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Is Paris Burning? ( Religion of Peace Alert )
various FR links & stories | 11-02-05 | the heavy equipment guy

Posted on 11/02/2005 4:00:57 AM PST by backhoe

 13 Arrested In Paris Suburb Riots
  Night Number Six of Paris Riots
 Unrest spreads to nine French towns
 Riots erupt in more Paris suburbs
 Violence spreads around capital (Froggy violence Alert!!)
 Riots expose France's fault lines
 Selective Muslim Silence
 France is Burning (Muslims burn Paris; MSM ignores it to protect Religion of Peace)
Potential Hot Spots: France Is Burning (Europe's multiculturalism fail & going down in flames)
 France defends policies after riot (Finally admitting Muslims are rioting)
 Several days of Muslim Riots in Denmark (Not only in France)
Paris rioting largely unreported
 Muslim youths have been rioting in a Paris suburb for three days—but good luck if you want details from mainstream media, who seem to be working overtime to obscure the facts in this disturbing story: Third night of trouble in Paris suburb following teenage deaths. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)   link: 219 comments
 Second Night Of Rioting In Paris
Saturday, October 29, 2005
 And last week they were rioting in Birmingham, UK as I just noted in the last thread. Melanie Phillips goes into the political reasons for the media's silence (reported already on LGF): 'minorities' must be victims and not agressors. But this is really approaching open revolt in Europe, and lunatic violence in India and Indonesia, and lunatic threats from pre-atomic Iran.
 We've had similar incidents here in Australia.
 riots in Sydney
 Check out this French website with details. File on the left side "Jihad in France".

TOPICS: Extended News; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: cristalsemaine; eurabia; eurointifadah; france; islam; jihadineurope; muslim; paris; parisriots; rop; swine; wot
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To: All
 Saudi says he nixed Fox News 'Muslim riots' banner
201 posted on 12/09/2005 3:26:19 AM PST by backhoe
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To: All
Symposium: The Death of France
202 posted on 12/09/2005 3:26:51 AM PST by backhoe
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To: All

The French Intifada Continues

Here’s an incident that happened on New Year’s Day, but was completely ignored by world media: Gang terrorizes train in France. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

PARIS — A gang of more than 20 youths — thought to be North African immigrants — terrorized hundreds of train passengers in a rampage of violence, robbery and sexual assault on New Year’s Day... link: 85 comments 

You are a media victim.
For a humorous - but annotated and deadly serious take - read this.

These are the suras which contain the word "terror."

French Riviera Gang Terrorises Passengers In Two-Hour Train Rampage (Yutes)

The French need to pull this out of mothballs:

Palestinian Terror Leader: Sharon's Stroke is "God's Gift"

The leader of the PFLP, currently hiding from justice in Syria, calls Ariel Sharon’s cerebral hemorrhage a gift from God.

Pan-Arab satellite television broadcasters beamed out largely straightforward, nonstop live coverage early Thursday from outside the hospital where Prime Minister Ariel Sharon struggled for his life.

But a radical Palestinian leader in Damascus, the Syrian capital, called Sharon’s health crisis a gift from God.

the terrorists have promised to rain rockets down upon Israel in celebration

“We say it frankly that God is great and is able to exact revenge on this butcher. ... We thank God for this gift he presented to us on this new year,” Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Syrian-backed faction Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, a small radical group, told the Associated Press.

Loony Tunes Alert:

The Messiah Dajjal Has Secretly Started Work

203 posted on 01/05/2006 3:36:19 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
Riots in France once more with feeling-- More than 500,000 students and workers march in Paris, France, and other French cities, Saturday. (AP/Francois Mori)
Violent protest staged in France 2006-03-19 05:19:28
FRENCH PROSTITUTES DECLARE 'HOOKER PRIDE' ON PARIS STREETS --What is the difference between the Paris hookers and US Senators? The gals from Paris get paid for real services and the Senators aren`t as pretty
French Students' Protests Turn Fiery

204 posted on 03/19/2006 3:39:42 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
Paris Burning, Once Again

New French radicals just want to swot

205 posted on 03/26/2006 4:20:37 AM PST by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All
Live Thread: Hundreds of thousands protest in France

PARIS RIOT WATCH - (French Blog Site Update with links to sites to see what is going on).

