towel and check it out. We want to see if we got it all.' I thought, "that'll be exciting-hands on experience looking at tissue.' I opened the sock up and put it on the towel, and there were parts of a person in there. I had taken anatomy, I was a medical student. I knew what I was looking at. There was a little scapula and an arm, I saw some ribs and a chest, and a little tiny head. I saw a piece of a a leg, and a tiny hand and an arm, and you know, it was like somebody put a hot poker into me. I had a conscience, and it hurt. Well, I checked it out and there were two arms and two legs and one head and so forth, and I turned and said "I guess you got it all.' That was a very hard experience to go through emotionally."

'Pro-Choice 1990: Skeletons in the Closet" by David Kuperlain and Mark Masters in Oct "New Dimensions" magazine

"I got to where I couldn't stand to look at the little bodies anymore"
--Dr. Beverly McMillan, when asked why she stopped performing abortions.

"I have been there, and I have seen these totally formed babies as early as ten weeks... with the leg missing, or with their head off. I have seen the little rib cages..."
--Debra Harry

Quoted in "The Ex Abortionists: They Have Confronted Reality" Washington Post April 1, 1988 p a 21

From Norma McCorvey's book Won By Love:

At least 80 percent of the women would try to look down at the end of the table, wondering if they cold see anything which is why our doctor always went in with the scalpel first. Once the baby was already cut up, there was nothing but blood and torn up tissue for the woman to see. When a later abortion was performed, workers had to piece the baby back together, and every major part--head, torso, two legs, and two arms --had to be accounted for. One of our little jokes at the clinic was, "If you ever want to humble a doctor, hide a leg so he thinks he has to go back in." Please understand, these were not abnormal, uncaring women working with me at the clinic. We were just involved in a bloody, dehumanizing business, all of us for our own reasons. Whether we were justifying our past advocacy(as I was), justifying a previous abortion (as many were) or whatever, we were just trying to cope--and if we couldn’t laugh at what was going on, I think our minds would have snapped. It's not an easy trying to confuse a conscience that will not stay dead.

The site has many more and I hope it can be a good resource for anyone here who cares about this issue.
1 posted on 09/11/2005 12:05:05 AM PDT by sarah5775
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To: sarah5775

Wow. Bump.

2 posted on 09/11/2005 12:28:39 AM PDT by MitchellC (Foolishness isn't a mental disorder.)
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To: sarah5775

That's gold.

3 posted on 09/11/2005 12:33:25 AM PDT by Kenny Banya
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To: sarah5775; All
Bringing Good Things to Life (ULTRASOUND)
Citizen magazine ^ | June 2003 | Karla Dial
This the Stealth Bomber that is going to zoom in under the pro-death crowd's radar and nuke them... once a woman sees what is really in her womb, it ceases to be a "tissue mass" and becomes... a baby.
 Her baby.

4 posted on 09/11/2005 12:37:39 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trackball into the Sunset...)
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To: backhoe

Great post!

5 posted on 09/11/2005 12:44:15 AM PDT by Lancey Howard
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To: sarah5775

I am sincerely glad you posted this. For as long as I've been opposed to abortion it has been for spiritual reasons, but they were not strongly held convictions. After reading these excerpts I feel them becoming strongly held convictions.

This is the quote that most caught my attention: "The destruction I can't deny....I wish we lived in a world where abortion didn't have to exist."

First off, we do live in such a world. Secondly, it is particularly revealing of just how pliable one's morality must be to advocate for abortion.

The human body has all kind of methods and devices for defending itself from disease and bacteria and whatever might harm it. Moralities have similar protections. The woman from the quote above has employed those means of protection to safeguard her "morality" from that most virulent strain - the truth.

6 posted on 09/11/2005 1:02:59 AM PDT by Tredge (Your Democratic Party - A Cult in Search of its Personality)
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To: Lancey Howard
I think Norma McCorvey's statement speaks a lot about the truth behind many of the advocates' views on abortion: they are trying so desperately to justify past abortions that they are constantly punished by their persistence in maintaining their support for abortion. No matter what your position on the subject happens to be, viewing this sort of thing continuously would eventually be very emotionally damaging.

The sooner this barbaric practice is put to rest, the healthier our country as a whole will be. Fortunately, even after abortion, our loving Father will forgive sin if you accept Him, through Jesus Christ, and ask to be forgiven. Christ died for everybody's sins, even those of abortionists, and their patients.
7 posted on 09/11/2005 1:05:25 AM PDT by dino1955 (Christ is my King!)
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To: dino1955

The abortion industry is a multi-billion dollar money laundering operation for the Democrat Party, and they will not give it up without a fight that will shake the earth.

8 posted on 09/11/2005 1:36:22 AM PDT by Lancey Howard
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To: sarah5775

Trying to hold down my breakfast bump. This needs to be seen in some PSA's on TV. Of course, the libs will NEVER let that happen because it exposes the butchery of the procedure.

9 posted on 09/11/2005 4:49:19 AM PDT by Hardastarboard
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To: Lancey Howard

did you go to the website?????it is really strange..I went to the siteand a trojan had tried to enter my computer...Every time I filed a page I got a pop up guard blocking an ad...I had 50 ads hit my site before I was through...have you had any problems with this site???????

10 posted on 09/11/2005 5:54:43 AM PDT by fishbabe
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To: fishbabe

Oh no! Has anyone else had problems witht the site? MY site was originally at topcities but someone hacked in and deleted it and I had to move it somewhere else. I couldn't afford to pay for hosting so I picked hostultrz- The only problem I had was a popup ad, which wasn't a big deal. But I DID get a virus on my computer, but I thought that was from downloading something else. IF there is a virus there, I am REALLY sorry. I will post all of the quotes if you wish, even though it will probably take a number of posts and some time, and in the meantime I'll find a better place to relocate. I'm really sorry if the free site is some kind of scam, I really didn't know.

11 posted on 09/11/2005 12:34:26 PM PDT by sarah5775
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To: sarah5775

I'm sure you didn't mean anything but,it was strange..The quotes were great by the way..You have done a great service,but don't put it past the abortion creeps to try and destroy anything that tells the truth...But,it was a strange site.The pop up guard came on every time I filed a page..A trojan tried to enter my computer but my anti virus stop-ped it....

12 posted on 09/11/2005 4:42:37 PM PDT by fishbabe
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To: fishbabe

I am really sorry for the inconvenience. The last time I had the site up, some pro-choicer (I'm assuming) hacked in and destroyed it. Do you think this 'trojan thing' is another attack, or is it something that the host site did? I really know very little about the whole web-building thing. All I know is, I can't afford to put up a paid site. Does anyone know a free host that can be trusted?

13 posted on 09/11/2005 5:11:23 PM PDT by sarah5775
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To: sarah5775

don't sweat it...I got great info and my computer deleted the damage the hacker tried to do...You have done a great me,one day you will see how many babies you helped to save by putting this site up...Its not your fault that pro-aborts don't want it there..

14 posted on 09/11/2005 5:16:26 PM PDT by fishbabe
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