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'They need to be taught' - Black community feels effects of single parenthood rates.
Tribune Staff Writer - SouthBend Tribune ^ | May 10. 2006 6:59AM | MAY LEE JOHNSON

Posted on 05/14/2006 2:37:40 AM PDT by Caipirabob

A young, single mother informed a Tribune reporter that "marriage is for white people."

The statistics back up her words. More than three-quarters of black babies are born out of wedlock, according to the St. Joseph County Health Department. South Bend sociologist Johnnie Griffin says blacks were more likely to be raised by both parents during slavery days than they are today.

Nearly 1.5 million babies, a record, were born to unmarried women in the United States last year, the government reported. And it isn't just teenagers anymore.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: black; blackfamily; blacks; children; divorce; marriage; minorities; moralabsolutes; sociology; trends; wedlock
If I'm not mistaken, this applies to all people. It simply impacts black communities to a greater degree, as many such communities tend to be already on the edge economically.

In a legal system geared to financially destroy the man in a divorce, why would marriage even occur to the "thinking" individual?

At any rate, there are many underlying causes to the situation for blacks and other groups, but the trend is present among all Americans.

And if we don't address it as a nation it spells disaster for our future.

1 posted on 05/14/2006 2:37:45 AM PDT by Caipirabob
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To: Caipirabob
'They need to be taught'

'They' need to be taught what? How to work the system? Why? What for? Follow the money. 'They' sure as heck do.

2 posted on 05/14/2006 2:44:43 AM PDT by yankeedame ("Oh, I can take it but I'd much rather dish it out.")
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To: yankeedame

They need to be taught that having children out of wedlock is morally and culturally incorrect.

3 posted on 05/14/2006 3:08:04 AM PDT by Chickensoup (The water in the pot is getting warmer, froggies.The water in the pot is getting warmer, froggies.)
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To: Chickensoup

I teach at a large public ring-suburban high school. Our black population is about 15%. Almost all of our black students come from one parent families.

When you talk to them you find out that MOST of society's rules DON'T apply to them. They believe they are a sort of independent nation within a larger country.

That their history makes them "special". Thus, they don't need an education. Marriage rules don't apply to them. Nor do most rules of right or wrong.

Because they have been brought here against their will the rest of society must repay them throughout their lives.

I'm not kidding.

4 posted on 05/14/2006 3:36:04 AM PDT by kjo
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To: Caipirabob

"marriage is for white people."

Some of them also think education is for white people. They ridicule black students who take education seriously, accusing them of acting white.
And heaven help anyone who tries to point out these issues in the black community. Bill Cosby's message was NOT well received.

5 posted on 05/14/2006 3:38:01 AM PDT by kalee
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To: Caipirabob

Result: Crime. Blame it on whitey. Poverty. Inability to qualify for jobs. Fix that with "affirmative action".
All whitey's fault.

6 posted on 05/14/2006 3:39:18 AM PDT by (what have you done today to fight terrorism/leftism (same thing!))
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To: Caipirabob
"The Great Society" programs of LBJ put people of color on the road to perdition.

Between AIDS, bastardy, contra-incentive welfare programs, and the like people of color will self eliminate as a group within 100 years.

7 posted on 05/14/2006 4:11:18 AM PDT by Jimmy Valentine (DemocRATS - when they speak, they lie; when they are silent, they are stealing the American Dream)
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The oppressive idea of the "black community" works for the "black leaders" to amass political power. It doesn't do much for anyone else.

8 posted on 05/14/2006 4:21:50 AM PDT by ClaireSolt (.)
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To: Caipirabob

Much of the black community has reverted to tribal African roots and is ceasing to be American.

The self segregation noted in the article will destroy black America

9 posted on 05/14/2006 4:28:43 AM PDT by bert (K.E. N.P. Slay Pinch)
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To: ClaireSolt
The oppressive idea of the "black community" works for the "black leaders" to amass political power. It doesn't do much for anyone else.

True, it is an oppressive term, but if nothing else it serves to define an area of affliction.

Yet it doesn't do a thing towards promoting the concept of joining with propering, main stream society. Fortunately, many blacks do see the light and have risen above the misery and tyranny thrust upon them by the left in their attempt to create a completely dependent minority that will vote "Dim" forever.

But as long as there's a "group think mentality" of black culture as being seperate from main stream American, they will live, or barely scrape by of the edge of poverty and thrive only at the lowest tiers of society.

