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After Action Report 11-02-2005 - Weekly Wed Tucson Military Recruiting Protest and WCW Rally ^ | 11/04/2005 | Wayne Boettcher

Posted on 11/05/2005 11:24:37 AM PST by \/\/ayne

Saddam Can't Wait!

Say No to Communism Part V

By Wayne Boettcher
Posted: 11/04/2005

Why is there a sun? And why must this nearby star concentrate its thermal forces in the direction of Tucson, Arizona like a demented laser beam on steroids, ignoring the season with callous brutality? Yes, it was another searing day as I neared the Military Recruiting Center on November 2, 2005 at 8:15 am for the weekly "anti-war" protest. A few military parents and veterans were already there joyfully supporting the troops and America. Pulling into a likely parking spot, (for which I later received a warning notice and voluntarily moved) I readied my trusty "Say No to Communism" and "We Support The Troops And Their Mission" signs. Sadly, I had forgotten the UN flag welcome mat.

The theme from planet Moonbat was once again the macabre celebration of over two thousand military deaths in Iraq from accidents and combat. Busy activists quickly set up a pair of flag draped coffins and a gigantic sign with a large number 2000 on it across the street from the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen they claimed to support. With over forty thousand killed yearly in the US due to automobile crashes, it seems like they could probably prevent more deaths with Wear your seat belt and Hang up and drive signs. But we all understand that they are not really trying to "save" anyone. Even if they tone down slightly after being exposed as Code Pink did at Walter Reed Hospital, the memory of these hateful displays will forever remain as an example of liberal mindset.

Protest Warrior Jeff showed up again with his anger inducing sign requesting liberals protest the terrorists instead of America. Why does it make them so mad? We can only ponder and reflect. Jeff is working man, part of the backbone of America that makes our country great, yet is able to take off a few hours every week to show up. I was on vacation that day, myself. Perhaps you are wondering if you can make time to show up at a protest. If you did, you would be pleasantly surprised, I think. If you don't feel like you can protest but you still want to help, why not purchase a gift certificate for a sign maker or print shop that makes signs and drop it off with the good guys? Just a thought.

Channel 4 news appeared and interviewed pro American Robert Zurheide Sr. whose son Marine Lance Corporal Robert Zurheide, Jr. was killed last year at An bar Province of Iraq in a mortar explosion. His father, a non-active Marine himself (you never really leave), re-activated himself for home front citizen duty, showing up at Support The Troop rallies and the Wednesday protests. Woe to the moonbat who carries a sign with his son's picture on it! His wife and another son were there as well to stand up for America. After that interview, an excited liberal strode over demanding to be filmed. The camera focused on him a long time as he ranted, however, they didn't use any of that footage, only saying that "anti-war" groups claim to support the troops, too. They explained how Zurhiede believes media misinform about the war.

The "anti-war" Professor was there and we kind of made up and shook hands, although he continues to claim my Communism facts are not relevant. He was surprised to hear about Rwanda and how corrupt UN officials could have stopped the slaughter, also the Oil for Food scandal. There were some new faces including a man who says he reads my website (Hi, buddy!) and didn't think I was right about a few things. The interview demander was also new, he had earlier explained to me that Eastern Europeans didn't feel so bad about Communism (he had traveled there a lot) and certainly didn't want capitalism. He wasn't very amused when I suggested they try a mix and call it "Commie-apitalism." When I showed him the Saddam/Burning Towers mural, he bizarrely stated it indicated US troops were murdering Iraqi citizens.

Then it was off to the University of Arizona for the "World Can't Wait" rally and "feeder march" ending downtown. Except I couldn't find Alumni Plaza in time, so I had to leave for downtown, although I knew at least one freedom defender was going to be there. Sorry, buddy! However, that did mean I got to the downtown rally in the park a little early. The Lucero and Zurheide families were also going to be there. Walking up with my two signs, I stood alone on the corner behind the speaker's rostrum. I had anticipated a large action so I had many copies of "The killing machine that is Marxism by R.J. Rummel," also "No Question about It" and "WMDs: Lost and Found" by James S. Robbins. I had all three web addresses of the articles with titles on a large number of small slips of paper as well to help the environment and maximize distribution. I call this method "slipstream."

