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You Can't Talk About That | September 9th, 2005 | John Derbyshire

Posted on 09/20/2005 4:25:54 AM PDT by hildy123

I nearly fell out of my Barcalounger Sunday morning, watching The McLaughlin Group. The old Jesuit had Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, Tony Blankley, and Clarence Page (who is black) sitting around. They were talking about Hurricane Katrina, of course. Suddenly, McLaughlin turned to Page and said: “Why the correlation between black and poor?”

Good grief, I thought, you can’t ask that. People get taken off the air for less. Poor Clarence Page didn’t know whether to spit or wind his watch. He mumbled something that wasn’t even close to being an answer. McLaughlin, realizing his gaffe, quickly and deftly steered the talk to other topics. Everybody in the studio, and all of us out there in viewerland, started breathing again. You can’t ask THAT. Nobody wants to hear about THAT.

At my neighbourhood block party that afternoon, a white, liberal neighbour expressed the sense of national shame that we’d all felt at some point in Katrina Week. “It was like some Third World country!” he said. “Like Somalia, or Haiti…” The guy stopped dead in his tracks, suddenly aware of what he had implied, then desperately back-pedaled, trying to erase his thoughtcrime. “I mean, you know, Third World. Like, um, Cambodia…” Those of us listening nodded in sympathy, silently thinking: Nice save there, guy.

All of us, and John McLaughlin, and very likely Clarence Page, too, all of us were still haunted by what we’d been watching on our TV screens through Katrina Week: the spectacle of several thousand black Americans openly, nakedly displaying their helpless, hopeless, clueless, angry dependency. It was there, it was real, though we’re stuffing it down the memory hole now as fast as we can work our fingers. Come on, you saw it too. What did you think? What did you feel?

Speaking for myself, I felt pity, anger, and shame, in proportions roughly 3-2-1.

Pity. It could hardly be plainer that nobody gives a damn about these poor black people, and nobody has any clue how to lift them up, least of all the people who bellyache endlessly about “racism” (see next point). The meritocracy vacuums up every clever, talented black kid it can find and puts him through college, after which he is welcomed joyfully into the Cognitive Elite. (Hey, look at us! No racism here!) The rest are packed off into welfare slums, or jails — anywhere really, so long as we don’t have to think about them. Yale or jail.

Anger. The whole thing woke my anger at liberals, big time. What lying, thieving hypocrites they are! All their vaunted “programs,” all that money, all those decades of preaching to us. What’s it accomplished? Black people don’t actually occupy any space in a white liberal’s mind at all. All their pretended concern is just intra-tribal moral posturing, asserting their moral superiority over other whites. Horrible, horrible, people. Hey, Teddy, Hillary, Barbra: You have a few houses each — how about giving one or two of them over to a poor black family flooded out from New Orleans? Whaddya say? Hillary? Ted? Hello?

Shame. Just like my neighbor. More so, if I may thus flatter myself, since I am a naturalized citizen. I chose this country. And because we can’t stir ourselves to care about this, above the level of posturing and lip service and cooking up convoluted lies to tell ourselves, a bunch of crummy foreigners are laughing at us. The hell with them, except… we kind of deserve it, don’t we?

The lying is the worst. Boy, how we lie to ourselves. What was that thing Orwell said in the Blitz, about how he didn’t mind people flying over and dropping bombs on him half as much as he minded the lies they used to justify themselves? Here’s Theodore Dalrymple, in a recent interview:

Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

Tell it, Preacher! That’s us, that’s the United States of America in this year of Our Lord 2005: a society of emasculated liars.

A few weeks ago my wife, but not I, attended a school district function here in Suffolk County, Long Island. It was some sort of awards ceremony for kids from all around our district. Now, my wife, so far as she has any interest in politics at all, which is not very far, I’d have to classify as a Clinton Democrat. She is quite keen to be on board with the PC stuff. As a member of a racial minority herself, she has a vague idea it’s “for” her. Having been raised in China, though, she has never properly internalized PC in a sophisticated way, never really acquired the necessary reflex habit of not noticing those things we are not supposed to notice, never really mastered double-think. With the best will in the world, poor Rosie is just hopelessly off-message with PC — a thing that causes me much secret delight.

