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Who is controlling the propaganda in the media? (vanity)
self | 12/11/05 | self

Posted on 12/11/2005 2:43:28 AM PST by starbase

Who is controlling the propaganda in the media?

Not who, what. It all goes back to a dirty period in world history. What we're dealing with today is a kind of Frankenstein's monster, lumbering around the countryside of its own accord. Where did it come from? To know that, we need to look back in time.

The darkest turn in human history can be called the two headed snake of Nazism and Communism, both left-wing socialist enterprises. Both are horrendous, both are responsible for mass death, and both are scientific methods for the acquisition and retainment of power.

One of the key pillars for the establishment of both cultures was a mastery of propaganda, one of the most powerful forces in human affairs. Joseph Goebbels is supposed to have told Adolf Hitler that if they controlled the media, they wouldn't need an army. Nazism was, of course, defeated militarily. Communism, and the Soviet Union, went on to fight the Cold War with the United States for nearly seventy two years.

The heart of today's problems with a propaganda drenched media took form during the 1960's generation. This generation, as is well known, was heavily influenced by drugs, rebellion, anti-Americanism, and anti-establishmentism, in other words, they were a generation drawn in and soiled by Soviet attempts at the destruction of the United States and the achievement of world dominion.

During the 1980s this rebellious generation largely fell into obscurity, and conservatism had its finest, in fact, its defining hour, in the persons of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, culminating in the collapse and defeat of the Soviet Union.

However, many poisonous seeds had already been sown and as the 1990's progressed the 1960's generation came into their own, and began taking over positions of responsibility. They are now dispersed throughout society. Many of them retain their anti-American hatreds and are in positions to act on them.

But they are not alone. One of the most important activities for both Nazism and Communism was to convert young people to their cause. These groups also look for all around perverts, who help diminish everything, and "useful idiots", people who can be used in certain situations.

But, where is the proof of this subversive, propaganda-driven behavior? Well, it's everywhere.

Without much effort we can identify numerous examples of subversion and propaganda:

1. One list of currently used propaganda techniques can be found HERE. The reader of mass media will immediately recognize many of these techniques.

2. During the Clinton administration our highest nuclear secrets were stolen by the Chinese. Given the sorry state of security at our labs, it is difficult to believe this was not intentional.

3. U.S. corporations were allowed to improve Chinese missile technology during the 1990's to the extent that Chinese missiles made improvements in a few years which should have taken decades.

4. Dan Rather's open attempt to derail a CURRENT presidential election with flagrantly falsified documents broadcast nationwide on the EVE of voting.

5. Jane Fonda, John Kerry, and so many others like them undermined the United States with lies and distortions in the 60's and 70's.

6. JUST LAST WEEK John Kerry made a bizarre claim that "our soldiers are terrorizing Iraqi children and women", a complete lie.

7. Senator Dick Durbin broadcast worldwide comments comparing our own soldiers and their mission to restrain and destroy global terrorism to the Nazis and their death camps, as well as to Soviet gulags and Pol Pot's Cambodian genocide.

Soviet and Nazi subversion techniques are an attempt to artificially speed up the natural aging of societies to the point that the society dies. Degrading the schools, art, religion, military, and government causes people to care a bit less about each one of these, to defend them less, to remember them less, and to question whether they really have any relationship with others in their "society".

Regular insults to all these institutions appear on TV, in movies, music, and in newspapers. But these insults are not designed to actually insult the institutions, rather they are designed to make a few more people turn away from something that now seems "worthless". Each put-down, and each act of turning away, is one more broken bond. As more people participate in this kind of assault, and as more bonds snap, the society moves faster and faster towards dissolution.

This occurs naturally as a result of time. The greatest societies ever made cannot last forever. But a process that should take centuries can be speeded up until it takes only decades. Through constant irritation, the natural death of a society can be artificially accelerated and provoked.

The society will one day be more dead than alive. At that time any subversive groups can make an attempt to take over a socially incohesive region with a dictatorship, keeping themselves in power as long as they can, doing whatever they want to anyone or anything. This has happened historically (Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Khmer Rouge Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, China, etc.). Dictatorship is the ultimate goal of all this subversion.

But how could people who try to undermine all these organizations on a regular basis possibly agree on how to divide up the spoils if they ultimately succeed? Well, they don't need to agree. How much each individual contributer will get depends on how close they are to the front of the line when the society finally falls.
And all along the way, each one of these participants can have a constant feeling of power over everyone who doesn't understand what the goal is. Having that feeling of power is part of the widespread attraction of this effort.