And their children deserve far better than this.

10 posted on 05/14/2006 4:33:26 AM PDT by Caipirabob (Communists... Socialists... Democrats...Traitors... Who can tell the difference?)
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To: kjo

"...When you talk to them you find out that MOST of society's rules DON'T apply to them..."
"I'm not kidding."

I know you're not. Seen it my whole life.

11 posted on 05/14/2006 4:44:03 AM PDT by L98Fiero (I'm worth a million in prizes.)
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To: kjo
I mentor and employ young black kids. I've been doing it for about 10 years. It started when the kids came into my white family owned shop and asked for work. They would come from the section 8 housing down the block.

None of them thought that they were "special" or "unAmerican".

In fact they were fairly patriotic.

Of course I was dealing with kids that had the internal motivation to go out and procure a job.

But that "My ancestors were slaves so I don't have to do anything for whitey" attitude is far from universal.
12 posted on 05/14/2006 4:51:18 AM PDT by Anvilhead (Why is it that people who purport to be noble never are?)
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To: yankeedame

Marriage is for white folks, robbery, murder and mayhem are for black folks?

13 posted on 05/14/2006 4:57:35 AM PDT by armydawg1 (" America must win this war..." PVT Martin Treptow, KIA, WW1)
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To: kjo

Unfortunately you are absolutely correct. I just attended my daughter's high school The school had a ceremony honoring all the students who achieved honor roll, 3 times in a row, 7 times in a row, and 15 times in a row.

My daughter has made honor roll 15 times in a row.

Out of 580 students who have made honor roll 3 times or more, only one "African" American male was there. The school population is 20% to 30% "African" Americans. Almost all the ones who were being honored were "European" Americans. Don't you just love that term.
By the way "European" is a code word for white, and "African" is a code word for black. Isn't that so forward thinking?
My daughter was in classes that taught advanced and GT courses and mentioned that most of the "African" Americans were not in those courses, so, I guess they were in on-grade courses. To compare the honor roll achievements of those in on-grade courses to those who achieve honor roll when they are in advanced courses is ludicrous.
My belief is that this is largely because of hatred. There is a deep seated hatred and distrust of whites among a majority of the "African" Americans. Just my opinion.

That hatred makes them despise learning in school because it is white. Well, actions have consequences. The consequences are drug addiction, single parenthood (hi mom, who's dad?), illiteracy, poor achievement in the workplace, unemployment, (being a culture of loosers) etc. It is time for the "African" American majority to join with the majority of "European" Americans and go forward together. We are all Americans and have too much to lose by dwelling in the hate.

14 posted on 05/14/2006 5:00:24 AM PDT by 2ndClassCitizen
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To: Caipirabob
Let's see now....

Blacks don't want to study hard and go to college, because that's acting white.

They don't want to do hard manual labor because that reminds them of slavery days.

They don't want marriage because that's acting white too.

So what we're left with is black people who breed with no commitment, don't work, and don't go to school, and as a result will remain at the bottom of the heap socially, economically, educationally.

Sorry, but I don't have much sympathy at all, except for the very unlucky children who get stuck with this disaster.

15 posted on 05/14/2006 5:28:23 AM PDT by Lizavetta
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To: kjo

I beleive you. I work in a public primary school and had a 7 year old black boy tell me "you just trying to keep the black man down" when I told him he needed to stop rolling aroung the floor and bumping into other student's desks while we were having a reading lesson.

16 posted on 05/14/2006 5:35:35 AM PDT by MissEdie
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To: Caipirabob
I think Blacks need to learn what destroyed the gains they were making in the early 60's, Unions and the RAT party.

Their families were more apt to contain a working father with factory jobs. The unions drove to jobs overseas and the ones left require no less than a high school diploma with good math skills.
The RATS pumped up the welfare system, but it was biased to exclude two parent families trying to improve their skills. Rather than being a temporary help, it became the only way to get any help was to be a single mother with a bonus for extra children.

The marriage was driven out of the family group, which left children without working father figures to encourage the kids to get a education, that leaves the mothers that do get a job with children being raised by the streets.