Well, she started telling me about this function, and she couldn’t keep herself from laughing. First (she said) they did the academic awards. The kids were called up one by one, and three quarters of them were Chinese or Korean or had Russian names. (Which last means, in this context, they were Ashkenazi-Jewish.) Then they worked through lesser awards — drama club, stuff like that. Finally they got to all these caucus-race dummy awards for things like “putting forth effort” and “attendance.” For those, the black and Hispanic kids came up. Rosie: “I felt so uncomfortable. Just squirming in my seat. It was so obvious.”

[I recall attending some similar function myself a year or so ago. After a whole string of four or five Asian kids one after the other, getting awards for academic excellence of various kinds, the emcee announced an award for a name something like Sean Macdonald. Thank goodness, I thought to myself, a white Gentile at last. Then little Sean emerged from the seating area: a one hundred percent grade-A pure-blood Chinese! Plainly he was one of the many children adopted from East Asia by American families.]

“Didn’t other people notice this?” I asked. My wife said she thought some people had. People near her looked just as uncomfortable as she felt, and there was some smothered laughter.

We’d laughed ourselves at this vignette of life in modern America, husband and wife laughing together at one of our world’s little absurdities.

Last week, watching those scenes from New Orleans, an American city, I recalled that incident, and our laughter. Somehow it didn’t seem funny any more, though. Not funny at all.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: bigotry; dalrymple; derbyshire; greatsociety; katrina; lbj; politicalcorrectness; racistleft
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To: hildy123

I have always likened welfare to staking a tree. If a newly planted tree stays staked too long the trunk will not strenghten, it needs to be blown around to thicken itself. You can actually poison a tree with kindness.

21 posted on 09/20/2005 5:27:55 AM PDT by cobaltblu
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To: hildy123
Speaking for myself, I felt pity, anger, and shame, in proportions roughly 3-2-1.

With me it's hopelessness.

If six trillion$ only made the problem infinitely worse across the entire societal spectrum, I don't see an effective weapon emerging any time soon.

22 posted on 09/20/2005 5:39:40 AM PDT by Publius6961 (Liberal level playing field: If the Islamics win we are their slaves..if we win they are our equals.)
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To: hildy123
nobody has any clue how to lift them up


There now. Wasn't that uplifting!
23 posted on 09/20/2005 5:47:58 AM PDT by WasDougsLamb (Sick of the free use of the race card)
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To: hildy123
You know, the whole black-poverty link breaks my heart. I have several black friends from church who have made great life choices. These two parent working class Christians have raise a generation to surpass them, and are now proudly watching their children graduate from college, get professional jobs, delay childbearing until marriage, and otherwise make good choices. I used to think they were exceptional cream-of-the-crop types.

But I learned something this week. Several of them are now housing their families following the flood. These clear thinking friends of mine are from the same families as those helpless single parent families we saw on the news. They were brought up in the same area, with the same parent(s), and attended the same schools. So, what gives?
24 posted on 09/20/2005 5:48:51 AM PDT by keats5
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To: 7thson

And, don't get married or have children, either as a father or mother, until you are past the teenage years and are willing to commit yourself to them and remained organized, so you can stay out of jail, keep a job, and stay sober, and you will never be poor.

25 posted on 09/20/2005 5:58:51 AM PDT by Final Authority
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To: mhking


26 posted on 09/20/2005 6:00:00 AM PDT by tje
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To: hildy123
The rest are packed off into welfare slums, or jails — anywhere really, so long as we don’t have to think about them.

They pack themselves there by their choices.

27 posted on 09/20/2005 6:14:30 AM PDT by MEGoody (Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.)
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To: Former Dodger
Who's Theodore Dalrymple?
Any moral authority there? Reason for the delusional to sit up and take notice?
28 posted on 09/20/2005 6:26:14 AM PDT by Publius6961 (Liberal level playing field: If the Islamics win we are their slaves..if we win they are our equals.)
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To: Jeff Gordon

You are a potty mouth! Ha:)

29 posted on 09/20/2005 6:26:43 AM PDT by antisocial (Texas SCV - Deo Vindice)
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To: texan75010

Why is it that you never hear the cities of Metairie and Kenner mentioned in the same sentence as New Orleans?