Bottom feeding perverts and people who are just being used by this "system" (like Cindy Sheehan) will also get (or be) a piece of meat, even if they just use up a neighbor or a friend.

No one is directing it, rather, for a variety of reasons, all participants have their eyes on one goal. So you can see that this effort is a monster without a head.

And the road to achieve this goal of a society's early destruction is propaganda. Propaganda techniques work, and have worked many times in the past.

So to answer the question from the title of this piece, a system. A system is controlling the propaganda in the media, and its purpose is to accelerate the death of a society.

The way to defeat this effort is first to be aware of it, second to understand it, and third to work everyday to drive these types of forces out of all organizations responsible for the continuation of culture; schools, religion, art, military, and government.

One should understand the everyday attacks on these organizations as being the lubricant which makes this dark system work. The attacks always focus only on things which successfully continue culture.

Purposefully continuing one's culture makes it immune to this dark system. All one needs to know is that their cultural icons are well cared for and functioning at peak performance. Making sure this is true is what protects the culture from any hidden assaults.

Propaganda pays huge dividends for a tiny investment. Neutralizing this will neutralize any effort against our society from these old techniques.

By stopping their use of propaganda with education, and by working actively to propagate the cultural aspects which we value, people of the subversive mindset will ultimately be suffocated. Then this second shock wave from the dark days of inhuman societies will burn itself out once and for all, to live on only in the history books.

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1 posted on 12/11/2005 2:43:30 AM PST by starbase
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To: bert; caver; ForGod'sSake; Landru; hedgetrimmer; Blind Eye Jones; Tunehead54; Timesink; ...
Here is my attempt to explain the entire idea in one reading. Please share any comments you have.
2 posted on 12/11/2005 2:45:18 AM PST by starbase (Understanding Written Propaganda (click "starbase" to learn 22 manipulating tricks!!))
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To: starbase


3 posted on 12/11/2005 2:56:14 AM PST by wildcatf4f3 (admittedly too unstable for public office)
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To: starbase
Joseph Goebbels is supposed to have told Adolf Hitler that if they controlled the media, they wouldn't need an army.

Wasn't Joseph Goebbels put on trial, found guilty and executed for his 'journalist actions'?

4 posted on 12/11/2005 3:01:41 AM PST by Paul C. Jesup
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To: Paul C. Jesup

Wasn't Joseph Goebbels put on trial, found guilty and executed for his 'journalist actions'

Yes, after untold millions died and an entire continent was brought to its knees.

5 posted on 12/11/2005 3:05:59 AM PST by Chickensoup (Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Chri)
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To: starbase

The MSM doesn't give a shit about getting the facts right. Today its all about ratings and panedering to a certain demographic. End of story.

CNN, BBC, MSNBC, ABC, Reuters, AP.

None of them care about facts. The management care about ratings and the reporters care about ego fixes & award nominations. And if the story they are reporting on isn't juicy enough for their target audience, they just make up facts and have a "hey we got deep pockets, go ahead and try to sue us for reporting lies" agenda.

6 posted on 12/11/2005 3:08:02 AM PST by Proud_USA_Republican (We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good. - Hillary Clinton)
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To: Chickensoup
Wasn't Joseph Goebbels put on trial, found guilty and executed for his 'journalist actions'

Yes, after untold millions died and an entire continent was brought to its knees.

Let's see, the U.S. leftist media/press is partly responsible for the murder of tens of millions of unborn children and they (the leftist media/press) are responsible in their support in bringing Western Civilization to it's knees through their aiding of political correctness/socialism and terrorist ideolies that are anti-western.

I guess you could make a good case that those in the leftist press/media are guilty of crimes against humanity.

7 posted on 12/11/2005 3:14:25 AM PST by Paul C. Jesup
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To: starbase


8 posted on 12/11/2005 3:17:34 AM PST by Cruz
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To: starbase

All those eager employess, writing, editing, composing, filming, typing and interpreting all that content...they come from our educational efforts.

The public schools in the U.S. are saturated, SATURATED, with communist/marxist/socialist ideology and 'values,' if they can be called that.

They produce eager employees for the media conglomerates, mostly all hired by way of referral and reference by others already there of the same ideology.

The public school system in the U.S., our educational process, has been hijacked from what used to be greatly principled, motivated and very patriotic system into one that teaches disrespect for the U.S., a hate and distrust of our country and particularly our military, and a love and admiration for personal behaviors of a questionable kind.

