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Al-Qaeda's Hidden Arsenal and Sponsors: Interview with Hamid Mir (Al Qaeda may have nukes)
Canada Free Press ^ | May 25, 2006 | Ryan Mauro

Posted on 05/29/2006 12:47:58 AM PDT by FairOpinion

Hamid Mir truly has deep access inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. He is best known as the last journalist to interview Osama Bin Laden, and the only one to do so after the attacks of September 11, 2001. He is currently the Bureau Chief of Islamabad for Geo TV and is writing a biography on Osama Bin Laden. He has interviewed countless members of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in many countries over the years.

HM: I don’t think that Iraq had any direct link with Al-Qaeda. Saddam tried to contact Osama Bin Laden in 1998 but he was not entertained. Syria is a safe haven for Al-Qaeda now but the Syrian government is not trusted by the Al-Qaeda commanders in Iraq. I will not comment on North Korea. This is a point on which I am still not clear and am still trying to investigate.

I met a Taliban commander in Ghazni last year, who showed me a small mobile phone bomb. He said that they will use that bomb against the British troops very soon in southern Afghanistan. How can they make mobile phone bombs on their own? The Taliban are receiving weapons from Al-Qaeda also, which are being smuggled in from Iran.

I interviewed not only Al-Qaeda operatives but met scientists and top U.S. officials also. I will have the details in my coming book.

At least two Al-Qaeda operatives claimed that the organization smuggled suitcase nukes inside America. But I have no details on who did it. But I do have details about who smuggled uranium inside America and how.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Extended News; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; War on Terror
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FWIW -- I dont' know how much of this to believe. On one hand, Hamid Mir claims AQ didn't work with Saddam, when in fact there is overwhelming evidence that they did work together.

Then he talks about AQ's nukes, which is possible, so who knows.

There is more interesting stuff in the article, it's worth reading, but I would take it with a greain of salt, interesting nevertheless, because some of it may well be true, question is how much.

1 posted on 05/29/2006 12:48:03 AM PDT by FairOpinion
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To: Cindy


2 posted on 05/29/2006 12:50:42 AM PDT by FairOpinion (Dem Foreign Policy: SURRENDER to our enemies. Real conservatives don't help Dems get elected.)
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To: FairOpinion
Note: I'll add some links here on this thread to supplement your post. Personally, I don't know what AQ has/doesn't have, but fwiw here's just a small sampler of links of interest:.

ON THE NET... "MOST WANTED TERRORISTS" (View Posters. Read More...) - War On Terrorism: "SEEKING INFORMATION" (View Posters. Read More...) (CP): Ottawa - "RCMP COMMISSIONER SAYS ORGANIZED CRIME AND TERRORISTS WORKING CLOSELY" (May 10, 2006) (Read More...) "ANNUAL THREAT ASSESSMENT OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR THE SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE Statement by the Director of National Intelligence, John D. Negroponte to the Senate Armed Services Committee" (February 28, 2006) (Read More...)
WASHINGTON "U.S. OFFICIAL WARNS OF 'CATASTROPHIC' WEAPONS USE" by Bill Gertz (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "A senior State Department official is warning that terrorists are continuing to seek nuclear, chemical and biological weapons for use in future attacks.") (December 11, 2005) (Read More...) ( - (Baku, 25 March 2006 - BakuToday): "AL-QAEDA RECRUITING AZERI GIRLS" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The Al Qaeda terror cell is trying to recruit Azeri girls to carry out suicide attacks, the National Security Minister Eldar Mahmudov has said. The persons supposedly being drawn to join such extremist groups include believers from low-income families, religious students or the unemployed aged between 20 and 25, Mahmudov told Russian Interfax news agency.) (March 30, 2006) (Read More...)
JIHAD ( Brussels - "WIVES OF TERROR SUSPECTS 'READY FOR SUICIDE ATTACKS'" (December 4, 2005) (Read More...) (AP): Berlin, Germany - "'5,000 SUICIDE BOMBERS IN GERMANY' Guenther Beckstein told an online newspaper he believed up to 5,000 potential suicide attackers were in Germany." (September 12, 2005) (Read More...) - Special Dispatch Series - No. 1040: "IRAQI & ARAB MUJAHIDEEN TELL AL-ARABIYA TV OF THE WAIT LIST FOR MARTYRDOM OPERATIONS AND OTHER METHODS OF 'DESTROYING THE AMERICANS'" (View Video Clip: ) (December 6, 2005) (Read More...)


