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To: wideawake; A. Pole

"Probably the only semi-decent thing Clinton did in his whole miserable life was attack this Communist dictator "

**** Clinton supported bring over Al Quida from Afghan to Bosnia and stirred up trouble......This caused the Serbs to react, heavily handed for sure, but they fell in the trap and was therefore demonized. The Klintoon Admin engineered many of the massacres and events to justify the bombing.....this is an old story.....

35 posted on 06/27/2006 4:35:39 AM PDT by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: tgambill; F-117A; A. Pole; FormerLib; Bokababe; Hoplite; kronos77; tomzz; Valin
Basically, shills for the Milosevic regime on this thread have offered a number of lame ripostes in about a dozen posts.

Let's summarize.

False claim 1: Variations on the theme that "Milosevic was not a Communist dictator - he held elections, he opened the economy, etc."

Reality: Milosevic, as head of the Communist party, seized power in february 1988. He paid lip service to "reform" by holding elections in which his SPS Communists received 80.5% of the vote and the only other party of any size - the Communist JUL - received 10%. JUL was led, of course, by Milosevic's wife.

Some election.

And if awarding tons of state contracts and monopolies to regime supporters is "market economics" you guys need to go back to the drawing board.

Milosevic was a dictator and his party, the SPS, was and is an openly Marxist party.

False claim 2: "Handke is not a Communist. He met with Serbian Orthodox churchmen!"

reality: Handke was a founding member of Die Grzer Gruppe the writer's organization of the KPO - an openly Stalinist Austrian political party. Die Grazer Gruppe was founded in the winter of 1960/1961 - Handke was one of the first 10 or 20 people to join. As far as I'm concerned that makes him a founding member and any claim that he was not is simply semantics.

As far as people being "more liberal" in college than they are later: Handke was not a "liberal" in college. He was a Stalinist in college. And he remains a Communist along with his colleague Elfriede Jellinek.

Meeting with representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church means nothing - the Serbian Orthdox Church was the most notorious and disgustingly obsequious collaborator with Communism of any of the national churches.

False claim 3: "America's involvement in Serbia was illegal! It's wrong to bomb military targets on Easter! America murdered 2000 Serbs!"

Reality: Serbian troops - who themselves had no problem carrying out military operations on Easter and every other holiday in the Serbian Orthodox calendar, so quit whining about the US carrying out military operations on the same day - murdered easily hundreds and perhaps thousands of Kosovars including women and children. Srebrenica happened. It is ridiculous that I have to say it, but Srebrenica happened.

America's involvement was entirely legal - not only in terms of international law, but also by the only standard that really matters: the US Congress authorized the intervention.

Case closed.

America "murdered" no one in Serbia. If Milosevic had ceased his criminal activity, it would not have been necessary to intervene. All the blood is on your hero's hands.

False claim 4: "Since Clinton opposed Milosevic, he must have been a decent guy."

Reality: The GOP opposed Milosevic just as Clinton did. Every decent person in the world opposed Milosevic, and so did indecent opportunists like Clinton.

Who supported Milosevic? A who's who of scummy anti-American filth: Edward Herman, Noam Chomsky, Diana Johnstone, harold Pinter, Saddam Hussein's attorney Ramsay Clark, George Galloway, etc.

As for the claims that Clinton conspired with Al-Qaeda in Albania in order to create incidents hoping that Milosevic would react and enable Clinton to attack him - this belongs in the realm of lunatic conspiracy theory and should be debated on Counterpunch, not FR.

37 posted on 06/27/2006 6:25:29 AM PDT by wideawake ("The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten." - Calvin Coolidge)
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