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German sources suggest Bosnia-linked cell preparing new UK attack
Serbianna ^ | September 13, 2005

Posted on 09/13/2005 9:12:31 AM PDT by joan

Text of report by Udo Ulfkotte entitled "Security circles: Indications of a third London terror cell", published by German news agency ddp on 12 September

September 12, 2005 --Frankfurt am Main: There are indications that the Al-Qa'idah terror organization has an intact network operating in the Balkans. Sources within the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) intimate that both the Madrid terrorists, and some of those who perpetrated the London bombings, had "contacts with Bosnia". These sources told ddp news agency that European intelligence services had "vague indications that another terror cell controlled from Bosnia is preparing a new attack on London".

Not only are the Al-Qa'idah terror group's structures in the Middle East being kept under observation by the intelligence services; but the situation in the Balkans as a whole also "gives cause for concern".

The King Fahd Mosque in Dobrinja, a suburb of Sarajevo, is also described as "a hotbed" of violent extremists. The "Balkans, particularly Bosnia and Kosovo" are said to be "a dangerous breeding-ground, presently under scarcely any observation, for Islamist terrorists". Muslims from Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain are reportedly travelling there to be "fanaticized".

Western security circles report that two young Muslims accidentally blew themselves up in Kosovo recently, when they were trying to test a mobile phone converted into a remote-controlled bomb. The men were said to have been attending a seminar organized by the Revival of Islamic Heritage, which had cooperated in the past with the Afghan Support Committee founded by Usamah Bin-Ladin.

In addition, though the Al Haramain Foundation, accused by the US government of funding terror groups, has been closed down, an organization calling itself Vazir and purportedly dedicated to sport, culture and education is reportedly still operating there. Many such foundations are said to be once again serving as "camouflage for the indoctrination and training of terrorists". Though the mujahidin groups' former training camps in Bosnia have been closed down, military training still continues there, under the guise of "youth camps or sports courses", according to BND circles.

One of the most well-known mujahidin leaders in the Balkans, Abdelkader Mokhtari, also known by the name of Abu El-Maali [names as published], who was said to be implicated in a failed bomb attack on US soldiers in Germany at the end of the 1990s, has now reportedly returned to Bosnia, and to have found a safe bolthole there. The degree to which the Balkans, and particularly Bosnia and Kosovo, have now reverted into travel destinations for Islamist extremists from western Europe is regarded as striking. The case of an incorrupt Serbian policeman, who in June arrested 22-year-old Moroccan Abdelmajid Bouchar [name as published], who was wanted in connection with the March 2004 bomb attacks on Madrid, is cited as an exception.

Source: ddp news agency, Berlin

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs
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To: Hoplite

If you bothered to read your own links you would find that number of occurrences for Kiseljak is exactly zero. Kiseljak is place where “U.S. diplomat was wounded as she returned to the capital” in July of 1996.

Investigation mentioned in State Department briefing took place but results were not made public. But those results were leaked to some Italian and German newspapers, and those results are as I said: Stinger and Croat-Muslim forces.

Can you tell me what is exactly in “religion of peace” that makes you people so shamelessly invent things?

"Unfortunately, the presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Bosnian army headquarters were directly involved in this act," he said. "The Srebrenica enclave ... was deliberately sacrificed."

41 posted on 09/18/2005 8:09:35 PM PDT by zagor-te-nej (
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To: zagor-te-nej
And if you bothered to pull out a map, and had the most basic knowledge of the seige of Sarajevo, you'd see that Kiseljak is not only physically located approximately where 'Lyra 34' was shot down, it was the location of the local Croat military HQ (Ivica Rajic's 2d Operative Group, HVO OZCB*), and figured prominently in stories of profiteering off of the seige of Sarajevo at the time**.

But you can't pull out a map, and you don't know anything relevant, so instead you're repeating your unsubstantiated lie, as if your mere word carried more weight than the Italian Defence Ministry.

What a pathetic display.

Then you have the temerity to accuse me of being Muslim, as if that lie would somehow save your sorry butt, and turn around and declare that I'm the one who's lying, when the facts presented clearly demonstrate the reverse.

Black is white, up is down, and you've got the integrity required to carry on an honest discussion.


*Shraeder, "The Muslim-Croat Civil War in Central Bosnia" Appendix A, HVO Operative Zone Central Bosnia Order of Battle

** Maas, "Love Thy Neighbor" pp 118-119, also, Silber & Little, "Yugoslavia, Death of a Nation", pp 295-296, or, you could have simply paid attention to the news at the time.

42 posted on 09/19/2005 12:17:32 AM PDT by Hoplite
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To: zagor-te-nej

Wasn't killing Serbian Christians really all worth it? /sarcasm

43 posted on 09/19/2005 11:52:23 AM PDT by jb6 (The Atheist/Pagan mind, a quandary wrapped in egoism and served with a side order of self importance)
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To: zagor-te-nej; Hoplite

I just read this.....there is confirmation that stingers were located in the Balkans from Afghanstan Muh. I personally spoke to the interviewer that did the lie detector test of several Albanians that were in the Bondsteel Holding fac. Whether they were used in this operation, I can't answer. They were there however........