It was good thing I had them because the "feeder march" from the U of A went right past me! "Here is some information," and "please take this and check it out later" I requested as I rapidly handed out "slipstreams" as quickly as possible. About a third of the 100 or so marchers were able to grab one and many came by later, not wanting to miss out. By this time liberals were all around me with their own signs, some wondering why I would protest Communism there. Wasn't it dead or what did it have to do with "anti-war?" Was I stuck in the '50's? I guess they didn't know that the Revolutionary Communist Party was helping run the WCW rallies or didn't see the many organizers wearing black t-shirts with red star and fist clenched rifle. Many of those hard workers actually accepted the Communism column from me to read and also some other self identified Communists. Many non-Communists accepted it as well or the smaller "slipstream" version. To those who didn't I smiled and said: "Facts are scary, sometimes, aren't they?" A recently discharged Navy veteran named Robert came and held one of my signs for a while but then had to get back to work. I sang the Navy song plus all the rest of the military theme songs with booming voice.

"This guy ought be thrown out of here!" shouted one angry peace advocate who had started out with a loud and vile cavalcade of cursing. He seemed to be building up a head of steam so I turned to him calmly.
"Sir, are you advocating violence at a peace rally?" I declared loudly but in a neutral tone.
"That's right, you..."
Following my head motion, he looked around at the many people staring silently at us. A lot of these were not the hard-core moonbats of "anti-war" activism but preppies, high school students, real peace lovers and retired folks who just wanted to make a difference in the world.
"Never mind," he mumbled. After a few more insults and curses he turned away. However, his rude and ugly behavior spoke volumes for my side.

Their next move was to try and block my sign. However, it is large and has a long pole and I am very tall. Thus I was able to hold it over their signs most of the time, to their chagrin. A chant started with a group traveling in a circle around the rally. As they passed me I held up the Saddam/Burning Towers mural photo for them to see. The chant was "Drive out the Bush regime, the world can't wait." but I only shouted the last part, saying "Saddam can't wait!" I only did that for a short time as I didn't want to disrupt their chant, only make a point. Judging from many startled looks, the point was made. Soon the Lucero and Zurheide families showed up and took the other side of the same corner, waving Marine and American flags with pride.

Eventually the speakers started and I wandered over to hear them. I suddenly realized I was standing almost directly behind the rostrum to the right of the speakers with my large sign! Nobody tackled me or threw vegetables so I stayed right there. At least three of the people who came up and talked to me were speakers, so I may have been in the unofficial "green room." One, a large and furious man who cursed prolifically with much hate and gusto at me while crumpling my handout said in his later speech that Christian right fundamentalists had illegally taken over some precincts and committed vote fraud. He was some kind of official in a liberal party or an election worker or something. Various speakers remarked about the evils of Christian fundamentalists.

Another revealed that the United States Government were using their policies and other means as a deliberate plot to murder illegal immigrants trying to cross the desert into the USA from Mexico. (Many die of exposure.) Wow! What a statement. So that's what happened. It was our entire fault. A calm and thirsty man whom I shared my water with seemed very interested as I told him how hypocritical it is to protest war while supporting or not protesting deadly Marxism, and how when Saddam invaded Kuwait it set the stage for us to invade Iraq when he didn't comply with the surrender terms he agreed to. The peace activist flummoxed me, however, when he said he believed Osama Bin Ladin was innocent of the 9/11 World Trade Center hijackings and was not a part of Al Quaida so we had no reason to go to Afghanistan.

During his speech to the crowd he pointed me and said it was good that I could picket and express my self but he had talked to me, and my facts were wrong. Oh really, Mr. "Osama is Innocent?" As he denigrated my information, I held up my Saddam/Burning Towers photo to the assembly. Most had seen it close up, and I was secure in the knowledge that lots of my handouts were in the pockets of the people there. You know, I totally forget what that guy's speech was about, it wasn't nearly as competent or powerful as the "USA is killing illegals on purpose" guy, whom I later complimented on his speaking ability.

