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To: EagleUSA

"Yes he was right. Shows how duped and ignorant the public really is. I cannot speak for the whole State Department, but our government is filthy with them -- and you really don't have to go any further than the floor of the Congress. Makes me sick to think our good military in Iraq fighting for "FREEDOM" when we have pinkos in our own government trying to take down our freedom !!!"

Well, I'll speak frankly with you. Back in the 1960s, the Russians started penetrating the Democratic Party by inventing the New Left, which John Kerry and Hillary Rodham were both members of. Now, 40 years later, the Democratic Party is under the complete control of the Russians. It doesn't matter that the Russians are not communist anymore---the vast majority of people in organizations they control never knew there was a connection to the Russians anyway. I'm not saying the control is complete but the influence is very powerful.

Consider Europe where the situation is more advanced. Schroeder was Chancellor of Germany for how long, more than 10 years right? He goes from that job directly to what---been an executive in Gazprom!!! Do you believe that? No subtlety at all. The guy was a Russian agent, so now he goes to his payoff. I should search the web after posting this, but so far, just reading the usual news sources, I have yet to discover a single person anywhere on the planet who is disturbed about this.

Anyway, so far the Russians (or think about it anyway you like, the Left, it is quite obvious) has taken over the State Department, most of our university system, a very large part of our entire K-12 system (including the teachers unions), the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media.

Their greatest talent is subversion, so where do they go from here? Answer: the Republican Party! Think about it. how many strong barriers are there remaining in the world to the, let us say, loose alliance between the Left and Islamacists? Some resistance in Britain, in Australia, in Poland. India was looking good for a while, then they had an election and things seem to be going sour. The point is all of these groups, while well appreciated, are not strong enough to stand up against the Left in the Islamacists. Essentially, it is the Republican Party and the Christian Fundamentalists in United States who are the last major bulwark of freedom. I'm Jewish myself, so I have no insight into what is going on in Christian fundamentalist churches, but I would be quite surprised if there was no infiltration happening. It is going on in the Republican Party.

Our enemy is now essentially, the KGB, that rules Russia. From an article in the Wall Street Journal, page 1, Wednesday, February 23, 2005:

"Mr. Putin him self served more than 15 years in the KGB and later headed its successor, the FSB [actually, the KGB split onto 2 organizations, the SVR (international, like the CIA) and the FSB (national, like the FBI, if you believe the Russians).] Since taking over the Kremlin in 2000, he has presided over an unprecedented influx of ex-KGB men into the upper echelons of power---men whose formative years were spent learning how to undermine the West's interests.

Prominent among the ex-KGB officials who now pace the Kremlin's corridors are Defense minister Sergei Ivanov, Interior Minister Rahid Nurgaliev, and FSB chief Nikolai Patrushev, as well as the heads of Russia's arms-export, defense-procurement, and drug-enforcement agencies. A close Putin aide and former KGB man, Victor Ivano, serves on the board of flagship airline OAO Aeroflot. A favorite parlor game in Russia is to divine which other senior officials and businessmen have suspicious gaps in their resume that suggest a past with the intelligence services."

The greatest talent of this organization is subversion. I believe the Russian KGB (aided by the GRU) is the most effective subversive force the world has ever seen. This is how they have achieved so much in Europe and this is their primary attack on the United States.

19 posted on 06/09/2006 6:14:50 PM PDT by strategofr (H-mentor:"pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it"Hillary's Secret War,Poe,p.198)
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To: strategofr

Essentially, it is the Republican Party and the Christian Fundamentalists in United States who are the last major bulwark of freedom.
Great post, and it is difficult to find any obvious fault in it, from any perspective. All that being said, it is scary and sickening to realize how little is left in America that stands for America as the country it was intended to be. I don't think we will ever see another conservative (REAL conservative) President, and worse than that, look at what the Congress has degenerated into. A teaming swamp of anti-Americanism, anti-militarism, socialistic, political attack-dogs that are spending all their time fighting for position in the socialist pecking order, and not at all running and preserving America, as if they cared about it.

And they just march forward, blatantly in front of a voting public that is paralyzed with ignorance, apathy, complacency and just outright stupidity, as if nothing was happening to their country. All one has to do, to become fully educated, is read that latest piece of total crap legislation that the Senate put out on illegal immigration. We are on the brink.

20 posted on 06/09/2006 7:26:21 PM PDT by EagleUSA
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