RATS and unions destroy everything they get involved in.
17 posted on 05/14/2006 6:00:59 AM PDT by Beagle8U (Juan Williams....The DNC's "Crash test Dummy" for talking points.)
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To: kalee
I read that in Los Angeles more than 50% of black high school students drop out before graduating and that within 4 years 60% of these drop outs will be or have been in state prisons! What a great future they have!
18 posted on 05/14/2006 6:38:06 AM PDT by JLGALT (Get ready - Lock and Load!)
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To: yankeedame
'They need to be taught'

They have been Jesse Jackson,Sharpton, Malcom X, etc., etc.

19 posted on 05/14/2006 6:48:31 AM PDT by shiva
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The Secret to the Suicidal Liberal Mind

Jack Wheeler
Freedom Research Foundation
Monday, Jan. 21, 2002

What do Harvard president Larry Summers, Taliban John Walker, Delta Airlines officials and the editors of the New York Times have in common with Yanomamo tribeswomen in the Amazon jungle?

To answer this question is to understand the root cause of liberal "white guilt." Lakes of ink have been splashed on newspaper, magazine and journal pages ruminating and anguishing over the bottomless guilt that pervades the liberal soul.

Paul Craig Roberts, economist and columnist, writes eloquently about the anti-white racism endemic in American universities that demonizes white males as the font of all evil. Shelby Steele of the Hoover Institute explained in the Wall Street Journal recently how white guilt empowers racist frauds such as Cornel West.

The self-loathing of the white American liberal is as well-established and documented as Einstein's Special Relativity theorems. A typical example is writer Susan Sontag's denouncement of the white race as "the cancer of human history."

A racist hatred of one's own race – auto-racism – has become a defining characteristic of the liberal mind. Yet the source of such suicidal guilt remains a mystery.

Clearly understanding what disables liberals from wanting to defend their culture is today a mortal necessity – an absolute requirement if America is to be preserved and protected from Moslem terrorists and other folk desirous of her demise.

Exploitation and Black Magic

For such understanding, we need to travel to the Amazon. Among the Yanomamo and other tribes deep in the Amazon rain forests still adhering to the ancient hunting-gathering lifestyle practiced by our Paleolithic ancestors, it is an accepted practice that when a woman gives birth, she tearfully proclaims her child to be ugly.

In a loud, mortified lament that the entire tribe can hear, she asks why the gods have cursed her with such a pathetically repulsive infant. She does this in order to ward off the envious black magic of the Evil Eye, the Mal Ojo, that would be directed at her by her fellow tribespeople if they knew how happy she was with her beautiful baby.

Anthropologists observe that for most primitive and traditional cultures, "every individual lives in constant fear of the magical aggression of others ... there is only one explanation for unforeseen events: the envious black magic of another villager."

Reflect for a moment on the extent to which tribespeople in a tribal, "primitive" culture suffuse their lives with superstition, witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo, "black magic," the "evil eye." The world for them is teeming with demons, spirits, ghosts and gods, all of whom are malicious and dangerous -- in a word, envious.

A great many, if not the majority, of tribal or traditional cultures, whether in the Amazon, Africa or the Pacific, have no concept of natural death. Death is always murder.

For the Shuara Jivaro of the eastern Amazon, the first tribe I ever stayed with, there are three ways to die: actual murder (such as a spear through your stomach); demon-murder (accidental death, such as being killed by a falling tree in a storm or by snakebite, which the Jivaros see as perpetrated by a demon); or witchcraft murder (death by illness or unexplained causes, perpetrated by an envious sorcerer).

The Jivaro, just like the Tiv in Nigeria, the Aritama in Colombia, the Dobua in Micronesia, the Navaho in the Southwest U.S. and the tribal mind in general, attribute any illness or misfortune to the envious black magic of a personal enemy.

Envy is the source of tribal and traditional cultures' belief in Black Magic, the fear of the envious Evil Eye. The fundamental reason why certain cultures remain static and never evolve (e.g., present-day villages in Egypt and India that have stayed pretty much the same for millennia) is the overwhelming extent to which the lives of the people within them are dominated by envy and envy avoidance: as anthropologists call it, the envy barrier.

For the Mambwe in Zambia, for example, "successful men are regarded as sinister, supernatural and dangerous." In Mexican villages, "fear of other people's envy determines every detail of life, every proposed action."

Members of a Hispanic "ghetto" in a community in Colorado "equate success with betrayal of the group; whoever works his way up socially and economically is regarded as a 'man who has sold himself to the Anglos,' someone 'who climbs on the backs of his own people.' "

It is an ultimate irony of modern times that left-wing Marxist-type intellectuals consider themselves to be in the progressive vanguard of sophisticated contemporary thought -- when in reality their thinking is nothing but an atavism, a regression to a primitive tribal mentality. What the Left calls "exploitation" is what anthropologists call "black magic."

