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Kosovo May Explode -- Here Commentary ^ | March 16, 2006 | Julia Gorin

Posted on 03/18/2006 5:46:16 PM PST by tgambill

The War on Terror suffered a major blow three years before it was ever announced. It happened when the people of this democracy were misled into attacking the sovereign, emerging post-Communist democracy of Yugoslavia, over rumors of genocide and ethnic cleansing that proved false. In so doing, we delivered the Balkans to al Qaeda.

Today we are being asked to seal that historical blunder, the repercussions of which are still escalating seven years later. The people we "rescued" have turned their weapons against United Nations and NATO forces.

While NATO spends most of its time rooting out terror cells in Kosovo and Bosnia, which served as the planning bases for the London and Madrid bombings, the 2006 deadline to complete our eagerly forgotten debacle and determine the province's final status is fast approaching.

To persuade the international community that only one final status will be acceptable, our Albanian "rescuees" have been stepping up the violence. This is a message to the West that it has only one possible exit strategy: grant unconditional independence -- without border compromises with Serbia and without protection guarantees for what's left of the non-Albanian minorities.

Here is the size of that hole so far: In November, 2001, what should have been an explosive article appeared in the European edition of the Wall St. Journal. Headlined "Al Qaeda's Balkan Links," it read: "For the past 10 years ... Ayman al-Zawahiri (bin Laden's second in command) has operated terrorist training camps [and] weapons of mass destruction factories throughout Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Bosnia ... Though the Clinton administration had been briefed extensively by the State Department in 1993 on the growing Islamist threat in former Yugoslavia, little was done to follow through ...".......


(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: antiamerican; antichristian; appeasement; balkans; gwot; hoopielite; ihoppy; islamofacist; jihad; kosovo; nato; pancakeboy; terrorism; wrongplace; wrongside; wrongtime; wrongwar
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To: eleni121

Yes, side note....over the five years, the U.S. middle level officers (Major to Lt) confided in me that we were on the wrong side as they became disillusioned with the policy of not pursuing the Perps committing the murders and intimidations.

21 posted on 03/18/2006 6:16:26 PM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: Decepticon


Aw, shucks...

22 posted on 03/18/2006 6:17:03 PM PST by Fintan (Did you really think I could post such insightful replies if I actually read the article???)
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To: eleni121

Interesting list. I doubt they agree on much these days with respect to Islamic terrorism.

23 posted on 03/18/2006 6:17:07 PM PST by Caveman Lawyer (Cluckin' defiance)
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To: Cicero

read post 13 as a possible explanation....

24 posted on 03/18/2006 6:17:45 PM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: Mr. Mojo
They bought the propaganda hook,line and sinker.

Then there was Christianne Amanpour, courtesy of CNN. I understand she had some influence of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Throw in the present high Poobah of International "Human Rights", Louise Arbour of Canada. Bloggers give her as the "unindicted war criminal".

I pay grudging tribute to the MSM on the Kosovo conflict- the biggest wash job, since Walter Duranty, Dr Goebels, and Big Brother 1984.

25 posted on 03/18/2006 6:18:29 PM PST by Peter Libra
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To: Cicero

It wouldn't have anything to do with the 900+ stolen FBI files, would it?

26 posted on 03/18/2006 6:20:05 PM PST by LucyT (All terrorist are muslim. ... BTW, it's 72 grapes, it never was 72 virgins.)
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To: bkepley

Compared to most Muslim areas this one is a model of peace and tolerance

To the contrary.



27 posted on 03/18/2006 6:21:50 PM PST by eleni121 ('Thou hast conquered, O Galilean!' (Julian the Apostate))
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To: Fintan
I've read enough of your posts to know it was sarc.
I should have been more clear on my end.

I get tired of seeing the..

"When Clinton Lied nobody Died" bumper stickers.
28 posted on 03/18/2006 6:22:35 PM PST by ThreePuttinDude ()......Nothing Mainstream about the Media at all........()
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To: tgambill; Austin Willard Wright; Hill of Tara
A very good article and information that I have been reading in different articles in the last few months.