you've answered your own question thru the rest of your comment. pain and suffering sells news stories. stories of people who pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and start all over - in the opinion of msm - is relegated to feel good emails.
if you want to sell news stories, you have to get peoples attention. storeis of people recovering just fine on their own won't grasp at people's attention like riots and looting. for example, if the msm reported that katrina wiped out new orleans, and the population just shrugged it off and started rebuilding, that would be 1 or 2 stories. but if you focus on the negative, you get a dozen stories, then rebuttals, then more stories and rebuttals. all these stories sell. we have become a society of "tragedy vampires" our society in general seems to thrive on the pain and suffering of others. and msm makes their money off of this addiction to all things grotesque.

sorry for the rant.. had this conversation with a bleeding heart liberal last night, who couldn't grasp anything the idea that everyone in new orleans was now destitute, i couldn't get him to understand that there were plenty of people that are going on with their lives and rebuilding, but the msm just wants to show all the "underpriveledged" to sell more news stories.

30 posted on 09/20/2005 6:27:13 AM PDT by absolootezer0 ("My God, why have you forsaken us.. no wait, its the liberals that have forsaken you... my bad")
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To: cobaltblu
You can actually poison a tree with kindness

Old Testament law prohibits the boiling of of kid goat in its mother's milk.

I always read it to mean not to boil (make angry) a child in it's mother milk (of human kindness)

Mother's are good at nurturing, but sometimes they can smother with too much love and drive a kid away.

31 posted on 09/20/2005 6:34:43 AM PDT by Bear_Slayer
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To: flaglady47

I cannot stand Imass any longer. Most of the time he has only liberals on his show and he is a mouthpiece for the Rat Party and proud he voted for Kerry.

32 posted on 09/20/2005 6:41:02 AM PDT by Piquaboy (22 year veteran of the Army, Air Force and Navy, Pray for all our military .)
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To: hildy123
(This is from a guy here in Houston who went to volunteer his time to help the hurricane victims.)


I thought I might inform the few friends I have on my recent traumatic experience.  I am going to tell it straight, blunt, raw, and I don't give a damn.  Long read, I know but please do read!!!

I went to  volunteer on Saturday at the George R. Brown convention for two reasons.

A:  I wanted to help people and to get a warm fuzzy.
B:  Curiosity.

I've been watching the news lately and have seen scenes that have made me want to vomit.  And no it wasn't dead bodies, the city under water, or the sludge everywhere.  It was PEOPLE'S BEHAVIOR.  The people on T.V. (99%  being Black) where DEMANDING help.  They were not asking nicely but demanding as if society owed these people something. Well the honest truth is WE DON'T.  Help should be asked for in a kind manner and then appreciated.  This is not what the press (FOX in particular) was showing, what I was seeing was a group of people who were yelling, demanding, looting, killing, raping, and SHOOTING back at the demanded help!!!!!  So I'm thinking this can't possibly be true, can it????  So I decide to submit to the DEMAND for help out of SHOCK.  I couldn't believe this to be true of the majority of the people who are the weakest of society.  So I went to volunteer and help folks out and see the truth. Here I will tell the following  story and you decide:

I arrived at the Astrodome only to find out that there are too many volunteers and that volunteers where needed at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  As I was walking up to the Convention Center I noticed a line of cars that wrapped around  blocks filled with donations.  These where ordinary Houstonians coming with  truckloads and trunks full of water, diapers, clothes, blankets, food, all types  of good stuff.  And lots of it was NEW.  I felt that warm fuzzy while helping  unload the vehicles of these wonderful human beings.  I then went inside the building and noticed approximately 100,000 sq. ft. of clothes, shoes, jackets, toys and all types of goodies all organized and ready for the people in need.  I signed up, received a name badge and was on my merry way excited to be useful.

I toured the place to get familiar with my surrounding; the  entire place is probably around 2 million sq. ft.  I noticed rows as far as the  eye can see of mattresses, not cots, BLOW UP MATTRESSES!!!  All of which had nice pillows and plenty of blankets.  2 to 3 bottles of water lay on every bed.  These  full size to queen size beds by the way where comfortable, I laid in one to see  for myself.  I went to look at the medical area and couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing!!!  A makeshift hospital created in 24 hours!!!  It was unbelievable, they even had a pharmacy.  I also noticed that they created showers, which would also have hot water.  I went upstairs to the third floor to find a HUGE cafeteria created in under 24 hours!  Rows of tables, chairs and food everywhere-enough to feed an army!  I'm not talking about crap food either.  They had Jason's Deli  food, apples, oranges, coke, diet coke, lemonade, orange juice, cookies, all  types of chips and sandwiches.  All the beverages by the way were put on ice and chilled!!!!  In a matter of about 24 hours or less an entire
mini-city was erected by volunteers for the poor evacuees  This was not your rundown crap shelter, it was BUM HEAVEN.