THE COUNTERTERRORISM BLOG: "AL QAEDA'S MASTER PLAN" -Posted by Olivier Guitta (April 3, 2006) (Read More...) "SLAIN AL-QAIDA AIDE WAS PALESTINIAN" by Khaled Abu Toameh (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The sources identified the man as Husam Abu Baker, 32. They said his family, which lives in the village of Ya'bad near Jenin, was notified about his death only this week. His father, Abdel Latif, said he last saw his son about 10 years ago. The family was then living in Saudi Arabia when Husam left the kingdom to join al-Qaida in Afghanistan. Husam, according to village residents, was married to Fatmeh. the daughter of Ayman Zawahiri, the number-two man in al-Qaida.") (Updated April 23, 2006) (Read More...)

"NEFA" (Note: Watch Video.)

"" (Note: Watch Video.) (WASHINGTON POST/AP): "AL-QAEDA: 'ELIMINATING ISRAEL IS THE DUTY OF EVERY BELIEVER'" (April 14, 2006) (Read More...)

A Discussion on regarding an AP article via "ISRAEL MAY BE NEXT AL-AQAIDA BATTLEGROUND" by Steven Gutkin (March 22, 2006) (Read More...) - Video Clip No. 1107 - Transcript: "PALESTINIAN FOREIGN MINISTER MAHMOUD AL-ZAHAR DEFENDS 'MARTYRDOM-SEEKING OPERATIONS'" (April 6, 2006) (Read More...) "PALESTINIANS CHARGED WITH MEMBERSHIP IN AL-QAIDA Indictments stokes fears jihad group infiltrated Israel, poised to attack" by Aaron Klein (March 21, 2006) (Read More...) - Weblog ( "PALESTINIAN TERROR GANG THREATENS US, EUROPE" (May 16, 2006) (Read More...) - Video Clip No. 1135 - Transcript: "IRAQI AYATOLLAH AHMAD AL-BAGHDADI TALKS ABOUT THE ANNIHILATION OF AMERICA, MUSLIM CONQUEST OF THE WORLD, AND DECLARES HIS SUPPORT OF NUCLEAR BOMBS IN THE HANDS OF MUSLIM AND ARAB COUNTRIES" (May 5, 2006) (Read More...)

"" (Read More...) - Keyword: "IRAN" (Read More...)

"" (Read More...)


JIHAD (AKI): Tehran - "'We have brothers who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the triumph of Islam in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and also the United States'" (May 27, 2006) (Read More...)

"" (Note: Re IRAN) (Read More...)

(Note: Regarding IRAN and HEZBOLLAH) (Read More...) Washington - "HEZBOLLAH MAY ACTIVATE SLEEPER CELLS" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The New York Post, quoting sources, said the Lebanon-based fundamentalist Islamic group may be planning to activate sleeper cells in New York or other big cities. The investigation is being carried out by the FBI and the Justice Department. Quoting law-enforcement and intelligence officials, the newspaper said about a dozen hard-core supporters of Hezbollah have been identified in recent weeks as operating in the New York area. The Iranian Mission to the United Nations also is being watched. But U.S. officials also told the newspaper there is no intelligence information pointing to an imminent attack by Hezbollah.") (May 22, 2006) (Read More...) (Note: This url may expire.) - MOST WANTED TERRORISTS - WANTED POSTER: "IMAD FAYEZ MUGNIYAH" aka "Hajj" (VIEW POSTER; Read More.)

