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INVASION USA Could French-style riots happen here?
World Net Daily ^ | November 8, 2005

Posted on 11/07/2005 10:24:14 PM PST by avant_garde

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To: ezoeni

00 is much more devastating on vital organs.

101 posted on 11/08/2005 5:28:08 AM PST by verity (Don't let your children grow up to be mainstream media maggots.)
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To: avant_garde
The answer is yes, it could. But it would be planned and coordinated rather than spontaneous (which is how it started in France). The result would be a lot of bodies on both sides and an end to bi-lingualism and all it entails.

Do I think it will happen, no.

102 posted on 11/08/2005 5:29:22 AM PST by wtc911 (see my profile for how to contribute to a pentagon heroes fund)
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To: Prime Choice
Actually, 40% of the rioters arrested during the Rodney King fiasco were Latino. And the state waited several days before calling out the National Guard plus it took a day to find the key to the ammo locker.

One thing I had to admire about the Latinos; while the locals were happy to smash a window and grab a TV, they were stealing U-haul trucks and backing them up for a thorough clean out.
103 posted on 11/08/2005 5:33:01 AM PST by investigateworld (Abortion stops a beating heart)
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To: avant_garde

And California is steadfastly working to disarm its law-abiding citizens through gun bans, ammo taxes, and the like, leaving the way safe and clear for rampaging mobs.

104 posted on 11/08/2005 6:16:06 AM PST by mvpel (Michael Pelletier)
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To: avant_garde

For all I care, they can take over Detroit, NY, Philly, St Louis and San Fran. Combine them and make one country called Liberalslovakiaslovenia.

They can have the debt, the poverty, the taxes and all the great social programs that make a country prosperous as LBJ said they would. /sarcasm

105 posted on 11/08/2005 6:26:29 AM PST by EQAndyBuzz (Liberal Talking Point - Bush = Hitler ... Republican Talking Point - Let the Liberals Talk)
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To: struggle

And we are not afraid to use them. In FL I can shoot anyone I think is threatening me or my family. I guess I will just have to get on the roof with the M-14

106 posted on 11/08/2005 6:55:55 AM PST by stm
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To: bmwcyle

If Muslims were ever dumb enough to pull this shit in our streets, they would finally discover that although our elected officials will appease them, the American citizens will be all too happy to send them back home sporting new leaks.

107 posted on 11/08/2005 8:15:31 AM PST by DCWatson
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To: All

All I need is 45 minutes to head to Wal Mart to pick up some shotgun shells...10 boxes ought to top off my supply pretty well.

Then some 45acp ball from the same store...ten more boxes...

I'd be ready then...let's play cowboys and Mexicans.

108 posted on 11/08/2005 8:23:19 AM PST by Armedanddangerous (Big people are harder to kidnap!)
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To: Diddle E. Squat
Our immigrants assimilate and integrate, they have jobs, and they move up the economic ladder. Every 2nd generation immigrant speaks and reads English.

Agree...the vast majority of immigrants want a better life for their children, and they know they must assimilate to achieve that.

I think that the vast majority of the Muslim community in the US feel likewise. If I'm wrong, then I would strongly advise anyone interested in fomenting a rebellion these three simple words:


From my 20+ years in Texas, I have learned how seriously the average Texan takes these words. Bin Laden and his cronies wouldn't last five minutes.

109 posted on 11/08/2005 8:33:27 AM PST by Night Hides Not (1 John 3:18 (my interpretation: Deeds, Not Words"))
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To: 1_Inch_Group; 2sheep; 2Trievers; 3AngelaD; 4Freedom; 4ourprogeny; 7.62 x 51mm; A CA Guy; ...


110 posted on 11/08/2005 9:17:10 AM PST by gubamyster
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To: avant_garde


111 posted on 11/08/2005 9:20:13 AM PST by SwinneySwitch (Veteran's Day is November 11th. Thank a Vet.!)
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To: Night Hides Not

We fought a good fight, but we didn't exactly win at the Alamo. (and yes, I'm a direct descendent of someone who fought there, so I'm not dissing them).


112 posted on 11/08/2005 9:37:16 AM PST by brytlea (I'm not a conspiracty theorist....really.)
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To: avant_garde
Petit France->> CANADA is next..
They will fold like a deck chair also.. and the Muzzies know it..
113 posted on 11/08/2005 9:37:19 AM PST by hosepipe (CAUTION: This propaganda is laced with hyperbole..)
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To: Black Tooth
And in 10 years, when there is 60,000,000 illegals in country?

Oh, but haven't you heard, dear Black Tooth? Those illegals, those people hiring coyotes and sneaking across our borders and terrorizing the ranchers who live near the border and killing those ranchers' animals and using fake documents and stealing Americans' identities and working under the table and dropping jackpot babies and collecting taxpayer funded services to which they're not entitled and joining MS-13 and using the emergency room without paying and taking up 25% of our prison space...why, they're all devout Catholics! It's altar boys who are streaming across the borders! Future priests and nuns! These kindhearted religious folk wouldn't dream of rioting. We have nothing to fear.

Just wait, people. That's all I've got to say. Just wait.

114 posted on 11/08/2005 9:40:23 AM PST by Nea Wood (A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children. Proverbs 13:22)
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To: avant_garde
>>>"Can a similar insurrection occur in the USA?" asks Ernesto Cienfuegos of La Voz de Aztlan.


And I saw hints of it too!

The week of and after 9/11.

A few stores got hit, broken windows, graffiti, just minor.

The police and guard were out in riot gears patrolling all the streets and we had a state of emergency called with only authorized personnel/first responders being permitted on roads.

The police/fire/emergency personnel nipped it right in the bud!
115 posted on 11/08/2005 9:44:17 AM PST by Calpernia (
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To: avant_garde

Ernesto Cienfuegos is a anti-American anti-Semitic hatemonger who would love nothing more than to see the destruction of both the USA and Israel. I can't beleive somebody hasn't taken this POS out yet.

116 posted on 11/08/2005 9:46:52 AM PST by Buffettfan
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To: sbl.htral
Humm - Riots will not happen in Texas & Florida, I'm sure of that.

You can add Georgia to that list, too.

117 posted on 11/08/2005 9:50:08 AM PST by Terabitten (Illegal immigration causes Representation without Taxation.)
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To: Diddle E. Squat

"but the number of Hispanics who takes the Aztlan nonsense seriously is near zero."

I take it you haven't been to a university campus recently.

118 posted on 11/08/2005 10:02:07 AM PST by adam_az (It's the border, stupid!)
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To: adam_az

Actually I have. Students adopt a lot of stupid and superficial causes/slogans, which they soon don't give a damn about after they start working 40+ hours, paying a mortgage, and feeding a child.

119 posted on 11/08/2005 10:04:23 AM PST by Diddle E. Squat
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To: avant_garde
Good morning.

I wonder if Ernesto chose the name Cienfuegos to honor the murdering Cuban revolutionary who was purged by those other murdering revolutionaries, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, and Che Guevara.

La Voz is the newspaper the Mecha and Aztlan front men pass out here in California. It's a straight forward propaganda rag that ignorant American businesses often lay out next to the Auto Shopper and the Penny Pincher at the checkout counter.

It's going to but very interesting when the Republica del Norte runs into the Republic of Jefferson.

Michael Frazier
120 posted on 11/08/2005 10:13:32 AM PST by brazzaville (no surrender no retreat, well, maybe retreat's ok)
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