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The University of Oklahoma Bomber- Link Roundup
various links | 10-05-05 | the heavy equipment guy

Posted on 10/05/2005 1:13:54 PM PDT by backhoe

The original, vast post:
 Bomb Blast at University of Oklahoma (Breaking on Fox) - suicide bomber at OU
Fox News/ ^ | oct. 1, 2005
The latest:
Many new links here:
 Sooner Bomber Wanted to Buy Ammonium Nitrate! (Good Info on Oklahoma Student)
 Here's a Tulsa World update thread with comments on local talk radio trying to quench the story. Too many questions. Too many problems with the party line. The thread also has the latest on link between pipebomb material found on Hinrich and pipe bomb found on OK City airplane flight.
 We Aren't Getting the Full Story on the OU Football "Suicide Bomber"
 Just found this story in the Tulsa World.  
The room mates name is Fazal Cheema.
 Cheema was employed in Tulsa by a company owned in part by Terry Lenzner, a close friend and investigator for Bill and Hillary Clinton.
 This nugget from the Tulsa article.  high-density hydrogen peroxide, just like the London bombers... and the Pali's....
 Flashback on last name: CHEEMA.
There was an AQ tape - a year & 1/2 ago? - that specifically mentioned and/or depicted goalposts.
 And what about the most recent tape, with the American convert issuing the threats? I've said it before on the long OU Bombing thread, and I'll say it here again: I believe using that convert on the tape was a signal to cells in the US to activate their American converts.
 Muslim Student Association....
 Stephen Schwartz, a muslim, calls the Muslim Student Association a Wahhabi front.
And in roughly chronological order:
 Chronological list-o-links of all FR threads on this topic since Saturday night (you may have already seen some of them):
 Student Investigated by the FBI --Not directly related to the OU Bombing, but thought it interesting. The post was followed by this note: "Zacarias Moussaoui purchased flight deck videos from Sporty's."


Jihad at the University of Oklahoma?

The story of the suicide bomber at the University of Oklahoma football stadium, determinedly ignored by mainstream media, is beginning to get interesting: Gateway Pundit: Sooner Bomber Wanted to Buy Ammonium Nitrate!

More links: - News - Hinrichs Tried To Buy Ammonium Nitrate
Gates of Vienna: Jihad at the University of Oklahoma?
The Jawa Report: Oklahoma Suicide Bomber May be Jihadi, Father Denies
Lone Star Times: Boomer Sooner
We Aren’t Getting the Full Story on the OU Football ‘Suicide Bomber’ -

 JihadWatch is also on the story:
 U of OK Pres David Boren was meeting with Tenet on 9/11 (OU Daily) /moonbat off.
 How much longer will our media, government, and higher education cover for, even enable, our enemies? Stay tuned. We wouldn't want to offend any peace-loving Muslims.
Sources ID TATP As Component Of [OU] Bomb (called 'Mother of Satan' by Islamist extremists)
 Sources Identify TATP As Component Of Bomb

Veteran journalist Mark Tapscott raises red flags over the MSM's coverage of the Oklahoma suicide bomber.

Who is Joel Hinrichs?

Amish? Or Muzzi sympathizer?



"Terrorists Among Us - The Jihad in America" VHS at Amazon.Com

According to google news... no national media has covered this. Only local OK media and WND!

Oklahoma Suicide Bomber May be Jihadi, Father Denies
Jawa Report, TX - 14 hours ago
The father of a University of Oklahoma student, Joel Henry Hinrichs III, that blew ... the material were instructions on how to make bombs used in suicide attacks. ...
Boomer Sooner Lone Star Times
all 2 related »
Oklahoma Suicide Bomber Had Bigger Plans
Wizbang, DC - 18 hours ago
Northeast Intelligence Network is reporting that the suicide bomber outside Saturday's OU/Kansas football game appears to have been planning something bigger ...
Oklahoma suicide bomber
American Thinker, AZ - Oct 3, 2005
No "normal" person commits suicide by blowing himself up in public with a ... Saturday night in an explosion outside the University of Oklahoma's football stadium ...

Washington Post
Stadium security to be stepped up
Norman Transcript, OK - 1 hour ago
... About 100 yards to the east was Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, where more ... in describing Hinrich’s death by saying, “I do not say suicide, I say ...
Stadium Security KKTV 11 News
New Security Announced After Colo. Man Blows Himself Up
Manhattan Mercury - Daily Texan - all 318 related »
Hinrichs was angry, depressed
Oklahoma Daily, OK - 23 hours ago
Although officials have not yet determined whether the death of Joel Henry Hinrichs III was a suicide, Dr. Alan Swann, psychiatrist at the University of Texas ...
Bombing 'scary' for students Norman Transcript
Discuss student death carefully Oklahoma Daily
Demand respect instead of jokes Oklahoma Daily
all 4 related »
Police probe suicide bomb (subscription), Ireland - 56 minutes ago
A SUICIDE bomb was detonated outside a college football game in Oklahoma last Sunday but officials say it had only one intended victim: the bomber. ...
Oklahoma bomber had jihad material
WorldNetDaily, OR - 21 hours ago
An Oklahoma University student who killed himself by detonating a bomb strapped to his body outside a packed stadium over the weekend was a "suicide bomber" in ...
Hinrichs Tried To Buy Ammonium Nitrate Channel
OU blast victim had attempted to buy ammonium nitrate Tulsa World (subscription)
all 6 related »

