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PHOTO THREAD: Immigration demonstrations coast to coast (stark visuals show scope of the problem)
Yahoo News Photos ^ | 4/11/06

Posted on 04/11/2006 8:10:40 AM PDT by Wolfstar

Ladies and gentlemen, the scope of the out-of-countrol illegal immigration problem is more massive than even those who've been warning about it for years may have realized. The photos on this thread are only a sampling of the hundreds available from yesterday's coast-to-coast demonstrations. They are intended to show -- in stark visual terms -- the scope of what we are up against. I think they also show that, in some respects, we have already lost the arguments so many have been making. We lost with immigration "reform" in the 1960's.

More significantly, we lost in 1986 when President Ronald Reagan signed the first amnesty for illegal aliens in U.S. history.

Link to the full text of The Immigration Reform and Control Act (Simpson-Mazzoli Act, IRCA, Pub. L. 99-603, Nov. 6, 1986, 100 Stat. 3359)

Summary of the IRCA of 1986:

a. Authorized legalization – amnesty -- for aliens who had resided in the United States in an unlawful status since January 1, 1982. Covered aliens entering illegally or as temporary visitors with authorized stay expiring before that date, or with the Government’s knowledge of their unlawful status before that date, and not excludable.

b. Created sanctions prohibiting employers from knowingly hiring, recruiting, or referring for a fee aliens not authorized to work in the United States. (This provision has not been enforced.)

c. Increased enforcement at U.S. borders.

d. Created a new classification of seasonal agricultural worker and provisions for the legalization of certain such workers.

e. Extended the registry date -- the date from which an alien had resided illegally and continuously in the United States and thus qualified for adjustment to permanent resident status -- from June 30, 1948 to January 1, 1972.

f. Authorized adjustment to permanent resident status for Cubans and Haitians who entered the United States without inspection and had continuously resided in country since January 1, 1982.

g. Increased the numerical limitation for immigrants admitted under the preference system for dependent areas from 600 to 5,000 beginning in fiscal year 1988.

h. Created a new special immigrant category for certain retired employees of international organizations and their families, and a new non-immigrant status for parents and children of such immigrants.

i. Created a non-immigrant Visa Waiver Pilot program allowing certain aliens to visit the United States without applying for a non-immigrant visa.

j. Allocated 5,000 non-preference visas in each of fiscal years 1987 and 1988 for aliens born in countries from which immigration was adversely affected by the immigration reform 1965 act.

TOPICS: Your Opinion/Questions
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To: Wolfstar

I wonder how many of these protesters would volunteer to join our military if the were granted the right to be here? I suspect not one F$%^ one of them. They'll gladly take our money and send it home to Mexico, but not one of them would lift a finger to help us defend this country.

61 posted on 04/11/2006 8:40:02 AM PDT by strange1 ("Show the enemy harm so he shall not advance" Sun Tzu The Art of War)
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To: strange1

Military ought to be a mandatory part of citizenship in this comprehensive plan.

62 posted on 04/11/2006 8:40:50 AM PDT by Snoopers-868th
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To: Trout-Mouth

Well, when the Statue of Liberty was built, we had effectively no controls on immigration except for Asians and the very sick and unemployable. It's an effective use of the symbol, IMO.

63 posted on 04/11/2006 8:41:12 AM PDT by HostileTerritory
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To: Wolfstar

April 9th, 2006 - Mexican Consulate, Tucson, Arizona, USA

April 10th, 2006 - Armory Park, Tucson, Arizona, USA
(In front of 10,000 illegal aliens

Video of Mexican Flag burning:

64 posted on 04/11/2006 8:42:14 AM PDT by Spiff ("They start yelling, 'Murderer!' 'Traitor!' They call me by name." - Gael Murphy, Code Pink leader)
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To: strange1

I was under the impression that a lot of immigrants join the military as a route to a free education, if nothing else. There have been bills filed in Congress to make attaining citizenship easier for non-citizens (but legal residents) who are enlisted and serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think it's more for people who come here as children than for adult immigrants, though.

It would be nice if everyone who joined the military did so out of patriotism but for most people it is, at best, only part of the equation. The military provides a great way out of poverty for people who are willing to work hard.

65 posted on 04/11/2006 8:43:16 AM PDT by HostileTerritory
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To: Wolfstar

I laugh at the signs that say immigrants aren't criminals. DUH. *Legal* immigrants aren't. It's the *ILLEGAL* ones who are the criminals.

66 posted on 04/11/2006 8:46:03 AM PDT by rintense
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To: Wolfstar
Portland, Maine:

Robert Gorman of Portland awaits medical treatment after being assaulted Monday while he and a companion counterprotested peacefully in Monument Square. Gorman's sign reads: "No rights for illegals, honk, no hate."

