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Minutemen's message on immigration: on a roll? [FReeper mentioned in Christian Science Monitor!]
Christian Science Monitor ^ | May 5, 2005 | Daniel B. Wood | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Posted on 05/05/2006 11:05:28 AM PDT by RonDog

The Christian Science Monitor -
from the May 05, 2006 edition -

Minutemen's message on immigration: on a roll?

The activist group will pass through 12 US cities during a push for tighter US borders. Polls show most Americans support that.

By Daniel B. Wood | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

LOS ANGELES - Construction worker John Peaslee drove 100 miles from Kern County to cheer, wave an American flag, and send a message to the US government to "close the border, period."

Microbiologist Heather Evans took the morning off work to "stand up for the US Constitution ... without which we will lose the American culture, country, and values," she says.

Lyman Stucky will dedicate the next two weeks and "a few tanks of gas" to caravan all the way to Washington to "urge people to stand up and encourage others to do what's right: Obey the law, that's what makes America great."

Their passions high, members of the Minuteman Project set off from Los Angeles Wednesday on a cross-country trip that they hope will be a counterpoint to the immigrants-rights rallies that have lately flooded the streets of American cities. The group, which has dispatched hundreds of volunteers to patrol the US-Mexico border to help prevent illegal crossings, filled only a handful of cars, small trucks, and minivans at the outset - but insists that a majority of Americans are fellow travelers when it comes to controlling immigration.

"The immigrants have put a million on the streets in recent days, woop de doo," says Steve Eichler, executive director of the Minuteman Project, who was at the departure site, and is on the caravan trip. "We will put 10, 20, 30 million voters on our side at the ballot box."

Recent polls would lend credibility to that assertion. A Zogby poll taken May 3 found that 71 percent of Americans feel that past border enforcement efforts have been grossly inadequate" while only 19 percent say the US has made a "real effort" to enforce such laws. By a 2 to 1 margin, likely voters prefer the "enforcement only" House bill that passed in December to current Senate proposals, which legalize illegal immigrants currently in the US and increase legal immigration quotas.

At the caravan launch, the group expressed outrage about the recent protests in the streets of American cities, and is encouraging others to join them in support for minutes, hours, or days.

"We are going to speak out all across the south about what I call the Trojan Horse invasion of the US," said Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, to a gathering of perhaps 300 people in the Crenshaw section of Los Angeles. The Minutemen gathered in a black neighborhood to show the "devastating" impact illegal immigration is having on local employment, the activists say. The caravan will pass through 12 cities in 10 days, stopping to rally followers with speeches. It will end up in the US capital May 12. At the second rally in Phoenix Wednesday night, about 300 participated. Caravan participants will demonstrate Saturday in Crawford, Texas, where President Bush's vacation ranch is located.

"We are trying to continue the momentum we built last year with border vigils," says Mr. Gilchrist, a former Marine. "We proved how Congress has refused to listen to the will of Americans ... [by] continuing to allow this massive illegal incursion into our country."

The group of volunteers has helped push illegal immigration to the forefront in America, some experts say.

"I think that the Minuteman Project is at least indirectly responsible for what we are now seeing in the streets of America with millions of immigrants protesting," says Luis Cabrera, assistant professor of political science at Arizona State University. "The message really got out that the borders are broken and that the president and Congress aren't doing what it takes," he says. "That contributed in turn to [the passage of] the House bill that would make it a felony to be in the country illegally."

In April 2005, Gilchrist organized about 1,500 volunteers along the Arizona border. Last year, Gilchrist ran for Congress in California's 48th District and placed third, earning about 25 percent of the vote. Since his group's founding, similar projects in California, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Oregon have continued to put pressure on Congress to tighten US borders.

Mr. Bush has labeled the Minutemen a vigilante group, and several border watchdog groups say it has increased fear, tension and misunderstanding at the border. "Adding vigilantes to the high tension that now exists at the border with smugglers and you create a potentially dangerous mix," says Erica Dahl-Bredine, who works on the Mexican side of the border for Catholic Relief Services in Tucson, Ariz.

