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THE BARRETT REPORT (Center for Individual Freedom)
GOPUSA via CFIF ^ | February 18, 2006 | GOPUSA via CFIF E-mail

Posted on 02/18/2006 12:22:10 PM PST by CyberAnt

I received the following email today - and I want to share it with all of you on FR. Please send this link to all your friends and family - we need to put the pressure on about releasing the Barrett Report:

Greetings to the GOPUSA Family of Activists!

Please see the message below from our friends at The Center for Individual Freedom and find more about the Barrett Commission.

Keep up the fight, Robert R. Eberle, Ph.D.


The CFIF assessment of the Barrett Report:

Did you know a Commission report exists that exposes ugly, festering Democrat corruption at the highest levels of government?

Did you know that this report might ruin Hillary Clinton's chances to run for president and even jeopardize her reelection campaign?

Did you know that Democratic Senators Byron Dorgan, Carl Levin, Dick Durbin, John Kerry and Congressman Henry Waxman, with the help of Democratic judges, suppressed key portions of this report?

Did you know that the suppressed sections reveal some of the most obscene abuses of power in the history of the presidency?

If you've never heard of the Barrett Commission Report, I'm not surprised. The liberal news media continues to refuse to give the story the coverage it deserves. They don't want you to know that this unexploded bombshell exists.

Here are the facts:

On May 24, 1995, David Barrett was appointed to head a commission investigating President Clinton's Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros, who was accused of paying hush-money to his ex-mistress, committing tax fraud, and lying to the FBI.

During the course of his investigation, Mr. Barrett uncovered a scandal that dwarfed the Cisneros fiasco -- the Clinton Administration's use of the IRS and the Justice Department to bully, intimidate, and silence political enemies.

For the next several years, Mr. Barrett and his team -- initially alerted to the abuse of power by a whistle blower at the IRS -- widened their investigation to include the IRS (headed by Hillary Clinton's old college chum, Margaret Milner Richardson), the Justice Department (headed by Clinton crony Janet Reno), and the White House itself (headed by co-presidents Bill and Hillary).

The Barrett Report discusses in detail the cases of people whom the IRS and the Justice Department persecuted on orders from the White House. These included women who had accused President Clinton of sexual misconduct and even rape: e.g., Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, and Gennifer Flowers. All three were targeted for audit by the Clinton-controlled IRS.

And These Women Were Not The Only Ones

The White House ordered the FBI to send over the personnel files of hundreds of Republicans who served in the Bush Administration.

Is it possible that the Clintons turned this highly sensitive information over to the Democratic National Committee to use as political ammunition in future elections?

Hillary wanted to hand over the lucrative White House Travel Office to one of "our people" so -- according to a White House insider -- she ordered the firing of Travel Office Bill Dale and six of his employees. And when Dale protested, she ordered the FBI to "get" him.

And here's the most sinister ploy of all: When the Clintons found out that Barrett was investigating their outrageous use of the IRS and Justice Department, they ordered surveillance of Barrett himself and his team.

Question: With the suppression of the Barrett report, why have all the high-profile liberal organizations that claim to fight government corruption gone mute?

Answer: They're only concerned with alleged rights violations by Republicans. On Monday, I ran a search on the Common Cause website for the Barrett Report. The result: "nothing found." The featured story? Jack Abramoff!

Folks, this buried body is a HUGE story!

The Barrett Report could contain evidence of shocking criminal activity by the Clinton White House.

The suppression of this report by the Democratic leadership is equally shocking, equally vile, equally worthy of front-page coverage.

Some of the biggest names in the U.S. Senate have worked to keep the truth from the American people in order to protect their dirty political allies.

If the Barrett Report comes out before the general public, liberals will be wiped out in the mid-term elections and Hillary Clinton will be fighting for her political life.

Why Is This Story Still Under Wraps?

But wait a minute! Just how did the Democrats manage to hide this still-warm corpse?

Here's how they operated:

When the Barrett Report was complete in 2004, Clinton lawyers set out to suppress the radioactive document in its entirety or to excise those parts dealing with criminal activity on the part of the White House. Team Clinton filed some 140 motions designed to delay the Barrett Report or kill it outright. For over a year, Clinton's legal team stalled its publication.

As columnist Robert Novak reported: "An IRS whistleblower told Barrett of an unprecedented cover-up. The informant said a regional IRS official had formulated a new rule enabling him to transfer an investigation of Cisneros to Washington to be buried by the Justice Department. Barrett's investigators found Lee Radek, head of Justice's public integrity office, determined to protect President Clinton."

Senators Byron Dorgan (D-ND), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and John Kerry (D-MA) attempted to slip a provision into the Iraq-war spending bill that would have suppressed the ENTIRE Barrett Report.

