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Bruce Willis comes out fighting for Iraq's forgotten GI heroes
The Sunday Times ^ | November 27, 2005 | Sarah Baxter

Posted on 11/27/2005 9:27:04 AM PST by Khankrumthebulgar

ANGERED by negative portrayals of the conflict in Iraq, Bruce Willis, the Hollywood star, is to make a pro-war film in which American soldiers will be depicted as brave fighters for freedom and democracy.

It will be based on the exploits of the heavily decorated members of Deuce Four, the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry, which has spent the past year battling insurgents in the northern Iraqi town of Mosul.

Willis attended Deuce Four’s homecoming ball this month in Seattle, Washington, where the soldiers are on leave, along with Stephen Eads, the producer of Armageddon and The Sixth Sense.

The 50-year-old actor said that he was in talks about a film of “these guys who do what they are asked to for very little money to defend and fight for what they consider to be freedom”.

Unlike many Hollywood stars Willis supports the war and recently offered a $1m (about £583,000) bounty for the capture of any of Al-Qaeda’s most wanted leaders such as Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri or Abu Musab al- Zarqawi, its commander in Iraq. Willis visited the war zone with his rock and blues band, the Accelerators, in 2003.

“I am baffled to understand why the things I saw happening in Iraq are not being reported,” he told MSNBC, the American news channel.

He is expected to base the film on the writings of the independent blogger Michael Yon, a former special forces green beret who was embedded with Deuce Four and sent regular dispatches about their heroics.

Yon was at the soldiers’ ball with Willis, who got to know him through his internet war reports on “What he is doing is something the American media and maybe the world media isn’t doing,” the actor said, “and that’s telling the truth about what’s happening in the war in Iraq.”

Willis is likely to take on the role of the unit’s commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Erik Kurilla, 39, a Bruce Willis lookalike with a chest full of medals, more hair than Willis and a glamorous blonde wife.

He was injured in August after being shot three times by insurgents “in front of my eyes”, Yon recorded in his blog: “He continued to direct his men until a medic gave him morphine and the men took him away.”

Kurilla now has a titanium plate in his leg. He met Willis at the ball and said that his men were “very excited and appreciative that he was there”. ”

Deuce Four has a chequered history. For decades it was a segregated black unit commanded by a white officer. It was disbanded in 1951 but veterans felt hurt that its past was considered to be a stain on the army and it was revived in the mid-1990s.

When the battalion arrived in Mosul in November last year the city was under threat from insurgents. “We faced very heavy fighting for about three months,” Kurilla recalled. “Every patrol was making contact with enemy forces. We would hit them where they slept, where they worked and where they ate.”

Today the picture was very different, he said. “I have watched a city that was in absolute chaos turn into one that has a viable Iraqi security force, which is taking the lead in fighting the terrorists.”

Yon, 41, went to Iraq after a friend from high school, Scott Helveston, a former navy Seal, was hanged from a bridge in Falluja in an incident that shocked the world. Yon had never blogged before but was the author of Danger Close, a book about his experience as a green beret when he killed a man in a bar-room brawl. He was charged with murder and acquitted on the grounds of self-defence.

“When I landed in Baghdad I was immediately struck by how much of a war zone it was,” Yon said. “Explosions were going off constantly. It was full-on.”

His first experience of Mosul was worse: “I got attacked on my first mission. One of our vehicles got hit with a car bomb and three guys were killed.”

In May, Yon took a photograph of a soldier from the Deuce Four cradling a little Iraqi girl who had been fatally wounded by a suicide bomber. He sensed that the inhabitants of Mosul were turning against the insurgents. “People began to realise that all the insurgents ever did was break things and kill people,” he said. “It started to switch from a firefight to an intelligence war. People started to talk more to us. They would pull us over and give us tips.”

The Iraqi security forces began to take pride in their work, Yon added: “These guys were getting slaughtered but they continued to volunteer and fight. It’s very dangerous now to be a terrorist in Mosul. They’re still out there but it’s not like it was.”

Willis said it would be wrong for Americans to give up on Iraq just as progress is being made. “The Iraqi people want to live in a world where they can move from their homes to the market and not have to fear being killed,” he said. “I mean, doesn’t everybody want that?”

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To: adorno

It worked very well for Mel Gibson.

41 posted on 11/27/2005 10:36:44 AM PST by Sensei Ern (Now, IB4Z! "Cowards cut and run. Heroes never do!")
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To: No Blue States


Two gorgeous men.

Thanks a bunch! (OK, so I'm shallow).

42 posted on 11/27/2005 10:39:10 AM PST by najida (Blood on the floor....a Thanksgiving Tradition at my house)
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To: stm
If this film turns into a box office smash, as it well may, just IMAGINE how twisted the Hollywood elites will be. Their box office receipts are at an all time low and sinking fast due to their anti America, anti culture bias. America is sick of these bastards and the success of "The Passion of the Christ" proves it. No distributor would handle the film so Mel Gibson handled it himself and the movie earned over $600 MILLION dollars.

This nation is about 80% Christian and is sick of being "blamed" for what they believe. We also mostly realize the seriousness of the war on terror and the consequences of not winning. Finally, Americans hate to lose but fighting the good fight and losing is one thing but refusing to fight, as the liberals advocate is quite another. If a coward dies a thousand deaths then how in the world can these left wing losers bear to look at themselves in the mirror?
43 posted on 11/27/2005 10:39:33 AM PST by Eagles Talon IV
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To: highimpact

If Bruce Willis produces a good movie

I've never seen him in a bad movie. I have to have my Willis fix about 6, 7 times a year at the minimum.

