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Murtha's War Hero Status Called Into Question ^ | 1/13/05 | By Marc Morano and Randy Hall

Posted on 01/13/2006 11:53:53 AM PST by paltz

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To: paltz
Lets NOT go there, because the fact is, there are probably thousands of honorable, good men who's PH or other medal could be called into question. I don't here Murtha talking about his heroism, he hasn't written a book about it, they aren't producing a little movie about it, ala JF'n Kerry. Kerry and his camp were BEGGIN to be debunked.

Leave Murtha's past alone, unless it was criminal or something. We dont need to go there to refute what he has to say TODAY.

141 posted on 01/13/2006 2:17:57 PM PST by Paradox (What "tax cuts for the rich". They are paying more taxes now than ever!)
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To: paltz

Here we go again,

... same old shiite again,

... marchin' down the avenue,

... one more fake 'n then we're thru..........

Sound off!


142 posted on 01/13/2006 2:19:58 PM PST by Robert A Cook PE (I can only donate monthly, but Hillary's ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: paltz

I wonder how many Purple Heart recipients requested them? I would imagine very few.

143 posted on 01/13/2006 2:22:13 PM PST by GodGunsGuts
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To: GodGunsGuts


144 posted on 01/13/2006 2:24:43 PM PST by freema (Proud Marine Mom, Aunt, Sister, Friend, Wife, Daughter, Niece)
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To: paltz

Murtha and Kerry, two peas in a pod.

145 posted on 01/13/2006 2:25:21 PM PST by Pragmatic_View
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To: kellynla

You know that I am one of your biggest freeper fans...

so, I have been really thinking about this..and my first instinct was to say, "NO..we don't want to go there"...'

then I saw your posts...and I thought, "why should WE be worried about these reports..,"

but, I think the only way this could be used at all...and not hurt the GOP..would be if he continues to say negative things about the military, re; do not join, etc.

Otherwise, we get caught up in the past...because he has a future that could find him in jail...he has possible bribery/fraud charges being brought against him...and there will already be sympathy, BUT if he uses his "veteran" status as an excuse NOT to be prosecuted...

There is the example of Duke Cunningham...AND this..that could be used...but, I think for now...we let him stink up his own room~

146 posted on 01/13/2006 2:27:40 PM PST by Txsleuth (Thank you to all that donated on the time more monthlies!!)
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To: tumblindice

Actually, LBJ volunteered to be an observer on a bombing mission in the Pacific. His plane had some kind of mechanical problem and turned back. The other planes on the mission were bounced by Jap fighters and IIRC one of the other observers was injured or killed. His plane wasn't anywhere near the action. He deserves praise for volunteering for a combat mission but certainly not a Silver Star.

147 posted on 01/13/2006 2:28:43 PM PST by Jaxter ("Vivit Post Funera Virtus")
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To: tumblindice

Yep, it looks like both Murtha and Kerry learned well from LBJ: Get the medal and write your own ticket to congress, just fake the documentation any way you can then hide behind the privacy of military records. Check it out:

148 posted on 01/13/2006 2:29:58 PM PST by poncho67
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To: GSWarrior
Don't DO THIS!! There is NO need. Murtha is a has-been politician.


149 posted on 01/13/2006 2:29:59 PM PST by ohioWfan (PROUD Mom of an Iraq War VET! THANKS, son!!!!)
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To: jjmcgo

I don't have a PH.

When a person arrived at his unit, he filled out some paperwork. One document was a release form that permitted the Army to publish, in your hometown newspaper, information pertaining to decorations or awards. The PH was probably not included - as some would consider a wound as sensitive and deserving of privacy. I'm not very sure anyway.

The best I recall is that a medic could put a person in for a PH, as well as the Battalion surgeon. The recipient would probably be made aware of this decision immediately.

Some may not realize that alot of these records are available in the National Archives.

A friend was looking up orders for a buddy of mine who had lost his citation for a Bronze Star with V device, and found a medical report about me for a non combat wound I received.
So it's likely that a medical report can be found in the Archives detailing the extent of Murtha's wounds.

150 posted on 01/13/2006 2:30:18 PM PST by wingman1 (University of Vietnam 1970. Forget? Hell.)
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To: Wristpin
Truth be known the Pennsylvania Cross for Valor is Pennsylvania's highest award. The PA MSM is number 4. PA State Awards and Decorations - Order of Precedence
151 posted on 01/13/2006 2:30:18 PM PST by Jimmy Valentine's brother (Democrats would rather whine than win)
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To: demkicker
There's truth to what you say.As one of my best friends says:"Murtha is an ex-Marine."