Immigration experts say the number of Minutemen and supporters remains unknown. Mr. Eichler claims 200,000 have signed an online pledge. Some members say only about 8,000 have participated in border vigils or rallies, and that only a few hundred may be active at any one time.

"They've done a lot more with the smoke and mirrors than actually turning out people," says Louis DeSipio, associate professor of political science at the University of California, Irvine.

That doesn't bother Susan Herweck, a Chicago banker who met the Minutemen on the state capitol steps in Phoenix.

"I am thinking of starting up something like this back in Chicago," says Herweck, visiting her father in Phoenix. Her daughter is married to a Hispanic legal resident. "This has gotten much worse in the past decade," she says, citing graffiti, gangs, and crime. "If they want to come over legally, we will welcome them with open arms," Herweck says, repeating an often heard comment by Minutemen participants.

Though some see poll numbers that support the Minutemen as a direct, negative reaction to the immigrant rallies across the US, many observers see a debate that will help reform US immigration policy.

"I don't think there is anything we can do to stop either side of this debate," says Ernesto Nieto, director of the National Hispanic Institute. "Transient, quick solutions won't stop the waves of protests we are seeing. The nation is being redefined."

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1 posted on 05/05/2006 11:05:30 AM PDT by RonDog
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To: La Enchiladita; doug from upland
Lyman Stucky will dedicate the next two weeks and "a few tanks of gas" to caravan all the way to Washington to "urge people to stand up and encourage others to do what's right: Obey the law, that's what makes America great."
See also THIS thread:

FReeper Pace Car to lead Minuteman Caravan to DC -- (see pic with JimRob!) ^ | 5-2-06 | Doug from Upland

Posted on 05/02/2006 11:14:34 AM PDT by doug from upland

The Minutemen will be starting the first leg tomorrow, led by FReeper Lyman Stucky's patriotic pace car. We want the borders sealed!

Allegiance is not an option!
Citizenship Requires Allegiance--
if you refuse to pledge and prove Allegiance to
The United States Of America and OUR Flag,
Where, WHERE, IS your Allegiance?
-- FReeper Lyman Stucky (The Spirit Of Allegiance), May 1, 2006

Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. -- Theodore Roosevelt

Hi, Fellow Americans and Neighbors. I'm glad you're here.

I own and drive The Spirit Of Allegiance car, set to depart Los Angeles May 3, heading for Crawford TX and then to go on to Washington DC to demand that President Bush and Congress seal our borders and ensure our sovereignty as a nation, physically and spiritually, One Nation Under God.

The Pledge of Allegiance and the situation on our Republic's borders are very much connected. Spiritually. And Patriotically. Our nation's borders have to do with our nation's sovereignty physically just as much as the Newdow and other God-hating atheist cases have to do with our acknowledgment of God's sovereignty spiritually

A little background is important...and it all ties together...
This site was launched in 2002 to fight Michael Newdow's anti-American attack in cahoots with certain treacherous fellow-traveler Marxist judges who have not thrown his cases out as being frivolous and without standing.

Here is the Pace Car that will lead the way through Crawford and on to D.C. (JimRob won't be in it, but would you like to be?)

-- snip --

The Spirit of Allegiance Car!
CLICK HERE for the rest of that thread
"Minuteman Caravan" ping!
2 posted on 05/05/2006 11:09:03 AM PDT by RonDog
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To: RonDog; 1_Inch_Group; 2sheep; 2Trievers; 3AngelaD; 3pools; 3rdcanyon; 4Freedom; 4ourprogeny; ...

Minuteman Caravan Ping!

For those who haven't seen FReeper Lyman Stuckey's Minuteman Caravan Pace's another look.