Eventually, Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) -- supported by Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Senator Kerry, and Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) -- slyly stuck a provision in a 2005 appropriations bill that gave three judges the power to censor the report.

And here's the kicker: Two key Republican lawmakers -- Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) and Representative Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) -- agreed!!!

Bond and Knollenberg gave away the store. They also may have given the Democrats control of Congress and snatched Hillary's presidential bid out of the flames.

However, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) are determined to force release of the ENTIRE REPORT -- WARTS AND ALL.

But they can't do it without our help -- yours and mine.

Can The Barrett Report Really Knock Hillary Off Her Pedestal?

She is so smug right now, so sure of herself , so clever at "repositioning" herself that no one believes she can be beaten.

You can be sure the House of Dior is already designing her inaugural dress.

Can anything derail the Hillary Express?

Veteran observers of the political landscape believe the Barrett Report might just stop that train dead in its tracks.

Tony Snow -- who has been a news analyst for the Washington Times and Fox News -- wrote: "By all accounts, the 400-page Barrett report is a bombshell, capable possibly of wiping out Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects."

Robert Novak, the dean of political columnists, has written: "Its disclosures could dig deeply into concealed Clinton administration scandals."

And Carl Limbacher -- in an article entitled "Report Could Torpedo Hillary Clinton's Prez Plans" -- has written: "Hillary is said to be particularly vulnerable to the Barrett report's exposure, since her old college chum, Margaret Milner Richardson, ran the IRS at the time."

Novak has said that "hardly any of Barrett's allegations will remain" now that Democratic leftists have bottled up the genie.

However, he sees hope in Chuck Grassley:

"A stubborn Iowa farmer who often drives the White House and Republican leaders to distraction, he said that if the Barrett report finally emerges as a mutilated remnant in order to protect the IRS, he will press for legislation to change that."

Let's help that stubborn Iowa farmer get the FULL TRUTH out to the American people.

Jeff Mazzella, President -

Center for Individual Freedom, 113 S. Columbus St., Suite 310, Alexandria, VA 22314. Phone: 703-535-5836, Fax:703-535-5838.

CFIF is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit constitutional advocacy organization with the mission to protect and defend individual freedoms and individual rights in the legal, legislative and educational arenas.

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Editorial; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: barrettreport; clintons; corruption; hillary; intimidation; irs
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If you see your congress person listed in this article - please make a special effort to convey your thoughts on the FULL RELEASE of the Barrett Report.

If you don't see your congress person listed in this article - send them a message anyway and ask them to please cooperate with these other congress people who are trying to expose the horrible corruption of the Clinton White House years.

1 posted on 02/18/2006 12:22:12 PM PST by CyberAnt
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To: CyberAnt


2 posted on 02/18/2006 12:29:09 PM PST by Unicorn (Too many wimps around.)
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Comment #3 Removed by Moderator

To: CyberAnt

Hillary IS my congressperson. *sigh*

4 posted on 02/18/2006 12:40:54 PM PST by DJ MacWoW (If you think you know what's coming next....You don't know Jack.)
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Comment #5 Removed by Moderator

To: Baynative

You are very right...and, like you said, if ANY Congresscritter can release ALL of the report without punishment...then GRASSLEY could/should have by now.

WHO is pulling his strings to keep him from doing this?

I would imagine a LOT of people...I don't get the impression that Grassley is too hard to push around.

BTW...the Senate wants MORE input into the NSA program...but, how can we trust a group of people that are complicit in hiding a scandal that they KNOW happened??

6 posted on 02/18/2006 12:43:58 PM PST by Txsleuth
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To: Baynative

I still say that since the public has paid to have this report compiled, it should be made public. Maybe full disclosure would cause our Congress and other leaders to act more responsibly in the future. How many of these investigations have been done, at our expense, only to be buried so as not to embarrass anyone? Quite frankly, if they are doing detestable things, we should know. If we elect them again, knowing they are liars, traitors, rascals, then it's our own faukt.

7 posted on 02/18/2006 12:49:45 PM PST by Shery (S. H. in APOland)
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To: Baynative

These chicken shi* morons are all talk no action, got a e-mail from Eberle asking me to fax these jerks. Why should I have to pay for fax for them to do their job, they aren't going to to it any way.

8 posted on 02/18/2006 12:50:42 PM PST by boomop1
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Comment #9 Removed by Moderator

To: Baynative

What about Sen. Coburn....he doesn't seem to mind standing up to anyone?

Besides these same Senators turned him into the Ethics Committee because he wants to keep his OB/GYN office open in Oklahoma...I doubt if he feels ANY loyalty to them.

10 posted on 02/18/2006 12:57:53 PM PST by Txsleuth
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To: Baynative

Well .. it's not a lie. Tony Snow has been saying from the beginning that ANY CONGRESS PERSON CAN DEMAND the release to the public of the FULL REPORT.