So that was the layout: great food, comfy beds, clean showers, free medical help, by the way there was a library, and a  theater room I forgot to mention.  Great stuff right????

Well here is what  happened on my journey -

I started by handing out COLD water bottles to evacuees as they got off the bus.  Many would take them and only 20% or less said thank you.  Lots of them would shake their heads and ask for sodas!  So this went on for about 20-30 minutes until I was sick of being an unappreciated servant.  I figured certainly these folks would appreciate some food!!!  So I went upstairs to serve these beloved evacuees some GOOD food that I wish I could have at the moment!

***The following statements are graphic, truthful, and discuss IRRATIONAL behavior***

Evacuees come slowly to receive this mountain of  food that is worth serving to a king!  I tell them that we have 2 types of great deli sandwiches to choose from-ham and turkey.  Many look at the food in disgust and DEMAND burgers, pizza, and even McDonalds!!!!  Jason's Deli is better  than McDonalds!!!!  Only 1 out of ten people who took something would say "thank you," the rest took items as if it was their God given right to be served without a shred of appreciation!!!  They would even ask for beer and liquor.  They complained that we didn't have good enough food.  They refused food and laughed at us.  They  treated us volunteers as if we where SLAVES.  No, not all of them of course...but 70% did!!!!!!  20% where appreciative, 10% took the food without any comment and the other 70% had some disgusting comment to say. Some had the nerve to laugh at us.  And when I snapped back at them for being mean, they would curse at me!!!  Needless to say I was in utter shock.  They would eat their food and leave their mess on the tables..some would pick up their stuff; many would leave it for the volunteers to pick up.  I left that real quick to go down and help set up some more beds.  I saw many young ladies carrying mattresses and I helped for a while.  Then I realized something...there were hundreds of able bodied young men who could help!!  I asked a group of young evacuees in their teens and early twenties  to help.  I got cursed at for asking them to help!!!  One said "We just lost our  ****ing homes and you want us to work?!!" The next said "Ya Cracker, you got a  home we don't." I looked at them in disbelief.  Here are women walking by carrying  THEIR ****ING BEDS and they can't lift a finger and help themselves!!


I  waved them off and turned away and was laughed at and more "white boy jokes"  were made at me. I  felt no need to waste my breath on a bunch of pitiful losers.  I went to a nearby restroom where I noticed a man shaving.  I used the restroom, washed my hands and saw this man throw his razor towards the trash can...he missed and walked out leaving his disgusting razor on the floor for some other "cracker" to pick up.  Even the little kids where demanding.  I saw only ONE white family and only TWO Hispanic families.  The rest were blacks...sorry.  20% to 30% decent blacks...and 70% LOSERS!!!!!

I would  call them ******S, but the actual definition of a ****** is one who is ignorant, these people were not ignorant...they where ARROGANT.  The majority of which are thugs and lifetime lazy ass welfare recipients.  We are inviting the lowest of the low to Houston.  And like the idiots we are serving the people who will soon steal our cars, rape, murder, and destroy our city while  stealing from our pockets on a daily basis through the welfare checks they take.  We will fund our own destruction.

By "US" I don't mean a specific race, I  mean the people who work hard, work smart, have values and morals.  Only people who want to help themselves should be helped, the others should be allowed to  destroy themselves.  I do not want to work hard, give the government close to  half the money I earn so they can in turn give it to a bunch of losers.

I  don't believe in being poor for life.  My family immigrated here, we came here poor, and now, thank God, due to HARD WORK we are doing fine.  If immigrants,  who come here, don't know the language can work and become
successful...WHY THE  **** CAN'T THE MAJORITY OF THE HOMEGROWN DO IT!!!  If we continue to reward these  losers then we will soon destroy our great country.  I just witnessed selfish,  arrogant, unappreciative behavior by the very people who need help the most.  Now  these same people who cursed me, refused my city's generosity, who refuse to  help themselves are DEMANDING handouts on their own terms!!!!!!!  They prance around as if they are owed something, and when they do receive a handout, they say it's not good enough!  Well you know what...these type of people can go  to hell for all I care.

