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Operation Infinite FReep, Columbia, Missouri
Streets of Columbia, Missouri | 01/27/06 | TheSnowFlake

Posted on 01/28/2006 4:03:23 PM PST by bluesagewoman

REPORT: by TheSnowFlake

On Saturday-Jan 2006, Columbia, Missouri woke up to a cold, overcast, rainy day. As I stood across the Post Office this morning, the rain felt cold as ice dripping off my red-hooded windbreaker.

Today, I was alone opposing the peaceniks, since the other counter-protesters had various obligations. Alone, or not, it was so good to be there.

On the opposing side stood eight (I call them this time SUSPECTS, ha!) Their so-called peace cause is certainly more than questionable. And, also behind their so-called peace cause, some do commit crimes of violence and exhibit many different forms of hypocrisy.

Nevertheless, as the hour wore on, it was reasonably calm and quiet, as others came and went. I was proud to hold the sign, "OUR TROOPS, OUR HEROES."

Most of my encounters with the general public were as follows: One smart-mouthed peacenik crossing the street yelled out at me and said, "Good morning. Nice day," in a high, childish, sing-song voice.

I detected his insincerity and made no reply. Then, I thought, "Yes, it is a nice day to stand up for our troops." And, I know standing in the cold rain for one hour doesn't even begin to compare to the price our troops are paying for my freedoms- including many others-- even for the freedoms of the opposing side, which they take so grossly for granted, and do not appreciate.

A little later on, a lady got out of her truck and commented to me how UNIMPRESSED she was with the opposing side. I told her I was glad she could see through them, and the worthless cause that they all try to promote. She assured me that she could see through them. And, also said that if her husband was present, he wouldn't hesitate to give them all a piece of his mind.

Then one man going into the post office yelled across the street at me as I held my sign, "OUR TROOPS, OUR HEROES," and said, "You're right!"

I replied, "Thank you, our troops are right."

A few minutes later, another man walking across the street said to me, "Just one?"--referring to me standing alone.

I replied, "It's better than none." He agreed and later yelled back that he had three brothers in the war.

Another lady crossing the street looked at me and said, "Thank you for being here."

About the middle of the hour, a lady driving by gave me a thumbs-down. But, the thumbs-up I received in support of our troops always cancel out the negative.

Closer to the end of the hour, a man walked my way as he crossed the street. He said, "I'll tell you exactly what I told them. There are two heads and one snake."

I answered, "Can you explain?" But, he was still standing in the street in the path of traffic, and there were cars coming his way and driving around him. And, his reply really didn't make a whole lot of sense anyway. So I interrupted and said, "Sir, you need to get out of the street before you get run over." I didn't want him to end up as a dead snake.

Before he walked on, he said, "Our troops are alright."

I called back at a distance to him, "That's why we need to be out here standing up for them!"

Finally, at the end of the hour, a husband and wife in a dark pickup stopped and thanked me for standing against the other side. They also said, "Those people across the street need to get a life."

Then her husband rolled down his window on the driver's side and yelled out at them, "You all need to get a life!" One of the eight SUSPECTS defiantly yelled back at him, and argued on with (his/their) usual conversational jibber/jabber.

After observing that, it became even more apparent to me, that most of them will NEVER listen to reason, and will always continue to plug their ears. How they delight in remaining willingly ignorant and can NEVER see the forest for the trees. To me one example of that is their banner that says, "Tens of thousands have died."

I thought, "Yeah by the hand of Saddam Hussein and his two sons, and the wicked terrorists." Kind of barking up the wrong tree isn't it?

The hour went by quickly. But, it's always a nice day - rain or shine- to stand in support of all our troops. And, it's also uplifting to see that there are so many people in this city who believe in and support our troops, and the worthy cause they are all fighting for. And, I know that includes many others across the nation as well, who also give a BIG THUMBS UP for our troops.

Thank you troops for continuing to hang tough, so that I, and many others throughout our country and abroad, can have the freedoms that we ALL enjoy now.

May what you do NEVER be taken for granted. And, May THE L-RD continue to Bless and protect you, as you remain FAITHFUL in fighting the good fight of Freedom!!!

II Timothy 2:3 Thou therefore ENDURE hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

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KEYWORDS: columbia; freep; infinite; missouri; peaceniks
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To: bluesagewoman


41 posted on 02/01/2006 6:43:42 PM PST by proud_yank (I CAN'T RUN MY SUV ON PELOSI'S HOT AIR)
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To: prairiebreeze
Though we've been out each week, we haven't posted much the past year. For me, it seems that it is so very hard to get folks out to join us that it is futile and pointless to post anymore. After years of it, like the folks in Fresno, we just keep a presence out on the street so our military and their families see it. That is the only thing that matters.

Our little group has been through a lot. We've been spat at, accosted, assaulted, threatened, and publically insulted by peaceniks. Our group gets smaller each month, I'm sure many have been driven off by the negatives.