"" (VIEW PHOTO. Click Here.)

INTERNET-HAGANAH - Database: "HAMAS" (Read More...) Jerusalem - "HAMAS LOOKING TO FLY PLANES INTO BULDINGS Terror leader details goal to carry out 9-11-style attacks, 'possibly skyscraper'" by Aaron Klein (May 25, 2006) (Read More...) "AL-QAIDA NUKE REACTOR THREAT Order to strike U.S. plants posted at Islamic forum" (October 8, 2005) (Read More...) "AL QAEDA ORDERS STRIKE ON NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IN U.S." (October 6, 2005) (Read More...)

JIHAD (STAMFORD ADVOCATE): "FBI WARNS OF POSSIBLE THREAT TO POWER PLANTS" (June 20, 2005) (Read More...) (AKI): Islamabad - "PAKISTAN: AL-QAEDA HAS DIRTY BOMB, REPORT SAYS" (May 2, 2006) (Read More...) - Terrorism Monitor: "AL-QAEDA AND THE THREAT TO MASS SURFACE TRANSPORTATION" by Andrew Holt (May 4, 2006) (Read More...)

HERALD "FERRIES CALLED TERROR TARGET" by Scott Pesznecker (April 22, 2006) (Read More...)(Note: This url may expire.)

3 posted on 05/29/2006 1:23:48 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: FairOpinion
from you article Fair Opinion is this snippet - QUOTE:

RM: Were actual tactical nukes deployed to the US? And is the leader of the nuclear plot Adnan el-Shukrijumah as believed by some experts?

HM: Al-Qaeda leaders claimed to have deployed their tactical weapons inside America. But when I tried to track the transportation of those weapons from Georgia, I lost track in Italy. I don’t know the location of these today because my source left Afghanistan for Iraq last year. On the other hand, they claimed to me that weapons were smuggled to America through Mexico.

According to my notes, the man responsible for organizing the nuclear attacks inside America is not Adnan but is Muhammed Sher Khan, but this may be an alias for Adnan.

ON THE NET... - Seeking Information: "ADNAN G. EL SHUKRIJUMAH" (ALIASES: "Adnan G. El Shukri Jumah; Abu Arif; Ja'far Al-Tayar; Jaffar Al-Tayyar; Jafar Tayar; Jaafar Al-Tayyar") (VIEW POSTER. Click Here.) - Focus: "ADAN GULSHAIR EL SHUKRIJUMAH" (Read More...)

"" (View Photos.)

"" (View Photos.)

4 posted on 05/29/2006 1:29:44 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: Cindy
I believe it is very possible - unfortunately.
5 posted on 05/29/2006 1:35:31 AM PDT by Pro-Bush (A nation without borders is not a nation." president Reagan)
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To: FairOpinion


"Al-Qaeda's Hidden Arsenal and Sponsors:
Interview with Hamid Mir"

By Ryan Mauro Team
Thursday, May 25, 2006

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "RM: Does Al-Qaeda possess advanced chemical and biological weapons?

HM: They can make anthrax but they don’t have advanced biological weapons. Their plus point is their suicide bombers. They have planned nuclear and biological attacks using suicide bombers."

6 posted on 05/29/2006 1:36:20 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: FairOpinion

Off Topic, but of Interest and ON THE NET...



"'Human bombs' pose threat to India"
[ Friday, May 12, 2006 06:09:27 pmREUTERS ]

RSS Feeds| SMS NEWS to 8888 for latest updates

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "NEW DELHI: A "human bomb" could attempt to hijack a plane in India, intelligence agencies have warned, prompting security forces to seek state-of-the-art body scanners, an official said on Friday.

"There is a real possibility of a terrorist inserting RDX or plastic explosives or even a knife into his skin," a top official of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which protects 54 of India's main airports, told Reuters.