We would not have any "mass" anything without the humans to run the works and the media is no different than any other industry in that regard, as to where they get their employees, what they reward in who they hire and what corporate mentality they insist upon.

That a marxist/socialist structure results is due to the fact that marxist/socialists are sought out and hired and encouraged by other marxist/socialists.

9 posted on 12/11/2005 3:21:14 AM PST by MillerCreek
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To: starbase

Great post. Personally, I grew up thinking JFK and RFK were "taken care of" because they may have fully intended to sacrifice Thailand and Malaysia while not "making a deal with China"...and I am shocked that today's "establishment" hasn't taken care of any high-level chairman of major media corporations...who are obviously the forces behind nihilistic and treasonous propaganda. I am not advocating "violence" just doesn't seem possible that a few media chairmen can walk around New York's Upper East Side and the Hamptons and not have "conversations" with guys like me who are placed in their country clubs and elsewhere...who work as their electricians and plumbers and surprise them constantly with "Sir...please explain to me what you are trying to do"...with the newly replaced electricians and plumbers being the same way.

I have to believe that the Bush Family is into giving the media such a long line of rope. And it is true that a single car bomb in New York City would undo the efforts of 4 years of leftist propaganda.

I think a first step is being taken, with the President and Rummy finally getting away from "safe" venues like military speeches or Pentagon briefings...and getting out in front of civilians. But they have to take it further, to the universities. I just finished reading "I am Charlotte Simmons" which is a story about a conservative 18 year old girl who goes to an Ivy League college. Tom Wolfe describes OK the left wing environment in these colleges but then shows that the "right wing environment" are mainly the rude and juvenile "frat boys" and "sororstitutes".

So the famous author depicts a gay rights protest that frat boys break up with obscenities. Not good! The conservative message on campuses would, today, be a bunch of students at a gay rights rally holding up signs saying "Support Polygamy Now!" and "Support Saddam" (a Support Saddam banner at a gay rights protest would be relevant and appropriate because it would highlight the way liberals "cause-link" in weird ways).

This meme, that there ARE conservatives on campus, has to be accepted so that authors like Tom Wolfe, when depicting a gay rights protest in a book, will NATURALLY think of how smart people would react and, thus, not write about mindless frat boys shouting 'faggot'.

10 posted on 12/11/2005 3:21:21 AM PST by GermanBusiness
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To: GermanBusiness

["Support Polygamy Now!" and "Support Saddam"]

In the new book "I am Charlotte Simmons" which he researched by hanging around universities, Tom Wolfe shows how college students today are very attuned to sarcasm and have terms such as SARC1 and SARC3 to represent varying levels of subtelty in sarcasm.

This is why "" style counter-protesting is becoming a trend now on campuses. "Sarcastic Counter-Protesting", however, is not a meme the national media tends to talk about.

Here in Europe, the "Communists for Kerry" march on Fifth Avenue was reported on TV like it was serious and not sarcastic. Europeans saw the well-dressed conservatives marching...and it helped convince them that Kerry was the man to vote for.

Whose fault is that? Well...why is Bush not recalling the ambassador to Germany for failing to get Fox News broadcast here in Germany? What is really going on with Al Jazeera...which is located so tantalizing close to US military headquarters in Doha?

Am I supposed to be an idiot? Am I supposed to really believe that Al Jazeera is thumbing its nose at a superpower whose military HQ is half a mile down the road?

Or is there some kind of jujitsu operation going on where treasonous nihilism is promoted (secretly by the administration) worldwide so it seeps deep inside the minds of religious arabs...who will then no longer believe their religion? If you get Americans openly showing the world their unwillingness to that supposed to cause Sunni Arabs to feel the same way about fighting?

11 posted on 12/11/2005 3:34:13 AM PST by GermanBusiness
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To: starbase


12 posted on 12/11/2005 3:39:10 AM PST by fishbabe
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To: starbase
Communist Goals Fulfilled
13 posted on 12/11/2005 4:14:54 AM PST by RasterMaster ("Bin Laden shows others the road to Paradise, but never offers to go along for the ride." GWB)
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To: starbase

To dispel darkness we need a light.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." - Psalm 119:105

14 posted on 12/11/2005 4:26:23 AM PST by RoadTest (As teens we know everything; by 90, if we're wise, we'll know nothing.)
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To: starbase
The America-hating hippie/socialist subculture that started in the 60's is now in power in the MSM and DemocRat party. They are only interested in an America created in their image. That's why they went gaga over Clinton and why they had to be dragged kicking and screaming into reporting any bad news from his administration.