433 posted on 10/05/2005 12:09:15 AM EDT by adam_az
 Here is another video that gives props to some of the bloggers on this deal including digitalbrownshirt, baseline, and flopping aces.

The first photo we saw of Hinrichs was from the FBI, the FBI has not told anyone why they had it. This video talks about this item.
 This is being covered up because of the fear it would send across America.
 "The MSM and Gov't are going to be extremely reluctant to disclosed that the enemy is among us and are deploying to blast away. The real war is coming."
Agreed. We are on the cusp of a global war, and the first battles have already been fought here on US soil.
 Oklahoma City's Channel 9 Blows Bomber story Wide Open -- I had a brief discussion with Jayna Davis a short time ago. She is not suprised at this and points to the Norman mosque and Zacharias Moussaoui...  It's also the same mosque Nick Berg visited.
 Speaking of Moussaoui ?
 The co-pilot who died in the crash of Sen. Paul Wellstone's plane played a minor role in the case of Zacarias Moussaoui...
 Transcription of pages 299-302 from The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis --

Flopping Aces reports: "Apparently the local CBS affiliate in OKC had a report that Hinrichs has been known to visit the local Islamic center around the corner from his apartment..."

Wizbang with details from this morning.

The Norman Transcript provides more details (hat tip: Laura Lee Donoho)

 I've got a link for the News 9 video as an update at the bottom of this post. Sorry about the link whoring, but I'm excited about blogging this story. People need to know, and it's great too see the truth coming out.
Video of "he tried to buy Ammonium Nitrate ( AN ) from me:
Security Changes On The Way At OU (Despite 'Isolated Suicide' Theory)
This certainly smells like a jihadist bombing, but the most startling aspect of it is the glaring MEDIA BLACKOUT.
 CBS affiliate News 9 in OKC just did a story less than an hour ago that said Hinrichs had been seen at the Islamic Center near his home, his room mate was a Pakastani and Hinrichs tried to buy some ammonium nitrate last week. I posted this same info on my blog here.
4,142 posted on 10/04/2005 7:24:59 PM EDT by Cindy
 ... maybe it's me, maybe I'm having a bad day, watched every minute of the press conf. today -- steroids, bird flu -- distractions, while people are streaming over the borders. Not one question about that.
Not one word about a homicide bomber at OU.  

UPDATE -Oklahoma - Interesting Links ON THE NET...

 Hinrichs (OU Suicide Bomber) Tried To Buy Ammonium Nitrate
"Hinrichs Tried To Buy Ammonium Nitrate"

POSTED: 5:16 pm CDT October 4, 2005
UPDATED: 6:10 pm CDT October 4, 2005

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "NORMAN, Okla. -- The general manager of a Norman feed store said Tuesday that Joel Henry Hinrichs III had inquired about purchasing a significant amount of ammonium nitrate, the primary ingredient used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Dustin Ellison, the general manager of Ellison Feed & Seed on Porter Avenue, said that a man matching Hinrichs' description had come into the store days before he blew himself up on OU's campus. Ellison said the man asked about ammonium nitrate, but couldn't offer a reason why he needed it."
"Dad: Oklahoma student bomber wasn't politically motivated"

 "Oklahoma bomber
had jihad material --
 well..that cinches it for me. Pakistani roomate + bombs = Islamists & terrorists. put me on the ping list if there is one going please. Good grief..this is the first I have heard of that little tidbit. 
 I pinged you to a WND thread about the Islamic material. AND, here's Cindy's latest link list: 
 Oklahoma again:

 OU bomber had huge explosive stash; Mystery remains over suicide outside Sooners game -- This is a duplicate of this post:

Wherein was remarked that this story seems to be getting the official HUSH treatment. Perhaps this is just to give the FBI time to track down any accomplices, but the tinfoil hats (myself included) think there is a certain amount of "lets not scare anyone" mentality being used here... This situation will undoubtedly be quietly handled and gently discussed in subdued tones until enough people lose interest. Then, about eight months after this incident, a small-print report will be issued confirming that, yes...this boy was a recent Muslim convert and attempted to carry out a terrorist attack.

That's precisely how the authorities handled the July 4th 2002 terrorist attack by an Egyptian Muslim at the El-Al airline section at LAX.