44 posted on 03/03/2006 5:23:00 PM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: tgambill
They were there however........

Of course they were, Tom: they were captured by the Serbs and used to shoot down all those aircraft that NATO denies ever having lost during Allied Force.

No wonder the West has shut the matter up - it's embarrassing.

Why, if the Leprechaun who administered the sodium pentathol during Slobo's arrival debriefing at the Hague hadn't told me, I would have never known myself.

Har har.

45 posted on 03/03/2006 7:05:33 PM PST by Hoplite
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To: Hoplite

no, the ones I'm speaking of were smuggled in by the Muh. to be used against NATO long after 1999. These were brought in much later for attacks against the UN/NATO forces from Afghanstan....sorry, doesn't wash here.

You're timing is way off.

Hari hari har.....:))) But, in an earlier post you said there were no evidence of Stingers. These were not captured by the Serbs.....what are you talking about? These came in-country in 2002 or 2003.....

46 posted on 03/03/2006 7:36:48 PM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: tgambill
The timing doesn't matter, Tom.

The Stingers to the Balkans story is BS no matter what year it's in.

And you might try to get together with the other disinformation artists the next time you're at the SUC convention, so you can at least get on the same sheet of music as far as which way the Balkan SAM trade is supposed to be flowing.

47 posted on 03/03/2006 7:53:03 PM PST by Hoplite
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To: Hoplite

The timing is all that matters. What are you talking about? You clearly do not have the recent events or accurate sequence of events placed properly. The stingers in the Balkans is a fact. I personally talked to the person that conducted the lie detector test on the perps. He discovered two things in several interviews of Albanian terrorist. One, they had acquired stinger missiles going through Bosnia to be used in Kosovo.......This was passed to us in one KFOR Security meeting at Bondsteel during 2002. I actually could locate the minutes of the meeting that they reported this. I returned to the U.S. in 2004, and due to circumstances actually met the person that conducted the lie detector test that discovered this bit of intelligence.

What you declare or state is not correct nor is it of any authority. The SUC convention has more truth than most any other conference or intell gathering.

Hoplite, the stingers in the Balkans is a fact and for me it's not second's from two distinct sources that are confirmed. The other bit of info was the suicide bomber planning to take out Bondsteel during a lunch period........that is also was stopped.....due to the same lie detector tech......

Hopelite, don't even try........

48 posted on 03/04/2006 1:12:43 AM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: tgambill; Hoplite; F-117A; DTA; Banat
By shooting down an Italian UN relief plane with a Stinger missile , attacking and killing French UN troops, and organizing various self-bombings in Sarajevo, the Bosnian Moslem Government in Sarajevo convinced the world "public opinion", that "the Serbs did it". (see David Owen, Balkan Odyssey, pp41-48, pp.255-262 and Lewis MacKenzie, Peacekeeper)
And more
Weapons experts also confirm thet Stingers from Afghanistan have shown up in Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Bosnia and Tajikistan. Thus far, the CIA has not succeeded in buying any of the missiles back.
And more, this time from 1995
The drops contained vital, high value supplies: Anti-tank guided weapons to counter Bosnian Serb armour, Stinger surface-to-air missiles. to ward off helicopters, night vision goggles and most importantly Motorola radio sets to allow the ABiH to operate more efficiently in large scale offensive operations.
49 posted on 03/04/2006 1:40:49 PM PST by zagor-te-nej (USS - United States of Serbia)
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To: Hoplite
If Kosovo gets independence, so should Republika Srpska. Since you speak Serbian, check this out: "Bosna je tamnica naroda."
50 posted on 03/04/2006 2:21:49 PM PST by Banat (DEO • REGI • PATRIĆ)
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To: tgambill
You clearly do not have the recent events or accurate sequence of events placed properly.

Yeah, it's all me Tom.

The Balkans is awash in SA-7s and its derivatives, and has been ever since Yugoslavia dissolved. To this day, NATO is scarfing them up for destruction in Bosnia, and Macedonia, but with Albania's pre '97 stocks still unaccounted for, the work is going to take awhile.

But if you want to buy into in this MANPADS version of Bigfoot sightings, with its typical Serbian logical inconsistency, well who am I to stop you?

If you choose to believe that the Taleban doesn't have any use for Stingers now that Afghanistan's skies are filled with US planes and helicopters, and instead chooses to smuggle any remaining stocks thousands of miles into an area overstocked with similar systems, well it just fits the type of information you've chosen to belive in the past, doesn't it?

If you can pull one confirmed instance where a Stinger has been found in the Balkans, then you're a better man than I, Tom.

But as it stands right now, it's all just so much disinformation and half-assed reporting which misrepresents any SAM as a "Stinger", as if it were a generic category all its own.

