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Boy charged with felony for carrying sugar
suntimes ^ | February 11, 2006

Posted on 02/11/2006 4:11:34 PM PST by Revel

Boy charged with felony for carrying sugar

BY JUSTINA WANG A 12-year-old Aurora boy who said he brought powdered sugar to school for a science project this week has been charged with a felony for possessing a look-alike drug, Aurora police have confirmed.

The sixth-grade student at Waldo Middle School was also suspended for two weeks from school after showing the bag of powdered sugar to his friends.

The boy, who is not being identified because he is a juvenile, said he brought the bag to school to ask his science teacher if he could run an experiment using sugar.

Two other boys asked if the bag contained cocaine after he showed it to them in the bathroom Wednesday morning, the boy's mother said.

He joked that it was cocaine, before telling them, "just kidding," she said.

Aurora police arrested the boy after a custodian at the school reported the boy's comments. The youngster was taken to the police station and detained, before being released to his parents that afternoon.

"This is getting ridiculous," said the boy's mother. "They treated my son like a criminal. .. . This is no way to treat a 12-year-old kid."

East Aurora School District officials declined to comment on the case, citing privacy issues.

The district issued a written statement, which said: "The dangers of illegal drugs and controlled substances are clear.

Could get probation "Look-alike drugs and substances can cause that same level of danger because staff and students are not equipped to differentiate between the two."

The school handbook states that students can be suspended or expelled for carrying a look-alike drug.

Penalties for juveniles are decided on a case-by-case basis, but if convicted, the sixth-grader could likely face up to five years' probation, said Jeffery Jefko, deputy director of Kane County juvenile court services.

Juveniles who have prior criminal records could also be placed in a residential treatment program if convicted, he said.

Aurora Beacon-News

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To: Thoeting

"This falls under the statute of "look-alike" drugs because that is how he presented it to his friends. Had he showed the sugar to his friends and said "this is sugar for a Science experiment" there would have been no punishment.
The title is misleading. He was in trouble not for bringing sugar, but for bringing a product and claiming it was a drug."

But the handbook bans "look-alike drugs", not verbal statements about sugar being coke.

221 posted on 02/12/2006 9:07:05 AM PST by drhogan
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To: Revel

If the authorities can't stop the trafficking of drugs, the solution in their minds it to arrest those who posess things that "look" like drugs.
This is like suspending kids for drawing a picture of a gun in school and then arresting them for posession of a gun, or drawing a picture of a plane flying into a building and suspending them for having terrorist ideas.
Symbolism over substance.
The incompetence of the authorities to stop real crime.
Arrest people for the appearance of crime.

222 posted on 02/12/2006 9:10:42 AM PST by (what have you done today to fight terrorism/leftism (same thing!))
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To: dufekin

that is truly amazing!
i didn't think even schools could come up with a policy that banned water.

223 posted on 02/12/2006 9:14:08 AM PST by drhogan
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To: robertpaulsen
"... Now, powdered sugar in a baggie looks like a drug, especially after joking that it was cocaine. That is against written school policy."

Which explains perfectly why society simply MUST charge this 12 year old boy with a FELONY and place him on probation until he's 18.

Good grief. Death of common sense indeed.

224 posted on 02/12/2006 9:15:24 AM PST by The KG9 Kid (Semper Fi!)
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To: Mojave

"You forgot to call police officers Nazis and statists. You're slipping"

actually, i don't call police "nazis" or "statists".

i was really making fun of the guy defending the school policy, not making fun of the police, who probably think the policy is ridiculous.

225 posted on 02/12/2006 9:17:31 AM PST by drhogan
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To: robertpaulsen
Determined by who and how? Do schools have drug testing kits? Should taxpayers fund these?

The time to figure out how you're going to get the tools is before you make the rules, not after someone violates them.

226 posted on 02/12/2006 9:18:02 AM PST by elkfersupper
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To: robertpaulsen

check out post #149--apparently a school really did ban water because it looked like alcohol.

what can I say?

227 posted on 02/12/2006 9:23:31 AM PST by drhogan
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To: 1rudeboy

don't they have lab tests that differentiate marijuana from oregano?
there is also something called a "chain of evidence".

228 posted on 02/12/2006 9:28:32 AM PST by drhogan
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To: robertpaulsen
Be careful. There's a heavy spring on our door, so don't let it hit you in the a$$ on your way out.