3 posted on 05/05/2006 11:17:29 AM PDT by HiJinx (Remember the Maine! Remember the Alamo! Remember Herndon!)
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To: RonDog
It appears the African American community is on board. This is a good thing. If the unemployed Blacks being held as prisoners in the liberal areas can find work, they can free themselves from democrat bondage once and for all. They'll no longer be forced to vote democrat for their monthly share of government cheese.
4 posted on 05/05/2006 11:25:22 AM PDT by concerned about politics ("Get thee behind me, Liberal.")
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To: HiJinx
Thanks for the PING!

See also THIS thread:

Minutemen to strike back: Cross-country caravan hopes to foster support
[FReeper on FRONT PAGE!]

San ^ | May 3, 2006 | Jason Newell and Megan Blaney, Staff Writers
Posted on 05/03/2006 4:51:33 AM PDT by RonDog

Minutemen to strike back
Cross-country caravan hopes to foster support

Jason Newell and Megan Blaney, Staff Writers
San Bernardino County Sun

On the heels of Monday's massive immigrant boycott, members of one high-profile group will fire up their RVs, cars and trucks today to build momentum for the other side.

[FReeper] Lyman Stucky, of San Bernardino is driving the pace car
that is leading the Minuteman Project across the country to Washington DC
to ask the leaders to enforce the laws prohibiting illegal immigration.

The Minuteman Project will launch a cross-country caravan tour today in Los Angeles, hoping to stir national support for a crackdown at the border and spotlight the harmful effects of illegal immigration.

From the time the caravan speeds through the Inland Empire to when it rolls into Washington, D.C., on May 12, participants say they hope to have energized voters and enlisted more members to their cause.

The Minuteman Project represents the "people in America who are tired of excuses and stalling and political issues getting in the way of our sealing the borders and enforcing the law," said Lyman Stucky, a San Bernardino man who will be leading the caravan in his 1970 Mercury Cougar. "We are demanding that our hired employees our public servants enforce the law and do what they were sworn to do."

Organizers expect about 100 staff members and supporters to set off from Los Angeles, with some expected to complete the entire trip...

CLICK HERE for the rest of that thread

5 posted on 05/05/2006 11:28:36 AM PDT by RonDog
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To: concerned about politics
It appears the African American community is on board....
See also THIS thread:
Minutemen Rally in Leimert Park - No, Really.
["Minuteman Caravan" starts in BLACK neighborhood] ^ | May 2, 2006 | Mack_Reed
Posted on 05/02/2006 10:03:41 PM PDT by RonDog

Minutemen Rally in Leimert Park - No, Really.

The pace car.
Image via

The immigration debate just got a little weirder:
The Minuteman Project is kicking off a Minuteman Caravan Wednesday morning to drive from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, stopping in Phoenix and Crawford, TX, the president's home town.
So why start in predominantly black Leimert Park?

"Over 40% of black teenagers are unemployed. Overall unemployment in the black community is double that of white Americans," said Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist. "They are the most harmed by illegal immigration and it's time we focused our efforts in our inner cities where help is needed most."
Make of this what you will, but to me the racial politicking is ... interesting.
CLICK HERE for the rest of that thread

6 posted on 05/05/2006 11:30:25 AM PDT by RonDog
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To: RonDog


7 posted on 05/05/2006 11:45:32 AM PDT by stephenjohnbanker (Immigration: Acting like dupes does not earn us their respect, but their CONTEMPT.))
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To: RonDog
"The nation is being redefined."

Yeah it is.

8 posted on 05/05/2006 1:44:11 PM PDT by MissAmericanPie
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To: RonDog
See also, from the [Riverside] Press-Enterprise:

Minutemen take show on road

CARAVAN: The illegal-immigration foes begin a cross-country trip in a bid to drum up support.

10:00 PM PDT on Wednesday, May 3, 2006

The Press-Enterprise

Minuteman Project co-founder James Gilchrist led a cross-country caravan from Los Angeles on Monday to recruit new members among those who were turned off by recent pro-immigrant demonstrations.

