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Minister Tells Media to Fall In Line(Media Inciting Terror Propaganda Will Be Arrested)
AFP ^ | 2/26/2006 2:54:49 | The Peninsula On-line

Posted on 02/26/2006 6:30:20 PM PST by fight_truth_decay

BAGHDAD: Iraqi newspapers inciting violence will be suspended and their journalists arrested, Defence Minister Saadun Al Dulaimi said yesterday, unveiling a new security plan for the violence-wracked country.

"This is a warning to media working in Iraq," he said in a press conference.

Dulaimi also slammed the media for exaggerating violence since the blowing up of the Al Askariya shrine in Samarra on Wednesday which sparked days of sectarian violence, saying the official death toll was 119 civilians.

"After verification on the ground, 119 civilians were killed since Wednesday, not 183 as reported in the media," he said. "The government calls on them (media) to assume full responsibility and play a role in reinforcing unity and to reject anything promoting violence or sedition," he said.

"We will take disciplinary action against any publication inciting violence or terrorism and its journalists will be arrested."

Dulaimi said that only one mosque had been completely destroyed in the violence and six partially damaged, while one was temporarily occupied and 21 others were lightly damaged.

US coalition spokesman, Major-General Rick Lynch, speaking at a separate news conference, also suggested that the figures on attacks were exaggerated.

"We believe there are people out there generating false reports... making things seem worse than they are," he said. "There have been pockets of violence, but we don't see that as a precursor to civil war," said Lynch, adding that US-led coalition forces have increased their presence alongside Iraqi security forces to defuse the situation.

US and Iraqi forces, over the past 24 hours, sent out 268 patrols into Baghdad and manned an additional 136 checkpoints throughout the capital to reinforce security, the general said. He also suggested the time was right for the government to disband illegal militias, including the Mehdi Army of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr.

"The government of Iraq has an opportunity now to get rid of the militias," Lynch said.

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KEYWORDS: accountability; d; iraq; journalists; media; mediabias; propagandawar; saadunaldulaimi; samarrashrine
"Meanwhile Back at the Front"


A weekly look at events in Iraq, and on the home front.

This week: an examination of the propaganda war that's ongoing in the wake of the Shrine bombing. With our western reporters absent or holed up in Baghdad hotels, propaganda may be all we're hearing this week - and may in fact be the real battle.

The New York Times says More Clashes Shake Iraq; Political Talks Are In Ruins

Major General Rick Lynch, spokesman for Multi-National Forces-Iraq, described a somewhat different situation on the ground in the wake of the bombing:Here.

Other Times stories would describe a "wave of killings of Sunni Arabs", and the victim's response:

"The attacks, mostly by Shiite militiamen, were troubling not only because they resulted in at least 170 deaths across Iraq, but also because they showed how deeply the militias have spread inside government forces. The Iraqi police, commanded by a Shiite political party, stood by as the rampage spread."

"Now, after watching helplessly as their mosques and homes burned, many Sunni Arabs say they should have the right to form their own militias."

"Time Magazine would caption a photo of the demolished shrine with a claim that "a string of similar attacks to Sunni targets took place across Iraq."

"And even as a government imposed curfew established calm in the region, reports of the numbers of Sunni mosques attacked would skyrocket. By Friday night published claims would reach as high as "184 Sunni mosques" that "had been damaged, some destroyed". But perhaps as an overdue admission that the claims were becoming a bit outlandish, media reports began to qualify the numbers by actually citing the sources.

In the US: Boston Herald

In Australia.

Other versions of the story would feature the larger number.

Reports from Canada and South Africa

"The main Sunni religious group said 184 Sunni mosques had been damaged, some destroyed; 10 clerics had been killed and 15 abducted."

This is, in fact, the modus operandi of the Association of Muslim Scholars - an Iraqi Sunni/Ba'athist group formed in the wake of the 2003 invasion. Their role in the current conflict is to fight the "information war" while others conduct the actual shooting. After any atrocity committed by Sunni "insurgents" in Iraq, the Association immediately insists a similar atrocity has been committed by American or Shi'ite forces.

Note that unlike American sources the BBC is willing to acknowledge the ties between the AMS and terrorist groups in Iraq..