51 posted on 03/05/2006 7:25:05 PM PST by Hoplite
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To: Banat
If Kosovo gets independence, so should Republika Srpska.

I'll see your stupid with a Presevo Valley, and raise you a Sandzak and a Vojvodina, just 'cause I can.

Still don't speak any of the Balkan languages. Sorry.

52 posted on 03/05/2006 7:27:31 PM PST by Hoplite
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To: zagor-te-nej; DTA; Lion in Winter; Honorary Serb; jb6; Incorrigible; dennisw; FormerLib; Jane; ...
The simple fact of the matter is that Albania, Bosnia,and Kosovo have harbored al-qaida in the past and continue to do so now. Training camps, arms depots, financial facilitation, false passports, travel arrangements, and recruiting, even rest and recreation are available to the jihadist in these areas.

Bosnia, thanks to its high-level infrastructure, organized government, and European connections, is able to offer jihadists the most for their money. But Albania, and Kosovo, thanks to their criminality, dis-organization, and purposeful chaos, offer the jihadists a very effective hide-out on Europe's doorstep. Although it is unfashionable to say so, Islam entails support for any Muslim's jihad, whether it be the "quest for inner peace and wisdom," or the conversion, enslavement, or death for infidels. "Moderate," Islam is merely an enabling mechanism for radical Islam.

53 posted on 03/05/2006 7:46:22 PM PST by Kenny Bunk (OK, how bad we hurt for 2006? Who we running in 2008?)
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To: Hoplite

You're funny. Can you come up with even a half-decent response, though?

54 posted on 03/05/2006 7:47:19 PM PST by Banat (DEO • REGI • PATRIĆ)
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To: Hoplite

You are absolutely wrong. However, I can give you the benefit of the doubt, as the stingers reported from the Kosovo sources could very well be isolated to the incidents reported in 2002. I can't answer for Bosnia, but for Kosovo I'm 100% sure because I did a personal interview with the specialist that interviewed the Albanians what did have the information. The information was confirmed via a lie detector test and it was reported in a Camp Bondsteel security meeting, Unclassed. I'm not even going to discuss it further because you more than likely wouldn't even know about it.

This has nothing to do with Serbian bigfoot sightings as you would take the dramatic approach to lie and admit you aren't aware. You are posting, not for my benefit, but to promote the MSM BS for other readers and give some doubt to the truth. The Stingers were going to be used against NATO, UN targets by the Albanian or Muh. located there. They were not given the opportunity as I don't know how the situation was handled after confirmed by KFOR.

Hoplite, it is all tend to leave out key facts or data in order to make your point. This is a typical "Clintonian" trend...of lying. You also don't make comment on points or facts that go against your point, you don't comment unless you can find some twist after you confer with others about points you can't make at the moment. You're easy to handle.......must be frustrating to always call on those smarter and more knowledgable than you to give you talking points no matter how weak.

55 posted on 03/05/2006 8:25:20 PM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: Hoplite

By the way, the collection of weapons by the Macedonians, I have eyewitness reports that several OSCE/UN inspectors had observed the same weapons in more than one stack. They had old chinese weapons in some cases, and it was discovered that the serial numbers of the weapons in one stack matched the same weapons in another alledged stack of weapons after they had suspicions.

The collection of 2,000-3,000 weapons didn't even scratch the surface. Most of the weapons were old and poorly maintained pieces. The "real" weapons were never touched. The whole turn in was a farce.........same for the UCPMB in South Presevo.

The war isn't will break out again if Kosovo gets independence as Ceku will be a signficant instigator and planner for South Presevo (referred to as East Kosovo), Western Macedonia, Volvidina and Sandjak to name a few of the after effects.....this is for sure.

56 posted on 03/05/2006 8:42:56 PM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: johnnyBbad
Hey bud.... CLINTON and his own regime was an EVIL bunch of l liberal/commies and they backed the BOSNIANS AND THE CROATIANS!!

ANYBODY CLINTON BACKS I HATE! Why, because if clinton and his sorry wife like them they have to be like him and his ugly wife... they have to be devils!!

57 posted on 03/06/2006 6:00:10 PM PST by Lion in Winter (The older I get the more I want to see ISLAM EXPOSED AS THE SHAM it is...)
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To: tgambill

What do you expect from a relative of Clark???

58 posted on 03/06/2006 6:02:15 PM PST by Lion in Winter (The older I get the more I want to see ISLAM EXPOSED AS THE SHAM it is...)
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To: Lion in Winter

You absolutely hit that nail on the head more than anyone I have heard in just a few sentences. What you wrote is not from a slighted is from FACT......without debate or any counter. thank you.........

59 posted on 03/07/2006 12:13:31 AM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: ma bell

Are these idiots still arguing these points? They have absolutely no grounds or standing points to argue these issues. It's all hearsay.....and rumor. The book the Dept of State put out was based only on reports from displaced Albanians. They were threatened, cajoled, and forced to give out false info. This is confirmed.....not rumor....

60 posted on 03/07/2006 12:19:33 AM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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