 Wasson graduate died in likely suicide at OU

 I did a couple of pieces on my blog The Digital Brownshirt about this, so I already had the info handy. Must be a lot of people looking for info on the bombing considering my hits are 3 times normal today.
 Anyway, came across this interesting article out of France (of all places! LOL). The author however is Michael Wright of Norman, OK.

David Boren Undermines Investigation of University of Oklahoma Bomb

FBI says Colorado man killed self in explosion near Oklahoma football game

 BTW, some Norman-based FReepers are reporting that their local media is finally getting antsy with Boren's "explanations." Will the national media wake up?

From Cindy | 10/03/2005 3:39:02 AM EDT new


Another explosion detonated Sunday
from staff reports

October 02, 2005

Law enforcement performed a controlled detonation at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday at the Norman Police Departments's firing range on State Highway 9 and Jenkins Avenue.

3,380 -- The explosive materials that were detonated last night (Sun night) were taken out of Hinrichs' apartment in a black duffel-type bag a little while earlier.

There are some twilight photos taken of the bomb squad removing it on this blog:
 Check out GATEWAY Pundit

It seems the MSM wants this story to go away.



October 2, 2005

"One dead after explosion outside OU stadium
Report: Shortly after scene of suicide bomber at OU Football game"
October 2, 2005
From: Lan Lamphere
October 2, 2005 5:10 AM


 OFF TOPIC and stepping back in time...
"Michigan Coach Carr complains about security at Ohio Stadium" ^ | November 24, 2004 | Columbus Dawg
Posted on 11/24/2004 2:41:43 AM PST by Columbus Dawg

Note: This is a graphic.

Security Officials To Simulate Terror Attack Inside Alltel Stadium



 Suicide bombing at Oklahoma University? -- I find it truly bizzare that you can hardly find any mention of this story in the press. It's not like bombs go off around packed college football stadiums every day in the USA

TOPICS: Extended News; News/Current Events; US: Oklahoma
KEYWORDS: domesticterrorism; freeperresources; hinrichs; nationalsecurity; nonterroristattack; normanbombing; okbombing; oubombing; pajamapeoplerule; suicidebombing
Navigation: use the links below to view more comments.
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To: All 

Below John posts our correspondence from one of the Wall Street Journal reporters who wrote its weird Joel Hinrichs/blogs story. John cites Michelle Malkin's incendiary "The OU bomber & bias against blogs." (Michelle has an update here.) See also Jason Smith's related post "Where does the mainstream media get this stuff?" over at Generation Why?

Posted by Scott at 06:36 AM | Permalink

141 posted on 10/18/2005 4:59:48 PM PDT by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All; backhoe
FR Thread:
Two men arrested under OU campus (STUDENTS CHARGED)
According to an affidavit, a witness saw Boyce and Eldridge entering an underground tunnel system by cutting the locks to a manhole cover in the 1100 block of Asp Avenue. Police said the pair then opened a perimeter door and entered Richards Hall, where they removed a "stoppered glass vial."

FR Thread:
OU takes extra security precautions Mentions several other university incidents (UCLA, OU), and more quotes from former professor Stephen Sloan saying, "accept the reality" that school violence will continue and increase?!?!

At my blog:
BREAKING NEWS - Two students charged with stealing vial from OU Zoology Dept.
142 posted on 10/21/2005 2:25:31 PM PDT by LibertyRocks (OU Bombing Summary (updated 10/20) -
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To: All; backhoe
* (UCLA, OU) should read (UCLA, GEORGIA TECH)...

Total of 6 incidents at campuses this month:
  1. UCLA - 10/03/05 (2 blocks south of UCLA event mentioned above. FReeper 18wheeler's wife was a witness to these explosions that caused fire and smoke.)
  2. UCLA - 10/07/05 - Mentioned below
  3. Georgia Tech - Mentioned below
  4. ECU (Eastern Carolina University) - Discussed HERE
  5. Delta College 10/19/05 - Device that forced Delta College evacuation not real pipe bomb
  6. Prairie View A&M - Student arrested for counterfeiting may have had bomb making supplies in room

143 posted on 10/21/2005 2:28:18 PM PDT by LibertyRocks (OU Bombing Summary (updated 10/20) -
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To: LibertyRocks

Greatly appreciate those links- thanks!

144 posted on 10/21/2005 4:28:27 PM PDT by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
Search Results 10/28/05 (Google News Alerts & Alta Vista Search):


Allentown, PA:
Another Threat at Muhlenberg Elementary
(Real Player Video Clip at the above link)
(Threat was found inside the school)

Ledyard, CT:
Bomb threat cancels day at Ledyard High School
(...)Ledyard Police and Ledyard Resident State Trooper were called to the school at 6:51 a.m. to investigate a threatening message found at an unspecified location in the school, police said.
Superintendent Michael Graner called for early dismissal at 8:30 a.m. and Ledyard police called on the State Police Emergency Services Unit to search the school with bomb-sniffing dogs.

