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Mountain States Legal Foundation ^ | April 12, 2006 | William Perry Pendley

Posted on 04/13/2006 2:47:47 PM PDT by george76

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld should withhold federal funds from a California college given the failure of the college to ensure the safe presence of military recruiters on campus, the Secretary was advised by a public interest law firm in a letter released today.

According to news reports, military recruiters were forced to flee yesterday from a University of California Santa Cruz job fair because of a raucous mob.

Mountain States Legal Foundation advised Rumsfeld that the college’s actions violate the Solomon Amendment, which requires that colleges permit military recruiters on campus or lose all federal funds.

UC Santa Cruz received $80 million in federal funds during 2005.

A unanimous Supreme Court ruled the Solomon Amendment constitutional early last month.

“It is outrageous that members of the Armed Forces, who are asked to serve in harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq, are driven from a campus by a mob in America,” said William Perry Pendley, president and chief legal officer of Mountain States Legal Foundation.

“Unless Secretary Rumsfeld responds to this craven violation of federal law, radicals on other campuses will be emboldened, will endanger the lives of men and women in uniform, and will deny students the right to learn how they may serve their country.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Bubbatuck

Yo...the freaking school bureaucracy has already failed.

Don't you know there are administrative run campus police? If they cannot keep the situation under control...duh! The school has failed to keep order and protect such people!

61 posted on 04/13/2006 9:59:24 PM PDT by joyspring777
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To: Bubbatuck

Read #16.

62 posted on 04/13/2006 10:00:42 PM PDT by joyspring777
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To: george76

Yank the funding. Let this be an example to all the other colleges out there.

63 posted on 04/14/2006 4:13:30 AM PDT by rfreedom4u (Native Texan)
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To: george76

Bet that most of these protesters were at the illegal immigrant rallies, and that some of the are illegal immigrants.

64 posted on 04/14/2006 7:30:53 PM PDT by Thunder90
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To: 3niner

How about arresting the protesters, and checking their citizenship. If they are illegal or here on visas, out they go.

65 posted on 04/14/2006 7:33:06 PM PDT by Thunder90
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To: george76
It's time to crack down on commies...

This is not about workers rights or fair immigration policies. It has to do with international communist/socialist orgs looking to gain the political upperhand in the U.S..

Posted by JeffHead Jeff links to's 'after protest' pic fest. You can see there what the marchers thought they were marching for.

A poster for Friday’s march. March 31. This poster lists the Latino orgs that are promoting the protests. They are all communist/socialist front orgs.

Here is my analysis of what is going on behind the scenes.

Here is some evidence that 'amnesty' increases illegal entries. These people knew before the demonstrations that the time was ripe.

Smith Act of 1940 This is the U.S. statute that ought to apply to the organized gathering of tens of thousands of foreign nationals calling for the overthrow of our country.

H.R. 4437 At this link you will find a good exegesis of the only bill that doesn't offer some type of amnesty/pathway to citizenship/excuses for illegal entry. It is harsh on employers but has reasonable protections for employers who verify documents that are later shown to be false. It explains that the databases necessary are already in place. It provides for border security.

Understand that the provision that the protesters say is 'racist,' that makes illegals felons, was inserted by the Dems a short time ago. That clarifies why Hillary happened to discover the immigration issue a week before the marches. Why she demonized Republicans as "making Jesus a criminal."

Keep in mind just who organized these protests. Who provided the tens of thousands of T-shirts, the thousands of professionally made signs, the hours and hours of promotion on Spanish language radio and TV stations. It has been noticed that Islamic orgs names and logos appear on some of these signs as well. Remember that NEA teachers and administrators are the ones who have assisted the march organizers by providing bussing for their students, hoisting Mexican flags at school and overlooking the truancy.

Don't forget that the last two Presidential elections were nearly 50/50. Think about how our Congress is looking for a way to appease these foreign nationals through legislation. No election necessary. The outcome of legalizing 11 million illegals and encouraging more to come will be a solid lock for the left forevermore in national elections. We don’t need an ‘immigration’ bill. We need and want a border security and illegal aliens bill. An immigration/guest worker bill can come after that is done.

Mexico is Rich- Mexican wealthy play American taxpayers for suckers

Good thread for any that missed it. It should really make you mad.

Every dollar spent in U.S. taxes for social services for illegal aliens frees up additional cash to be sent south as part of the annual remittances which provided $20 billion in 2005. According to the CNN news show Lou Dobbs Tonight (3/21/05), "Remittances, as they're called, are expected to become Mexico's primary source of income this year, surpassing the amount of money that Mexico makes on oil exports for the first time ever."

Mayans in Chiapas Region Convert to Islam

The bill that was just defeated in the Senate was an amnesty, plain and simple. But take a look at what these treasonous scumbags tried to hide in it. They will be back and we can expect more of this if we do not act decisively.

Hidden Bombs (Extremely Important Article on Immigration)

The second nasty surprise? Just before the committee approved the bill on the evening of March 27, Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) offered the "DREAM Act" as an amendment. It passed on a voice vote.