My friend was in the Marines in Vietnam and he says "ex-Marine" is the worst insult that one Marine can say to or about another one who has turned his back on the Corps.

152 posted on 01/13/2006 2:32:03 PM PST by smoothsailing
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To: kellynla
"Is this a wise place to go?" Absolutely! These "war heroes" put their "combat service" out in front and rode that reputation into Congress for decades. Any Marine worth his salt would be proud to have the world see their war record. I AM!

Thank you. That is exactly what I think. Why on earth would he not release his military records? I just cannot understand that? Also, with Kerry? Just release the records. Everyone should be proud of their service.

I have no problem asking these types of questions, however, I must wonder if Murtha is even worth the time.

153 posted on 01/13/2006 2:33:24 PM PST by yellowdoghunter (I sometimes only vote for Republicans because they are not Democrats. by Thomas Sowell)
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To: paltz
Democratic Congressman John Murtha has long downplayed the controversy and the bitterness surrounding the two Purple Hearts he was awarded for military service in Vietnam.

Deja vu

154 posted on 01/13/2006 2:34:01 PM PST by NCjim (The more I use Windows, the more I love UNIX)
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To: tumblindice
Believe he earned the star by flying as a passenger in a cargo plane in the Pacific theater, but sure he made up with rhetoric, as a US Rep at the time, in the citation what he lacked in valor.

Not quite right. Johnson was commissioned a LtCdr, USNR, while serving as a Member of Congress. He was sent on a Congressional fact-finding tour of the Pacific and was called to active duty for that period. The team arranged to fly aboard a squadron of B-26 bombers on a bombing raid. On the morning of the raid, there was a mix-up about who was assigned to which aircraft. Johnson was shifted from one aircraft to another. The aircraft he rode on experienced a mechnical problem shortly after take-off, aborted the mission and returned to base. Never flew over enemy air space and was never fired at. The aircraft that he was orignally assigned to was shot down over the target area, all aboard were killed.

Johnson was awarded the Silver Star by GEN Douglas MacArthur who knew a thing or two about the important of kissing the a$$ of Congress. The orders were legit, but of course, Johnson never heard a shot fired in anger.

155 posted on 01/13/2006 2:37:36 PM PST by centurion316 (Democrats - Al Qaida's Best Friends)
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To: Wristpin
Yeah, and what really burns me is that from what we know, they both requested the PH's.I had never heard of anyone doing that before.It's just not something you do.
156 posted on 01/13/2006 2:37:57 PM PST by smoothsailing
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To: Radix

"His comments were subversive, and helpful to our enemies."

AND his comments were given credibility based on his purported war experinces and decorations!

He's fair game - especially in light of the exisitence of numerous phony, wannabe Vietnam veterans.

157 posted on 01/13/2006 2:38:28 PM PST by wingman1 (University of Vietnam 1970. Forget? Hell.)
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To: Jimmy Valentine's brother

Well now I am very confused. He was in the Marine Reserve not the PA National Guard. The media portrayed his awards as THE MSM & DSM which are signed by the President, not the state awards. Something stinks here.

158 posted on 01/13/2006 2:39:57 PM PST by Wristpin ("The Yankees have decided to buy every player in Baseball....")
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To: paltz

If Murtha ever runs for President, then sure it'd be relevant. But just because he's saying we should cut & run from Iraq? Nnnnnnah, it's not worth it to go there.

159 posted on 01/13/2006 2:40:35 PM PST by jennyp (PILTDOWN MAN IS REAL! Don't buy the evolutionist's Big Lie that Piltdown was a hoax!)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub

I owe you an apology and a thank you.

I've been pinged by you about the "move on freepers" to the point where I thought you were talking about me specically, but now I see from this thread that there exists a cadre of these Move On Freeper types dedicated to the strategy of silencing any republican or conservative critisms of anyone in the liberals or democrats that ever served in the military and is using that military experiance to say this war should end now.

They are worst then trolls, trolls are merely disruptive, this cadre seeks to prevent the same sort of challenge of any democrat that our leaders have to deal with almost daily in the press based upon their military service or lack there of.

As a former Marine, Muthra's conduct and remarks sickens me to the point where I have trouble opening these threads, I am so livid with rage at the way he has shat the very ideas taught to him as a Marine and by him as a Drill Instructor during the Korean Conflict.

And now to find out that he has admitted on the floor of the House to a fellow congressman and democrat that he never earned his Purple Hearts.

Well I just don't know what to say any more...

Except now He needs to prove he earned them.

160 posted on 01/13/2006 2:49:56 PM PST by usmcobra (30 years since I first celebrated The Marine Corps Birthday as a Marine)
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