Bentonville, AR (UPDATE)
Student Arrested After Writing Threat At High School
BENTONVILLE -- A 15-year-old student was arrested Thursday after someone wrote a death threat in a restroom at Bentonville High School.
The girl, a sophomore, was taken to the Benton County Juvenile Detention Center, Bentonville Police Chief James Allen said.

Laurens, IA
Bomb threat closes Laurens school
LAURENS, Iowa -- All public school students in the Laurens-Marathon District were sent home at noon Thursday after the district's pre-kindergarten through 12th grade campus was evacuated earlier in the day due a bomb threat.
(...)The threat, according to Braunschweig, came in the form of a pencil drawing found in a boys' rest room in the high school. On the drawing were the words "My School," and "My Bomb." The drawing was discovered by high school principal Fred Johnson while making his regular rounds of the facility at about 9 a.m., the superintendent said.

Santa Fe, NM:
Cops visit school on threat report
Police were called to Santa Fe High School on Wednesday after reports that a student threatened to take guns to the school and shoot other students, school officials said.
A female student told school officials that during a conversation Tuesday, a sophomore said he was upset about his girlfriend breaking up with him, and he was going to shoot students at the school who had upset him, said Sarah Schlosser-Moon, school district spokeswoman.


Los Angeles, CA:
Suspicious package shuts down Hollywood Boulevard
(Early Report...)
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. A portion of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles has been closed to traffic while police investigate a suspicious package.
Los Angeles police Officer Sara Faden says an L-A-P-D bomb squad is en route to the 66-hundred block of Hollywood Boulevard where an unattended piece of luggage was found.

Palm Springs, CA
Bomb squad called out to false alarm at Palm Springs Airport
A false alarm this afternoon at the Palm Springs Airport, after TSA agents reported a suspicious device in a piece of checked luggage.
The Bomb Squad was called to check out what police said looked like a hand grenade.

Woonsocket, RI
Suspicious pipe investigated in Woonsocket
Providence Journal (subscription) - Providence,RI,USA
WOONSOCKET -- Public safety officials in Woonsocket have closed part of Diamond Hill Road after a suspicious pipe was discovered, the police said. ...

Indianapolis, IN
Suspicious Suitcase Prompts Evacuation, Road Closure
INDIANAPOLIS -- A suspicious suitcase aboard an IndyGo bus brought traffic to a standstill in one of the city's busiest intersections Friday morning.
(...)Authorities opened the suitcase and found empty trash bags inside.

Atlanta, GA
Midtown Street Reopens After 'Suspicous' Device Scare
ATLANTA -- A "suspicious" device that prompted Atlanta police to close a portion of 10th Street was a hard plastic tool box, authorities said.
(...)Police reopened the street shortly before 12:30 p.m. after determining that the package was not dangerous.

Boise, ID:
Robber leaves suspicious device at Boise bank
Witnesses said the suspect came in the bank around 12:09 pm, demanded money and left a suspicious device behind. He said it was a bomb. ...

Las Vegas, NV:
'All Clear' at City Hall
(I think this has been covered on the thread before. It happened on Thursday. - LR)
Las Vegas City Hall will be back to normal when it opens up Friday morning.
A portion of the building was in lockdown after white powder was found in an envelope. Police say two people brought the envelope into the police station at City Hall because it had threatening words on the front. When an officer opened the envelope the powder came out.


York County, PA
Trio indicted on federal bomb counts (Zip Code/Birthdate Reg. Req'd)
(...)Zachary M. Beck, 20, his brother Stephen, 18, and their friend Shannon Silknitter, 18, all of Windsor Twp., were indicted on charges of conspiracy, manufacturing of destructive devices and possessing destructive devices. Authorities say they built and set off five pipe bombs during a nine-day crime spree.
York County authorities have charged the trio with multiple counts of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, arson, weapons of mass destruction, use of weapons of mass destruction, risking a catastrophe, criminal mischief, recklessly endangering another person and criminal conspiracy. They are being held in York County Prison on $1 million bail.
Zachary Beck's girlfriend, Megan Anthony, 20, who is facing charges of arson, risking a catastrophe, criminal mischief, weapons of mass destruction, use of weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy, was released after her bail was reduced to $15,000.

Three area men face federal bomb charges
Indictments follow explosions that damaged home in North Hopewell Township

Two brothers and their friend, already facing numerous state charges related to setting off pipe bombs in southern York County, were indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury in Harrisburg on charges of conspiracy and manufacturing and possession of destructive devices.

Des Moines, IA
Wal-Mart Store Receives Bomb Threat
DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Wal-Mart store in Windsor Heights has reopened after receiving a bomb threat.
The store was evacuated. Police did a sweep of the store and no evidence of a bomb was found.


