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To: tgambill
Most of them departed, and only about a max of 3,000 were actually killed. This is what you do to insurgents, is you fight them. We're rightfully doing it in Afghanistan and Iraq, and very well. We have more to kill also.

Americans do not round up disarmed people and kill them in mass executions.

Even assuming that the old women and young children killed at Srebrenica were also Kosovar terrorists, US troops would not massacre 3,000 people wholesale.

That's simply immoral.

If they are in custody they are to be tried by the relevant court.

As a matter of history, he was approached by CIA and long story short turned into a politician, with the support for his return to Serbia to become a presidential candidate.

This is not a "matter of history" - it's pure speculation and highly unlikely.

Clinton, in his infinite wisdom and to fulfill the strategy we started in 1948, to break up Yugoslavia; went to our Afganistan "allies against Russia", and brought them to Bosnia to do what they do best. Stir up trouble, an insurgency, and thus the Serbs fell into this trap.

More speculation unsupported by even a shred of hard evidence.

As if the US in 1993 had any influence over Afghanistani terrorists, when they and their buddies were busy bombing the WTC.

The fact that they were there and that the Kosovars made them into spokesmen for their cause does not mean that the US government brought them to Bosnia or encouraged them.

A ridiculous leap.

42 posted on 06/27/2006 7:12:58 AM PDT by wideawake ("The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten." - Calvin Coolidge)
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To: wideawake

"Americans do not round up disarmed people and kill them in mass executions."

**** come again? Americans? The Serbs are the ones accused of killing 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica. The Serbs did not kill 8,000 Muslims as claimed. The NATO bombing was the most indiscriminate and incompetent operation that one can imagine. It killed both Albanians and Serbs for another point. Where did you hear that Americans rounded up people.....????

In all due respect, I'm going to assume you mean well, but the media and reports were mostly fabricated. The point about Milosevic is not rumor.......Many of us have been doing much serious research on our involvement into the Balkans..which in fact, as a matter of history...documented, started in 1948 with the CIA getting involved with Albania. Did you know that the Albanians had a Nazi SS unit in Kosovo..murdering thousands of Serbs and jews...Called the Skenderburg Division...the same name they are using in Macedonia today. I know, I was in Kosovo from 1999 to 2004, as a security chief for OSCE. We, U.S. actually had American advisors working with the NLA during their operations in Macedonia.....early 2000 time frame....there is much people don't know and it was not the right thing to do.....,3604,688310,00.html

Peter Brock's book, Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting

"Was the American public duped about Bosnia? We should be asking what kind of justice is this at The Hague that cases against Serbs are not over tuned when Muslim witnesses have admitted that they were coached by Bosnian authorities to lie on the witness stand? What kind of justice is Carla dela Ponte promoting by keeping Serbs imprisoned for killing numerous Bosnian Muslims who turned up alive and well in Sarajevo?"

Srebrenica Propaganda Challenged by Independent Research

TWO FORMER SENIOR UN officials, and a group of journalists and academic researchers, on July 12, 2005, cast serious doubt on what they said were "highly inflated casualty figures and a misleading portrayal of events by governments, non-governmental organizations and major news organizations" with regard to the 1995 capture of Srebrenica, in Bosnia, by Bosnian Serb forces.

The Srebrenica Research Group, joined by former UN officials Philip Corwin and Carlos Martins Branco, released conclusions from their 200-page report "Srebrenica and the Politics of War Crimes" which said that US policy undermined UN and European brokered peace settlements, which could have ended the war in 1992 or 1993, in order to pursue a military solution which inevitably endangered safe zones. By facilitating shipments of illegal weapons to Muslim forces, the US helped turn safe zones into staging areas for conflict and tripwires for NATO intervention. The group, which will soon release the full report, announced the following conclusions:

The premise that Serbian forces executed 7,000 to 8,000 people "was never a possibility," according to former BBC journalist Jonathan Rooper, who investigated on site and through official records over many years the events which followed the capture of Srebrenica, and whose findings are presented in the upcoming report of the Srebrenica Research Group. He noted that by the first week of August 1995, 35,632 people had registered with the World Health Organization and Bosnian Government as displaced persons, survivors of Srebrenica, a figure which was later referred to [in] an Amnesty International report and the report of the Dutch Government.

