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Viewers with a viewpoint: Can Christians change the culture by going to the movies?
WORLD ^ | November 5, 2005 | Gene Edward Veith

Posted on 10/28/2005 9:51:06 AM PDT by Caleb1411

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To: Borges

I think that the caricatures are introduced to soften the image of gays, as harmless little pussycats.

51 posted on 10/28/2005 11:56:57 AM PDT by RobbyS ( CHIRHO)
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To: Caleb1411
More people would see their movies if they would stop with the cheesy political correctness.

Gay people and black people are all saints and victims.

Women are masculine ,and white guys are devils.

To top things off they have tacky one liners devoted to putting down members of a certain political party.

These things are boring . When I see them in movies, I long to run for the door.
52 posted on 10/28/2005 12:05:45 PM PDT by after dark
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To: Caleb1411
There are many reasons that movie attnd is declining--DVDs, etc--

But I think a reason that floats beneath the radar is the fact that there are more old Americans now than young Americans, and the US population (legal citizens) did not replace itself.

Ironic that Hollywood, so passionate about exterminating the unborn, aborted itself out of business.

53 posted on 10/28/2005 3:18:57 PM PDT by Mamzelle (.)
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To: Kieri
"Hollywood knows but refuses to admit that family films, when done well and with respect, are box-office draws. "The Incredibles," "Chicken Run," "Finding Nemo," and "The Lion King" are all prime examples."

Begging your pardon but the Lion King does not belong on your list. One of the main characters has a gay voice (you know it wasn't chosen by accident -- especially when Lion King was made 10 years ago, when Christians were not as well organized). And I seem to remember some other scenes and lines that could easily have been left on the director's cutting room floor.

When Eisner was in his prime, Disney movies were deliberately attempting to subvert our children to a liberal and leftist viewpoint. Eisner was quoted saying as much.

54 posted on 10/28/2005 4:22:38 PM PDT by tom h
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To: RobbyS

That said, they in their ordinary life, they are remarkably like your local bank vice-president. So are most of the guys who make porn films.>>>>>>>>>>

You just never know, back in the sixties a co-worker asked where I went to high schook, when I told him he said, "well you must have known (a certain gorgeous brunette who loooked like a dead ringer for Natalie Wood), I said , of course, she was a classmate. He then knocked my flat by saying, "you know you almost never meet a girl so good looking who loves to f...... that much". It seems that she had been going to another town twenty miles away and pulling trains on a regular basis. He seemed genuinely astounded that I didn't know this, in fact he pretty much called me a liar to my face when I insisted that I had no idea. This was a girl who never uttered a four letter word and whom I considered beyond my reach.

55 posted on 10/29/2005 6:49:06 AM PDT by RipSawyer (Acceptance of irrational thinking is expanding exponentiallly.)
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To: RipSawyer

My daughter worked as a PA for five years in the movie industry in NC and in California. Her first job, and firts credit, was an an intern on an independent movie in North Carolina. It was a clunky horror movie. She said she was astonished at the willingness of local girls to take of their clothes, just to get into a movie that went instantly to video. Tese were just ordinary, high school cheerleader types, but that had no shame. What they have is what many Americans crave, which is to have their "fifteen minutes of fame." Many will settle for ten seconds, of course, which is why they show up every morning outside the studios of the Today Show.

56 posted on 10/29/2005 9:06:36 AM PDT by RobbyS ( CHIRHO)
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To: Caleb1411; llevrok; camle; MineralMan; Borges; Kieri; gondramB; SQUID; ZGuy; OldYank1; ...

I highly recommend "The Greatest Game Ever Played," which is based on a true story that happened in the early 1900's. I saw it about a month ago when it came out, but I guess it wasn't that successful at the box office. Too bad families didn't take their kids and support a nice movie. If we don't support movies like this, they won't get made.

57 posted on 11/12/2005 4:22:05 AM PST by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: It's me
Did anyone see Dear Frankie It wasn't out long but it was a great movie.

Sorry to say, I never heard of it. I don't remember it playing around here. Is it out on video yet?

58 posted on 11/12/2005 4:29:04 AM PST by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: It's me

I just looked up "Dear Frankie," and discovered that Gerard Butler is in it. IMO he did a great job playing the phantom in Phantom of the Opera. He was also in a movie that was based on a true story about soccer that came out this Spring but never got to my area.

59 posted on 11/12/2005 4:34:48 AM PST by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: MineralMan
My point is that people should choose the films they see carefully.

Yes, they should choose films carefully and beware of R-rated movies. The only r-rated movie I've seen in years was the Passion. Even pg-13 has gone downhill with sex and violence.