Hannibal, MO
Bomb threat proves false
(Registration Req'd)
[If I were the Hannibal Police Chief, I'd be requesting funds to establish my OWN bomb squad after this - Hwy Patrol refuses to assist and check for threat - LR]
A bomb threat left on a truck parked at Moberly Area Community College Thursday night proved to be false. The note found on the truck at 8:17 p.m. said, "I wouldn't start the vehicle, (expletive)".
The truck, a 1985 GMC driven by a MACC student, was parked on a lot on the northern side of Hannibal Regional Office Center at 109 Virginia, which houses the college along with offices and the Swiss Colony business.
(...)When the threatening note was reported, Lawzano contacted the Missouri State Highway Patrol to request it bring a bomb squad from Jefferson City. He was informed the state patrol does not take its bomb squad to the scene, "unless we find something suspicious."


Teens admit to Choctaw explosions
(No names released despite the fact that two are 18 years old...)
CHOCTAW, Okla. -- Three Choctaw teenagers admit the caused an explosion earlier this week that alarmed nearby residents.
Police Chief Billy Carter says two 18-year-olds and a 16-year-old confessed to the Monday night blast in a field near an elementary and an intermediate school. There were no injuries and no damage

Teens Behind Mysterious Choctaw Explosion
Police said three Choctaw teenagers admitted to causing an explosion Monday night near a metro school that alarmed neighbors and parents.

Three students confess to Choctaw explosion
CHOCTAW - Three Choctaw High School students have admitted causing an explosion Monday night in a field near two schools, police officials said Thursday.
An 18-year-old and two 16-year-old males were brought in for questioning after Choctaw police officials received information from other students the three were involved in the incident, Police Chief Billy Carter said.

(...)However, [Police Chief Billy] Carter said charges could be filed against the students early next week.


Fired Florida professor offers no defense in terrorism-support trial
TAMPA, Florida - After hearing from U.S. government witnesses for nearly five months, an attorney for a fired college professor charged with aiding Palestinian terrorists rested his case yesterday without calling a single witness.
After summoning more than 70 witnesses, federal prosecutors rested their case earlier Thursday morning against Sami Al-Arian and three other defendants accused of raising money and supporting Palestinian Islamic Jihad or PIJ.

4,573 posted on 10/29/2005 5:38:56 AM EDT by LibertyRocks (OU Bombing COMPREHENSIVE SUMMARY (Updated 10/26) -

145 posted on 10/29/2005 4:12:34 AM PDT by backhoe (The Silence of the Tom's ( Tired Old Media... ))
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To: All

La Vergne, TN:
Boy Threatens to Blow Up School
A 10-year-old student allegedly threatened to "blow up" Rock Springs Elementary School in La Vergne and then the world Friday, his teacher said during a Juvenile Court hearing.
He was also in court Wednesday on an arson charge after he and a 7-year-old companion allegedly set fire to a car Tuesday that spread to four other vehicles at Gray's Auto Parts in La Vergne. The fire caused about $10,000 in damages.

Millersburg, PA:
Teen arrested for bomb threat at school
MILLERSBURG – Cory A. Umstead, 18, of Forlow St., Millersburg, remained in the Holmes County jail Saturday night in lieu of $200,000 bond following his arrest Friday on a charge of inducing panic, a fourth degree felony.
Umstead was arrested in connection with a bomb threat written on the wall of a boys’ restroom at West Holmes High, according to Holmes County Sheriff Timothy Zimmerly.


Pratt, KS:
Suspicious device found in Pratt
Streets were blocked off and several businesses evacuated all morning long in Pratt, while the Wichita Police bomb squad and Pratt Police investigate a suspicious device. Someone found the device around 1:30 a.m. Saturday near 1st and Jackson. Investigators say the device appeared to be a pipe bomb. The bomb squad from Wichita had to be called in to disarm the device while some nearby businesses were evacuated. Police are not saying who they think built the device and have not made an arrest.


Iran stresses continued terrorism in Palestine
Oct 29, 2005
Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki stressed continuation of terrorism by Palestinian terrorists until the Qods is liberated from the 'Israel' occupation.

Al Qaeda/Al Qaida

ACLU: Coach badgered player about al-Qaida
LAS CRUCES, N.M. - The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico has filed a grievance against New Mexico State football coach Hal Mumme, saying he discriminated against a now-released Muslim player by repeatedly questioning him about al-Qaida.
(...)The grievance, written by ACLU staff attorney George Bach of Albuquerque, said Mumme questioned Ali repeatedly in July about “Islam and specifically its ties to al-Qaida,” the terrorist organization headed by Osama bin Laden.
Those actions “smack of religious discrimination sufficient to warrant a complete and immediate investigation by the NMSU Office of Institutional Equity,” the ACLU said.

