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To: piasa; nopardons; Fedora
"....Was Wilson in Niger around the time of the coup d’etat?

Well in the old days when he would blather on and on, Wilson talked a bit too much in October, 2003 at UVA event when discussing his pertinent experience for the 2002 trip:

I was asked to go because I have a unique set of experiences to bring to the table on this issue. I had served there in the mid 1970’s. I had retained many ties and friendships including with the Niger Ambassador to the United States for the subsequent twenty-five years.

When I was senior director for Africa at the National Security Council in the mid 1990’s, the government that was in place at the time of these purported documents covering the memorandum of agreement for the sale of Uranium from Niger to Iraq, that was the government that was in place when I was in the White House. I had worked very closely with them to try and move what was at the time a military’s dictatorship back to the Democratic side of the ledger.

This is all well and good and makes sense. But it also covers his time in the government, not when he went into private practice. That description followed next [emphasis mine]:

So, I knew these guys intimately. They were in Washington all of the time. I was out there both in government and in African government helping them.

There’s the transition point. He was using his contacts from his government job to launch his business. Moreover, his clients were the African governments he used to be a US representative to, including Niger. It is clear from the ‘in African Government’ wording that Joe was hired by Niger to help with trade (and they only had one thing to trade). Then he spills some info on the timing of his trip:

In fact after the President, the military dictator had been assassinated, I went to see his successor and at the request of some of my friends there and some of the colleagues with whom I had been working, I went to see the new military dictator and I told him in no uncertain terms, that the only way he was going to get out of this mess, not just alive, but perhaps with a chance to restore his own personal honor, and the honor of his organization, the Presidential guard that had been responsible for the assassination of his predecessor.

Well, that jives 100% with the May 1oth, BBC article referenced above. Was “the request of some of my friends there and some of the colleagues with whom I had been working” a request from the CIA? Did he accidentally let slip more on how he viewed these ‘requestors’?

Niger did go on to have elections in October and November of 1999. ‘Ol Ego-Joe took a lot of credit for the results when reminiscing at the UVA event:

The only chance he had was to get out and effect a change back to democratic rule as quickly as possible. I told him, I said, that you need to understand from my experience in Africa that your successor president probably will not be very comfortable with you standing watching his back after you have effected the transition.

After all, your organization was responsible for the assassination of your predecessor shooting him in the back. Therefore, I said to him, I think that you probably ought to leave the country for a while. Those are pretty strong words to walk into a military barracks and tell a guy who has assassinated his predecessor and has assumed responsibility for his country.

I came back a year later during the course of the transition and the president met me at the airport.

OK. While Joe pat’s himself on the back, like he often does, he has given us a window in 1999 for his visit for the CIA. It had to be between the coup and the elections: April and October 1999. But we can whittle this window down a lot. Here is that time period in Niger history from Wikepedia: In votes that international observers found to be generally free and fair, the Nigerien electorate approved the new constitution in July 1999 and held legislative and presidential elections in October and November 1999. Heading a coalition of the National Movement for a Developing Society (MNSD) and the Democratic and Social Convention (CDS), Mamadou Tandja won the presidency."

Again, back to Ego-Joe for some clarification:

The only chance he had was to get out and effect a change back to democratic rule as quickly as possible.

The new democratic rule did not come into existence until July with the constitution. It is clear from Niger’s history and Joe’s own words that Wilson was more than likely in Niger, meeting with Mayaki and Wanke, when the Iraq delegation attempted to make contact for trade in June. Joe was there for trade as well. What are the chances he first learned of the Iraqi meeting in 1999 and not 2002 as he claims?

Was Joe working a CIA front? Or were some of the folks at the CIA working a rogue effort in Niger?

How is it the wife of a CIA WMD expert, charged with monitoring trade in uranium yellowcake, is married to someone who works for Niger establishing trade with that one-product country?

Were the forged documents and the 2002 trip meant to cover tracks that could be discovered if Niger was investigated too deeply? Was there reason to be concerned about missing uranium in 1999 from Niger (there had been a coup d’etat)?

Too much coincidence for me. I wonder if anyone with real resources will investigate this angle."

20 posted on 07/25/2006 3:53:26 PM PDT by STARWISE (They (Rats) think of this WOT as Bush's war, not America's war-RichardMiniter, respected OBL author)
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To: Fedora; nopardons; piasa

Anyone fluent in French? Check: Jacqueline Wilson for Gabon
and Mamadou for Niger.