"One might wonder why American media sources decline to offer details of The Association of Muslim Scholars, opting to refer to them as simply "an influential Sunni group" or "group of influential Sunni clerics". In fact, it's worthwhile to question why early reports of the mass destruction of Sunni Mosques didn't even acknowledge the group as the source of the claims."


Just prior to the Samarra attacks, Richard Miniter offered an intriguing suggestion that could explain much of the bias in US media coverage of Iraq.

Richard Miniter: Everyone talks about intelligence failures, no one talks about media failures. The media is the people's intelligence service, and it's failing us.

You want to talk about why it's so biased?

Remember before the war, CNN, Eason Jordan made that ridiculous thing where we had to hire the fixers from Saddam's ministry or they'd be executed. We had to cover the Iraqi dictatorship in a certain way... paid Iraqis...

Roger Simon: The blogosphere was all over that one...

Richard Miniter: Who does CNN have working for them now covering the Iraq war?

The same people, the same Iraqi fixers.

So lets see, it's 1946, it's Germany, I need to understand German. Why don't I hire some Nazis to interview some Jewish survivors and explain post-war Germany by hiring Nazis?

They're hiring Ba'athist Sunnis, that's why the coverage is so bad. They went from imbedded with the US troops and just reporting what they saw, and the effect was marvelous. It was accurate, it was up to date, it was interesting, it changed all the time.

And now it's formulaic and ideological.


Because their fixers, their intermediaries between their safe little lives in the Palestine or al Rashid Hotels and the outside world are former members of the regime.

In fact, in at least one case last year a CBS-employed stringer was arrested for helping "insurgents" with a car bomb.

1 posted on 02/26/2006 6:30:22 PM PST by fight_truth_decay
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To: fight_truth_decay

We need this guy STATESIDE!

2 posted on 02/26/2006 6:34:14 PM PST by AmericaUnited
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To: fight_truth_decay

"Better be careful" ping (to the morons in CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, BBC, Reuters, AP, etc.)

3 posted on 02/26/2006 6:40:48 PM PST by indcons (As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. (Chanakya c.350 - c.275 BC))
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To: fight_truth_decay
Tell a lie often enough all most all will believe it less those that seek the facts. L/MSM have a lame brain excuse everyone buys. It is to dangerouse in Iraq for our folks to go out. Yet most of Iraq is safer to walk the streets with a few armed body guards then in many American city slums. Then the chick got captured which we have not heard anything about that went out with no body guards, and the L/MSM have another excuse to support their position.
Hell send their folks to all those hundreds of cities that have absolutly no crime let along violence to report on new schools opening, medical clinics, new water treatment plants, view the new plumbing put into homes that never had running water, look at the little arms of the view million kids that just got their shots, and are kicking the soccer ball around with smiles on their faces.
The whole country is inflammed! The only thing inflammed is the brains of these L/MSM so called journalist.
4 posted on 02/26/2006 6:46:38 PM PST by Marine_Uncle (Honor must be earned)
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To: indcons

Wow- I hadn't thought of that. Do you really think they would arrest a AP reporter for inciting violence?

5 posted on 02/26/2006 6:47:00 PM PST by KCRW
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To: All

Meanwhile, out of the eye of the MSM...


Unity Protests Break Out in Basra, Mosul, Hillah, Al Kut, Karbala...

6 posted on 02/26/2006 6:48:03 PM PST by AliVeritas (Vlad Crusade Crew... Radicals please come to NY to protest. Will travel, have bond.)
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I hope they do arrest MSM reporters for inciting violence. As you may already know, the AP has been very controversial for its alleged ties to Iraqi terrorists.
7 posted on 02/26/2006 6:58:35 PM PST by indcons (As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. (Chanakya c.350 - c.275 BC))
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To: AmericaUnited


8 posted on 02/26/2006 7:08:30 PM PST by Howlin ("Quick, he's bleeding! Is there a <strike>doctor</strike> reporter in the house?")
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To: AliVeritas

(AFP)or to be confused with (AP) is the source of your yahoo link. They are also where I got my linked story above. I would not call them MSM or a "msm-reader" recognized outlet beforehand mentioned in comparison...CBS, NBC etc.
9 posted on 02/26/2006 7:19:05 PM PST by fight_truth_decay
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I sure as hell hope so. I'd love to see some AP/ Reuters/ NY Slimes/ Washington Pist ^sshole perp-walked straight to Abu Ghraib.