67 posted on 04/11/2006 8:46:27 AM PDT by Madame Dufarge
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To: Wolfstar
Thanks for the montage of photos is sad that the 298 MILLION American's won't/can't do the same. We need to do something monetary....because that's the ONLY way our Congress reps will listen....maybe I'm dreaming, but since a lot of those 298 MILLION work, if EVERYONE went to their payroll dept/person and increased their W-2 allowances to the max of 10, there would be an impact in how much the government gets from us each month. (They'd get substantially less).
68 posted on 04/11/2006 8:47:32 AM PDT by goodnesswins ( "the left can only take power through deception." (and it seems Hillary & Company are the masters)
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To: Wolfstar
You missed this engaging fellow...

"Su casa es mi casa, whether you like it or not!"

69 posted on 04/11/2006 8:50:00 AM PDT by LikeLight
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To: babble-on

Common sense tells us that constant violation of a law results in erosion of, and lack of respect for, at least that law (US Code, Title 8) if not law in general.
I suppose someone subscribing to `act' utilitarianism would say make (yet another) exception to this latest group of "Call us Mexicans!" lawbreakers. If that is granted then general `rule' utilitarianism would dictate/require, IMAO, that the lawmakers--Dims and Pubs--be compelled to clean up this mess since they have failed miserably in their roles as law enforcement officers.

70 posted on 04/11/2006 8:50:10 AM PDT by tumblindice (No excuses, not Democrat, not Republican--I'm a conservative.)
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To: tumblindice

Ya know....I can't think of a better reason for law-abiding Americans to start an underground system of avoiding taxes, even more than is done already!!!

71 posted on 04/11/2006 8:51:27 AM PDT by goodnesswins ( "the left can only take power through deception." (and it seems Hillary & Company are the masters)
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To: Madame Dufarge

From the real AP caption:

Counter-protester Robert Gorman, of Portland, Maine, left, is escorted to an ambulance after being hit on the head prior to a demonstration in support of immmigrants' rights, in Portland, Monday, April 10, 2006. Gorman was one of a few people carrying signs arguing that illegals have no rights and should be deported. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach)

72 posted on 04/11/2006 8:53:13 AM PDT by LikeLight
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To: Wolfstar

"American citizens are not willing to get out in the street and counter-demonstrate in even greater numbers."

Unfortuantely, we have to work and support all these pieces of excrement. Demonstrating when I should be working? Sorry, I'm a white, Christian, heterosexual, American citizen. Unlike others, I have more responsiblities than rights.

73 posted on 04/11/2006 9:00:27 AM PDT by L98Fiero (I'm worth a million in prizes.)
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To: Wolfstar


74 posted on 04/11/2006 9:01:17 AM PDT by Guenevere
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To: Guenevere

Someone tell me to stop being pessimistic, please. I feel like we're rotting from the inside out.

75 posted on 04/11/2006 9:06:59 AM PDT by freepertoo
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To: Wolfstar

Gee... how could all these people take a day off from "the work Americans won't do"?

76 posted on 04/11/2006 9:11:46 AM PDT by pabianice
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To: Wolfstar
Marxist materials at the 50,000 Mexican march in San Diego Photo taken by a FReeper. I was there as a counter protester
77 posted on 04/11/2006 9:53:30 AM PDT by SoCalPol (American since 1621)
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To: Wolfstar

Counter Protest? Where and when? I'll be there.

78 posted on 04/11/2006 9:54:44 AM PDT by Tzimisce (How Would Mohammed Vote? Hillary for President!
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To: Wolfstar

Big time problem.

79 posted on 04/11/2006 9:55:29 AM PDT by sauropod ("War is the Devil's way of teaching Americans geography" - Ambrose Bierce)
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To: Wolfstar
I'm sad to be realizing that our voices - the voices of the MAJORITY of (legal) AMERICANS don't count with any of them.

I'm feeling betrayed by my own government - I don't have any rights anymore.

The color of my skin, the language that I speak, the clothes that I wear, the values that I hold - they are American - and slowly, piece by piece, I am pressured to feel guilty and watch all that I've worked so hard as a single mother to achieve be taken away.

NO! We NEED to join the Minutemen and others to stand up for what we believe or what we've been willing to share for years will be GIVEN AWAY like it's NOTHING!!

Last time I checked, the USA is NOT "NOTHING"!!
80 posted on 04/11/2006 9:57:31 AM PDT by Smarti Pants (This American Patriot will never forget !!! Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!)
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