As sociologist Helmut Schoeck summarizes in his seminal work, "Envy: A Theory of Human Behavior" (and who collected the above anthropologists' observations):

"A self-pitying inclination to contemplate another's superiority or advantages, combined with a vague belief in his being the cause of one's own deprivation, is also to be found among educated members of our modern societies who really ought to know better. The primitive people's belief in black magic differs little from modern ideas. Whereas the socialist believes himself robbed by the employer, just as the politician in a developing country believes himself robbed by the industrial countries, so primitive man believes himself robbed by his neighbor, the latter having succeeded by black magic in spiriting away to his own fields part of the former's harvest."

The primitive atavism of left-wing bromides like "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" is best illustrated by arguing that one can be healthy only at the expense of others. That in order to be in superior health, bursting with energy and vitality, one has to make someone else sick or in poor health -- just as in order to be rich you have to make others poor.

The healthy are healthy because they unjustly exploited and ripped off the sick, spiriting away the sick's fair share of health with black magic. In fact, the sick are sick because the healthy are healthy. If this is absurd, then claiming the poor are poor because they have been exploited by the rich is equally absurd.

Fear of Being Envied

Pandering to the envious, and intimidating those who are afraid of them, has been the path to power of all modern demagogues, from Lenin and Hitler to Yassir Arafat and Osama bin Laden.

The three great political pathologies of the 20th century are all religions of envy: Nazism, preaching race envy toward "rich, exploitative Jews"; Communism, preaching class envy toward the "rich, exploitative bourgeoisie"; and Moslem terrorism, preaching culture envy toward the "rich, exploitative West."

Envy-mongering has always been and continues to be the underlying strategy of all variants of the political Left, such as the Democratic Party. What a Yanomamo woman calls "black magic" and a Marxist professor at Harvard calls "exploitation," Tom Daschle calls "tax break for the rich."

So here we discover the secret fear at the source of the suicidal liberal mind. It is envy that makes a Nazi, a Communist or a terrorist. It is the fear of being envied that makes a liberal and is the source of "liberal guilt."

This is most easily seen in the children of wealthy parents. Successful businessmen, for example, who have made it on their own normally have a respect for the effort and the economic system that makes success possible.

Their children, who have not had to work for it, are easier targets for guilt-mongering by the envious. So they assume a posture of liberal compassion as an envy-deflection device: "Please don't envy me for my father's money -- look at all the liberal causes and government social programs I advocate!"

Teddy Kennedy is the archetype of this phenomenon.

This is also why Hollywood is so liberal. The vast amounts of money movie stars make is so grossly disproportionate to the effort it took them to make it that they feel it is unearned. So they apologize for it. The liberal's strategy is to apologize for his success in order to appease the envious.

Liberalism is thus not a political ideology or set of beliefs. It is an envy-deflection device, a psychological strategy to avoid being envied.

Then there are those who are terrified of envy even though they have earned success themselves. Many Jews are liberals because such lethal envy has been directed at Jews for so many centuries that it is little wonder they consider avoiding envy to be a necessity of life.

One definitive characteristic of both envy and the fear of it is masochism. Envy is not simply hatred of someone for having something you don't -- it is the willingness to masochistically give up any chance of ever having that something yourself as long as the person you are envious of doesn't get to have it either.

Similarly, the more one fears being envied, the more one is driven to masochistic self-humiliation in attempts at envy appeasement.

The Masochism of Liberals

It is possible to perceive the passions of the Left as frenzies of masochism. What could be more idiotic and masochistic than to oppose missile defense? This opposition cannot be understood unless one dispenses with its rhetoric and rationales and realizes that these folks at their emotional core do not want their country defended.

The lunacy of the "global warming" hoax cannot be comprehended other than that its masochistic advocates do not want their civilization to prosper. The culture-destroying immigration policies that Pat Buchanan warns are causing "The Death of the West" were put in place by those who do not want their culture to survive.

The lethality of liberal envy appeasement is that personally felt guilt is projected onto the various social or tribal collectives to which the liberal belongs and are a part of his self-identity. Self-loathing is transformed into a loathing of one's society or race.