And either they get their socialist "utopia" or we get a "scorched earth". America in their image, or no America.

15 posted on 12/11/2005 4:29:26 AM PST by manwiththehands (Happy RamaHanuKwanzMas! And Merry Christmas.)
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To: starbase
There is another common technique, although I do not know if it constitutes propaganda or not.

The gambit is to pick a phrase or term the one party uses and attack the phraseology as improper, hate speech, etc., and deflect attention from the substance of the question/statement to the manner in which it was asked/stated.

This gives the person the appearance of having answered a question or responded to a statement, when, in fact, they have only sideslipped the real issue.

It is the last resort of those who would attack the individual directly, but lack the ability to do so.

16 posted on 12/11/2005 4:32:34 AM PST by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly.)
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To: starbase

EXCELLENT ANALYSIS. Until America entered WWII after Pearl Harbor, it's primary enemy was a domestic variety of leftists, anarchists, ACLU activists, as well as communists infiltrating government agencies. E.g., CONTROL OF THOUGHT AND ART throughout the 30's: Unless an author penned a "pro-socialist" theme in his literary work, he was ignored by critics and publishers.

The goals of Communism and Nazism are the same: one world government aka irreversible tyranny. Their vicious and deceptive tactics are the same because their ideology mandages "the means justifies the end."

Name calling will not counter the subversives' surge.
Full exposure, education and re-affirmation of values will.

BTW, Harry Belafonte and Ed Asner are loud communists.

17 posted on 12/11/2005 4:42:50 AM PST by purpleland (Vigilance and Valor! Socialism is the Opiate of Academia)
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To: starbase
No one is directing it, rather, for a variety of reasons, all participants have their eyes on one goal. So you can see that this effort is a monster without a head.

One of the reasons for their success is the limited number of news agencies. AP and Routers control much of news that is published in the American Press. Other papers simply take their stories off the wire and run with it. CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN control much of the broadcast news. FOX is attempting to give the impression that it remains independent.
We have half a dozen organizations gathering and disseminating the news that is fed to the majority of the American People. Even with all of these, they all appear to decide that the exact same stories are worthy of disseminating.
I look at the cases of Laci and Scott Peterson, Jennifer Wilbanks, Natalee Holloway and Michael Jackson. Is there really so much public interest in these cases that even when there is nothing to report, TV news spends a large amount of time to tell us there is no new news to report? How is it that all these stories break on the same day, even at the same time? How is it that every news outlet decides – supposedly independently – that the exact same story is worthy of major coverage? Every agency deems that only the exact same bad news from Afghanistan and Iraq is worthy of disseminating but the good news is meaningless?
A local radio newsreader – who supports the current war – is stuck with repeating the same old stuff that comes off the wires. She doesn’t have much choice, as she is only allowed to report from “legitimate” news sources. I have forwarded news articles and sources from FR that occasionally have the good news – and are “legitimate” sources. She is grateful.

Maybe there really is a cabel controlling our news.

18 posted on 12/11/2005 4:52:48 AM PST by R. Scott (Humanity i love you because when you're hard up you pawn your Intelligence to buy a drink.)
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To: Paul C. Jesup

Herr Goebbels and his family died by suicide in the same bunker with Hitler. Hermann Goering went to trial but he committed suicide with a cyanide pill while imprisoned.

19 posted on 12/11/2005 5:00:05 AM PST by purpleland (Vigilance and Valor! Socialism is the Opiate of Academia)
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To: starbase
I think you have part of it (so your post gets a "thumbs up"). :-)

An old book you might want to check out is Ludwig Von Mises "The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality".

There are certain professions that tend to be anti-capitalistic (and therefore anti-American) by their very nature.

A partial list would be:





--Social Service Workers

--Trade Union leadership

--People who inherit great wealth

The brilliance of the Von Mises analysis is his explanation of why such people would hate any capitalist society.

They must do so because every invention, every achievement, every great building, new great city, and new wealth is a personal insult to them and their failure to achieve in a world that won't acknowledge their brilliance but instead rewards "ignorant buffoons" called businessmen.
20 posted on 12/11/2005 5:08:19 AM PST by cgbg (MSM and Democratic treason--fifty years and counting...)
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