Intelligence agencies had also warned that airports and dockyards were 'targets number one' for militants, especially Islamist militants in Kashmir, he said.

CISF has asked the government to allow installation of human body scanners at 16 airports in the country categorised as 'hypersensitive', the official said.

"Traditional scanners cannot look under the skin so we have decided to go for body scanners," he said.

These scanners use advanced X-Ray technology to draw a skeletal image of a human body and are considered to be a 'fool-proof' measure against hijacking."

7 posted on 05/29/2006 1:43:10 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: Pro-Bush

I understand.

8 posted on 05/29/2006 1:43:51 AM PDT by Cindy
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To: FairOpinion

And if these mooslimbs set off a nuke or two in the U.S. will we continue to sit on our asses and allow our borders to be overrun? Our politicians worry about hurting others feelings? Will we strike out forcefully for a change or will we continue to allow Syria, Iran, etc to kill us?

9 posted on 05/29/2006 3:07:39 AM PDT by Joe Boucher (an enemy of islam)
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To: FairOpinion

I'd have to assume that the bad guys would not talk to him unless they believed he'd write something they want us to read. Fellow traveler? Useful idiot? Eager dupe? We have no way of knowing....

10 posted on 05/29/2006 4:58:46 AM PDT by Clioman
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To: FairOpinion
Part of this story is that bin Laden is waiting for an excuse to set nukes off in "retaliation" for an incident that kills a sufficiently large number of fellow believers in the so-called Religion of Peace.

Since this presupposes that the weapons are already in the US, what about past incidents has not been sufficient? For example, is he looking for a larger insult to his fellow believers than the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib?

I also know that neither of the two separate attacks on the World Trade Center were done based on a particular excuse, but the ongoing and general complaint that Islamists have with the west (mainly that they are ready to resume the war against unbelievers).

I know that hope is not a plan. I hope that this story is untrue. So far, the evidence weighs against it.

We are crazy to allow politicians to debate the future Social Security benefits of illegal aliens before we have settled the issue of securing the border.
11 posted on 05/29/2006 5:43:04 AM PDT by theBuckwheat
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To: FairOpinion

Reasonable sized nukes (smaller than the WWII bombs) are perishable within a few years. Whatever they could have smuggled out of Russia when the USSR was disolving can't possibly do anything more than be a "dirty" bomb today.

12 posted on 05/29/2006 6:39:43 AM PDT by narby
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To: narby
I heard this author speak on a radio program. He mentioned that the Russian nukes in his scenario use tritium. Apart from the fact he was wrong about the half-life of tritium (which is 12.3 years), he trivialized the issue of how to "recharge" the device when the tritium was no longer sufficient.

The main issue is that there are only a very few sources of tritium at the present time so of course these are very tightly controlled. While my research on the subject is not conclusive, I recall some years ago hearing that there was only one source in the US.

I am not a weapons designer, so I cannot say whether the tritium is necessary for the device to detonate or just that the tritium is used to increase the yield. In the former case, a device would then become just a "dirty" bomb, or the source material inside a larger dirty bomb. The result is that the tritium issue is a debate about consequences that are either only horrible or simply unimaginable.
13 posted on 05/29/2006 7:00:41 AM PDT by theBuckwheat
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To: FairOpinion
If Bin Laden had them he would of used them. Just more noise from the Al Qeda propaganda machine. Same story recycled for about the 20th time.
14 posted on 05/29/2006 7:51:12 AM PDT by MNJohnnie (The is no right to commit Treason in the 1st Amendment .)
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To: Clioman

I've been a trial lawyer and lived off cues to who you can trust. I've also spent time in the Middle East, courtesy of Uncle Sam. From the totality of that experience, I would suggest this. When someone starts off saying "He truly has connections," it is most likely not true.

15 posted on 05/29/2006 8:37:32 AM PDT by Cincinnatus.45-70 (Patriotism to DemocRats is like sunlight to Dracula.)
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