Dont worry I wont but even if it does I got plenty of padding to keep me from being injured :-) I would advise you to get out while the getting is good also.If you know anything about history(Wich I doubt seeing as how you are supporting the exact same prohibition against drugs that utterly failed against alchohol) you will know that the people that help communist/fascists/dictators get into power are the first to get imprisoned or exacuted once they are in because the people that get them into power are the ones that are the biggest threat to take them back out of power.Just ask any of the people that got lenin into power in 1917 a vast majority were dead or in gulags by 1918 or ask any of hitlers backers the same thing within a year they were dead or in prisons and so on and so forth from mao to casto pol pot saddam ect.You are a major help in getting the country to turn into a fascist regime with your vocal and probable finacial support of these totalitarian laws once the feds can finally get rid of the constitution as token governing document in this country they will turn there wrath on you first in case you lose favor with them and work as hard to get them out of power as you now are getting them in.

229 posted on 02/12/2006 9:34:10 AM PST by freepatriot32 (Holding you head high & voting Libertarian is better then holding your nose and voting republican)
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To: dread78645

that's a great quotation. what book is it from?

230 posted on 02/12/2006 9:35:46 AM PST by drhogan
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To: drhogan

Ayn Rand -- Atlas Shrugged

231 posted on 02/12/2006 9:41:42 AM PST by dread78645 (Intelligent Design. It causes people to misspeak)
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To: takenoprisoner

Then perhaps the child should not lie about what is in the bag? He has some responsibility here.

232 posted on 02/12/2006 9:50:41 AM PST by Thoeting
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To: Thoeting

Then perhaps the child should not lie about what is in the bag? He has some responsibility here.

When did it become a felony to lie?

233 posted on 02/12/2006 10:02:07 AM PST by wintertime
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To: wintertime

When you say that a substance is an illegal drug. At that point, a felony has been committed.

234 posted on 02/12/2006 10:06:26 AM PST by Thoeting
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To: Thoeting
When you say that a substance is an illegal drug. At that point, a felony has been committed. ( Thoeting)


Unbelievable! ( Control, control, control)

By the way,,,,,did you say you taught 6th graders? Is this a government school?
235 posted on 02/12/2006 10:09:58 AM PST by wintertime
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To: wintertime
Since graduating in the late 70's I have taught at public, private, Christian and Catholic schools. In addition, I home-schooled for 2 years and have tutored for over 10.

I prefer teaching at the Catholic school the best. My only complaint involves class size. 35 6th graders is a bit much. My least favorite was the Christian school. The kid were out of control and the principal was powerless to change anything. I taught one year and left. I may teach at a local Lutheran school in the near future. Waiting to see how things turn out.

I have never been a member of the NEA or an offshoot of the NEA.

I am proudly conservative and teach in that way. Where I draw my current salary from at this moment has no more bearing on this conversation than does your employment.

236 posted on 02/12/2006 10:18:19 AM PST by Thoeting
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To: Revel

Another example of gross institutionalized child abuse.

237 posted on 02/12/2006 10:19:59 AM PST by PA Engineer (Liberate America from the occupation media.)
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To: Revel

The problem is that our society has given up on being responsible. No longer do they weigh each problem that comes to them and make decisions. They prepare cause and effect lists and point to them when anyone asks "what should we do". That way, nobody can blame them. Cowards. Our society is rolling over and peeing on itself.

238 posted on 02/12/2006 10:22:15 AM PST by mudblood
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To: Revel
Aurora Chief of Police charged with felony

"BY JUSTINA WANG: In another breaking news item, the Aurora Chief of Police was arrested by Federal DEA agents for possession and distribution of mass quantities of drug delivery vehicles heavily coated with a look-alike drug."

"Although his attorney claims that the evidence was planted, Federal authorities say they have forensic evidence that clearly connects the Aurora Chief of Police to the alleged crime."

239 posted on 02/12/2006 10:24:15 AM PST by Polybius
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To: Thoeting; robertpaulsen
Listen. Kids are kids, and they make up stuff. Always has been that way and it always will. I wonder just what kind of things you may have said in your childhood that could have landed you in big trouble. That is why adults have to use common sense to determine what really matters. This does not matter. If he had been selling it or even giving it away...claiming that it was cocaine then things would be different. Because that would show a different intent. As it is the kid admitted to his friends that it was a joke. A little verbal scolding from the principle would have been plenty. You people who think you can created a perfect society are some of the most unforgiving people on the planet. You are actually the ones who create a world where we judge one another on the smallest of things. A world where we cannot trust one another, and a world where there is no forgiveness. Quite frankly...The more you get your way then the more the world is a sucky place to live.
240 posted on 02/12/2006 10:35:58 AM PST by Revel
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