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On the Square [Implications of Advancing Homosexual Agenda]
First Things ^ | June-July 2006 | Joseph Bottum

Posted on 06/22/2006 10:05:08 PM PDT by DeweyCA


The removal of Robert Smith is thus an early-warning sign. Unless things change in ways now quite unforeseeable, it will not be very long before the principle of traditional Western morality that homosexual conduct is immoral will be contrary to the public policy of the United States. As this new public policy takes hold, it will filter through the law and society just as other anti-discrimination norms have. Adherence to the new policy will be a de facto requirement for holding public office, and, as private entities adopt the policy as they have other anti-discrimination norms, people adhering to the traditional moral view will become unfit to serve as directors of public corporations, as officers of professional associations, as union officials, and as university professors. Organizations that do not ascribe to the policy may lose government licenses necessary to carry on their business, become ineligible to receive grants and subsidies, and be disqualified from bidding on government and other contracts. Catholic Charities in Boston recently had to cease arranging adoptions because Massachusetts required that it not discriminate against same-sex married couples in placing children. Organizations not ascribing to the new policy may even lose tax-free status under the Internal Revenue Code to which they would otherwise be entitled. This happened to Bob Jones University because of its racist policies; there is no reason why, a few years hence, the same thing could not happen to Notre Dame because of what will be called its homophobic policies.

Many people will say that this is alarmist nonsense. Perhaps so, but in the long history of the world, human beings have shown themselves highly intolerant of those who disagree with them about their cherished moral beliefs. The Puritans, for example, came to the New World seeking religious freedom, gained power in Massachusetts (ironically, the same state that now gives us same-sex marriage), and promptly began persecuting those who dissented from their orthodoxy. Even among those who preach toleration most loudly, genuine toleration is often scarce once the power to be intolerant has been gained. One of the many wonders of the American experiment is that the American people, throughout most of our history and with some shameful exceptions, have been astonishingly tolerant even of those who disagreed most flagrantly with the majority’s values. There is no guarantee, however, that such generous toleration will continue.

Indeed, there is some reason to think it may not. For the Americans who have been so tolerant over the past two centuries have been for the most part deeply committed to a particular set of moral and religious values largely derived from Protestant Christianity. But as political scientists Louis Bolce and Gerald De Maio wrote in First Things, during the last thirty years, self-consciously nonreligious people have emerged as potent actors on the political stage promoting an overarching secular worldview.

This worldview evolved organically out of the American experience, of course, and the people who uphold it are sincere advocates of various forms of tolerance. But they are also generally inclined to believe that the traditional view that homosexual conduct is immoral is the product of the irrational animus of which Justice Kennedy spoke. More to the point, such people have never yet, as a class, held sufficient political power to be intolerant of those who dissent from the core values of their worldview. As such, they are still untested, and it remains to be seen whether, should they come to achieve majority power, they will be as tolerant of traditionally religious Americans as traditionally religious Americans long were of them.

Perhaps they will, for many such people are clearly persons of genuine goodwill, but the general experience of human nature down the centuries does not encourage optimism, and if things end as they are now beginning, those who accept the traditional norms may well end up the moral equivalent of Klansmen.

TOPICS: Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: ac; gays; homosexualagenda; nihilism; persecution; tolerance
People who say that gay marriage is no big deal fail to see where this will inevitably lead. After a while, traditional values people (Christians) will be actively discriminated against, not just in church, but in many different endeavors. The people who scream for tolerance of gay practices have shown themselves to be extremely intolerant of anyone who differs with their opinions.
1 posted on 06/22/2006 10:05:11 PM PDT by DeweyCA
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To: DBeers

If only I had time to read all the articles I ping you to and get pung to.

2 posted on 06/22/2006 10:27:58 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: little jeremiah

bump this for a good read and perhaps a bit of foresight

3 posted on 06/22/2006 11:06:29 PM PDT by coincheck (support our troops, they are the best bar none (sua sponte))
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To: DeweyCA
Spot on.

The disconnect comes when a friend/sibling announces: But my lesbian/homosexual _________ is soooooooooooooooooooo nice.


4 posted on 06/23/2006 7:10:40 AM PDT by doberville
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To: DeweyCA; AFA-Michigan; Abathar; AggieCPA; Agitate; AliVeritas; AllTheRage; ...
Homosexual Agenda Ping!

If you oppose the homosexualization of society
-add yourself to the ping list!

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Good commentary that clearly points out that the homosexual delusion can not coexist with authentic freedom. To maintain the delusion requires muzzling the people who acknowledge objective reality and truth.

The emperor is driven to do anything in pursuit of maintaining his rainbow coat of delusion and as such will quiet those by any method who would point out his gender optional fallacy of nakedness...

5 posted on 06/23/2006 7:47:19 AM PDT by DBeers ()
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To: little jeremiah
If only I had time to read all the articles I ping you to and get pung to.

YUP there is much -I summarized this one in the ping out.


6 posted on 06/23/2006 7:50:47 AM PDT by DBeers ()
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To: DBeers

I am just going to have to stay up all night a few nights in a row to read everything. It's getting fast and furious. I hope it's the agony of death throes.

7 posted on 06/23/2006 12:29:02 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: DeweyCA
I will do you one better--


THAT in my eye has turned out to be the Number One VEHICLE That Those with the "GAY AGENDA ," are using to the Fullest and using it UN-CHALLENGED!! By Those Posters Purposely!!!

And WHEN CHALLENGED and " Notified " about to the BLOG-MODS about the Blatant Sexual TALK- and Discription Without WARNING of Adult Content....and NOTHING is Done to correct this latest Threat--Posters MUST get together to Directly Confront this to the Sites OWNERS and ADVERTISERS

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I have been going to -some PW sites--and ( That's Right--Sean Hannity's own Web Site--who is constantly on his show stating how they/he " keeps and eye out for Abusive/disgusting/and improper sexual content on his site" has been attacked by a whole Band with Clear Gay Agendas of Flooding that site with Gay Sexual EXPLICIT GAY SEXUAL LANGUAGE!

"Complain" to the Moderators??--NOTHING HAPPENS!!

So "IF" you really ARE Concerned about informing the PUBLIC about this Newest , Dangerous, " Gay Agenda " using the INTERNET as their Forum --and you get NO SATISFACTION from the Various Site's MODERATORS--

Simply go staright to their ADVERTISERS

Hit a Businesses $$$$$$ and you will see how fast this Trash and filth get their attention!

8 posted on 06/25/2006 8:40:25 AM PDT by AirBorn
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