AP photo
Genevieve Peters, left, a Minuteman supporter, argues with Monica Morant in Los Angeles. Minuteman Project co-founder James Gilchrist kicked off a cross-country caravan in Los Angeles on Monday to recruit new members.

The tour began in Los Angeles' Leimert Park, a famed black cultural center. The destination rally in Washington, D.C., on May 12 will feature Ted Hayes, a longtime advocate for the homeless who says that large-scale illegal immigration takes jobs from black Americans.

Calling from a mobile phone in an RV rolling on Interstate 10 nearing Blythe, Gilchrist said the marches bolstered the Minuteman Project. Demonstrators, he said, "were sitting under a Mexican flag claiming that the U.S. is theirs. That's just upsetting Middle America."

He said, "Every time our adversaries did something like that, our volunteers doubled overnight and our donations tripled."

Nativo V. Lopez, a spokesman for the March 25 Coalition that organized the recent boycott and large marches, said the Minuteman caravan was an effort to regain the limelight following heavy coverage of pro-immigrant demonstrations.

"They are appealing to the base, nativist prejudice of a minority of Americans," Lopez said.

Gayle Nyberg, of Murrieta, said she and Penny Magnotto, of Perris, planned to join the road trippers early Monday in Los Angeles, but their 1986 Pace Arrow RV, freshly painted for the tour with red and blue stripes and white stars, clipped a car at a gas station and had to join the caravan later in Indio.

About 10 vehicles are in the caravan, Magnotto said. She said she often checks out the window to make sure she is not being followed by some of those who have threatened project members.

"If I'm going to die on the highway trying to save my country, so be it," Magnotto said. She estimates the trip to Washington and back will cost about $3,000 in gas and expenses.

A rally was set for Wednesday in Phoenix, and another in Crawford, Texas, President Bush's hometown, on Saturday. The caravan will pass through Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia on the way to Washington, D.C.

The group has been critical of Bush's support for immigration law changes that would permit large numbers of undocumented immigrants to stay as guest workers or permanent legal residents.

Reach Sharon McNary at (951) 368-9458 or

Online at:

9 posted on 05/05/2006 3:47:06 PM PDT by RonDog
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To: stephenjohnbanker

Finally, the information I've been requesting:

Caravan Schedule

May 3rd - Los Angeles, CA
May 3rd - Phoenix, AZ
May 4th - Albuquerque, NM
May 5th - Abilene, TX
May 6th - Crawford, TX
May 7th - Little Rock, AR
May 8th - Memphis, TN
May 8th - Nashville, TN
May 9th - Birmingham, AL
May 9th - Atlanta, GA
May 10th - Greensboro, NC
May 11th - Richmond, VA

10 posted on 05/05/2006 6:30:15 PM PDT by NewRomeTacitus
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To: NewRomeTacitus

Thanks, NRT.

11 posted on 05/06/2006 8:46:39 AM PDT by stephenjohnbanker (Immigration: Acting like dupes does not earn us their respect, but their CONTEMPT.))
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To: RonDog

"I am thinking of starting up something like this back in Chicago," says Herweck, visiting her father in Phoenix."

Excellent post. This article just proves that nothing will get done, unless U.S. citizens all band together and DEMAND that the D.C. crowd enforce the laws...

12 posted on 05/06/2006 5:06:56 PM PDT by Mrs. Darla Ruth Schwerin
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To: stephenjohnbanker; All

Surely. I plan on meeting the caravan Monday here in Nashville. Minutemen need all the support we can muster because most of us legitimate citizens are tied down to the responsibilties of supporting ourselves and the parasites schooled in gaming our system. If you can break away, good citizens, this is an effort worthy of doing so.

13 posted on 05/06/2006 5:59:09 PM PDT by NewRomeTacitus
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