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Santorum: Don't put intelligent design in classroom
Beaver County Times & Allegheny Times ^ | 11/13/5 | Bill Vidonic

Posted on 11/13/2005 3:49:41 PM PST by Crackingham

U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum said Saturday that he doesn't believe that intelligent design belongs in the science classroom. Santorum's comments to The Times are a shift from his position of several years ago, when he wrote in a Washington Times editorial that intelligent design is a "legitimate scientific theory that should be taught in the classroom."

But on Saturday, the Republican said that, "Science leads you where it leads you."

Santorum was in Beaver Falls to present Geneva College President Kenneth A. Smith with a $1.345 million check from federal funds for renovations that include the straightening and relocation of Route 18 through campus.

Santorum's comments about intelligent design come at a time when the belief that the universe is so complex that it must have been created by a higher power, an alternative to the theory of evolution, has come under fire on several fronts.

A federal trial just wrapped up in which eight families sued Dover Area School District in eastern Pennsylvania. The district's school board members tried to introduce teaching intelligent design into the classroom, but the families said the policy violated the constitutional separation of church and state. No ruling has been issued on the trial, but Tuesday, all eight Dover School Board members up for re-election were ousted by voters, leading to a fiery tirade by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson.

Robertson warned residents, "If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God, you just rejected him from your city."

Santorum said flatly Saturday, "I disagree. I don't believe God abandons people," and said he has not spoken to Robertson about his comments.

Though Santorum said he believes that intelligent design is "a legitimate issue," he doesn't believe it should be taught in the classroom, adding that he had concerns about some parts of the theory.

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To: Rudder

Rudder, I would be careful with the "Taliban" label. I think thats garbage. You would have to call the founders that because they did not see God in the classroom as an enemy to Science and that evidence is pleantiful.

41 posted on 11/13/2005 4:35:45 PM PST by ICE-FLYER (God bless and keep the United States of America)
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To: DoughtyOne
If faith baised issues should not be taught in schools, then evolution (as it applies to the origin of man) should not be taught there either.

Evolution is not a "faith based issue" THEREFORE your conclusion is false.

42 posted on 11/13/2005 4:36:03 PM PST by LogicWings
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To: All
Have no fear that I'll be spamming future threads with the Toolkit. It's now posted at my freeper homepage:
Evolution Troll's Toolkit.
43 posted on 11/13/2005 4:36:27 PM PST by PatrickHenry (Expect no response if you're a troll, lunatic, retard, or incurable ignoramus.)
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To: Crackingham

he's cracking up. whats next? Rick's gonna say is Roe v Wade is cool too!!
now he's just one more Rino in the herd.

I can't believe I once touted lil' Rickie as presidental material. Evan sported a "Santorum08" tagline till the 04primary. Now he doesn't miss a chance to rub my nose and conservative values in the sh*t.

44 posted on 11/13/2005 4:36:34 PM PST by gdc61 (see ya later GOP.)
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The YEC creos are the fanatical radicals of the Christian sect.

45 posted on 11/13/2005 4:37:07 PM PST by WildTurkey (True Creationism makes intelligent design actually seem intelligent)
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To: durasell; DoughtyOne
You're arguing the wrong point. The real issue -- the one that will have consequence -- is what it looks like to the rest of the world, including the scientific and business communities, if a state adopts ID.

It will look ridiculous; that goes without saying. BTW, the laws of thermodynamics were stated in their earliest form just 140 years ago. Relativity came along 90 years ago. Quantum mechanics came along 80 years ago. These have all been sustained a shorter time than has evolution.

The real issue though is how adopting ID will undermine the scientific and technological progress of America.

46 posted on 11/13/2005 4:37:22 PM PST by AntiGuv ()
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To: Paul Ross
I wonder if this habit of supposedly Christian-subscribing politicians reading out of existence these clear expressions of God's righteousness...and previous practice of "abandonment" of sinning people (those who consciously abandon God) a good indication of a similar inclination by these politicians to disregard the U.S. Constitution?

God does not abandon people. Santorum is correct.

If he did, there would be no opportunity for repentance, no chance to turn back.

Instead of poring over the Old Testament, read Christ's words about the Good Shepherd, who will abandon the 99 in search of the 1.

Oh, and read the different situations in which Jesus went to sinners to bring them to Him.

The Old Testament is not a reflection of Christian attitudes, and should not be presented as such. Jesus brought a new way of living.

47 posted on 11/13/2005 4:37:36 PM PST by sinkspur (Trust, but vilify.)
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To: PatrickHenry

Okay ace, please tell us how the original single celled organism came into being. Second, please point us to an uninterrupted lineage of that single cell to man.

