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State Dept.: U.S. Hostage Tom Fox Killed
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Posted on 03/10/2006 5:54:48 PM PST by hole_n_one

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To: Dr. Scarpetta
At this point I don't know and, frankly, I don't care. His sponsoring organization is made up of the usual suspect denominations. Leftist Mennonites, Methodists, etc., etc., etc. Seems to me if the left isn't proactive with a Liberation Theology agenda, they're working the other angle with pacifist utopians like Mr. Fox. Go up to the top of the thread to find my link and look the group's website over. You may recall that Hillary is a convert of the leftist apostate Methodist schism.

P.S. The name Jim Fox rings a bell, too, and I'll bet if we dig a little further into his past, we might find a life and complex he's working hard to overcome. Seems to me that there was a Weatherman by that name that one of my siblings knew way back when...we shall see.
201 posted on 03/11/2006 7:56:36 AM PST by WorkingClassFilth (Di'ver'si'ty (adj.): A compound word derived from the root words: division; perversion; adversity.)
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To: SerpentDove
I actually have heard radio spots here in Dallas on CONSERVATIVE radio KSKY, by a group called something like "Evangelicals Against Global Warming" or some such crap. The voice-over said something like "Evangelicals all over are banding together to stop Global Warming" and so forth. It was such thinly disguised leftist propaganda.

They also have TV ads that I have seen on the Fox News Channel. I have to say that it is slick marketing. It presents the "facts" in a context that is hard to be against (as if Jesus is telling us all personally to join the Sierra Club). I would like to see some talk show hosts address who is behind it and expose their agenda.

202 posted on 03/11/2006 8:18:31 AM PST by luv2ski
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To: eeevil conservative

Hugging is good - but beheading is baaaaaaaaaad, mmmmkay?

Joking aside, when are these people going to get it?

Anyway, prayers for a lost soul. † Tom's last moments really must have been bad, but he lived like he wanted to and everyone sees the result. His murder ultimately re-justifies our presence in Iraq.

203 posted on 03/11/2006 8:20:58 AM PST by LurkedLongEnough
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To: tallhappy
This is a horrible question, but, does his body have a head?

I read this morning somewhere that his hands were tied behind him and he had been shot in the head. There was evidence of torture by electric cables (beaten by them it was thought).

204 posted on 03/11/2006 8:20:59 AM PST by luv2ski
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To: All
Here's a photo of the late Tom Fox demonstrating on behalf of the radical palestinian cause.

Image hosting by TinyPic

And here's a link to the site of the delusional leftist organization he belonged to. Interesting reading.

205 posted on 03/11/2006 8:25:59 AM PST by JCEccles
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To: LurkedLongEnough



THANK YOU for sharing that!

206 posted on 03/11/2006 8:29:29 AM PST by eeevil conservative (I am not flirting......I am not flirting.......honest, I am not flirting......ok..I AM flirting.....)
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To: WorkingClassFilth

I don't know. Someone put that photo on the song thread I did for the human shield adventure.

207 posted on 03/11/2006 8:40:20 AM PST by doug from upland (Stopping Hillary should be a FreeRepublic Manhattan Project)
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To: WorkingClassFilth

Good point, and maybe it is time to unleash the nukes of war on Iran and the rest of the muskie enclaves.

As I See It,

208 posted on 03/11/2006 8:53:00 AM PST by No Surrender No Retreat (Xin Loi My Boy!!!!)
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To: hole_n_one

Prayers for his family,Guess Rush was wrong on this one.

209 posted on 03/11/2006 9:17:10 AM PST by mdittmar (May God watch over those who serve,and have served, to keep us free.)
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To: fanfan

Prayer BUMP!

210 posted on 03/11/2006 9:49:27 AM PST by stephenjohnbanker
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To: hole_n_one

"Dyin' ain't much of a livin', boy"

--The Outlaw Josey Wales

Nothing changed except our regards for the graciousness of his captors. Will anyone learn?

211 posted on 03/11/2006 9:50:26 AM PST by sully777 (wWBBD: What would Brian Boitano do?)
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To: WorkingClassFilth

"Read the link I provide about his sponsor (or cover) organization. He was no friend of America, our troops or our way of life. His citizenship seems to have been by fortune of birth and nothing more - as it is for all travelers."

To be honest I don't care. Having the wrong political ideas doesn't warrent a violent death at the hands of muslim radicals. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Mr. Fox.

212 posted on 03/11/2006 9:57:35 AM PST by SmoothTalker
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To: freepatriot32

"Christian Peacemaker Teams had been working in Iraq since October 2002"

Oddly enough, we didn't invade Iraq until Spring 2003.

213 posted on 03/11/2006 10:06:03 AM PST by A Balrog of Morgoth (With fire, sword, and stinging whip I drive the RINOs in terror before me.)
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To: hole_n_one

Quite frankly, given our forces track record of finding these hostages, I have begun to simply believe them dead once they are taken. It's not a knock against our men and women in uniform, they are simply not trained to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.

214 posted on 03/11/2006 11:05:29 AM PST by trubluolyguy (Islam, Religion of Peace and they'll kill you to prove it.)
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When will we learn, let's use some airpower and decimate them...?

Sadly, probably not until the nukes start going off in this country after the Iranians pay our "friends" in Mexico to smuggle a couple over. Of course by then it's too late, you've got hundreds of thousands of dead Americans, and two Presidents hostile to any thought of border security running for their lives.

215 posted on 03/11/2006 11:08:09 AM PST by trubluolyguy (Islam, Religion of Peace and they'll kill you to prove it.)
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To: WorkingClassFilth

The Presbyterian Church USA is trying to get people to divest from Isreal in protest of the wall. These liberal denominations are naively dangerous.

216 posted on 03/11/2006 12:02:09 PM PST by Dr. Scarpetta (There's always a reason to choose life.)
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To: 1rudeboy

The terrorists haven't won anything .. in fact this treatment of an American will just solidify our troops even more. The terrorist's action prove they cannot be dealth with except TO KILL THEM before THEY KILL US.

217 posted on 03/11/2006 12:23:42 PM PST by CyberAnt (Democrats/Old Media: "controversy, crap and confusion" -- Amen!)
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To: CyberAnt

I was responding to a knee-jerk, "nuke 'em all"-type reaction that has since been deleted by a Mod.

218 posted on 03/11/2006 12:32:21 PM PST by 1rudeboy
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To: CyberAnt
It also points out something that should send shudders down the backs of the American hating left everywhere.

As far as I can tell, Mr. Fox went over there as a war encourage "the resistance"....basically to help the enemy and further undermine our WOT. The "resistance" killed him anyway. This tells me, maybe not everyone else, that the terrorists are out to kill infidels and the infidels politics do not matter.

It could have just been a misunderstanding, however, and miscommunication due to the language barrier....heh heh heh

219 posted on 03/11/2006 12:33:06 PM PST by B.O. Plenty (Islam, liberalism and abortions are terminal..)
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To: B.O. Plenty
Terrorists fear and respect our Marines and soldiers even if they hate them. You can rest assured they fear and respect President Bush, whom they loathe. Even the most vicious animal respects and fears superior power and skill.

But terrorists neither fear nor respect the defeatists and deluded peacenik leftists who seek to mollify and "understand" them. For them they have nothing but contempt.

220 posted on 03/11/2006 12:44:16 PM PST by JCEccles
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