44 posted on 11/27/2005 10:42:36 AM PST by jwh_Denver ($1000 bounty on every ACLU lawyer's head brought in on a skewer.)
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To: Khankrumthebulgar
The libs know full well that the war is succeeding and they are desperate to stop it if they can. Nothing would be worse for them then Iraq settling down and becoming a stable democracy. This is why they so badly want the troops pulled now. The best news the libs can get is the collapse of our effort in Iraq.

As the saying goes, "What's good for America is bad for the Democrats and what's bad for the democrats is good for America"
45 posted on 11/27/2005 10:43:49 AM PST by Eagles Talon IV
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To: Khankrumthebulgar

Hollywood needs a conservative "Branson" to start up and give them some real competition.

Imagine pro-American, pro-family films stealing away all the box office.

46 posted on 11/27/2005 10:44:12 AM PST by SampleMan
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To: najida

Military games have to make huge amounts of money. There have to be at least 50 Tom Clancy games out there. I think part of the reason is these games are squad based and with things like X Box live they are a lot more fun to play. You don't even have to actually see your friends to play with them now.

47 posted on 11/27/2005 10:44:14 AM PST by Mr. Blonde (You know, Happy Time Harry, just being around you kinda makes me want to die.)
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To: stm


48 posted on 11/27/2005 10:45:31 AM PST by Dustbunny (Main Stream Media -- Making 'Max Headroom' a reality.)
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To: Danae

I may have all of you beat. The wife & I haven't been to a theater since 'Dances With Wolves' in 1990. Why give these airheads in Hollywood my hard earned cash?

Today we watch selectively on TV and I buy/copy old movies (mostly Westerns) onto DVD. We don't need today's garbage.

49 posted on 11/27/2005 10:47:05 AM PST by bcsco
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To: NonValueAdded
play the part of LTC Kurilla.

I don't see him playing LTC Kurilla - I think he'd be great as CSM Prosser though.

(click the picture for the full size version)

Tell me that's not a Bruce Willis character standing there over a defeated terrorist.

50 posted on 11/27/2005 10:49:38 AM PST by Tennessee_Bob ("Those who "abjure" violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf.")
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To: adorno
Bruce will be shunned by the Hollywood elites. He'll have a hard time finding work unless he produces it himself.

And he just might make a mint like Mel Gibson did...I think that some people have figured out there a major media market the Hollywood elites abandon a long time ago...

So like Rush did in radio,and Fox did it in news, looks like Mel, Bruce and other like them might do in movies....may the Hollywood left wing elites sink slowly in to the abyss like the old MSM is doing

51 posted on 11/27/2005 10:50:19 AM PST by tophat9000 (lose 3000 in an hour and you want to fight, lose 2000 in 2 years and you want to run !???)
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To: txroadkill

Robin Williams a conservative??? I must have missed that memo. Please set me straight.

52 posted on 11/27/2005 10:54:00 AM PST by NonValueAdded (The honorable Richard Cheney, X man!!!)
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To: najida

You considering them gorgeous at their age gives hope to
all aging men like me.
In fact I would shave my head like Bruce if it didnt have so many knots on it. lol

53 posted on 11/27/2005 11:04:59 AM PST by No Blue States
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To: txroadkill
There are a few of them left: Robin Williams, Drew Carey, Dana Carvey....9/11 changed a lot of them, but like most conservatives, they are just another part of the silent majority.

Add Jimmie "J.J." Walker to that list. Go to his website: , and click "JJ's views". Some of his comments are quite FR-worthy.

54 posted on 11/27/2005 11:05:35 AM PST by NJRighty (Liberals interpreting the Constitution? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!)
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To: pasquale
It was Shane for me!

You drew the line at 25cent admission, huh? : )

55 posted on 11/27/2005 11:07:32 AM PST by digger48
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To: NJRighty

Thanks for the link - I'm reading through there, and have to admit that I'm impressed.

56 posted on 11/27/2005 11:14:16 AM PST by Tennessee_Bob ("Those who "abjure" violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf.")
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To: Khankrumthebulgar

GOod for Bruce! He's got enough credibility in Hollywood to get this done, and not suffer too much from it.

57 posted on 11/27/2005 11:15:21 AM PST by SuziQ
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To: Reagan Man
[ Bruce Willis should get Timmy Russert or another lefty propagandist to sign onto a part in this film. They could play the part of a lying journalist, who gets killed off by the movies end. A well deserved and most fitting outcome. ]

Good idea.. Brucie could smoooze some star struck lefty say Katie "the sagging perk" Couric into it.. Would be a masterful stroke.. and HER public outrage after the final cut would insure a good turnout too..


58 posted on 11/27/2005 11:41:53 AM PST by hosepipe (CAUTION: This propaganda is laced with hyperbole..)
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To: adorno
Bruce will be shunned by the Hollywood elites. He'll have a hard time finding work unless he produces it himself. Anyhow, GO BRUCE!

Somehow I don't think Bruce needs the bread.

59 posted on 11/27/2005 11:41:55 AM PST by Cobra64
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To: Khankrumthebulgar

Deuce Four alumni here

60 posted on 11/27/2005 11:45:35 AM PST by GodfearingTexan
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