60 posted on 11/12/2005 4:47:09 AM PST by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: trisham

bump for later

61 posted on 11/12/2005 4:49:40 AM PST by Ulysses ("Most of us go through life thinking we're Superman. Superman goes through life being Clark Kent!")
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To: mlc9852
I haven't been to the movies in probably 8 or 9 years but my daughter will be home from college these weekend and we're going to see Dreamer. Looks like a good movie that won't embarrass us.

I haven't seen Dreamer but heard it was good. Don't see Zorro, which I saw two weeks ago. Zorro spends quite a lot of time DRUNK after a fight with his wife, and the plot is preposterous. Who would think that Zorro, a hero, would be wasting our time being drunk instead of going after bad guys? I should have asked for a refund.

62 posted on 11/12/2005 4:56:32 AM PST by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: Dr. Scarpetta

I saw Dreamer and really enjoyed it. It's a good family movie. I used to watch the Zorro TV series when I was a kid and loved it. All the kids in the neighborhood would take big pointed cactus stalks and have sword fights - lol. But after your review, I won't bother to see the movie.

63 posted on 11/12/2005 5:42:52 AM PST by mlc9852
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To: Mamzelle

There aren't exactly a lot of movies about abortion. The one everyone cites (The Cider House Rules) was six years ago.

64 posted on 11/12/2005 5:59:10 AM PST by Borges
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To: Caleb1411
"Disney mogul Michael Eisner: "We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make a statement. To make money is our only objective."

No moral obligation ever existed for Mr. Eisner's ilk. The only way I believe we can force those who run most of Hollywood to begin producing artful movies that make a moral statement is to stop going altogther, until they get it right. Or at the very least, attend only those very few movies worth watching.

If Hollywood and the boob tube produced decent movies and programs, with some basic Chrisitan morals and values, crime amongst our young people would drop off sharply. Hollywood glorifies the behavior of punks, which breeds more punks. I believe they know full-well that their 'product' is a cancer on American culture.

65 posted on 11/12/2005 8:05:57 AM PST by TheCrusader ("The frenzy of the Mohammedans has devastated the churches of God" -Pope Urban II, 1097AD)
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To: Borges
Well, there was that English thing that no one watched...but I get your point.

I meant that as a herd, abortion is one of their precious sacrements.

66 posted on 11/12/2005 9:03:09 AM PST by Mamzelle (.)
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To: MineralMan

Here is my list for the last few months.
It is difficult to do; but possible to find movies that are not sleazy, pushing bed hopping, and homosexual agendas, etc.or political views.

"Batman Begins"
"War of the Worlds"
"Must Love Dogs"
"Return of Zorro"

67 posted on 11/12/2005 9:17:11 AM PST by Countyline
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To: Countyline

I loved WOTW. Much more faithful to the tone of the novel then the 1953 version (which was entertaining in its own way) and virtuosic filmmaking.

68 posted on 11/13/2005 6:43:28 AM PST by Borges
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To: Mamzelle

Actually 'Vera Drake' gave a sigficiant voice to the anti abortion side (the titular character's family) as well. Much more so then any movie I've seen in a long time. Jack Nicholson is also an outspoken opponent of abortion.

69 posted on 11/13/2005 6:45:47 AM PST by Borges
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To: RobbyS
Why would we want to support Hollywood in any way shape or form. Let the market take it's course and let the idiots in Hollywood starve. Boycott Hollywood all together.

Avoiding Hollywood will force change more more than trying to change Hollywood by supporting it. They understand loss better than gain.

Christians can change the culture by just being a real Christian. That means, do not allow for the paganization of Christianity with the easter bunny, santa clause, etc etc.... This is all done to make Christianity more palatable for the rest of the world. Christ hanging from the cross is very offensive to Hollywood.
70 posted on 11/14/2005 7:36:35 AM PST by SQUID
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To: after dark
A classic case of PC was the most recent version of Zorro. Within 10 minutes of the beginning of the picture, the villains of the movie were shown to be Bible spouting white racists, speaking in "hick-bonics", who opposed the entry of California as a state of the Union. I walked out of the movie, regretting my having wasted $7.50 on this anti-white, anti-Protestant, anti-Southern trash.
71 posted on 11/14/2005 7:43:56 AM PST by Wallace T.
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To: Caleb1411

No. Time and again, family friendly movies have made piles of money. But they still produce anti-family crap. They're not interested in money.

Even Zarutha had a few lines that made me cringe: "Fetch me a juice box, be-otch."

72 posted on 11/14/2005 7:49:47 AM PST by Little Ray (I'm a reactionary, hirsute, gun-owning, knuckle dragging, Christian Neanderthal and proud of it!)
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To: wideawake

It's too early to say nothing has followed Passion, the normal movie cycle is two years and it's only been 18 months. Narnia is a direct result of LOTR, and I'd say some editing decisions were made because of Passion, but we won't know for sure until next spring what the effects of Passion are.

73 posted on 11/14/2005 7:51:04 AM PST by discostu (When someone tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back)
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