Grassley may need some support from those of us who realize what is in this report. Why don't WE GET OFF THE COUCH AND SEND SOME EMAILS OR MAKE SOME PHONE CALLS ABOUT THIS REPORT ..??

Instead of sitting around and whining because Grassly didn't do what we thought he would - and just because you're not seeing it on the nightly news, it doesn't mean Grassly isn't working behind the scenes.

This is exactly what happened in congress when Pence started speaking out about the over-spending. He seemed to be all alone until other congress people started hearing from their constituents and suddenly Pence had all kinds of support from other members of congress.

Rush has said many times .. contacting your own reps does get noticed and most of them will respond to our demands .. especially when they find out many other congress persons are also being contacted.

The KEY is WE the people.

11 posted on 02/18/2006 12:58:52 PM PST by CyberAnt (Democrat Leadership = No program - no ideas - no clue.)
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To: DJ MacWoW

Don't feel bad - I'm stuck with Boxer and Feinstein!

How about a House person - does your state have any repubs representing the state - if so - contact them and explain why you're contacting them - because your local rep is a democrat who has a vested interest in NOT EXPOSING THIS INFO.

12 posted on 02/18/2006 1:00:43 PM PST by CyberAnt (Democrat Leadership = No program - no ideas - no clue.)
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To: CyberAnt
Reps are an idea but not one is coming to mind. I presume because they lack cahones they aren't memorable. But geeze! do I remember the names of the jerks.

Wouldn't it be great if DeLay released the Barrett report.

13 posted on 02/18/2006 1:05:42 PM PST by DJ MacWoW (If you think you know what's coming next....You don't know Jack.)
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To: Baynative

Robert Novak said:

"Any such lawmaker, who believes American taxpayers should see the product of $23 million in expenditures, presumably could then publish the material without fear of legal sanction."

This is basically what Tony Snow has also been saying.

14 posted on 02/18/2006 1:06:05 PM PST by CyberAnt (Democrat Leadership = No program - no ideas - no clue.)
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To: Txsleuth

I know this is going to be hard for some of our congress people - but those who are running for re-election better be paying attention.

We're sick and tired of the Clintons getting a pass on everything. We're tired of their corruption and we're tired of the media fawning over them.

Our congress people need to understand that out here in the real world - PEOPLE DO NOT FAWN OVER CLINTON - it's only the DC press and other media elites from NY who do.

I know this will not be easy .. but nothing worth doing ever is.

15 posted on 02/18/2006 1:10:43 PM PST by CyberAnt (Democrat Leadership = No program - no ideas - no clue.)
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To: Shery

"... buried so as not to embarrass anyone."

Very well said Shery - and .. I agree that it's time to start EMBARRASSING a few people and maybe that's how we can clean house.

I believe this exposure could have a very good effect on present as well as future congress people. They wrongly believe we aren't paying attention .. or we're too stupid to figure it out.

16 posted on 02/18/2006 1:13:52 PM PST by CyberAnt (Democrat Leadership = No program - no ideas - no clue.)
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To: boomop1

Well .. I don't PAY to fax them. There is access to your local rep - CALL THEM IN THEIR LOCAL DISTRICT - you'll get better access and faster results.

But .. to assume your efforts will result in nothing is a very defeatest attitude .. it's like saying - why fight the terrorists - they're just going to kill us anyway.

17 posted on 02/18/2006 1:15:55 PM PST by CyberAnt (Democrat Leadership = No program - no ideas - no clue.)
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To: CyberAnt

Ironically, I think most of the GOP members of Congress are in hurry to distance themselves from Bush...

which plays right into Hillary's hands...and this report, or lack of it, being made public, is one consequence of that.

18 posted on 02/18/2006 1:18:31 PM PST by Txsleuth
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To: CyberAnt
"The White House ordered the FBI to send over the personnel files of hundreds of Republicans who served in the Bush Administration."

Each one was a felony, IIRC, but nobody ever did a thing about it.

There was so much dirt in those files that the Republican party has been paralyzed for years out of fear of blackmail.

Doesn't say much for wither party if you ask me.

19 posted on 02/18/2006 1:18:50 PM PST by BenLurkin (O beautiful for patriot dream - that sees beyond the years)
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To: Baynative

I don't agree!

Now .. more than ever there are DEMOCRATS who DO NOT WANT HILLARY as their nomineee - and DREAD HER AS PRESIDENT. The thought of reliving all the scandals of the Clinton WH during a presidential campaign is very distasteful to many democrats.

I believe there are many on the democrat side who would support releasing this information in order to get the Clintons off the front page and keep Hillary from getting back into the WH.

20 posted on 02/18/2006 1:19:19 PM PST by CyberAnt (Democrat Leadership = No program - no ideas - no clue.)
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