10 posted on 02/26/2006 7:37:24 PM PST by lesser_satan
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To: fight_truth_decay

I like this Iraqi Defense Minister. It seems he understands that this is a war and not ideas for some wannabe fiction writer. American Journalist are guest in Iraq and they should be treated in the same manner even if the article only shows up here.

11 posted on 02/26/2006 9:10:12 PM PST by Wasanother (Terrorist come in many forms but all are RATS.)
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Well they would incite a riot if it harmed the USA or to bring about a SUCCESSFUL democracy to Iraq, BUT when it come to exercising journalistic wisdom, they dare not publish any Mohammad cartoons and could not care less about firing the flames in Denmark and other EU Countries which have incited riots and resulted in many deaths by condemning freedom of the press.
12 posted on 02/26/2006 9:10:59 PM PST by not2worry (What goes around comes around.)
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To: fight_truth_decay


13 posted on 02/26/2006 9:14:42 PM PST by weegee ("Remember Chappaquiddick!"-Paul Trost (during speech by Ted Kennedy at Massasoit Community College))
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To: fight_truth_decay
While we're pointing out alternative sources about Iraq, Michael Totten has returned from a trip to the Kurdish areas and reports that the war is over in Kurdistan.
14 posted on 02/26/2006 9:22:54 PM PST by Stegall Tx (...but I doubt it.)
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To: fight_truth_decay
AFP is Agence France Presse. The key element being "France".

AFP, is considered by many, myself included, to be "right up there" with all the other liberal/progressive/socialist Anti-US, Anti-military, Anti-traditonal values entities that ARE the MSM.

AP,AFP, Reuters...I always look for their tag. Some on-line news sources place the tag/logo/bug in an unusual border position, not always at the beginning of the opening paragraph.

If you don't notice the tag, you might think your getting something more "independent" or "less-biased" or originally sourced from Yahoo, Netscape etc.

Or do I owe you an apology for misreading your post.
15 posted on 02/26/2006 9:28:25 PM PST by CaptSkip
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To: AmericaUnited
We need this guy STATESIDE!

Darn tooten!

16 posted on 02/26/2006 9:34:55 PM PST by lizma
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To: Dog


17 posted on 02/27/2006 2:54:00 AM PST by JRandomFreeper (D@mit! I'm just a cook. Don't make me come over there and prove it!)
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To: CaptSkip
AFP is the designation of the main story -"Media Arrest" scenario.

My "comment" originated from all the links I have via my comment box under the story to open the forum for discussion. The comment I made was intended "to set up the background", who? why? when? and where? - leading up to cause the Minister's speech - the "Media Fall In Line".

Of course the propagandized media's response would be:.."Freedom of the Press, Speech" ( continue to lie to aid the enemy, fabricate, and blame others for misinformation discovered after the damage has been done..and then write a book about it!)

My comment to another Freeper was I could not understand the "eyes" if open or closed in her comment in regard to MSM. AFP is not AP. AFP is not a household media tag to the majority of US readers. We agree.. I think.

"You had to be there.." ;)
18 posted on 02/27/2006 5:49:42 AM PST by fight_truth_decay
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To: fight_truth_decay

Wow. Excellent post. Thanks for the information.

19 posted on 02/27/2006 5:52:52 AM PST by EmilyGeiger
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To: fight_truth_decay
With our western reporters absent or holed up in Baghdad hotels, propaganda may be all we're hearing this week

The solution to this is to recruit and/or train enlisted and commissioned military journalists (as we've done prior to Vietnam), put them out in the field, and report on the ground realities in Iraq. Regain control of Stars & Stripes - which is now full to the brim with demoralizing AP and Reuters crapola - and start reporting the war properly regardless of MSM catcalls.

Rumsfled complains about coverage by the MSM of our military efforts, but has done very little to actually improve the PR and reporting efforts that can be made without a great deal of effort.

20 posted on 02/27/2006 5:58:49 AM PST by angkor
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