The French Intifada

Turn on FOX. They are running coverage of the increasingly violent protests in Paris. The police line keeps changing. Various groups milling about trying to attack the police. There is a mix, "protesters and people wanting to get violent".
Police are charging against rocks and bottles. Howls from the crowd.

Larry Kudlow here:
But French students apparently prefer their little worker’s paradise just the way it is. The overall jobless rate in France hovers around 10 percent, so-called “youth unemployment” is 23 percent, and in some of the Muslim-heavy suburbs, joblessness is nearly 50 percent. Some paradise.

In France, you see, companies don’t grow because it’s too costly to hire while it’s against the law to fire. Hence, since they rarely add jobs, French businesses under-perform, under-produce, and under-employ. Think of it: It’s awfully tough to increase output without a growing workforce to produce it. Of course, it wasn’t all that long ago that young Muslims rioted and vandalized urban centers across France. Their beef was cultural in nature, but it was also rooted in the fact that France is anti-opportunity, anti-wealth, anti-jobs, anti-markets, anti-work and anti-capitalism.

France_paris_riots_black_tuesday_1Indeed, at the heart of the French problem is a statist-run socialist economy that is massively overtaxed and overregulated. France’s public government sector, for instance, accounts for more than 50 percent of GDP. In other words, private business in France is in the minority.

Police wildy outnumbered. It is out of hand.

Windows smashed at start of Paris demo PARIS, March 28 (AFP) - A gang of masked youths smashed the windows of a cafe and tried to mug people taking part in Tuesday's demonstration in Paris against a government youth jobs law. After failing to break into a supermarket near Place d'Italie, in the south of the city, the gang turned on a neighbouring cafe and broke its windows. They also tried to grab handbags and mobile telephones from demonstrators who were gathering there ahead of a march. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy earlier warned that gangs from underprivileged Paris suburbs [euphemism for Muslim - Atlas] would infiltrate the demonstration.

Crowds not dispersing. Tear gas being used. Past two hours out of control. Marvin Kalb is speaking now, calling this Springtime in France. The  French rite of passage, protesting. Is this guy for real? Whatta putz, romanticizing this savage behavior. "Come Springtime, the French love to go out in the streets." Yeah ok.

Back to reality: tens of thousands pour into the streets.
France_black_tuesday_video France_paris_black_tuesday_kick
Photo left: Youths attempt to wrestle a video camera from a journalist
Photo right: French student is attacked by a gang of hooded youths from poor suburbs
The Strike
France_black_tuesday_hoodlums France_real_demonstrators
Photo left: Demonstrators break shop's window in Rennes
Photo right: Real demonstrators

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Paris Riot Watch 

posted by U*2 @ 3:01 PM

Place de la Ripoublika Franska.

Paris Riot Watch 

posted by U*2 @ 1:20 PM

Water cannons are being brought in to the Place de la République in Paris to scatter the remaining core of anarchists that continue to slug it out with riot police.

Powerline takes a hard look at French youth, students, and their stunning lack of common/economic sense.

Because if it was written in French, people would giggle

"One wonders, by the way, why that sign is in English".

Posted by Kate at 12:56 PM | Comments (14)

206 posted on 03/28/2006 4:41:40 PM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All

Youths vs. Youths

In this report on the ongoing socialist tantrums in France, we learn that “youths” from the suburbs are preying on the demonstrators: Hundreds arrested in Paris protests. (Hat tip: Aussiemagpie.)  link: 74 comments's where we catch up to the topic of this thread) Seeing the riots happening in central Paris, gangs of Muslim youths rode the RER in from the banlieus and joined the fracas, and apolitically started victimizing everyone around them -- shops, cafes, and even their fellow protestors.

Youths from the Paris suburbs stealing? Oh, the Muslims!

207 posted on 03/29/2006 3:18:32 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
French fantasies: C’est la vie
208 posted on 03/29/2006 4:58:07 AM PST by backhoe
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To: All
"Yoot" Alert:

Paris In Springtime

The "Youths" are at it again.

Go see more at France-Echos.