(I don't know what's up with this case - it's possible the coach released them due to their religion... BUT, if the coach was merely asking a known Muslim about his religion and it's apparent link to Al Qaeda I would say that it constitutes wanting to gain a better understanding of the religion as it relates to World Events, not "badgering". - LR)

Default judgment granted in al-Qaida case
SALT LAKE CITY -- A soldier wounded in a firefight in Afghanistan and the widow of his slain comrade won a default judgment against the estate of a suspected al-Qaida financier.
The lawsuit alleged the late Ahmed Said Khadr failed to control his then-15-year-old son and prevent him from intentionally harming others in the July 2002 battle.
(...)Khadr, an Egyptian-born, naturalized Canadian citizen, is said to have been killed in a gunfight in Pakistan.
His son, Omar Khadr, is being held at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba over protests of the Canadian government that he is a juvenile.

Iran lets senior al Qaeda suspects roam free: report
BERLIN (Reuters) - Iran is permitting around 25 high-ranking al Qaeda members to roam free in the country's capital, including three sons of Osama bin Laden, a German monthly magazine reported on Wednesday.
Citing information from unnamed Western intelligence sources, the magazine Cicero said in a preview of an article appearing in its November edition that the individuals in question are from Egypt, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and Europe


Iranian War Veterans to attend CCW Conference
From the Islamic Republic News Agency:
Iranian war veterans affected by Iraqi chemical attacks (in 1980-1988) in the Hague on Saturday called for punishment of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein by the court of justice.
The war veterans who are on a visit to the Netherlands to attend the Tenth Conference of member states of Convention against Chemical Weapons (CCW) in the Hague, said that the court of justice should put the crime of chemical attack on indictment of Saddam too.
(...)About 100,000 Iranian soldiers fell victims to Iraqi chemical attacks during eight years of imposed war. Several hundred civilians also suffered from chemical attacks. Many of the victims succumbed to their injuries gradually after the end of the war.
Meanwhile, Iraqi army sprayed inhabitants of the Iraqi Kurdish city of Halabja with poison gas on March 16, 1988 in a military operation against Iraqi Kurdish population called Anfal killing more than 5,000 and wounding several thousand people. Many of those affected by the chemical attack died gradually and the remaining are suffering from illnesses pertaining to the gassing.

From Free-Market News Network:
Senator Edward Kennedy will attach his hate crimes bill, S.1145 onto the Sex Offenders Registration Act, according to the office of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.
The bill passed the Senate 65 to 33 in 2002 but was stripped in conference. The Judiciary Committee defeated the bill last Thursday. FMNN has reported that the bill is part of a larger package of measures aimed not so much at those who are in some sense "racist" but at the alternative press itself which already has been targeted by the Bush State Dept.
The Hate Crimes bill, the State Dept. initiative and press Shield bill announced by Senator Richard Lugar create a formidable package of weaponary for legislators seeking to attack and weaken the alternative Internet press. This initiative is solidly backed by the mainstream media which has not sought to cover it with any level of analytical certainty but has instead reported on the package as a series of discreet and unlinked items.

If you would like on or off my "daily links" ping list, please send me a freepmail. (o:
4,678 posted on 10/30/2005 10:59:16 AM EST by LibertyRocks (OU Bombing COMPREHENSIVE SUMMARY (Updated 10/30) -

146 posted on 10/30/2005 11:50:13 AM PST by backhoe
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To: backhoe

"STOPPERED VIAL" Case at OU: Boyce/Eldridge

RECENT FR Threads:

"Biohazard" Break-in - 11/04/05 - Oklahoma Gazette
Possible connection revealed between the "stoppered vial" case and the OU Bombing... Several other important facts revealed and other info confirmed in this article.

Has Terrorism Returned to America's Heartland - 10/27/05 - CBNNews
Anonymous source that is a neighbor of the Norman Mosque is quoted stating they saw Hinrichs in the parking lot of the mosque on numerous occassions.

Duo Faces Burglary Charges at OU - 10/25/05 - OU Daily
States vial was empty "according to affadavit" although the affadavits available do not indicate this. [Downloads of the court documents are available from my blog - link below]

Close Call, but Fun For All- 10/23/05 - The Norman Transcript
Details security precautions and a bomb scare during OU's Homecoming.

I have also updated the information at my blog - On Politics and Other Random Thoughts, as well as added a new post:
New Info on "Stoppered Vial" Case & OU Bombing...

