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1997 Document: Orders To Remove All Information Related To WMD From Computers (Translation)
Pentagon/FMSO website on Iraqi Pre-war documents ^ | April 9 2006 | jveritas

Posted on 04/09/2006 10:19:52 AM PDT by jveritas

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To: All
Illicit Arms Kept Till Eve of War, an Iraqi Scientist Is Said to Assert


An American military team hunting for unconventional weapons in Iraq, the Mobile Exploitation Team Alpha, or MET Alpha, which found the scientist, declined to identify him, saying they feared he might be subject to reprisals. But they said that they considered him credible and that the material unearthed over the last three days at sites to which he led them had proved to be precursors for a toxic agent that is banned by chemical weapons treaties.

The officials' account of the scientist's assertions and the discovery of the buried material, which they described as the most important discovery to date in the hunt for illegal weapons, supports the Bush administration's charges that Iraq continued to develop those weapons and lied to the United Nations about it. Finding and destroying illegal weapons was a major justification for the war.


The team, with vehicles and supplies from the 101st Airborne Division, went out on its own to survey other sites and pursue the tip about the buried containers and the scientist. After completing a lengthy survey of one installation, Mr. Gonzales and other team members from the Defense Intelligence Agency's Chemical Biological Intelligence Support Team decided to try to find the scientist.

Mr. Gonzales tracked down the scientist's note, which had never been formally analyzed and was still in a brigade headquarters, along with the scientist's address, military officials said.

The next morning, MET Alpha weapons experts found the scientist at home, along with some documents from the program and samples he had buried in his backyard and at other sites.

The scientist has told MET Alpha members that because Iraq's unconventional weapons programs were highly compartmented, he only had firsthand information about the chemical weapons sector in which he worked, team members said.

But he has given the Americans information about other unconventional weapons activities, they said, as well as information about Iraqi weapons cooperation with Syria, and with terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda. It was not clear how the scientist knew of such a connection.


151 posted on 04/09/2006 9:07:00 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: jveritas


152 posted on 04/09/2006 9:16:44 PM PDT by GOPJ (Doyle - Homeland Security sex-predator is a registered Democrat and former Time Magazine reporter.)
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To: Calpernia

Good memory.

Curious as to how you retrieved the thread...

153 posted on 04/09/2006 9:43:56 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach (History is soon Forgotten,)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

::Sings to Ernest::

Thanks for the memories!


Your bump list :)

12 posted on 04/14/2003 2:58:47 PM EDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach (Recall Gray Davis and then start on the other Democrats)

154 posted on 04/09/2006 9:46:00 PM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

Thanks for the ping!

155 posted on 04/09/2006 10:45:28 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: Calpernia

Them bumplists are mighty handy!


156 posted on 04/09/2006 10:56:27 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach (History is soon Forgotten,)
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To: jveritas
Great Work. It also might be interesting to note what the UN inspectors were concerned about in March 2007. I have excerpted some relevant parts of a UN document detailing their activities. Put a really interesting part in bold. Excerpt follows.

United Nations
11 April 1997

2. Verification inspections were conducted in Iraq each month from October 1996 to March 1997. These inspections continued to uncover flaws in accounting for the biological weapons programme and evidence that Iraq is concealing significant aspects of that programme. The October inspection (UNSCOM 159) focused on field trials conducted by Iraq. Information from interviews, supported by documentation, indicates more field trials than have been acknowledged by Iraq. A disturbing incident, which occurred in October 1996, was an attempt during a break in an interview by a senior Iraqi official to convince the Iraqi expert being interviewed to change his statements.

Missile Activities
Monitoring activities
34. During the reporting period, the missile monitoring teams have conducted over 250 inspections and have actively participated with other resident teams in joint inspections of sites of inter-disciplinary interest. In addition, the Commission has conducted two special monitoring inspections related to non-proscribed missile systems, i.e., those with a range of less than 150 kilometres. In November and December 1996, the monitoring teams conducted the second and third of the annual checks of Iraq's non-proscribed operational missile systems. The missions ascertained that these missiles had not been modified for prohibited purposes. In March 1997, UNSCOM 181 carried out inspections of a selected group of military units in order to verify that the relevant sites were not involved in training, maintenance or operation of prohibited missile systems. No evidence of proscribed activities was found.