Why even bother reporting on it?
Youths vs. Youths, Part Deux

Moms, don’t let your daughters go to a French protest. There might be youths there. link: 51 comments

209 posted on 03/29/2006 1:59:49 PM PST by backhoe
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To: All
Read it all:

France Riot Intifada: Partie Deux

Asinine Pic of the Week and BTW the mainstream media can't get enough of this faux flower girl's bullshit (an obvious  knock-off of the metrosexual - photo right). Hey flowerchild, want calm and "peace", stop rioting and running roughshod over your country.
France_flower_girl Flower_power_oct_67
They're rioting in France, again. Gluttons for punishment. If they put as much effort into their work, lives, country, economy as the put into the fight to get something for nothing...Mainstream media keeps silent on the wilding Muslims.

Discouraging Work: France’s Secular Work Ethic

Who's to Blame for France's Bad Image Regarding the Riots? The International Media, of Course 

posted by Erik @ 6:36 AM

You realize, of course, that when America has a problem regarding its bad image — whether in regards to foreign policy (say, Iraq) or its capitalist society (the poor, crime, violence, the lack of solidarity, etc), it is the Americans' own fault for the bad image in question. In no way would it be, could it be the fault of the biased media (domestic or foreign), you realize.

How this changes when it comes to Europe! As Jacques Chirac prepares a speech on the riots (and as it turns out that Italy may have a similar problem), the French have found their bogeyman for their, uh, not-so-good image: the international media and their portrayal of the riots (especially the Anglo-Saxon media!). In other words… the Americans are always to blame! No matter what!

Note, however, that Doreen Carvajal reports that the attitude of appallment is slightly self-serving. Indeed,
as foreign journalists point out, if cars were burning in their own capital cities, it would be front-page news.…

"The French have got a bit used to this phenomenon," said Erwan Lecoeur, research director at the Observatory for Public Debate, which analyzes the impact of media coverage on society.

"Our Anglo-Saxon friends love showing that things are going badly here and the reaction on CNN is emblematic of that," he said. But he added that it was "hypocritical" of the French to complain about coverage when French TV was also airing plenty of violent images.

Also, I wrote a comment discussing the double standards of this self-serving attitude of appallment:
Une seule exagération sur la France -- qui ne va pas manquer d'être corrigée par les propres confrères (américains !) de CNN ainsi que par les blogs -- et les Français crient au scandale !

Est-ce qu'il faut vous rappeler ce que disent les Français à longueur d'année sur l'Amérique et les Américains? (Et là, sans correcteurs domestiques pour faire le Hola !)

Pour mémoire récente : la Nouvelle Orléans et l'ouragan Katrina, avec ses milliers de morts, le racisme outrancier de Washington, et la preuve de la dégénérescence indiscutable de la société américaine (il a, là aussi, fallu Fox News pour faire la simple tâche d'aller ...lire la Constitution américaine et découvrir que celle-ci interdisait au gouvernement fédéral (c-à-d Bush) d'intervenir dans un État si le gouverneur de ce dernier ne l'y avait pas formellement invité -- ce qu'en l'occurrence, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco n'avait pas fait)...

Je n'évoque même pas le capitalisme "sauvage", le "chaos" en Irak, et Bush=Hitler...

Deux poids deux mesures, Messieurs Dames, voilà ce que ça s'appelle...

Quote of the Day: England’s Theodore Dalrymple

Filed under: Economy, Taxes & Government — TBlumer @ 5:03 pm

From Theodore Dalrymple at UK’s Times Online (HT’s Best of the Web):

The Striking Idiocy of Youth

The sight of millions of Frenchmen, predominantly young, demonstrating in deep sympathy and solidarity with themselves, is one that will cause amusement and satisfaction on the English side of the Channel. Everyone enjoys the troubles of his neighbours.

….. Whether they know it or not, the people on the streets in France were demonstrating to keep the [predominantly Muslim] youth of the banlieues — who recently so amused the world for an entire fortnight with their arsonist antics — exactly where they are, namely hopeless, unemployed and feeling betrayed. For unless the French labor market is liberalized, they will never find employment and therefore integration into French society. You have only to speak to a few small businessmen or artisans in France — the petits bourgeois so vehemently despised by the snobbish intellectuals — to find out why this should be so. The French labor regulations make employment of untried persons completely uneconomic for them.”

Of course. It’s always the lowest people on the economic ladder who get hurt the most by artificial labor-market restrictions. Seen properly from Dalrymple’s perspective, the French marchers are engaging in selfish racism, “whether they know it or not.”