White male liberals become auto-racist and auto-sexist: racist toward their own race, sexist toward their own sex. Dime-store demagogues like eco-fascist environmentalists, feminazis, animal and homosexual rights types, race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton all get their strength from the liberals' fear of their Evil Eyes.

As the Amazon tribeswoman who says her baby is ugly, so the white male liberal says his gender, his race, his country, his civilization and even his entire species is ugly.

I began to realize how liberal envy appeasement is the root of the problem when I was speaking at colleges back in the 1980s about anti-Soviet resistance movements in Soviet colonies such as Nicaragua, Angola, Mozambique and Afghanistan.

Students would invariably turn a discussion of Soviet imperialism into an assertion of moral equivalence between the USA and the USSR: "How can you criticize the Soviets when we're just as bad? What about what we did to the Indians?" I would be asked.

"I haven't done anything to the Indians," I replied.

"What have you done to them?"

"But we stole their land!"

"OK -- let's give it back. And let's start with your property. To what tribe do you want your family's home to go? What tribe gets your stereo?"

Once I couldn't stand being heckled by a particularly loud and petulant student leftist any longer. I lost my temper and said to him: "Look, man, if you're into masochism, find some chick with long black hair who's into whips and chains and have her beat the hell out of you. Just don't take it out on your country."

Rejecting Envy

The future of our economy, our culture and our civilization depends on an antidote to the corrosive social poisons of envy and envy appeasement. That antidote was first provided by Aristotle in the 4th century bc. The antidote to envy is emulation. In the "Rhetoric" (ca. 350 bc), Aristotle distinguishes the two:

"Zelos, emulation, is a good thing and characteristic of good people, while phthonos, envy, is bad and characteristic of the bad; for the former, through emulation, are making an effort to attain good things for themselves, while the latter, through envy, try to prevent their neighbors from having them." ("Rhetoric," 2.10.1)

Aristotle invokes the ancient wisdom of his 8th century (bc) predecessor Hesiod:

"There is not one kind of Eris (Strife), but all over the earth there are two. One fosters evil war and battle, being cruel. The other is the elder daughter of dark Night, and she is far kinder to men. She stirs up even the shiftless to toil. For a man grows eager to work when he considers his neighbor, a rich man who hastens to plough and plant and put his house in good order. Thus neighbor vies with neighbor to hurry after wealth. This Strife is wholesome for men." ("Works and Days," 11-24)

Aristotle concludes that:

"Whereas phthonos, envy, is censured because it seeks to harm another, zelos, emulation, is praised because it encourages a person to attain excellence on his own merits." ("Rhetoric," 2.11.1)

Fear of envy is very deep-seated in the human psyche. It can prevent a culture from progressing for thousands of years. Only a youthful culture full of vigor and confidence can shrug it off, enabling that culture to flourish. The road to cultural ruin lies in the fear of envy reasserting itself from the primordial depths.

America once had that youth, vigor and confidence, culminating in history's single greatest achievement, putting a man on the moon.

After the triply debilitating debacles of Vietnam, Watergate and Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan resurrected America's self-confidence, with America's resultant victory in the Cold War.

Yet America lost her way once more, indulging in a cultural debauch epitomized by the Clintons. America's response to the atrocity of Sept. 11 provided overwhelming evidence that her reserves of vitality and self-assurance remain abundant.

Those reserves are nonetheless depleted. America's most elite universities have degenerated into fascist cesspools of envy appeasement. They survive only on the inertia of their prestige. Delta and other airlines compromise passenger security by harassing people at random rather than racially profiling Arab and other Moslem men.

Indeed, the entire phenomenon of political correctness -- perhaps best exemplified by the New York Times editorial page -- is nothing but a massive exercise in envy appeasement.

One of the most positive results of Sept. 11 is that it has made the American people mad enough to reject envy. They now could care less if Moslems or the French or whomever are envious of them. That rejection must now be applied to the envy panderers and envy appeasers within America herself.

Rejecting envy is the key to preventing "The Death of the West," the key for America to continue to prosper. I suggest that this rejection begin with you.

Fear of the Evil Eye is the only thing that gives the Evil Eye any power. Without fear of it, the Evil Eye is impotent. So, the next time Evil Eyes are directed at you and demand you apologize for your existence, you might suggest that they indulge in S&M by themselves and leave you out of it.