Discouragement is only kept at bay by the fact it means so very much to the parents, spouses, relatives and newly returned enlisted. Never a counter has gone by when at least a couple of folks haven't stopped by to tell us how much they appreciate seeing the public support. Our faces don't mean anything to them, but the signs and the smiles mean everything. And, the traffic passing by giving the thumbs-up and honking (with no signs requesting honks) always lets them know that others appreciate our military folks' sacrifices.

We can't stop. We have to go back out there.

42 posted on 02/01/2006 7:23:04 PM PST by bluesagewoman
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To: F15Eagle; Esther Ruth; Canadian Outrage; American in Israel

Check out the last two paragraphs that The Snowflake wrote, they will warm your hearts! :)))))

43 posted on 02/02/2006 5:36:52 AM PST by Convert from ECUSA (Not a nickel, not a dime, stop sending my tax money to Hamastine!)
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To: \/\/ayne

Could I bother you one more time please?

I pray for Israel too. And, I think the more praying for her, the better-- as well as our troops, our President, etc.

And, I appreciate your definition on the word catalyst. Webster also defines it as : to bring about/provoke/precipitate/insipire. Example: religious faith which alone catalyze important sacred art.

catalyst= to transform or altar significantly (Exm.) Janet Flanner (his vigorous efforts to catalyze us into activity.

What I'm wondering about is not so much the definition, but how can my sign, "ISRAEL IS FOREVER"-- as well as other pro-Israel signs that other Freepers hold become one notable exception to "so-called peace" in the minds of anti-war protesters, or be used as a catalyst?


44 posted on 02/02/2006 5:48:58 PM PST by THE SNOWFLAKE
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To: Salem

I humbly thank you for your kind words.

G-d Bless our troops, and G-d Bless Israel FOREVER!!!

45 posted on 02/02/2006 5:52:29 PM PST by THE SNOWFLAKE
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To: bluesagewoman

Thanks for the post, I think its so great that you are willing to go out even on a crummy day to stand up for what you think is right! I had a few questions though, and please keep in mind, these are not meant to be snarky, I just always like to know references for statements that people make. I think its always a good idea to back up your ideas with facts. And as I am new to FreeRepublic, maybe the statements you made everyone else knows are true, but since I'm new I was just wondering if you had refrences for your facts, especially the peaceniks committing crimes of violence! Yikes! I also know if I show this article to my friends and family, they will automatically ask for refrences. Thanks in advance, looking forward to getting to know everyone!

"(I call them this time SUSPECTS, ha!)"

Why do you call them suspects? And why is that funny?

"Their so-called peace cause is certainly more than questionable."

Why do you use the phrase "so called Peace cause?", and what makes it questionable?

"And, also behind their so-called peace cause, some do commit crimes of violence and exhibit many different forms of hypocrisy."

I'm intrigued, what violent crimes do the peaceniks commit? Also, what forms of hypocricy?
"One smart-mouthed peacenik crossing the street yelled out at me and said, "Good morning. Nice day," in a high, childish, sing-song voice. "
Why do you assume the peacenik was a smart-mouth? I always try to assume the best in people, but as I was not there, only you can know the tone and if it was condescending or not.

Thanks again, glad to have found this forum!

46 posted on 02/05/2006 1:10:58 PM PST by daffodilMO (Newbie Freeper!)
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To: daffodilMO

You have mail.

47 posted on 02/05/2006 2:03:06 PM PST by bluesagewoman
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To: prairiebreeze
I'm not in Columbia, but visit there often.

For those not familiar with Columbia, Missouri it is not only a town that is home of a number of Universities, including the State's largest, Mizzou, BUT also and IMHO more importantly, one of the major cities in the USA that house a radical Muslim population. If my memory serves me right, the Mosque (which is about three blocks away from where Snowflake was standing), has been rumored to have connections with OBL and AQ.

I admire and applaud Snowflake's commitment and bravery, and all the other FReepers that I've seen on a regular basis supporting the USA and our Troops on the downtown street corners of Columbia.
48 posted on 02/08/2006 6:26:19 PM PST by not2worry (What goes around comes around.)
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To: not2worry

Didn't that infamous Dr. Germ go to school in Mizzou? Some terrorist microbiologist did.

Additionally the journalism dept at Mizzou is nationally known. FWIW. I have no idea if they turn out leftist journalists, would guess they likely do.

49 posted on 02/08/2006 7:12:08 PM PST by prairiebreeze (Brought to you by the American Democrat Party. aka Al Qaeda, Western Division.)
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To: prairiebreeze
Yes, I believe Dr. Germ did go to Mizzou and another one of Saddam's possee went to the University of Missouri at Rolla, Missouri.

Mizzou is still noted for it's great Journalism department. There are a few that broadcast on FOX and CNN. I think Paul Zahn went to Mizzou.

Most of the student body seems to be fairly conservative. I met quite a few at a Bush rally in Columbia in October 2004.