I have commented on it several times and have had only two responses. For which I thank each of you.

So many times on Fox when Clark is on telling Bush how to correct the "mistakes" he has made no one asks Clark about the "blunders " he made in Kosovo,

I have been reading horrible articles about the Muslims, how they are destroyng the Christian Churches, terrorizing citizens and even killing those that get in their way.

I believe that the Balkans [ where two World Wars began} and Kosovo will turn out to be the center of Muslim plots and plans. There is NO one to interfere or stop them. Certainly not EU.
29 posted on 03/18/2006 6:22:46 PM PST by frannie (Be not afraid of tomorrow - God is already there!)
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To: Caveman Lawyer; tgambill; Cicero

More on those who objected and defied.

30 posted on 03/18/2006 6:25:29 PM PST by eleni121 ('Thou hast conquered, O Galilean!' (Julian the Apostate))
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To: Cicero
You mentioned the monkeys...

31 posted on 03/18/2006 6:26:41 PM PST by agrace
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To: ThreePuttinDude

That's okay...when Milosevic died, my first response was "Arkancide".

32 posted on 03/18/2006 6:26:43 PM PST by Fintan (Did you really think I could post such insightful replies if I actually read the article???)
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To: t2buckeye

"backed Kosovo thinking that he could appease the Islamic terrorists."

*****yes, that is one reason I've heard. Also, it's part of a strategy to break down the Balkan states. There's also an oil pipline coming through the Balkans.

33 posted on 03/18/2006 6:27:31 PM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: eleni121
Thanks for that. Found this especially interesting:

"'There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states,' said NATO's Supreme Commander U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark on CNN in April. 'That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.'

Just thinking about who he means by "we" sends chills down my spine.

34 posted on 03/18/2006 6:29:51 PM PST by Caveman Lawyer (Cluckin' defiance)
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To: t2buckeye
I believe Clinton involved us and backed Kosovo thinking that he could appease the Islamic has of course done no such thing and has instead emboldened them. Another mess left over from the Clinton years.

I disagree.

I think it was a few related things.

First, Clinton absolutely did not want to have another Rwanda-type genocide on his hands, and the truth is that the recent history of the region was "in favor" of a real genocide taking place, if not nipped in the bud.

Second, Clinton's cynical side cannot be ignored: even if there wasn't a serious genocide going on, it would be good politics for him to act as if there were.

Finally, Clinton wanted to be known a Wartime President -- recall that he was legacy-building by this time. And thus Rambouillet Accords, especially Appendix B, confronted Slobbo with an ultimatum (occupation by NATO) that no country could accept.

35 posted on 03/18/2006 6:31:05 PM PST by r9etb
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To: frannie

If made independant.. I am sure it will become the next Afgan-I-Stan terrorist university .. Unless.. possibly the 250,000 Serbs who were promised the right of return will clean house again and finish the job this time unencumbered..

36 posted on 03/18/2006 6:32:20 PM PST by glowworm ( Liberal thot is truly a mental condition...)
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To: eleni121


Given the welcome they've received from the XSTIANS I doubt that'll happen.

37 posted on 03/18/2006 6:38:28 PM PST by bkepley
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To: r9etb

The reasons for going into the Balkans were fabricated to a certian extent. The murder of 8,000 Muslims in Srebincia didn't happen, the Rajak Massacre didn't happen, and the bombing at the market was done by the Muslims not the Serbs as later investigations have indicated. The U.S. Administration did want to appease the Muslims by siding with them, second, it was part of the overall strategy of the U.S./UN to break down the Balkans into pieces. We initially supported Milosevic in the 80's, while he was in New York. The CIA turned him from future Banker to politician. When he returned to Serbia he turned nationalist and separted from the U.S. influence. We imported Muzzies to the Balkans to fight with the Serbs and break up the Balkans. Murders by Serbian paramilitaries did occur, and they are being prosecuted. More than I can say for the ICTY......very poor conviction record. The Serbs on the other hand may be protecting some of the middle level policy commanders from prosecution.

Notice the dates and change of attitude...........