21 posted on 07/25/2006 4:03:30 PM PDT by STARWISE (They (Rats) think of this WOT as Bush's war, not America's war-RichardMiniter, respected OBL author)
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To: STARWISE; piasa; nopardons; Cindy
Thanks for the pings! LOL at the identity clarification--thanks, nopardons :-) I think the question raised about Wilson's role in the 1999 election is very interesting. Along those lines the topic of the relation between the Clinton administration's Africa policy and Wilson's activity raises many questions. A few questions I've been pondering: How did Wilson figure into the rivalry in Africa in the 1990s between US and French oil companies (notably between Elf and Occidental, the latter linked to Wilson' friend Al Gore and to Odeh Aburdene)? Was Wilson involved in the French/US-supported overthrow of Pascal Lissouba in 1997? (Some details from my last Wilson article below.) What was Wilson's role in the Corporate Council on Africa's 1997 Africa Business Summit “Attracting Capital to Africa”, cosponsored by Enron and others, with a list of participants including Hillary Clinton, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, and Ambassador Andrew Young? (From the final Congression report on BCCI: "Beginning with Bert Lance in 1977, whose debts BCCI paid off with a $3.5 million loan, BCCI, BCCI nominees, and top officials of BCCI systematically developed friendships and relationships with important U.S political figures. While those which are publicly known include former president Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, and Andrew Young, the Subcommittee has received information suggesting that BCCI's network extended to other U.S. political figures. The payments made by BCCI to Andrew Young while he was a public official were at best unusual, and by all appearances, improper.") Etc.

On the Lissouba thing I mention above:

Interaction between US oil companies and Elf also figured into Wilson’s assignment in Gabon from 1992 to 1995. In Gabon one of Wilson’s priorities was to encourage President Bongo to support increased investment by US oil companies in Gabon’s oil industry, up to then dominated by France via Elf.22 Occidental Petroleum, linked to the financial interests of then-Vice President Al Gore, soon won several contracts in Gabon, and Occidental and other US oil companies also began increasing their influence in other parts of Africa. This increased US presence in Africa’s oil industry provoked rivalry with Elf in Gabon and elsewhere.23 The French ambassador to Gabon Louis Dominici began encouraging the press to report that Wilson was an agent of US interests and an enemy of Gabon’s regime, which Wilson countered by cultivating closer ties with Bongo.24 Wilson worked with Bongo to advance the peace process in Angola and to press for human rights reforms in Equatorial Guinea,25 another emerging oil producer where France was competing for influence with Spain.26

Meanwhile Bongo was also active in events in Congo involving Elf interests. In August 1992, just as Wilson began his assignment in Gabon, there was a regime change in Congo. With Soviet influence retreating from the region, Congo’s population was calling for Bongo’s cousin Sassou-Nguesso to allow free elections. Bongo and the French, seeking to give the appearance of allowing reforms without actually losing control, decided to play both sides by financing the Presidential campaign of Sassou-Nguesso’s rival Pascal Lissouba. But in a move unanticipated by the French, Lissouba, short on cash to pay his civil servants and troops, cut a deal with Occidental for funding in exchange for granting Occidental $150 million in future production rights. Alarmed at the prospect of Occidental competing for one of Elf’s most vital oil supplies, the French pressured Lissouba to cancel the deal with Occidental. After Lissouba cancelled the deal, Elf and French intelligence continued providing him ostensible support against Sassou-Nguesso’s forces, using La French Intercontinental Bank for Africa (FIBA), which was jointly owned by Bongo, to help Belgian arms dealer Jacques Monsieur launder payments for weapons sales from Russia and Iran to Lissouba’s supporters. However at the same time Elf was arming Lissouba, it was also secretly arming Sassou-Nguesso for a return to power. With assistance from Angola, supported by the French and the Clinton administration, Sassou-Nguesso overthrew Lissouba and became President again in 1997, during Wilson’s term as NSC Senior Director of African Affairs.27

22 posted on 07/25/2006 4:27:06 PM PDT by Fedora
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Joe Wilson is in this mess, up to his beady, bloodshot eyeballs and NOT in any way, manner, nor form, on behalf of anyone but himself! The questions you've raised, all need to be answered and then some.

If his idiot wife's law suit goes forward, some of these questions could be raised in discovery. Wouldn't that be delicious?

30 posted on 07/25/2006 5:13:56 PM PDT by nopardons
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