210 posted on 03/31/2006 6:44:11 AM PST by backhoe ("Keep Your Powder Dry!" hattip: Minutegal)
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To: All
UN MOMENT DECISIF (France's youth not entitled to lifetime job security by age 26)
By Allahpundit   ·   March 31, 2006 11:51 AM

Jacques Chirac is expected to take to the airwaves at 1 p.m. EST and inform France's youth that, no, they're not entitled to lifetime job security by age 26. French auto makers are already bracing for a spike in demand. Stay tuned to this post for updates in case protesters respond with insufficient "nuance."

Brussels Journal reports that the issue has made for an odd reversal of political polarity:

French public opinion, predictably, is squarely on the side of free lunch:

Welcome to Paristan, Eurabia

211 posted on 03/31/2006 2:47:56 PM PST by backhoe ("Keep Your Powder Dry!" hattip: Minutegal (Leni))
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To: All

The Slow Descent Into Madness, French Style

Allahpundit, posting over at Michelle Malkins blog, reminds us this essay by Theodore Dalrymple. It is perhaps the best commentary that I have ever read on the situation in France, and for that matter, the West.

France has ground to a halt with its recent strikes over the government's attempt to invigorate the jobs market by allowing employers to termnate younger workers who do not succeed in their jobs, easing job-security regulations for the first two years of their employment.  Everything that Jacques Chirac and his cabinet tries appears to backfire, including a televised offer for a compromise on the new labor law:  The French call them casseurs or "smashers" -- people who delight in destruction for its own sake and who latch onto protests in order to sate their appetite for it.   And they're not just breaking things, either. The burgeoning immigrant population, primarily Muslim, has combined with historical French anti-Semitism, resulting in a toxic brew that now results in "honey traps" for Jewish men, traps that result in torture and murder according to the London Times:  Comments (13)

Paris 'smashers' shift attacks from property to people

212 posted on 04/02/2006 1:08:21 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All
Riots in France once more with feeling

France Riots: Savages Gone Wild

They're baaaaaaaaaaaack. The hooded, head scarfed well financed "poor" thugs attacking, kicking, beating, destroying..............another glorious day in the war torn streets of Paris. Unbelievable.
Complete chaos as we speak. Watching the barbarians tearing through the streets, out of control, is to watch the death of a society. Attacking the police, attacking the media and the legit mate protesters? I have no empathy. Who the fcuk wants to keep the first job they ever had?  I'd still be putting little gold tips on belts, or babysitting the Shippenberg kids, or pumping gas while I was in college, or waitressing at the jazz club "the Atmosphere" in Uniondale, or fuggedabowdit............I had a gazillion jobs.
How do you grow? Oh that's right you don't.
Violence has erupted in the streets of Paris. That which the welfare state wrought and France pays the jiyza. The media calls them "hooligans",  I call them MUSLIMS...

LIVE THREAD: French Riots

213 posted on 04/04/2006 1:30:38 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All

France's Future - Nearer Than We Imagine?


This morning, there were some horrific reports and pictures of an upsurge in violence on the streets of Paris - the usual "youths" and "students."

I know that many of us think France is circling the drain pretty darned fast, and that it's entirely possible that much of the rest of "Old Europe" isn't far behind.

There is one Eastern European author, though, who "gets it" and is very, very knowledgeable about Islam. The problem is so worrisome to her that, in view of the ever increasing frequency and intensity of the violence in France, she has written a very compelling novel called "Hatred of the Angels."

Because of the level of PC in Europe, she has been unable to find a publisher. We thought her vision of the future was so important, so educational, that we offered to publish it chapter at a time, about once a month, over at 6thCAJ. So far,three chapters have been published, with about nine to go. The titles of all of them are listed.

John Sobieski said...

I've been reading the online novel as it is published. Another fascinating novel is Jean Raspall's Camp of the Saints. Sadly, both will leave you disillusioned with the future if there is not a radical shift in Western leadership to defend Western civilization.

214 posted on 04/05/2006 5:18:18 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All

French Muslims Celebrate New Year by Torching 1,193 Cars
« on: January 02, 2013, 07:32:36 AM »;topicseen

215 posted on 01/03/2013 3:04:31 AM PST by backhoe (Yeah, I'm seeing the Cute Cat Lady...)
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