Copyright 2002 Dr. Jack Wheeler and the Freedom Research Foundation

20 posted on 05/14/2006 7:01:23 AM PDT by Sir Francis Dashwood (LET'S ROLL!)
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To: Anvilhead
You are right, it's not a universal attitude, but it's prevalent. Some black kids are committed to an education, but they are few and far between. As a high school teacher, what I see are a large majority who are content to get through school by taking the easiest possible classes. They have no interest in college beyond perhaps attending a community college. When you ask them what they are going to become they have no answer. Most black kids I have NEVER turn in homework. They say they're too busy after school to do it. Most admit they NEVER study for a test. Guess what? Most fail. When I call home, mother, or more often, grandmother, tells me she can't control them. And the band played on.
21 posted on 05/14/2006 7:26:57 AM PDT by kjo
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To: Caipirabob
In a legal system geared to financially destroy the man in a divorce, why would marriage even occur to the "thinking" individual?

The war against Genesis...

The most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control indicate that while 56 percent of all women who obtained legal abortions were white, the abortion rate (the number of abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44 per year) for black women was 2.9 times that of white women. For every thousand black women, 32 have abortions, as compared with 11 for every thousand white women. Likewise with numbers of abortions per 1,000 births: The abortions/births ratio for white women was 184 abortions per 1,000 live births; for black women, it was 543 abortions per 1,000 births. This means that abortion ratios for black women were 2.8 times greater than for white women. Sadly, black women were also more likely to obtain riskier abortions late in their pregnancies, while white women were significantly more likely than black women to obtain abortions before 16 weeks.

While these data most likely reflect inequality in access to health care, data also indicates that the racial disparities in abortion rates have increased steadily since 1989. In some localities, including Mississippi, Louisiana, Maryland, and Georgia, more than half of all abortions are performed on black women. Black women in New York City and in the entire state of New Jersey receive more than 47 percent of all abortions performed there. (Racist Hitlerian eugenics?)

Comparisons by race are not allowed in California, because the state – unlike any other state – refuses to comply with requirements to report statistics on abortion.

[Pagan gods of secrecy and silence? Egyptians worshipped Harpocrates, the god of silence; for which reason he is always pictured holding a finger on his mouth. Athenians had a statue of brass, which they bowed to; a figure made without a tongue, to declare secrecy thereby. The Romans had a goddess of silence called Angerona, which is pictured like Harpocrates, holding her finger on her mouth, in token of secrecy.]

California reporting requirements, enacted in 1967, is part of a larger abortion law entitled as the Therapeutic Abortion Act. Yet, even with the threat of losing federal funds, California has consistently refused to report its abortion data. Michael Quinn, once chief of California’s office for health information, recently quoted in a Catholic newspaper account says, "California does not actively collect abortion statistics because they are highly sensitive and highly political." Why the resistance to Ward Connerly's California Racial Privacy Initiative, Proposition 54, which prohibits racial profiling by the state?

Contemplate the religious fervor associated with the pro-abortion advocacy. The societal practice of abortion is ritual mass murder upon the altars of conceit dedicated to idolatrous vanities, a collective human sacrifice before pagan idols.

It has a similitude to the Teutonic paganism of Adolph Hitler (whose idolatry was the idea of a "master race," among other things). In effect, these genocides are a mass human sacrifice to those pagan idols. The abortionists, like the National Socialists, incinerate the remains of their victims.

Aleister Crowley, who openly supported the National Socialists, was affiliated with Ordo Templi Orientis, A.A. (Order of the Silver Star) and other such occult lodges all across Germany. Crowley engaged in all manner of deviancy, homoeroticism, sadomasochism and murder. Much of the occultism in National Socialism is derived directly from there. Crowley envisioned himself as the Great Beast (To Mega Therion), just as der Fuhrer made himself in that image. Hitler's life as a struggling, inept artist was where that association blossomed.

Crowley's creed, "Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the Law," (which is actually from Francois Rabelais) and used by Neo-Pagan nutcases without attribution for obvious politically correct reasons, is with certainty no different than the National Socialist "will to power," or their ubermensch mentality.

It is also no accident Nietzsche's "over-man" and nihilist philosophy and resulting insanity from venereal disease closely mirrors the insanity of der Fuhrer.

These occult orders, sex and drug cults still survive today, as do the Neo-pagan, Neo-Nazi groups, black supremacist Rastafarian potheads, prison gangs and other related filth.

Crowley occultism is also from where L. Ron Hubbard emerges with Scientology. Note the NAZI symbolism of that kooky cult of weirdos and their deviant adherents.