OU - Case of the "Stoppered Vial" - 2 students charged with breaking in to Richards Hall
UPDATED including Downloadable Court Documents

OU Bombing Comprehensive Summary has also been updated to include more source links.
147 posted on 11/04/2005 3:49:26 PM PST by LibertyRocks (OU Bombing Summary and more...
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To: All
 Highly explosive material found in apartment of Colorado man who blew self up near football game
148 posted on 11/19/2005 4:52:36 PM PST by backhoe (The Silence of the Tom's ( Tired Old Media... ))
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To: backhoe
Here are a couple more article regarding Friday's developments I found. They are posted to main thread you linked above. (o:

OU bomber left a final message: 'None of you are worth living with'
The Oklahoman

149 posted on 11/20/2005 12:38:36 AM PST by LibertyRocks (OUBombing summary @
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To: All 

First up is the still-mysterious case of the Oklahoma University suicide bomber. Mark Tapscott, who's covering the FBI investigation, has some interesting developments about whether or not they will be able to put their heads together to get to the bottom of this case.

Michelle Malkin has a trove of documents on the case for amateur sleuths to peruse as part of her own coverage on the case.

150 posted on 12/01/2005 2:45:37 AM PST by backhoe (The Silence of the Tom's ( Tired Old Media... ))
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Sooner Suicide Later Turns Out To Be Botched Attack

Mark Tapscott has stayed on the story of Joel Hinrichs, the Oklahoma University student who blew himself up outside the football stadium, long after the FBI dismissed it as a suicide brought on by depression. His vigilance has paid off, as it now appears that the FBI jumped to an erroneous conclusion and that Hinrichs meant to kill a lot more people than just himself:

Mark notes that the FBI continues to dismiss any other explanation than suicide. Keep checking in with Mark and with Michelle Malkin, both of whom remained skeptical about the official explanations and maintained visibility on this story.

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151 posted on 03/01/2006 1:46:58 PM PST by backhoe
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*Updates below*

Authorities are investigating an explosion at an apartment complex in Texas City (home to one of the largest petrochemical complexes in the world) yesterday which killed one man and injured another. (hat tip: Nita Rene)

One man died Wednesday in an explosion at a Texas City apartment complex, KPRC Local 2 reported.

A resident was working with combustible materials inside a unit, sparking the explosion, investigators said. That man, whose identity was not released, died at the scene.

Today, investigators have identified the materials:

Authorities ordered two apartment complexes evacuated and set off a small explosion inside a unit today in an attempt to remove a substance believed to have caused a fatal blast Wednesday.

In a news conference today, federal and local officials said they believe the substance was peroxide-based.

The FBI refused to say whether it believes the men were preparing some kind of attack.

But Texas City Mayor Matt Doyle said: “If we thought this was a terrorist act, the action would be a lot different than we’ve seen here today. Certainly, the FBI would have raised the level of security inside the city.'’

Salway described the substance as similar to TATP, organic peroxide and a primary high explosive. It takes the form of a white crystalline powder with a distinctive acrid smell and has been described as a weapon of choice for suicide bombers.

TATP was also the explosive of choice of suicide bomber Joel Hinrichs outside a packed football stadium in Oklahoma last Fall, as well as the 07/07/05 London bombers.

Of course, the official line is… “Authorities … don’t believe terrorism was involved.”

Here are photos of the scene, courtesy of the Galveston County Daily News:

…and the Houston Chronicle:

The two victims have been identified.

The survivor of yesterday`s explosion, Curtis Jetton, is charged with making a false police report. Police say Jetton and the victim, 21-year-old Matthew Rugo, were working with chemicals inside the apartment when the first explosion took place.

According to public records, it appears Matthew Rugo was arrested two years ago on a misdemeanor weapons violation.

He was also charged in March 2005 with burglary of a habitation. Kohen said Rugo and co-defendant Christopher J. Distefano, 20, of Bellville, were accused of stealing rifles and other items from a home. He had pleaded guilty in the case but had not yet been sentenced. Distefano also was facing sentencing.

Contradictory reports about their possible affiliations:

A college student killed Wednesday afternoon in a blast at the Lakeview Apartments likely was part of a growing subculture of young people who like to see things blown up, authorities said.

Those same authorities insist he and a friend injured in the blast were not associated with any terrorist group — domestic or otherwise.

That word contradicted TV news reports attributed to unnamed, highly placed federal sources that said the pair might be members of a four-person domestic terrorist group.

The injured man had recently been fired from his job cleaning offshore storage tanks and oilrigs:

Mickey Greene, the operations manager for Will Duett, a Galveston firm that specializes in cleaning offshore storage tanks and oilrigs, confirmed Jetton worked for him until recently. He said he told Jetton he wasn’t needed anymore after failing to report to work Saturday.

A friend of Matt’s has posted a tribute to him here.

He had a special interest in explosives and firearms, as many guys do at the age. The only thing is he was a little more active in his interest. I have no doubt he enjoyed just seeing what he could accomplish with them and knowing that he had the knowledge and ability for them. If it wasn’t for this accident, I bet he could have truly been a great pyrotechnician someday or something of the sorts.

