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doug from upland, Free Republic ^ | 4.24.06 | Mia T

Posted on 04/24/2006 2:57:38 PM PDT by Mia T




by Mia T, 4.24.06



by Mia T, February 24, 2006

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audio montage, Lincoln-pose scoop:



by Mia T, February 16, 2006

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audio montage, Lincoln-pose scoop:

"The refusal of this administration to level with the American people on matters large and small is very disturbing.

HEAR hillary clinton

Sen. 'KnowNothing Victim' Clinton Holds News Conference


by Mia T, February 23, 2001


ASHINGTON- February 22. Sen. KnowNothing Victim Clinton held her premiere press conference today on Capitol Hill, ostensibly to answer questions about the peddling of White House pardons by her brother and her campaign treasurer. Notably absent among the press queries were any about her own involvement not only in those pardons, but in the larger universe of sold pardons--the incipient clinton scandal du jour--Pardongate.

KnowNothing's brother, Hugh Rodham, secured two of the 141 clinton midnight pardons, one for a cocaine kingpin and the other for a snake-oil swindler. Rodham netted a quick $400,000 for his "work" according to various rodhams and clintons and their assorted lawyers. KnowNothing's campaign treasurer, William Cunningham III, himself a law partner of longtime KnowNothing adviser Harold Ickes, helped obtain last-minute pardons for two convicted felons.



Displaying a willingness to throw her brother (along with her husband) to the wolves, Sen. Victim Clinton was quick to make a distinction between her big, bad brother's pardon "work" and that of her campaign treasurer, "a fine lawyer and a fine man." The "family" connection of brother Rodham to Clinton rendered Rodham's "work" offensive, whereas the campaign treasurer Cunningham's connection to the senator and her campaign coffers made his securing of two pardons in record time a sterling example of highminded, effective public service.

KnowNothing has apparently not thought this thing through. If the "family" connection makes lobbying for cocaine-kingpin and snake-oil-swindler pardons unsavory for brother Rodham, then the "family" connection makes lobbying for the Hasidim 4 (see Keating 5) pardons even more distasteful for the wife, First Lady and senator-elect. Moreover, pardons for votes is arguably a greater offense than pardons for cash.


KnowNothing specifically declined to answer when asked whether she discussed the pardons with her husband, effectively pleading the fifth. Turning aside questions about the pardon decisions her husband had made, she told reporters they should address those issues with him and his staff. She refused to say whether he should agree to appear voluntarily before congressional committees investigating the pardons. Interestingly, no one asked her whether she would agree to appear voluntarily before those same congressional committees.


"I did not have any involvement in the pardons that were granted or not granted," insisted Sen. KnowNothing, seeming to forget her presence at the New-Square/Oval-Office schmooze that secured pardons for the four Hasidic felons who set up a phony school in Brooklyn to swindle the government out of millions intended for the poor.



KnowNothing noted that her"best memory" was that she never spoke to her brother or to Mr. Cunningham about the pardons. With variations of "I don't have a memory" and "my best memory, and avoiding the more obvious "I don't recall" and "my best recollection," KnowNothing reprised the Ruffian standard used during the clinton years to commit perjury without penalty.


...or more precisely, envelopes. During her denials of involvement in any of the pardons, KnowNothing made the curious claim: "People handed me envelopes, I passed them on [and never opened a single one. Honest.]"




Reprising the role of victim that enabled her to win a senate seat in spite of low poll numbers, high personal negatives and consistent public failures, the senator peppered her answers about big, bad Hugh (understanding that the subtext was big, bad Bill) with "saddened" and "disappointed" and "heartbroken" and "shocked."


This session today was cut short by a staffer when reporters appeared dissatisfied by Senator KnowNothing's lack of candor.

In the end, this press conference full of poses, poll-tested phrases and prevarication was just another display of the clintons' utter contempt for the people. Bill Clinton committed the same error last Sunday in his shameless, lie-filled New York Times Pardongate Apologia.

The clintons' fundamental error: They are too arrogant and dim-witted to understand that the demagogic process in this fiberoptic age isn't about counting spun heads; it's about not discounting circumambient brains.

hillary clinton is a "CONGENITAL LIAR"

("I am not a crook")


by Mia T, 7.08.05

"Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady... is a congenital liar.*

William Safire, Blizzard of Lies

*"The first word I had in mind was 'prevaricator,' which means 'liar,' and the second one was 'dissembler,' which also means 'liar.'"

"She's the most unbelievable actress I have ever met," said a woman who worked on Hillary's Senate campaign. "I remember one time at a Women's Leadership Forum event in New York, thirty of us sat around Hillary, talking about politics. And she said, 'You know, I love this organization, not just because we sit around and talk about politics, but because of the bonds of friendship forming around us.' The way she said it, people were riveted by her performance. But I had gotten to know her, and I could tell she didn't mean it. She has this unbelievable ability to be a liar. She is soulless."


Thoroughly clintonized, (which Andrew Cuomo would tell you also means "clueless,") the democrats are completely inverting (perverting) the sea captain's refrain.