47. In December 1996, the Commission continued its investigation by examining, jointly with IAEA, the concealment activities between January and July 1991, involving the Engineering Design Centre - Iraq's centrifuge and gaseous diffusion enrichment projects. The results of this mission are still being assessed, although patterns of Iraq's behaviour in this area appear to have mirrored known concealment activities in other areas. In March 1997, IAEA excavated three declared equipment burial sites south of Lake Tharthar and unearthed hundreds of items relating to Engineering Design Centre operations. Although many of these items are consistent with Iraq's declaration, a previously undeclared and highly expensive cache of unused specialized, corrosion resistant valves was found. The excavation exercise was facilitated by the utilization of geophysical sensors provided through UNSCOM.

49. In March 1997, the Commission undertook a major investigation of the concealment mechanism. An inspection team, UNSCOM 182, visited 17 sites looking for possible connections between concealment activities and elements of the Special Republican Guard. Other sites visited included those belonging to Iraq's Intelligence Service (Mukhabarat), the Special Security Organization, the General Security Service and the Military Intelligence. No proscribed material or activity was found. The Commission welcomes Iraq's cooperation in providing access to the sensitive sites for inspection.

157 posted on 04/10/2006 5:23:41 AM PDT by justa-hairyape
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To: jveritas

very impressive work, you've done, jveritas

158 posted on 04/10/2006 6:48:00 AM PDT by FBD (surf's up!)
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To: jveritas

I know you probably are getting a bit tired of all the thanks, but... thanks.

I know its not why you did it, but I really believe when books are written on Iraq, and this time in history, you name will be included.

I am proud that our country has such people as citizens.

P.S. Helloooooooo.... Mr.Negroponte that sat on these documents for 2 years, saying they are 'of little significance, and only then in historical context" and only started releasing them when FORCED by Bush....

159 posted on 04/10/2006 10:35:22 AM PDT by FreedomNeocon (I'm in no Al-Samood for this Shi'ite.)
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To: SittinYonder
In the context of these documents does it appear that they are removing information off of computers to hide that they still have an active program?

The way I read this, it could be interpreted that they are removing this WMD information from computer to comply with the UN requirements.

From the document:

I pledge not to store any information related to the Prohibited Weapons on any computer that we have installed and evacuate the related numbered magnetic discs to outside the location.
160 posted on 04/10/2006 10:38:39 AM PDT by FreedomNeocon (I'm in no Al-Samood for this Shi'ite.)
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To: jveritas
I am not a computer expert, but what does these magnetic discs mean. Are those the same type big discs that we used to see many years ago in the IT departments here in the US. Please keep in mind that the Iraqi in 1997 had an old computer system and may have not have more modern systems until late 2001, 2002

Magnetic disks is just the translated word for hard drive (of a computer). It actually could be USB key, or other kind of 'flash' drive as well but knowing the years, I would think PC's or at least their HDD was removed and shipped to be 'stored' somewhere secret. A typical computer hard drive is only 3.inches thick, and are less than a foot long. Could stack hundreds in a simple, single crate.
161 posted on 04/10/2006 10:45:37 AM PDT by FreedomNeocon (I'm in no Al-Samood for this Shi'ite.)
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To: FreedomNeocon

Thank you very much for the information. I think some of these magnetic discs were large data storage for the Iraqi main frame computer network.

162 posted on 04/10/2006 11:00:10 AM PDT by jveritas (Hate can never win elections.)
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To: All

This stuff needs to be published in book form.

163 posted on 04/10/2006 7:35:35 PM PDT by Mr. Buzzcut (metal god ... visit The Ponderosa .... ... DEATH BEFORE DHIMMITUDE)
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To: All

Wonder why we didn't hear about this on the news?

164 posted on 04/10/2006 7:40:47 PM PDT by OakOak
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To: jveritas

Call me goofy, but I still believe that the Hussein regime had at least a portion of the WMDs it was suspected (by the whole world) that they had prior to the war, and that the many months of largely unsupervised threats, negotiations, and challenges that Iraq endured prior to the invasion was time enough for Saddam to hide many of these weapons in friendly neighborhood nations such as Syria (whose Baathist regime was closely aligned to that of Iraq's).

165 posted on 04/10/2006 9:51:49 PM PDT by FivebyFive ("Here Endeth the Lesson.")
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To: FivebyFive

You are not goofy at all, and I agree with you 100%.

166 posted on 04/10/2006 9:53:43 PM PDT by jveritas (Hate can never win elections.)
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To: jveritas

RE: "You are not goofy at all, and I agree with you 100%"

First time tonight someone's said that to me, and thanx for it. Also it's the last, as I'm going to *YAWN**SIGH*YAWN* bed now.

Sleep tight, FReepers.

167 posted on 04/10/2006 9:57:47 PM PDT by FivebyFive ("Here Endeth the Lesson.")
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