I’m not condoning what Matt did, but I just want to clear up any question on his intent. Matt was not a violent person and there really isn’t a doubt in my mind that he did not meant any harm to anybody or anything. I’m sure the most he would have done with any of his materials was take them out to some pasture or somewhere and see what he could do with them. They where basically his toys, though dangerous as they where. He had no more intent with his actions then someone with a bottlerocket aimed at an object in a junk heap.

Rest in Peace, Matt. The one true regret I have about this is that I can’t tell you all the stir you made after the fact… with the FBI, news reporters, bomb squads, the police blowing up the apartment complex, and helicopters going crazy. You would have truly loved it, and thought it an extremely befitting end.

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  1. There are a handfull of organic peroxides that might have been in use legitimately, but that’s unlikely…

    What is more likely is that with all this publicity about TATP a fool was playing. The fool may have had a nefarious intent entirely unrelated to anything properly called “terrorism” - a grudge, for example, or a robbery.

    With all the publicity…

    This stuff has been described as easy to make, and recipes are available. It may be simple in theory but it isn’t simple in fact, and most amateurs wouldn’t even recognize the pitfalls.

    I have the training and equipment to do this - I have stirring hotplates, burets and other glassware, etc… I also have all my fingers, and I like it that way. I wouldn’t try this on a bet. There are several explosives I would try to make before I’d try to make TATP - assuming I would try to make explosives, which I wouldn’t.

    Wild guess: Somebody tried to make some TATP with weak reagents and ended up with a mix of the di and tri forms. The di form is less powerful but way more sensitive.


    Comment by Playin Possum — 6:46 pm

  2. If you care to see a more detailed perspective on the people involved in this explosion, please visit here.

    I just can’t express how incredibly far away from relevance these events are from all the war and terror happenings listed on this page.

    Comment by Matt's Friend — 3:03 am

152 posted on 07/22/2006 5:12:06 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: hoosiermama; hispanarepublicana; PhiKapMom; indcons; mplsconservative; investigateworld; ...
Hello again, everyone! Just thought I'd post to let you know that I've re-published the Comprehensive Summary that I wrote last year about the OU Bombing. Here is the new link:

War in the Heartland? Terrorism and the OU Bombing
- A Comprehensive Summary @ Liberty Rocks Blog -

I have some editing, some updating, and some links to add, but I thought with the anniversary swifly approaching, and my old blog host out of commission that I'd go ahead and re-publish what I had saved. I'll also be adding more pages containing my old blog posts over the next few days.

Take care & Stay Safe everyone!
- LR

P.S. -- If you would like on or off the OU Bombing ping list please let me know.
153 posted on 09/18/2006 12:43:38 AM PDT by LibertyRocks (Liberty Rocks Blog:
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To: LibertyRocks

THANK YOU Liberty Rocks.

154 posted on 09/18/2006 12:45:57 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: LibertyRocks

Thanks for the ping, LibertyRocks. This is another episode where we'll never really know the whole story, IMO.

155 posted on 09/18/2006 5:24:19 AM PDT by JustaCowgirl (The new axis of evil: The UN, the terrorists, and the American Democratic party.)
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To: backhoe


156 posted on 09/18/2006 5:31:55 AM PDT by OKSooner
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To: backhoe; Cindy; kcvl; adam_az; PhiKapMom; onyx; Mo1; weegee; piasa; devolve; pissant; ...


The mainstream mediots and Islamofascist lovers of America can't bury these acts of Islamofasicist terror any more.

Great job as usual!

157 posted on 09/18/2006 7:04:57 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (There's a dwindling market for Marxist Homosexual Lunatic lies/wet dreams posing as news.)
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To: LibertyRocks

Thanks for the ping and your additions.

This way all of this data will be one place and available to everyone.

All of this data makes it very hard for the bureaucrats in Oklahoma and DC to ignore what happened. They will continue to try spike any news, but that doesn't work anymore.

158 posted on 09/18/2006 7:07:49 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (There's a dwindling market for Marxist Homosexual Lunatic lies/wet dreams posing as news.)
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To: backhoe

Same explosive intended for use in the planned plane bombings (that were thwarted a few weeks before they happened).

159 posted on 09/18/2006 8:37:44 AM PDT by weegee (Remember "Remember the Maine"? Well in the current war "Remember the Baby Milk Factory")
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To: Grampa Dave

Keep me on your periodic PING list.

So many stories are immediately denied as having ANY terrorist component only to slowly leak out communications (suicide notes with outright statements of terrorism and support for Bin Laden).

It is why I say that we KNOW the authorities are lying to us about some attacks. This does not mean that they are lying to us about every attack; it just means that they cannot be trusted at their word.

160 posted on 09/18/2006 8:39:57 AM PDT by weegee (Remember "Remember the Maine"? Well in the current war "Remember the Baby Milk Factory")
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