"Down with the ship" does not mean "the ship goes down with me."

Mia T
Tag-Line Musings:
Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations

(The acronym is the message.)

January 8, 1996

Essay: Blizzard of Lies


Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady -- a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation -- is a congenital liar.

Drip by drip, like Whitewater torture, the case is being made that she is compelled to mislead, and to ensnare her subordinates and friends in a web of deceit.

1. Remember the story she told about studying The Wall Street Journal to explain her 10,000 percent profit in 1979 commodity trading? We now know that was a lie told to turn aside accusations that as the Governor's wife she profited corruptly, her account being run by a lawyer for state poultry interests through a disreputable broker.

She lied for good reason: To admit otherwise would be to confess taking, and paying taxes on, what some think amounted to a $100,000 bribe.

2. The abuse of Presidential power known as Travelgate elicited another series of lies. She induced a White House lawyer to assert flatly to investigators that Mrs. Clinton did not order the firing of White House travel aides, who were then harassed by the F.B.I. and Justice Department to justify patronage replacement by Mrs. Clinton's cronies.

Now we know, from a memo long concealed from investigators, that there would be "hell to pay" if the furious First Lady's desires were scorned. The career of the lawyer who transmitted Hillary's lie to authorities is now in jeopardy. Again, she lied with good reason: to avoid being identified as a vindictive political power player who used the F.B.I. to ruin the lives of people standing in the way of juicy patronage.

3. In the aftermath of the apparent suicide of her former partner and closest confidant, White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster, she ordered the overturn of an agreement to allow the Justice Department to examine the files in the dead man's office. Her closest friends and aides, under oath, have been blatantly disremembering this likely obstruction of justice, and may have to pay for supporting Hillary's lie with jail terms.

Again, the lying was not irrational. Investigators believe that damning records from the Rose Law Firm, wrongfully kept in Vincent Foster's White House office, were spirited out in the dead of night and hidden from the law for two years -- in Hillary's closet, in Web Hubbell's basement before his felony conviction, in the President's secretary's personal files -- before some were forced out last week.

Why the White House concealment? For good reason: The records show Hillary Clinton was lying when she denied actively representing a criminal enterprise known as the Madison S.& L., and indicate she may have conspired with Web Hubbell's father-in-law to make a sham land deal that cost taxpayers $3 million.

Why the belated release of some of the incriminating evidence? Not because it mysteriously turned up in offices previously searched. Certainly not because Hillary Clinton and her new hang-tough White House counsel want to respond fully to lawful subpoenas.

One reason for the Friday-night dribble of evidence from the White House is the discovery by the F.B.I. of copies of some of those records elsewhere. When Clinton witnesses are asked about specific items in "lost" records -- which investigators have -- the White House "finds" its copy and releases it. By concealing the Madison billing records two days beyond the statute of limitations, Hillary evaded a civil suit by bamboozled bank regulators.

Another reason for recent revelations is the imminent turning of former aides and partners of Hillary against her; they were willing to cover her lying when it advanced their careers, but are inclined to listen to their own lawyers when faced with perjury indictments.

Therefore, ask not "Why didn't she just come clean at the beginning?" She had good reasons to lie; she is in the longtime habit of lying; and she has never been called to account for lying herself or in suborning lying in her aides and friends.

No wonder the President is fearful of holding a prime-time press conference. Having been separately deposed by the independent counsel at least twice, the President and First Lady would be well advised to retain separate defense counsel.

  hillary talks: ON TRAVEL OFFICE

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(bill + hillary) CLINTON 'CULTURE OF CORRUPTION' part two
by Mia T, 03.24.06


(bill + hillary) CLINTON 'CULTURE OF CORRUPTION' part one
by Mia T, 01.28.06

"When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation, and you know what I'm talkin' about. [Note the gratuitous gerundial g-droppin'.]

... We have a
culture of corruption. We have cronyism. We have incompetence. I predict to you that this administration will go down in history as one of the worst that has ever governed our country."

Miss hillary also apologized to a group of Hurricane Katrina evacuees in the audience "on behalf of a government that left you behind.)

hillary clinton
Martin Luther King Day
Monday, January 16, 2006
Canaan Baptist Church of Christ
Harlem, New York City
(miss hillary's '
plantation' blunder)



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To: UWSrepublican


21 posted on 04/24/2006 3:57:54 PM PDT by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Brian Allen; Gail Wynand


22 posted on 04/24/2006 4:01:26 PM PDT by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T


23 posted on 04/24/2006 4:03:16 PM PDT by Wolverine (A Concerned Citizen)
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To: Mia T
I don't... (fill in the blank) said the Smartest Women in the World!!!
Image hosted by
LOOK... it's TouristSenator!!!
It shows up in more places than TouristGuy did only with less style and substance...
she's Vaporware, just an empty crusty.
(Please spread me around like the parasite that i am...)

