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To: Fedora; piasa
I'm sure you're aware of this post by piasa, which I MISSED.. Gawd .. the incest, webs, interconnections, reciprocity are unreal:

Safavian also told the committee that he had "overlooked" two other clients while preparing his initial submissions for the OMB position. He did not initially mention work as a registered foreign agent for Gabon, a country persistently rated by the United States as having a "poor" human rights record, or his work as a registered foreign agent for Pascal Lissouba, the former president of the Republic of Congo who has been tried in absentia for treason and embezzlement.

------ "Aide Was Reticent on Lobbying for Foreign Clients," By Susan Schmidt and R. Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post, Wednesday, September 21, 2005; Page A02

In addition to the folks involved in Safavian's and Abramoff's doings such ast the ACLU, Harry Reid, Dick Gephardt, Tom Daschle and just about anyone else interested in promoting the gambling scene, another curious name pops up:

Who else do we know was - and is - a foreign agent of that obscure one-time uranium producing country in Africa known as Gabon?

Hint : She relates to another set of scandals.

Hint hint: She's one of the spouses of a certain Kerry staffer, the former ambassador to Gabon Joseph Wilson of Nigerflap / CIA leak fame.

Gabon has also maintained a three-year-old relationship with Jacqueline Wilson, the ex-spouse of a senior US diplomat. According to her filings, Wilson receives tens of thousands of dollars for special projects and reports to President Omar Bongo's daughter, Pascaline Mferri Bongo.

In her latest filing, Wilson reported that she was paid 60,000 dollars between August and November 2000 to ''support action of president of Gabon to fight AIDS pandemic (and) develop a strategy.'' As to work performed, she reported sending ''letters to the office of National AIDS policy at the White House.''--------

There is significance to the Abramoff and Janus-Merritt references there: a firm called Janus Partners/Partner is listed in Federal Election Commission forms (for contributors to Congressman Christopher Cannon) as associated with Mark J. Robertson, president of Williams Mullen Strategies, a lobbying firm that has worked for both COTECNA (of Oil-for-Food fame) and Gabon.

Robertson previously had arranged a US visit for Gabonese President Omar Bongo at the same time Bongo hired as lobbyists Pierre Salinger and Jacqueline Wilson (then in the process of divorcing Joseph--recently back from organizing Clinton's trip to Africa--but curiously listed in records as having a phone number at the $735,000 house Joseph and Valerie Plame purchased at that time, while Joseph was living separately in Valerie's apartment; over the next four years, Jacqueline would receive at least $712,000 from Gabon for her lobbying services).

Robertson has more recently worked with USAID and Iraq's Minister of Infrastructure and Water to establish their respective roles in the Iraq Reconstruction efforts.

(As an aside of possible interest, Abramoff, Robertson, and Janus-Merritt Strategies have all contributed to Congressman Cannon, on whose staff David Safavian has worked. Another contributor to Cannon was Coastal Corp., the company of Oil-for-Food figure Oscar Wyatt.) 163 posted on 10/17/2005 11:47:56 AM PDT by Fedora | To 162

Ouch. And what else does this relate to?:

Everyone knows that Gaullist Presidential campaigns over the last thirty years have benefited greatly from donations from Gabon, Cote d'Ivoire and the two Congo states (Kinshasa and Brazzaville). It will doubtless be the same in 2002 - which is why Chirac receives Robert Mugabe in such splendour at the Elysee, conscious that Zimbabwe's 14,000 troops in the Congo make him a key player in such marchandise. Not that France has a monopoly on playing Machiavelli in Africa:

Herman Cohen, Clinton's assistant secretary of state for Africa, who was so busy in Rwanda in 1994, today has a multi-million contract to tart up the image of Mugabe. Cohen has also had contracts to promote Zaire's Mobutu, Gabon's Omar Bongo (whose government the state department reports is guilty of a routine use of torture), and Liberia's Charles Taylor - an adept in the use of child soldiers and the lopping off of hands, legs, ears and lips.

-------------------- "Disturbing article about Rwanda, France, UN, Belgium, Annan, and Clinton ," by RW Johnson, UCSB , Thursday June 24, 200


Great post, piasa!

(Fedora, I always had you pictured as a steel magnolia .. the name Fedora sounded so Southern lady .. LOL, only to me I'm sure .. SO sorry ;)

27 posted on 07/25/2006 5:02:41 PM PDT by STARWISE (They (Rats) think of this WOT as Bush's war, not America's war-RichardMiniter, respected OBL author)
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I'll remind myself not to name myself after a hat next time, LOL.

Quite a web there. Will take some untangling. . .

29 posted on 07/25/2006 5:11:45 PM PDT by Fedora
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36 posted on 07/25/2006 5:29:32 PM PDT by nopardons
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