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To: Thanx A. Lott; toomanygrasshoppers; BiggRedd; WalterSkinner; FairOpinion; webstersII; ...
It's time to play hard ball with lawmakers, the only thing they understand. Let 'em know there are real consequences to inaction on lawbreaking. They will get this done or taxpayers will know the reason why. Now is the time for law-abiding citizenry of America notify the US Dept of Justice, that many of our "so-called lawmakers"---who are under oath---are ignoring our laws, and are aiding and abetting the illegal activities of aliens on US soil. Disregarding the committing of crimes is a crime in itself.


1 - Use of illegal ID or documents
2 - Federal income tax evasion
3 - Re-entry into USA after deportation
4 - Obtain/Operate vehicles with illegal ID
5 - ID theft/fraud - Social Security fraud
6 - Knowingly gaining employment fraudulently
7 - Recruiting other illegal aliens workers
8 - Transporting illegal aliens
9 - Harboring &/or housing illegal aliens
10 - Undermining US national security
11 - Registering/Voting using fraudulent documentation
12 - Conspiracy to violate federal statutes
13 - Uttering false statements to public officials
14 - Obstructing law enforcement

FREEPER ACTIVISM: If duly elected officials, under oath, are encouraging ILLEGALS to break the law, to obtain the unlawful right to vote, and obtain unauthorized government benefits using fraudulent documentation, and if elected and appointed officials did, in fact, allow illegals to break the law to serve on municipal councils, and if illegals are making monetary (taxing) decisions for U.S. Citizens, this might be a violation of the Hobbs Act. If elected officials took campaign contributions from said illegals, this could be characterized as extortion, and/or bribery, and a violation of the Hobbs Act.

The Hobbs Act was used recently to nail four TENN state legislators and their aides in an extortion scheme. The TENN groups was arrested under the federal Hobbs Act, charging extortion, conspiracy to extort and attempted extortion, and accepting bribes as an agent of the state. The Hobbs Act covers extortion by public officials, as follows: 2403 Hobbs Act -- Extortion By Force, Violence, or Fear

SOURCE October 1997 Criminal Resource Manual 2403

9-131.000 THE HOBBS ACT -- 18 U.S.C. § 1951
9-131.020 Investigative and Supervisory Jurisdiction

Primary investigative jurisdiction of offenses in 18 U.S.C. § 1951 lies with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Inspector General's Office of Investigations, Division of Labor Racketeering (formerly the Office of Labor Racketeering), United States Department of Labor, is also authorized to investigate violations of 18 U.S.C. § 1951 in labor-management disputes involving the extortion of property from employers by reason of authority conferred on investigators as Special Deputy United States Marshals. Supervisory jurisdiction over 18 U.S.C. § 1951 is exercised by the following offices with respect to the offenses noted:

1. Extortion under color of official right or extortion by a public official through misuse of his/her office is supervised by the Public Integrity Section, Criminal Division.

2. Extortion and robbery in labor-management disputes is supervised by the Labor-Management Unit of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, Criminal Division.

3. All other extortion and robbery offenses not involving public officials or labor-management disputes are supervised by the Terrorism and Violent Crimes

We demand that the DOJ enforce the laws, and prosecute anyone who aids and abets illegal activities, including legislators who ignore rampant lawbreaking. EMAIL ASKDOJ@USDOJ.GOV

36 posted on 04/22/2006 1:36:33 PM PDT by Liz (We have room for but one flag, the American flag." —Theodore Roosevelt)
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To: Liz
Good work

And let us not allow the opposing side to frame this argument in terms of race--that is certainly not what I am about.

It is also not a question of economics, although economically there is an element for discussion.

The issue IS National Security--and if our government cannot get their mind around that in view of what has been going on in the streets, then the republic is in danger...

42 posted on 04/22/2006 1:51:34 PM PDT by WalterSkinner ( ..when there is any conflict between God and Caesar -- guess who loses?)
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To: Liz


49 posted on 04/22/2006 1:59:35 PM PDT by RandallFlagg (Roll your own cigarettes! You'll save $$$ and smoke less!(Magnetic bumper stickers-click my name)
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To: Liz

If illegals (non-citizens) are given amnesty for breaking any of those federal laws, then amnesty should be given for ALL citizens who have broken any of those laws. If not, I think that it would violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. And if more illegals are allowed to come into the country and permitted to break these laws, then citizens should be able to do the same. Whoo Hoo! No more paying taxes! Where do I sign up for my government check? (sarc....just in case the Feds are reading this ;)

72 posted on 04/22/2006 2:18:33 PM PDT by toomanygrasshoppers ("In technical terminology, he's a loon")
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