Holbrooke said the following:

Circa 1998:
There's a military insurrection that is taking shape, backed by the members of the Albania Diaspora in Germany, Switzerland, and right here in New York City, where a lot of Albanians and Albanian-Americans are sending a lot of money and support to Kosovo. (Gosh - NYC? -SG)

Holbrooke: An independent Kosovo would "unravel Southeastern Europe."

JIM LEHRER: And they want an independent Kosovo ruled by Albanians, right?

RICHARD HOLBROOKE: Yes. And more. I met with several Albanian leaders in Kosovo who said their goal is an independent Kosovo, their goal is to recreate the Greater Albania that existed briefly during the 30's and 40's, which includes Albania, Kosovo, and part of Macedonia. That, I can tell you, Jim, would unravel Southeastern Europe and dramatically increase the chances of a general war. And that's why the situation is both not the same as Bosnia and why it's so dangerous
I really need to stress this point so people do not misunderstand it. The Kosovo Albanians have been very badly treated for over a decade by the Serb minority in Kosovo. Their rights have been denied and the Yugoslav federal constitution was changed to reduce their powers. This was entirely wrong, and it led to the inevitable reaction which we're now seeing. At the same time, the violent solution which is being advocated by the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, which is really not an army but a lot of different groups that are gradually forming an infrastructure of resistance, this approach is highly dangerous to stability in the region.

Sept. 10, 2002

Cumberland, Md.: Where you aware of the KLA and Bosnian Muslims' ties to Osama bin Laden at the time you were negotiating with them?

Richard C. Holbrooke: Yes. In fact, we were so concerned about this issue that we wrote into the Dayton Peace Agreements a clause requiring the withdrawal of all "foreign elements" within a short time after the agreement took force. When we found elements that had remained behind, we launched raids against them. Not all of these people were removed,
and the effort is still continuing. Without the peace in Bosnia, there is a real chance that bin Laden would have been able to set up in the
Balkans what he did in Afghanistan with far greater danger to the West.

Now--fast-forward Nov 8 2005:

Holbrooke, the architect of the 1995 Bosnian peace deal, who said that independence was the only way forward for Kosovo and its mainly Muslim Albanians.
"I cannot see any final status for Kosovo other than independence," said Holbrooke, who forged the Dayton Peace Accords that ended Bosnia's 1992-95 war.
"But at the same time ... this cannot be achieved without ironclad guarantees for the safety, security, and protection of the rights of the Serbs who live in Kosovo and the protection of their magnificent monuments," he said.

******* Okay, now for the grand daddy of all moves by the

Subject: Kosovo Independence and a new Initiative from the U.S.
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 23:34:13 -0800 (PST)

23/12/2005 Washington
Albanian Push for Kosovo

With negotiations on the final status of Kosovo set to begin in early January, Kosovo residents of Albanian origin and their friends in the United States have launched a campaign in Washington in favor of the territory's independence. An organization named Alliance for a New Kosovo was founded last month and is being run by two lobbyists from the American firm Jefferson Waterman. They are Samuel Hoskinson, former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council and Kempton Jenkins, an ex deputy assistant secretary for East-West trade at the State Department. The organization has lined up a high-profile consultative council whose members include Frank
Carlucci, chairman of the Carlyle Group; lieutenant-general Robert Gard, former president of the National Defense University; William Edwin Ryerson, ex American ambassador to Albania; Walter Stadtler, who long handled European affairs for the U.S. delegation at the United Nations; Fred Fielding, who served as Ronald Reagan's lawyer; and William Walker, former chief of the OSCE's Kosovo Verification Mission. [From the French intel publication, Intelligence Online]

38 posted on 03/18/2006 6:42:13 PM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: tgambill

--I assume that you are using /sarc. correct?

Only partially.

39 posted on 03/18/2006 6:46:41 PM PST by bkepley
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To: ThreePuttinDude
When Clinton Lied nobody Died"

I always wonder which lie...and/or which Clinton they are referring to.
40 posted on 03/18/2006 6:47:49 PM PST by P-40 (
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