It was a very long day. Mr. Lucero noted a string of liberals had walked away in frustration after debates with me. I'm no expert, I just relate simple facts, but apparently that's very powerful. Lucero and Zurheide also debated with great effect, although one dedicated US Army veteran Communist argued long with Zurheide and myself. He told me that there had never been real Communism, and it wouldn't happen until the whole world became socialist.
"Do you think then they could stop killing everyone?" I asked.
"With world Communism we'll have peace," he declared.
"Because all the opposition will be dead?" I asked. I couldn't read his answering smile.

After most of the liberals left we troop supporters were still there for a short time, startling the people in the string of cars exiting a nearby Pro Life event.
"Wasn't there supposed be "anti-war" here?" one asked from open window. We laughed.
"I hope you learned something today," sternly related a departing long staying "anti-war" activist whom I had talked to early that morning.
"Yes, I did. I learned to "Say No to Communism!" I stated as a passerby agreed heartily. A trifle silly perhaps but I was simply relating that my views hadn't changed!

Frankly, I think the WCW rally was quite a disappointment to the left. I don't believe they had the kind of "uprising" they wanted, although the effort to organize was tremendous. There were only about 200 and some of those were high school and college students whose teachers or professors actually told them to ditch classes and go to a rally. I wonder if they talked to that "legalize drugs" activist I saw? Oh, well.

Later that afternoon at five intersections in the city there were more rallies. I got to one by the U of A first and took middle of the best corner, although liberals surrounded me. One history major was very nice and polite as most were there. Turns out it was a pro-abortion rally on that intersection (each had a different theme) so I verbally recommended to many. A few related conspiracy theories to me like how America blew up the World Trade Center and such. Also, some citizens stopped by and thanked me for what I was doing as happened throughout the day. That's ok, because I love this country as do most of us. Let's everyone do whatever we can to support the nation as we all stand up for America!

Wayne Boettcher is the owner of

The ultra "Say No To Communism" sign

And the Support The Troops sign

Related links:

Arizona Indymedia - Many thanks to Steev and other photographers at Arizona Indymedia for the photographs since I can't afford a digital camera.

Revolutionary Communist Party - with World Can't Wait link!

Saddam Hussein Mural with Burning Twin Towers - from Little Green Footballs

The handout columns:

Iraq’s WMDs: Lost and Found
- by James S. Robbins

No Question About It
- by James S. Robbins

The killing machine that is Marxism
- by Professor R. J. Rummel

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KEYWORDS: aar; anticommunism; antiwar; arizona; communism; freep; marines; militarymoms; moonbat; protest; protestwarrior; recruiting; supportthetroops; tucson
It was funny how some people were asking what Communism had to do with it. If you search "front group" and "World Can't Wait" on the internet you can find out a lot of information.

Communists? At this rally?

This doesn't raise any red flags?

Hey, commie ladies, dig this scene!

Either accept peace or feel the wrath
of our symbolically clenched assault rifles!

Why is there a statue of Pancho Villa in the downtown park? Few know for sure but rumor has it that the nation of Mexico gave it to Tucson because none of their cities wanted it. Interestingly, the Tucson Communist Party meeting house includes an image of Pancho Villa with other Communist leaders. If anyone knows for sure how the statue got here or Pancho Villa's Communist connections how about a comment?

Would you like to read a column on Marxism?

Here, take this information, here, here, here, here, here...thanks!

Can you spot my sign?

The Luceros and Zurheides are on the right behind the speaker.

Momentarily they were able to cover my sign.

You be the judge:

As a married man I have no opinion on the protesters but I really think the Protest Warrior sign is much higher quality.
1 posted on 11/05/2005 11:24:40 AM PST by \/\/ayne
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To: \/\/ayne

Most excellent.

2 posted on 11/05/2005 11:38:21 AM PST by AliVeritas (Weldon Ops, Earle Fatwa Team, Pork Jihadi, MOOSEMUSS, Stick Brigade, Go Steele)
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To: \/\/ayne; Americanwolf
Thanks for the updates Wayne. Maybe AW and I will see you next Wednesday.AWB
3 posted on 11/05/2005 11:59:49 AM PST by Americanwolfsbrother (Don't hate on someone for using their mind.)
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To: Wayne
Thanks for the updates Wayne. Maybe AW and I will see you next Wednesday.AW

Sorry needed to make a little correction to previous post.AWB

4 posted on 11/05/2005 1:09:15 PM PST by Americanwolfsbrother (Don't hate on someone for using their mind.)
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To: \/\/ayne

From a Walter Reed FReeper, keep up the great work. We have to engage the leftest wherever and whenever they gather. Looks like from their numbers you have an up hill battle but keep the faith, you all will persevere. The left can't be allowed to go un-answered. Thanks for taking time off from work to protest. I bet that if the left had jobs, there wouldn't be so many.

