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To: Hoplite; ma bell; montyspython; Wraith; A. Pole; Incorrigible; getoffmylawn; robowombat

"The existence of the mass graves at Pusto Selo and Izbica"

***** Hopline....You have been a dirty little boy. I know now that you aren't working for someone professional to be a disinfo agent. Know why? I caught you in a very unsophiscated lie. Let me show you.

You said.....#15

"By the way, Tom, the existence of the mass graves at Pusto Selo and Izbica, which had for so long been denied by Serb apologists, was confirmed by Stevanovic while he was giving testimony at Milosevic's trial, while being examined by Milosevic no less.

So not only have we confirmed the existence of mass graves you're lying about by actually finding them, we've had the existence of mass graves which the Serbs emptied before we could find them confirmed."

****Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I could be mistaken in that I arrived in October 1999, and can only account for the period, I researched and found the following:

The actual cross of Stevanovic was as follows:

"Gen. Stevanovic claimed that this was a reference to the activities of the KLA. He said that the terrain needed to be cleaned-up so that the KLA could not create mass-graves and stage atrocities out of their war casualties, and then palm them off as evidence of mass killings that would serve to justify the NATO aggression.

The KLA has a history of staging its war dead to create the false impression of a massacre. A case in point is Racak, and Gen. Stevanovic said they did the same thing at Pusto Selo and Izbica.

Obviously Stevanovic was not referring to the police’s activity. Nobody ever classifies their own activity as “perfidious” or uses the word “they” to refer to themselves.

Mr. Nice was simply exploiting vaguely worded notes that Stevanovic jotted down in his diary to concoct elaborate conspiracy theories about the Serbian police; conspiracy theories, which the witness ripped apart.

Frustrated at his lack of success, the prosecutor resorted to insults and claimed that the witness was "ready to lie in order to protect this accused." The witness naturally denied this claim."


******So, Where did Stevanovic confirm these massacres'? It seems that he didn't confirm them at all. Explain to me relative to the cross and to your accusation. What am I missing?

So, I did some MORE research and discovered an official report based on the ICTY forensic team. Here is what happened. The OSCE gained intell from interviews of refugees in the FRYOM. (Former Yuglslav Republic of Macedonia). It was reported that a massacre of civilians took place in Izbica/Izbice during three days at the end of April. The villagers buried the victims who were mainly from Leocina/lecine. Srbica/Skenderaj municipility, along with other people killed in the vicinity. The burial of these 142 bodies, which included women and children in the center of the village was documented by the KLA (UCK) on videotape. On 2 June, it was reported that Serb forces removed the bodies to an unknown destination. The ICTY forensic team arrived at the beginning of July and exhumed 142 graves......ALL WERE EMPTY. Reportedly, the bodies had been previoiusly identified but had later disappeared. Now this would seem to confirm Stevanovic's story. NOW, I wonder if the defense has accesss to the same reports that I can get hold of....??? anyway, these are official not rumor. I couldn't find anything yet on the Pusto Selo report.

It was also known that bodies were used from the NATO bombing, to show mass graves, Refugees from FRYROM, were told what to say, and either threatened or given money. It's hard to pin point what is true and what is fabricated.

What do you say for yourself at this, I'm going to research the other ones you wrote and let's see if they pan out....


48 posted on 01/25/2006 9:45:04 AM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: tgambill
Tom, the point is that there were mass graves at Pusto Selo and Izbica, and General Stevanovic confirmed their existence, along with the fact that the Serbs emptied them.

Further, the actual transcripts of Milosevic's trial are available online, so instead of relying upon the commentary you've culled from Andy Wilcoxson's pro-Milosevic propaganda site, let's review the actual exchange between Mr. Nice and General Stevanovic:

Page 40382

1   Q. Now, you tell me, please, what that phrase "No corpse, no crime"
2   means.
3   A. I think I have explained this during my interview in Belgrade. At
4   that meeting, I don't know precisely which meeting that was but I do have
5   a vague memory, one of the representatives of the security forces, whether
6   it was the military or the civilian security, I don't know, warned against
7   perfidious action by terrorists, namely that they are removing the corpses
8   of their victims and the casualties of anti-terrorist actions only to
9   gather them again later and place them in mass graves in order to blame
10   these mass graves later on Serbian forces.

If you choose to believe that the Serbs emptied mass graves in Kosovo and hid the bodies in Serbia, denying their existence for over two years, because they were trying to stop themselves from being framed, well, knock yourself out - you really can't sink any lower.

49 posted on 01/25/2006 10:46:41 AM PST by Hoplite
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