24 posted on 04/24/2006 4:12:15 PM PDT by Chode (1967 UN Outer Space Treaty is bad for America and bad for humanity - DUMP IT. American Hedonist )
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To: Mia T

Don't forget her convenient: "I don't think you'll find a shred of evidence of that... " or "That's so outrageous it doesn't even deserve a comment..."

25 posted on 04/24/2006 4:42:53 PM PDT by ReleaseTheHounds
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To: ReleaseTheHounds
shred of evidenceQ ERTY4bump

26 posted on 04/24/2006 4:54:05 PM PDT by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T

Mia T for Chairperson of the Republican Party!

Now! Someone call Karl...

27 posted on 04/24/2006 5:06:59 PM PDT by SaxxonWoods (The leadership of Iran must be decapitated or overthrown, now.)
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To: Mia T; doug from upland

Now what?

28 posted on 04/24/2006 5:09:09 PM PDT by freema (Proud Marine FRiend, Mom, Aunt, Sister, Friend, Wife, Daughter, Niece)
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To: SaxxonWoods

Mia T is the new mdia.

29 posted on 04/24/2006 5:16:29 PM PDT by bmwcyle (We got permits, yes we DO! We got permits, how 'bout YOU?;))
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To: Chode

TouristGuy, like the shark, is doomed to travel.

His fluttering flaps push the bucks and bows to his gills;
he can survive only by moving. Once stopped, he would sink to the bottom and die of disregard.

30 posted on 04/24/2006 5:20:28 PM PDT by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T

You know its to bad that we can't get this stuff on the airwaves....

Hannity won't touch it; never heard Rush talk about it; Gambling won't talk about it; Mark Levin won't talk about it.

I have on my own sent stuff to them and asked them if they would spend a day on this stuff and nothing, not a mention of anything....

I am in the process of taking the information to a friend of mine that has a 'little town newsletter' and see if he would publish some of it....

This stuff needs to be out in the open, we need to talk about it, read it in print, etc. Tony Snow is the only person I know that has even talked to Dough from Upland about any of this.....

Whatever I can do, please let me know....we CANNOT let these two creeps back into the White House....

Today on Rush's program he said something I have thought about for a while now, he mentioned he thought that there was an underlying administration running at the same time, everything President Bush trys to do, it seems like it gets shoot down....and as he says, there are leaks, there are sneaks in all of the departments because President Bush wanted to set a new tone in Government and didn't ask these clinton appointees to resign, now he is paying the price for it....

31 posted on 04/24/2006 5:42:46 PM PDT by HarleyLady27 (My ? to libs: "Do they ever shut up on your planet?" "Grow your own DOPE: Plant a LIB!")
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To: Gordongekko909

Paul Shanklin did the parody, a woman sang it.
IT was to the tune of "Try to Remember" from the famous Broadway play, THE FANTASTIKS...

Try to remember your lies in September...
My mind is JELLO, Jello...jelloo..

32 posted on 04/24/2006 5:56:13 PM PDT by GRRRRR (It's All Beach Boys...All weekend: " California Girls"...)
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To: HarleyLady27

The clinton shadow govt. I've written in the past about Bush's failure to purge the govt of clinton holdovers.

Coincidentally, in a response to a Ken Mehlman questionnaire, I included the following postscript:

The Bush Administration must start removing and INDICTING the treasonous clinton holdovers. Letting a Sandy Berger or a Mary McCarthy (or, for that matter, a hillary clinton!) off the hook is to undermine the Constitution and put our country in great peril.

I am disgusted by your administration's utter disregard for the treasonous acts of the Left. You will surely lose votes on this issue. How arrogant of you to think you have the option of suspending the Constitution in the name of 'a new tone.'

33 posted on 04/24/2006 6:03:11 PM PDT by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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Ahh, yeah. Paul Shanklin. Wow, my memory is off.

34 posted on 04/24/2006 6:17:41 PM PDT by Gordongekko909 (I know. Let's cut his WHOLE BODY off.)
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To: Mia T

And imagine the MSM lets her get away with this stuff. UGH

35 posted on 04/24/2006 7:27:33 PM PDT by victim soul
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To: Mia T


36 posted on 04/24/2006 8:59:55 PM PDT by PGalt
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To: Mia T
It never ceases to amaze me that when it comes to remembering both Clintons have phenomenal memories of their childhood, school years, college, marriage, and an obsession with telling us what to do because after all, aren't they just the smartest people in the universe?

But, for some uncanny reason, they really can't remember a darn thing about their work, or how they go about working, and how they came upon all of these otherwise memorable situations that others do have a memory of.

BTW, the Clintons both remember things that did not happen as well.

37 posted on 04/24/2006 9:08:41 PM PDT by harpo11
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To: Gail Wynand; All
HILLARY REMEMBERS: the clintons commit perjury with impunity

38 posted on 04/25/2006 3:17:52 AM PDT by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T

Mia T. Bump.

39 posted on 04/25/2006 3:23:55 AM PDT by E.G.C.
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To: E.G.C.

thx :)

40 posted on 04/25/2006 3:40:49 AM PDT by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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