PS - I envy your warm weather, its starting to get cold here in D.C., though last Friday was nice.

5 posted on 11/06/2005 7:29:11 AM PST by trooprally (Never Give Up - Never Give In - Remember Our Troops)
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To: \/\/ayne

Awesome work Wayne. Keep it up. ;)

6 posted on 11/06/2005 4:33:31 PM PST by Alexander Rubin (Octavius - You make my heart glad building thus, as if Rome is to be eternal.)
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To: \/\/ayne
As a married man I have no opinion on the protesters but I really think the Protest Warrior sign is much higher quality.

As a married man, I also would have to say the PW is by far a better put togeather sign.

7 posted on 11/06/2005 5:21:32 PM PST by sausageseller (Look out for the jackbooted spelling police. There! Everywhere!(revised cause the "man" accosted me!)
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To: \/\/ayne

Good work Wayne. Keep it up.

8 posted on 11/06/2005 7:12:54 PM PST by moni kerr (Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way)
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To: sausageseller

Thank you so much for that uplifting image of the lovely Belly Girl! BTW, does anyone know her name?

9 posted on 11/07/2005 3:22:42 AM PST by elcid1970
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To: elcid1970
I did not post her picture.
With recent events of Demonrats conspiring to use FR for their evil deeds, I think publicity naming her would be unwise!
10 posted on 11/07/2005 4:14:08 AM PST by sausageseller (Look out for the jackbooted spelling police. There! Everywhere!(revised cause the "man" accosted me!)
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To: sausageseller

And let me just clarify that the Protest Warrior young lady was not at this protest (I found her picture on the internet) but obviously the picture taken on the left was meant to imitate her.

11 posted on 11/07/2005 7:04:34 AM PST by \/\/ayne (Give me Liberty or give me the ACLU)
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To: \/\/ayne

You're the greatest! Thanks

12 posted on 11/07/2005 7:29:24 AM PST by bmwcyle (We broke Pink's Code and found a terrorist message)
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To: \/\/ayne

After looking closely at the photos I have to ask- Did the protestxxxcommies make their own signs or pick one up from a leftist supplier? All the Bush signs are the same shape, same size, same font, same stick. How many of them are homeless bums out the 22nd and Park baseball field? Here, have a hotdog and carry this sign.

13 posted on 11/07/2005 8:01:59 PM PST by Old Flat Toad (If ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy liberals?)
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To: Old Flat Toad
You're right, Elderly Horizonal Amphibian, the protest signs showed definate indications of Henry Ford/Capitalist style mass production with stencils and spray paint and probably a healthy dose of Russian vodka.

I got a great email from a soldier about the Tucson protests:

Awesome! Thank you so much for what you do! Without a population that is politically aware and active then moonbats like them would be free to run the show and there would be no Constitution for me to uphold and defend. Keep up the good work. I fear that unless we keep pushing back, they will be able to direct the "national conversation" and be able to do what they did during the Vietnam era.

Back then allowing South Vietnam to fall to the Communists only doomed the South Vietnemese to a life of misery. Today allowing Iraq and Afghanistan to fall to the Islamfascists would have far reaching and horrible consequences across the globe. Of course, you know that, which is why you are who you are. What frightens me is not that there are the "moonbats" but rather there are those that sit idly by in the "middle" and sway back and forth.

Keep up the fight on your end and we'll keep it up on ours!!

Name Withheld
Elementis Regamus Proelium!!

I looked up his motto, it's "Let Us Rule the Battle by Means of the Elements"
14 posted on 11/10/2005 1:16:22 PM PST by \/\/ayne (Give me Liberty or give me the ACLU)
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