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Why is LBJ's name NEVER mentioned by liberals?
July 11, 2006

Posted on 07/11/2006 6:14:32 AM PDT by InvisibleChurch

Why is the father of The Great Society ignored? Sure, he messed up with Viet Nam, but that's blamed on W anyway, but he made sure to transfer zillions of dollar$$$ from your back pockets to the back pockets of other people. What's up with that?

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To: InvisibleChurch
Because he said we were going to war over dominoes and it turned out they play cribbage instead.


21 posted on 07/11/2006 6:27:12 AM PDT by HawaiianGecko (Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.)
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To: MplsSteve
As much as the Dems wanted everyone to believe that Vietnam was "Nixon's War", it really wasn't. It was Johnson's.

Ike and Kennedy also have some responsibility. Was it not Kennedy who approved the assination of the President of South Vietnam? However, it was LBJ who dramatically increased troop numbers and I believe McNamara who thought the war "unwinable". Once Nixon was elected the moonbats took over the Democratic party and engineered the surrender.

22 posted on 07/11/2006 6:27:24 AM PDT by rhombus
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To: relictele
-He isn't FDR

Ye cats and little kittens, even FDR (the man) wasn't the FDR (the legend) liberals have created. The same can be said -- the man vs. the myth -- re: Kennedy and Jefferson as well.

23 posted on 07/11/2006 6:28:17 AM PDT by yankeedame ("Oh, I can take it but I'd much rather dish it out.")
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To: Tijeras_Slim

Who you callin "uncouth"? LBJ was couth as Hell.

24 posted on 07/11/2006 6:28:26 AM PDT by TEXASPROUD
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To: The Liberal Whisperer
Liberals like to blame Nixon,

Back in the day, the hippies used to holler: "Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?". Now that's all down the memory hole.

25 posted on 07/11/2006 6:28:57 AM PDT by ArrogantBustard (Western Civilisation is aborting, buggering, and contracepting itself out of existence.)
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To: InvisibleChurch

It's all about VW. That's why he didn't run in 1968.

26 posted on 07/11/2006 6:29:17 AM PDT by GraniteStateConservative (...He had committed no crime against America so I did not bring him here...-- Worst.President.Ever.)
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To: InvisibleChurch

He was the last Democrat who loved his country. He was a bastard, but he wasn't willing to sell out the US. To be a good Liberal nowadays who have to hate America. No matter what you think about his policies LBJ thought America was the best damn country on the planet (and he was right.)

27 posted on 07/11/2006 6:29:19 AM PDT by oldleft
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To: MinorityRepublican

LBJ's use of the Tonkin Gulf incident to escalate the US's involvement in Vietnam was his way of saying 'don't look behind the curtain' re his role in the JFK hit. Same goes for the civil rights legislation. He didn't give a whit about anything other than making it to the Oval Office.

28 posted on 07/11/2006 6:29:24 AM PDT by leadpenny
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To: InvisibleChurch

Lyndon's daughters had a guest column in the Houston Chronicle the other day. They had the nerve to use his name in the same sentence with the Voting Rights Act. LOL!! Think of the rigged elections he was involved with!! And they want to bring up his name and voting rights!

29 posted on 07/11/2006 6:30:09 AM PDT by Clara Lou (A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality. --I. Kristol)
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To: rhombus

If I'm correct (and I need to verify this), Eisenhower supplied only weapons and logistical support to the French.

Eisenhower hadn't yet committed US troops to act as advisors for the South Vietnamese army - or did he? Didn't the use of US advisors start with Kennedy?

30 posted on 07/11/2006 6:30:23 AM PDT by MplsSteve
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To: InvisibleChurch
Because, he couldn't pronounce "nuclear" either.
31 posted on 07/11/2006 6:30:31 AM PDT by BallyBill (Serial Hit-N-Run poster)
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LBJ was couth as Hell.

"Walk upright, boy! Like a New Mexican!" :)

32 posted on 07/11/2006 6:31:38 AM PDT by Tijeras_Slim
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To: paltz

Johnson was on the ticket in 1960 to bring in Texas. His style and beliefs were very different from JFK but the Dems had no value system even back then. When JFK was assassinated, the Dems were stuck with LBJ. It was kind of like when they got Clinton after he emerged from the pack of nobodies in 1992 to get the nomination and then Perot's presence in the race handed him the presidency. Do you think Liberals would have chosen the governor of a rube state like Arkansas? They hate the South, Nascar, etc. How well did Clinton's welfare reform sit with the party leadership and the liberals... Their true heros are people like Kerry and Dean...

33 posted on 07/11/2006 6:32:03 AM PDT by seamusnh
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To: InvisibleChurch; sionnsar
Why just yesterday the National Association of Secretaries of State gave him an award!

"NASS President and Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed nominated Johnson for the award and expressed his admiration for the former president’s political courage."

Sam Reed is WA states RINO (he might as well be a Democrat) Secretary of State.

34 posted on 07/11/2006 6:32:22 AM PDT by SW6906 (6 things you can't have too much of: sex, money, firewood, horsepower, guns and ammunition.)
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To: oldleft

"He was the last Democrat who loved his country."

I'd urinate on his grave.

35 posted on 07/11/2006 6:32:32 AM PDT by leadpenny
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To: ko_kyi
You know I'm sick and tired of all this revisionist history bunk. The seeds of the Viet Nam War were sown by that evil Republican President Harry Truman and the Containment Policy of his advisor McKenna. The Viet Nam policy was further exacerbated by those Evil "initialed" Pubs JFK and LBJ.

Of course it was Nixom's fault! The 20 years prior to his taking office was an era or piece and prop-scarcity. We need only look at Korea, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Isreal and Cuba to name just a few places where "Truth, Justice and "All that stuff" could be found!

36 posted on 07/11/2006 6:32:39 AM PDT by Young Werther
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To: Tijeras_Slim
TexiCan? Don't you mean Texian?
37 posted on 07/11/2006 6:32:57 AM PDT by Ditter
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To: Notwithstanding

Nixon said "If we bomb Hanoi and block Haiphong Harbor, we'll bring them to their knees."

Well, we did, until we brought the Commies to the negotiating table. Then, what had worked, was stopped, and further negotiations were crippled.

Wonder, who stopped our military from winning the war in Vietnam? Hmmmmm?

38 posted on 07/11/2006 6:33:28 AM PDT by wizr (Paranoia can be rational, if someone really is after you.)
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To: InvisibleChurch

I have long contended that LBJ was one of the absolute worst presidents. I'm too recently returned to the world of the wakeful to go through a list of reasons, but suffice it to say it can be very well summed up in one word: Vietnam. Or two words, depending on your dictionary: Viet Nam. He lurched through his presidency before he crashed and burned, taking our nation to new depths of ignominy.

The libs never mention him because LBJ was a liability in every way. His excesses could make bubba's seem juvenile. He was JFK's biggest mistake.

39 posted on 07/11/2006 6:34:22 AM PDT by GretchenM (What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Please meet my friend, Jesus.)
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To: Ditter

Whatever you call those poor benighted souls living so close to New Mexico. ;)

40 posted on 07/11/2006 6:34:23 AM PDT by Tijeras_Slim
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