I'm going to go grab a bite, so don't hurt yourself scurrying for that data.

48 posted on 11/13/2005 4:37:58 PM PST by DoughtyOne
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To: DoughtyOne
There is no proof evidence whatsoever that man evolved from a single celled organism.

Oh please. Sure there is! Where on earth did you get the idea that just because you say something means you have to be taken seriously?

49 posted on 11/13/2005 4:39:08 PM PST by AntiGuv ()
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To: dbb
See how easy that is?

If I pour coffee in a cup, why is there coffee in the cup?
A) Because of my actions
B) Because of a combination of physical laws which caused it to happen, such as coffee being in the pot, the pot being tipped over the cup, gravity etc.
C) Both. (And countless other details, including the fact that some farmer grew the coffee beans, who used some tools and supplies from other folks etc.)

I prefer answer A). It is simple and pragmatic. Am I wrong to do so? Is the simplest explination (all other things being equal) usually the best?

50 posted on 11/13/2005 4:39:27 PM PST by AndyTheBear (Disastrous social experimentation is the opiate of elitist snobs.)
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To: DoughtyOne

Only if the shoe fits.

51 posted on 11/13/2005 4:40:00 PM PST by Rudder
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To: AntiGuv

Belief in intelligent design destroys only one belief system, that of those who have accepted on faith the origin of man from a single celled organism.

If you wish to examine evolution in it's observable state, I don't have a problem with it. I don't even mind the study of what seems to some to be implied. I do draw the line at teaching things that have not been proven, to be irrefutable fact.

52 posted on 11/13/2005 4:42:53 PM PST by DoughtyOne
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To: PatrickHenry

It's nice to see a few new trolls for a change. Breaks the monotony.

53 posted on 11/13/2005 4:43:00 PM PST by furball4paws (One of the last Evil Geniuses, or the first of their return.)
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To: marsh_of_mists

Every time I read anything he has said in the last year, all I keep coming back to is why can't he just keep his mouth SHUT? Every time he opens it, something dumb comes rolling out that hurts him even worse. This is getting painful to watch, it's like watching someone being tortured only he's doing this to himself.

54 posted on 11/13/2005 4:43:21 PM PST by penowa
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To: WildTurkey
Oh, I see.

Well, it's not Sunday unless a "loving Christian" has told my poor Scots-Catholic butt that I'm going to Hell because _I'M_ the one who's not Christian.

55 posted on 11/13/2005 4:44:34 PM PST by Malacoda (Islam = deranged, evil suicide cult)
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To: The Ghost of FReepers Past
But I don't care because I do not believe in the public school system. They are anti-Christian in every way -- every last one of them.

You know, on this point I entirely agree. It's funny because on so many issues I find myself coming down on the same side as Christians. This is one of those. Government schools are an atrocity. They are socialist brainwashing camps. That is why this debate is so - ? ? ? - weak, feeble, stupid, or fill in your favorite invective here.

I used to think that having an educated populace was a requirement for democracy and the existence of the U.S. which justified public schools. I question that now. Would it be better to have government schools brainwashing students into socialism or tests for literacy before individuals could vote? Today it would no longer be a racial issue. Just as many whites are illiterate anyone else. What's the harm?

56 posted on 11/13/2005 4:45:17 PM PST by LogicWings
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To: AntiGuv

Well I didn't, but you obviously did. And changing my words to suit your unsustainable arguement won't sell.

You do have my sympathy though. I realize what a crushing blow it is to be confronted with the reality of your faith based belief system.

57 posted on 11/13/2005 4:45:55 PM PST by DoughtyOne
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To: LogicWings

You're going to get tired saying the same thing over and over. It gets old. I like having fun and leaving a few scratching their heads.

58 posted on 11/13/2005 4:46:12 PM PST by furball4paws (One of the last Evil Geniuses, or the first of their return.)
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You failed to understand my point.

Those who would dictate to others that their religious beliefs must reign supreme in a science classroom, despite the scientific evidence, are no different than the Taliban. They harm the Conservative Movement by making all of us conservatives look like non-scientific, bombastic authoritarians.

59 posted on 11/13/2005 4:46:43 PM PST by Rudder
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To: AntiGuv

The real issue though is how adopting ID will undermine the scientific and technological progress of America.

It won't because there are whole boat loads of immigrants eager to make their mark. They'll do this by educating themselves in joints like MIT and Caltech and working for U.S. companies.

Meanwhile, companies and foundations that hand out grant money will largely ignore or scuff at the communities that adopt ID, fearful that if they so much as sent them a single microscope, the community would treat it like the apes treated bones in the beginning of 2001 film.

60 posted on 11/13/2005 4:47:41 PM PST by durasell
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