However, that doesn't exclude a number of nut jobs at Mizzou, including the infamous Cheryl Crow. She appeared a couple of years ago as the Prime Time Guest at Mizzou's Home Coming Game and was basically booed when she took the field at half-time. However, most of us in the crowd were baby boomer, conservatives, alumni or parents footing the bill for their kids currently attending Mizzou.
50 posted on 02/08/2006 7:56:51 PM PST by not2worry (What goes around comes around.)
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To: not2worry

I appreciate your thoughtful compliments. But, please transfer all the applause and admiration to Tom and Bluesagewoman. They are there a lot more than myself on a regular basis, enduring the harsh weather elements and not so friendly people from x to x. (x= time)

The location of the mosque here in Columbia is located on 5th Street between Locust and Elm. It is at the corner of Fifth & Locust, and it is approximately about 3-4 blocks from where Tom, Bluesagewoman and I stand.

The USPO is on Walnut between 6th and 5th Street. The CPD (Columbia Police Department) is cattycorner across the street from the USPO. The (CPD) is between 6th and 7th Street on Walnut.

The mosque here in Columbia located on 5th and Locust, also has the following words written above their front doors- both in Arabic and English. It states as follows:

In The Name of Allah

The Beneficent The Merciful
Say O People Of The Scripture
(Christians & Jews) Come To Common
Terms As Between Us & You That We
Worship None But Allah (GOD)
Quran Suran III Verse 64.

What a "(CONTRAST)" between those words and The Words of JESUS that He Spoke over 2000 years ago!

Revelation 22:17

And The Spirit and the bride say, COME!
And, let (him/her) that heareth say COME!!
And, (WHOSOEVER) will let (him/her)
take The Water of Life FREELY!!!

This also cross references with John 4:14

But, (WHOSOEVER) drinketh the water that I shall give (him/her) shall NEVER thirst. But, the water that I shall give (him/her) shall be in (him/her) a well of water springing up into Everlasting Life!

What a CONTRAST! I don't know about you , but I'll take the latter!!!

51 posted on 02/10/2006 9:14:57 AM PST by THE SNOWFLAKE
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We've got a mansion just over the hilltop
In that bright land where we'll never grow old
And some day yonder we will never more wander
But walk together on streets of gold

So keep on looking right up toward the heavens,
Cause He'll be coming, to take us all home,
I know I'm ready, to see my dear Savior
Soon any day now, that Trumpet will blow!!!
52 posted on 02/10/2006 1:55:41 PM PST by Esther Ruth (I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee - Genesis 12:3)
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To: Esther Ruth

Amen sister!!! PTL Forever!!!!

53 posted on 02/11/2006 8:06:12 AM PST by THE SNOWFLAKE
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Comment #54 Removed by Moderator

To: Deist - The Founding Fathers

Welcome to FR.

55 posted on 02/13/2006 3:27:38 PM PST by Darksheare (Aim low! They got knees!)
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To: Darksheare

Message to Deist- The Founding Fathers

Ahoy there!
Welcome aboard!!
Enjoy the suspenseful journey!!!

56 posted on 02/16/2006 7:33:49 PM PST by THE SNOWFLAKE
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To: Darksheare

Did he tick off the Admin Moderator? I noticed #54 "went missing".

57 posted on 02/21/2006 8:32:55 AM PST by zip (Remember: DimocRat lies told often enough become truth to 48% of all Americans (NRA)))
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Thanks for the postcard. I agree with your comments about Islam. I hate the wool that is over people's eyes when it comes to the true teachings of this religion. We must not only pray for the Muslim world, but also share the Gospel effectively with these people. I am beginning a friendship with a Muslim person, please pray for me in this. Keep up the good work and thank you for the constant encouragement.

58 posted on 03/02/2006 9:39:19 AM PST by John3.30ColumbiaMO
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To: John3.30ColumbiaMO

Hi! I'm very sorry I didn't get back with you sooner. A lot of things have been going on.

First of all, may I welcome you as a new member to Free Republic. WELCOME ABOARD BROTHER!!! My prayers are with you about the Islamic person you are ministering to. And, I Trust that his heart and mind will be open and receptive to The Gospel. Myself, I really do not know the most effective way to share The Gospel with these people. As a young Christian pastor, I know you have a lot of experience, Wisdom and Biblical Knowledge, plus a heart for evangelism in general. What wouid you recommend as the most effective way to do this?

Also, if you don't mind, could I share some information with you that you and perhaps others might be interested in? If I'm not mistaken, at the public library tomorrow during the afternoon time, maybe sometime from 1-4 p.m., a film will be shown about some Arab people who came to know Christ as their personal Saviour. It might be Beth Shalom in the Friendship Room, but I'm not positive. If you have time, you might want to check it out.

Also, on Christian television fairly recently, (Channel 9), I heard a Saved Arab speak about his conversion to Christ. He was very dynamic!

He also is the author of a book called, "SADDAM'S SECRETS." He talked about how in his book, he explains how the war in Iraq was a war of necessity, and that Saddam did indeed have weapons of mass destruction, etc.

Again, if I'm not mistaken, his book could be ordered from the following place:

At Home
3350 W. Freeway
Ft. Worth, TX 76116

Welcome again to Free Republic! And, I love the verse you've chosen, John 3:20 HE (Jesus) must increase, but I must decrease.

G-d Bless you always!!!

59 posted on 03/04/2006 1:10:08 PM PST by THE SNOWFLAKE
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