33 posted on 09/20/2005 6:47:03 AM PDT by Elsie (Heck is where people, who don't believe in Gosh, think they are not going....)
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To: hildy123
Now, my wife, ...I’d have to classify as a Clinton Democrat. She is quite keen to be on board with the PC stuff. As a member of a racial minority herself, she has a vague idea it’s “for” her. Having been raised in China, though, she has never properly internalized PC in a sophisticated way, never really acquired the necessary reflex habit of not noticing those things we are not supposed to notice, never really mastered double-think

Very interesting observations - and very spot-on. Teaching English here in Shanghai, the students are keen to spout certain PC lines they get from their government concerning America being racist - blah blah blah. However, they are very candid about their own highly negative views of certain races and nations, saying some jaw-droppingly un-PC things, since they don't receive the Service Pack updates to PC Bullsh*t® that are necessary to coordinate the latest lies and excuses.

Of course, they don't ever get surrounded and browbeaten (or worse) by people that are schooled in the subtleties of the lies we have to live in PC America every day, and the new positions "we have always believed in" as the PC BS constantly shifts to cover up another colossally obvious failure (shades of "1984"). The sick part is that most of the people doing the browbeating don't believe this PC BS either, but lack the courage to stand up for the blatant frikkin' truth. We wonder how the Cultural Revolution ever happened, well...we see it happening in a more insidious way in our own culture.

I try to explain PC to them, pointing out to them that it originally came from their Little Red Book, but judging from their blank looks, that part of history must have been wiped from their collective memories. They don't get it, and still won't get it until they live in an American ghetto for awhile to see the real truth of direct experience. And that also goes for a lot of pin-headed insulated dimtwits living in suburban "Progressiveland", the schmucks.

34 posted on 09/20/2005 6:50:12 AM PDT by guitfiddlist (When the 'Rats break out switchblades, it's no time to invoke Robert's Rules.)
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To: 2nd Bn, 11th Mar

I read Bill Whittle's piece. Thank you for posting it. It is a very insightful essay that all should read. If you didn't read it, please take the time. You will not be sorry.

It does contain strong language but it should be required reading for everyone.

35 posted on 09/20/2005 6:54:36 AM PDT by jch10
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To: Final Authority

Can't do that though. That's "acting white."

36 posted on 09/20/2005 6:55:42 AM PDT by 7thson (I've got a seat at the big conference table! I'm gonna paint my logo on it!)
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To: 7thson
Yes, we do have a clue. Get at least a high school education.

What do you think "get a high school education" should consist of?

Do you mean show up and don't get expelled?

Or do you mean 4 years of English, 3 years of History, Math through Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and mastery of one foreign language?

Here's a fact: In 1941-42, the percentage of whites at age 18 who "got a high school education" was 25%.

The native ability to "get a high school education" is probably not much higher than that.

37 posted on 09/20/2005 7:01:03 AM PDT by Jim Noble (In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act - Orwell)
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To: Elsie

I have family down there, that were helping with the relief. Some have quit do to just what you described, and the rest are very careful about what they hand out.

38 posted on 09/20/2005 7:42:06 AM PDT by redgolum ("God is dead" -- Nietzsche. "Nietzsche is dead" -- God.)
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To: Elsie
Thanks for posting is a WAKEUP call...and I think everyone SHOULD "volunteer" during this time of might just excise the "Guilty White" syndrome that the PC Nation has foisted on America! Almost sound like Kanye West's crowd was there in full force!

I'm not saying that ALL are bad...but enough that a RADICAL change needs to happen before things get better.

It would also have the effect of the Public staging a revolution over taxes and welfare spending!

39 posted on 09/20/2005 7:44:09 AM PDT by Itzlzha ("The avalanche has already is too late for the pebbles to vote")
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To: Elsie
I looked at them in disbelief. Here are women walking by carrying THEIR ****ING BEDS and they can't lift a finger and help themselves!!


I hate to criticize this guy while he pitches in and I sit, but I don't like his attitude. He's not there to help the lazy hecklers: he's there to help the struggling women. It's convenient for him to collectivize the lazy ingrate and the struggling victim into one repudiable entity, but the fact remains that some individuals really do need the help.

(I acknowledge that he provided some of that help, while I did not.)

40 posted on 09/20/2005 7:52:14 AM PDT by Physicist
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