It is no coincidence Islamic pagans hate Israel, Jews, Christians and Western Civilization. The entire basis of Western Civilization is Mosaic Law, something both the Neo-Pagan Left and the pagan Islamic thugs cannot abide and wish to destroy.

The very idea that human beings have individual rights not subject to the whims of an earthly monarch, but subject to the laws of Yahweh, is directly from Moses.

Historically, this is proven over and over again with the successive conflicts between the forces of paganism and the Judaic culture. (This includes the idolatry of Marxist paganism.)

Today, "morals" are defined by a quasi-religious pagan philosophy based on esoteric hobgoblins. A greater number of "atheists" and "pagans" adopt the same hackneyed tenets of a false Judaic-Christian ideal (golden calf). They also subscribe to the Judaic fetishism of "sin," but will fight to their death in denial of it. Most of them are so wrapped up in their own polemics that they have become nothing more than pathetic anti-Christians with the same false hypocritical philosophy. They just slap a new label on it hoping nobody will notice - - they replace the idea of "avoiding sin" with "morals."

Morality and all of its associated concepts are from the belief some higher power defines what is correct in human behavior. Today, "morals" are a religious pagan philosophy of esoteric hobgoblins. Transfiguration is a pantheon of fantasies as the medium of infinitization. Others get derision for having an unwavering Judaic belief in Yahweh or Yeshua, although their critics and enemies will evangelize insertion of phantasmagoric fetishisms into secular law.

Mosaic Law (of which the Ten Commandments is just a part) is the foundation of Western Civilization. Genesis is the primary focus of the Declaration of Independence, from where our Constitutional rights are derived. The Ten Commandments are the foundation of our judicial system.

Moses wrote Genesis. This is why such people will jump up and down screaming when the Ten Commandments are displayed or the Creationist idea of monogamy from the book of Genesis is introduced.

The latter (Genesis) also ruins the illogical and non-biological arguments of homosexual monogamy. In a secular sense, homosexuality is an idolatry of perversion. It is in no way an anatomical function of the human organism, but a phantasmagoric creation from within the mentally disturbed human mind, a social psychosis, naked and on full exhibitionist display.

This is the whole crux of their attack on creationism - - they are really frustrated by Genesis, but cannot destroy the axiomatic state of procreant human biology, it does not fit their religious agenda.

Homosexual monogamy advocates seek ceremonious sanctification of their anatomical perversions and esoteric absolution for their guilt-ridden, impoverished egos.

Neither of those will satisfy their universal dissatisfaction with mortality or connect them to something eternal. With pantheons of fantasies as their medium of infinitization, they still have nothing in them of reality, any more than there is in the things that seem to stand before us in a dream.

Homosexual deviancy is really a pagan practice (and a self-induced social psychosis) at war with the Judaic culture over what is written in the book of Genesis (1:27, 2:18).

This is exactly what the National Socialists were at war with... so, when someone uses the term "Gaystapo," they might not realize how close to the truth they really are.

Many will seek ceremonious sanctification and esoteric absolution in some type of marriage rite, but that still fails to give them a connection to the eternal in both a religious and temporal, procreant sense - - the union does not produce offspring.

Dissatisfaction with inevitable mortality only feeds the impoverishment of the ego further. Homosexuals really hate human life; their whole desire is rooted in the destruction of it... The war against Genesis continues on many fronts...

22 posted on 05/14/2006 7:29:33 AM PDT by Sir Francis Dashwood (LET'S ROLL!)
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To: Lizavetta
Hillary says young blacks should start at the bottom and work hard.

HILLIARY SCOLDS LAZY GEN. Y (Speaking To a Mostly Republican Audience)

Whoops, silly me. That's what she says white youth should do.

23 posted on 05/14/2006 7:39:29 AM PDT by conservatism_IS_compassion (The idea around which liberalism coheres is that NOTHING actually matters except PR.)
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To: Sir Francis Dashwood; wagglebee

Extremely interesting discussion. List, I think!

24 posted on 05/14/2006 7:39:44 AM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: Chickensoup; All
They need to be taught that having children out of wedlock is morally and culturally incorrect.

I disagree. Both males and females need to be taught the CREATING children out-of wedlock is morally and culturally incorrect.

After the child has been created, it is never morally incorrect to "have" him.

This is an important distinction.