Very importantly.......this article.

Selling the Bosnian Myth to America Buyer Beware
by LTC John E. Sray, U.S. Army
October 1995

"One man who minds his own business is more valuable to the world than 10,000 cocksure moralists." H. L. Mencken

53 posted on 06/27/2006 8:26:13 AM PDT by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: wideawake
The U.S. flew in the Mujahideen, as it was no skin off its back if those mutilating fighters whacked off the heads of Serbian farmers. The Dutch Srebrenica report highlighted the "enormous" amount of weapons and middle eastern fighters brought in by the Pentagon:

America used Islamists to arm the Bosnian Muslims

The Srebrenica report reveals the Pentagon's role in a dirty war

Bill Clinton and the Pentagon were keen to be seen as creditworthy and repaid in the form of an Iran-Contra style operation - in flagrant violation of the UN security council arms embargo against all combatants in the former Yugoslavia.

The result was a vast secret conduit of weapons smuggling though Croatia. This was arranged by the clandestine agencies of the US, Turkey and Iran, together with a range of radical Islamist groups, including Afghan mojahedin and the pro-Iranian Hizbullah. Wiebes reveals that the British intelligence services obtained documents early on in the Bosnian war proving that Iran was making direct deliveries.

Arms purchased by Iran and Turkey with the financial backing of Saudi Arabia made their way by night from the Middle East. Initially aircraft from Iran Air were used, but as the volume increased they were joined by a mysterious fleet of black C-130 Hercules aircraft. The report stresses that the US was "very closely involved" in the airlift. Mojahedin fighters were also flown in, but they were reserved as shock troops for especially hazardous operations.

Light weapons are the familiar currency of secret services seeking to influence such conflicts. The volume of weapons flown into Croatia was enormous, partly because of a steep Croatian "transit tax". Croatian forces creamed off between 20% and 50% of the arms. The report stresses that this entire trade was clearly illicit. The Croats themselves also obtained massive quantities of illegal weapons from Germany, Belgium and Argentina - again in contravention of the UN arms embargo. The German secret services were fully aware of the trade.

Rather than the CIA, the Pentagon's own secret service was the hidden force behind these operations. The UN protection force, UNPROFOR, was dependent on its troop-contributing nations for intelligence, and above all on the sophisticated monitoring capabilities of the US to police the arms embargo. This gave the Pentagon the ability to manipulate the embargo at will: ensuring that American Awacs aircraft covered crucial areas and were able to turn a blind eye to the frequent nightime comings and goings at Tuzla.

Weapons flown in during the spring of 1995 were to turn up only a fortnight later in the besieged and demilitarised enclave at Srebrenica. When these shipments were noticed, Americans pressured UNPROFOR to rewrite reports, and when Norwegian officials protested about the flights, they were reportedly threatened into silence.

58 posted on 06/27/2006 9:38:20 AM PDT by joan
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To: wideawake
"Even assuming that the old women and young children killed at Srebrenica were also Kosovar terrorists, US troops would not massacre 3,000 people wholesale."

You cannot even get your facts straight. The accusation is that Serbs killed MEN. The women and children were given civilian bus rides to the Tuzla airport, where plenty of media awaited. They had no scratches or bruises on them.

The men, though, had started marching/sneaking out of Srebrenica before the Serbs entered the city, but they had a lot of Serbian-held territory to walk through before they got to Bosnian Muslim government territory. They did arrive there by the thousands within a week or so. Some did die in skirmishes along the way and other factors such as landmines. The autopsy reports aren't made publicly available to enable anyone to scrutinize exactly how they died. There is no disguishing between battle deaths, accidents or possible POW execution deaths.

60 posted on 06/27/2006 9:47:11 AM PDT by joan
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