The DREAM Act is a nightmare. It repeals a 1996 law that prohibits state universities from offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens. The principle, of course, is that no illegal alien should be entitled to receive a taxpayer-subsidized benefit that out-of-state U.S. citizens can't get. But the committee's bill allows illegals to be treated better than those U.S. citizens on tuition.

66 posted on 04/14/2006 8:25:49 PM PDT by TigersEye (Doing the FReeping that illegal aliens won't do.)
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To: TigersEye

A recent email that I received...

I'm about to plan a little trip with my family and extended family, and I would like to ask you to assist me. I'm going to walk across the border from the U.S. into Mexico, and I need to make a few arrangements. I know you can help with this.

I plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws. I'm sure they handle those things the same way you do here.
So, would you mind telling your buddy, President Vicente Fox, that I'm on my way over? Please let him know that I will be expecting the following:

1. Free medical care for my entire family.

2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not.

3. All government forms need to be printed in English.

4. I want my kids to be taught by English-speaking teachers.

5. Schools need to include classes on American culture and history.

6. I want my kids to see the American flag flying on the top of the flag pole at their school with the Mexican flag flying lower down.

7. Please plan to feed my kids at school for both breakfast and lunch.

8. I will need a local Mexican driver's license so I can get easy access to government services.

9. I do not plan to have any car insurance, and I won't make any effort to learn local traffic laws.

10. In case one of the Mexican police officers does not get the memo from Pres. Fox to leave me alone, please be sure that all police officers speak English.

11. I plan to fly the U.S. flag from my house top, put flag decals on my car, and have a gigantic celebration on July 4th. I do not want any complaints or negative comments from the locals.

12. I would also like to have a nice job without paying any taxes, and don't enforce any labor laws or tax laws.

13. Please tell all the people in the country to be extremely nice and never say a critical word about me, or about the strain I might place on the economy.

67 posted on 04/14/2006 8:33:36 PM PDT by george76 (Ward Churchill : Fake Indian, Fake Scholarship, and Fake Art)
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To: george76

I got that one too. Right on the money! : )

68 posted on 04/14/2006 8:55:22 PM PDT by TigersEye (Doing the FReeping that illegal aliens won't do.)
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To: TigersEye

The antiwar commies and islamists are linking their issue with illegal immigrant rights.

69 posted on 04/14/2006 9:06:07 PM PDT by Thunder90
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To: Thunder90

I think they're more in league than most of us suspect. Marxism is getting big in Latin America so many of these peons have been indoctrinated before they even come here. Check the link on the JeffHead thread. The site. This has been highly organized for quite some time and it wasn't just funded by La Raza, Mecha and Mexica.

70 posted on 04/14/2006 9:34:52 PM PDT by TigersEye (Doing the FReeping that illegal aliens won't do.)
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To: george76

Give the recruiters a military escort and authorization to defend them using any means necessary, even if it means turning that raucous mob into a bloody smear.

71 posted on 04/15/2006 7:11:13 AM PDT by thoughtomator (That new ring around Uranus is courtesy of the IRS)
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To: Bubbatuck

Problem is the college administration knew about the protest and just turned a blind eye. One was quoted as saying they were hoping for rain. So IMHO I believe the school is responsible and fed funds should be withheld. You play, you pay.

72 posted on 04/15/2006 10:23:56 AM PDT by Chickenhawk Warmonger (Join the chickenhawk express at
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To: ndt; george76
Withholding federal funds? Would that even be in Rumsfelds job description? I think they are talking to the wrong agency.

It's well intentioned, but it's aimed at the wrong place. This should be something they should take through their Senators and Congresscritters. Rumsfeld has NOTHING to do with the funding heading to those colleges.
73 posted on 04/15/2006 10:25:41 AM PDT by MikefromOhio (aka MikeinIraq)
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To: george76

Personally I think they should take it another step farther. If they want the money the 'teachers' pushing this movement must be fired.

74 posted on 04/15/2006 10:35:06 AM PDT by Steve Van Doorn (*in my best Eric cartman voice* “I love you guys”)
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To: Bubbatuck
Also, the school didn't deny the recruiters - there was a protest and the recruiters left. Now... if the school refuses in the future to protect the recruiters, then there may be grounds for this action.

Well, it wasn't just a peaceful protest. It was active harassment.

The question becomes a matter of whether or not a school can be required to be the muscle for keeping third parties under control.

The law should be (if it already isn't) that it is unlawful to prevent military recruiters from doing their jobs just as it is unlawful to prevent your Federally employed mailman from doing his job.

The next time that campus is visited by recruiters, the Fedral Government should have a large number of Federal law enforcement officers ready for action off campus. Once the recruiters go in and are interfered with, the Federal agents need to move in and arrest the scum and the Federal Government needs to prosecute them to the full extent of Federal law.

75 posted on 04/15/2006 10:53:55 AM PDT by Polybius
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