25 posted on 05/14/2006 12:31:13 PM PDT by Lorianne
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To: 2ndClassCitizen

***Out of 580 students who have made honor roll 3 times or more, only one "African" American male was there.****

Didn't you get the memo??
It's because THE MAN has kept them down.
Distinguishing an "Honor Roll" is OBVIOUSLY racist, since blacks can't be expected to perform at the same levels.

Better to dumb down EVERYBODY, and prepare them for the Welfare System. That way they'll ALWAYS be Democrat Voters, and we'll be able to decide what's best for them...

The DNC.....

26 posted on 05/14/2006 12:40:43 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Liberalism- What A Pagan Religion......)
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To: All

Not all black people think this way. I am an African American who came from a stable two parent household. My father owned his own business and worked hard and we never took welfare. All of my siblings and I went to college and are successful employed adults now.

I do feel bad for the future generations. It seems that single motherhood is the norm. I blame the liberals with their govn't programs.

27 posted on 05/14/2006 1:02:23 PM PDT by ClarenceThomasfan (It's like a plantation - and you know what I mean!)
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To: ClarenceThomasfan
Not all black people think this way.

Agreed. I work with some really cool guys who happen to be black. They are simply excellent at what they do. They also get my "Monty Python" references when we joke back and forth on email. Doesn't that automatically disqualify them from "being black"? ; )

Anyways, it's in the poorer communities where this article tends to be most accurate. It also applies to other racial groups in the cavelier attitude towards the importance of marriage and family. Liberal attitudes corrupt society for all types of Americans, not just blacks.

28 posted on 05/14/2006 3:09:13 PM PDT by Caipirabob (Communists... Socialists... Democrats...Traitors... Who can tell the difference?)
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To: kjo


I say give them all $100,000 each and send them back to Africa if they have that attitude. In ten years, we'll be ahead just on welfare payments. Taking into account medical care (childbirth, gunshot wounds, overdoses, diabetes, kidney problems, heart disease), payback may be really less than six months.

29 posted on 05/14/2006 3:12:50 PM PDT by 308MBR ( Somebody sold the GOP to the socialists, and the GOP wasn't theirs to sell.)
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To: Lorianne

I disagree. I think that these boys and girls need to learn that creating and HAVING out of wedlock children is wrong. And that when they do HAVE an out of wedlock child, it is NOT a meal ticket but instead, will be take from them and adopted.

30 posted on 05/14/2006 5:47:21 PM PDT by Chickensoup (The water in the pot is getting warmer, froggies.The water in the pot is getting warmer, froggies.)
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To: kjo
When you ask them what they are going to become they have no answer.

I encounter this routinely in working with young black males out of juvenile detention. It is clear that they have never projected into the future, say, six weeks down the road, much less farther. The very idea of setting goals and working toward them seems alien to them. I attribute this to a lack of hope and I attribute that hopelessness to the universally f*cked up families of origin which sent them out into the streets without a clue in the first place.

It is heartwrenching to see a healthy, strong, attractive, reasonably intelligent 17 year old, who could be working and receiving mentoring, whiling away his days "jus' chillin'" and waiting for lightning to hit the sh&t-house.

31 posted on 05/14/2006 6:02:22 PM PDT by hinckley buzzard
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To: kjo

I teach in a school that is about 99% black and everything you've said is correct. On Thursday, one of my seniors told me "Man, you guys follow the rules waaay too much". I happen to be a white female. I'm currently looking for employment in school districts where the population tends to follow the rules way too much. Oh, the stories I could tell you.

32 posted on 05/14/2006 6:09:42 PM PDT by FrdmLvr
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To: hinckley buzzard
six weeks down the road

six weeks?!!!!!More like six minutes.

33 posted on 05/14/2006 6:12:08 PM PDT by FrdmLvr
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To: ClarenceThomasfan

I heard Clarence Thomas speak to my daughter's elementary school class. He is a truly great Supreme Court justice. I wish there were more great Americans like him.

34 posted on 05/17/2006 10:44:42 AM PDT by 2ndClassCitizen
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To: bert

"The self segregation noted in the article will destroy black America"

But I thought all blacks wanted INTEGRATION. At least, that is what the RAT/lib/socialists of the 60's told me. LBJ and the Kennedys couldn't be wrong! (sarc)

35 posted on 05/17/2006 11:02:10 AM PDT by Polyxene (For where God built a church, there the Devil would also build a chapel - Martin Luther)
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