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To: Tommy-the-pissed-off-Brit

At last we agree, Tommy!

The only problem I see with "autonomy" at this stage is how to root out all the corruption that has been allowed to flourish in Kosovo if the Kosovo Albanians want to contunue to use it as a conduit for drugs and sex slavery. Europe would really need to back Serbia up in dealing with these issues, and/or assist them in doing it.

25 posted on 05/15/2006 2:01:36 PM PDT by Bokababe (The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance)
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To: Bokababe; ma bell; metmom; Monty Python; cwb

You are right on. What is interesting is that this entire campaign from Bosnia to where we are now, started back in 1948 or so.

It is thought that the missing link or connection between the Greater Albania created by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and U.S. support for the KLA/UCK ? This link according to history begins with the recruitment of the former Nazi-fascist members of the Balli Kombetar by the CIA and MI6 in 1948 in order to engineer a regime change in

Albania provides the origins and roots for US involvement in Kosovo and the creation of a Greater Albania or Ethnic Albania. The Balli Kombetar had been an ultra-nationalist, right-wing Greater Albania movement that had been created specifically to retain Kosovo as part of a Greater Albania. The issue of Kosovo and a Greater Albania was central to the Balli Kombetar movement. Operation Valuable/Fiend established the US government and CIA connections to the former Nazi/fascist leaders of Greater Albania, the Balli Kombetar, who are the forebears and precursors of the KLA Movement.

Operation Valuable/Fiend by the CIA and MI6 provides the missing link between the Greater Albania of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and the Greater Albania created by the US, NATO and EU in the 1990s. Direct British and American involvement in Albania and the Balkans began with their support of anti-German and anti-Italian resistance and guerrilla groups during World War II. The goal was to undermine the German and Italian occupations. This required supporting the Communist resistance groups. In Albania, the US and UK supported the Communist movement headed by Enver Hoxha. They provided this support based on the principle of , “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Winston Churchill stated that the only criteria of support was whether the guerrillas were killing German soldiers.

The first major paramilitary operation by the CIA in the Cold War took place in Albania. The secret CIA operation was conducted in conjunction with British MI6 and was known by the codename Operation Valuable, or as BG/FIEND by the CIA. The operation was conceived by British intelligence to depose the Communist regime of Enver Hoxha. It was one of the first attempts at “regime change” during the Cold War in the “denied areas” or “captive nations”.

The US even sent aid and weapons to a Communist country. Following the 1948 split between Joseph Stalin and Josip Broz Tito, the Yugoslav government requested through CIA channels that the US provide arms to Yugoslavia, fearing an invasion by the USSR. Frank Lindsay, the Office of Policy Co-ordination (OPC) deputy to Frank Wisner, recalled: “Tito was the man for the West to back… We sent him five shiploads of weapons.”

Below is an article that came out in November 2005.

Balli Kombëtar Asks To Unify Kosova With Albania
14 Nov 2005 (Bota Sot) – Following the events that are developing these days in Kosova and about Kosova, while estimating UN-SC, NATO, EU, US and our friends engagements and engagement of Albania Parliament for solving the status of Kosova, Balli Kombëtar of Kosova in the meeting of National Council that was held on the 12 of November 2005, came up with some conclusions for the opinion:

1. Based on its status and its program and especially basing on its Dialogue Balli Kombëtar asks all Albanians to raise even more the feelings for National unity regarding ethnic Albania.

2. Balli Kombëtar asks Albanian Parliament to announce a resolution for joining Kosova with Albania.

3. Balli Kombëtar asks Kosova Parliament to announce a resolution for joining with Albania.

4. Balli Kombëtar asks all national institutions, centers for establishing new laws and orders in the world, to bring up these issues during the talks for the status:
a) To talk about returning Albanians to their ethnical territories in Toplica and other places, who were forced to move by Serbo-Sllave Army in 1875-1878.
b) To talk about returning “Çamë” Albanians to their territories in Çamëri, who were forced to move by Greece Army in 1923-1950.
c) To talk about indemnity that has been made to Albanians during the Serbian invading war’s from 1785-1999.

5. Balli Kombëtar thinks that it is a very important moment for mobilizing all international and national factors, to use historical documents that shows injustices that have been made for centuries for dividing Albanian territories in Balkans. Therefore we ask to strengthen international Charts for national rights, to live in their own countries. In this occasion, for Albanians should decide basing on their will and their legal right to live in one joint state.

6. Balli Kombëtar considers that one Albanian state in the Balkans and Europe would stabilize the entire region and with this they would secure peace and quietness for everyone.

Our involvement in the Balkans goes beyond Monica and Billy Boy. It's a deep, deep routed strategy and campaign.

42 posted on 05/16/2006 2:19:07 AM PDT by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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