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Olmert:European countries attacked Kosovo and killed ten thousand civilians ^

Posted on 08/06/2006 4:06:37 PM PDT by kronos77

BERLIN (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told European leaders to stop preaching to him about civilian war casualties in an interview published on Sunday in German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

Olmert also said it would not be possible to completely destroy Hizbollah and insisted he did not underestimate them, saying they had fired just 3,000 of their arsenal of 15,000 rockets so far. PHOTOS

The week's events from around the world, captured in pictures.

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"Where do they get the right to preach to Israel?" Olmert said when asked about criticism from European capitals of Israeli military operations that have led to a heavy civilian toll.

"European countries attacked Kosovo and killed ten thousand civilians. Ten thousand! And none of these countries had to suffer before that from a single rocket.

"I'm not saying it was wrong to intervene in Kosovo. But please: Don't preach to us about the treatment of civilians."

Kosovo became a U.N. protectorate in June 1999 after a 78-day NATO bombing campaign forced out Serb security forces accused of atrocities against Albanian civilians during a rebel insurgency by separatist Albanian guerrillas.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch estimates about 500 civilians were killed in the NATO bombing in Kosovo.

Some 10,000 Albanians died in Serbia's 1998-99 counter-insurgency war and there were allegations of random brutality by both sides.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Foreign Affairs; Government; Israel; War on Terror
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To: kronos77
No doubt lots of folks were killed in Kosovo.

EU folks have been trying to evade responsibility for those killings ~ they always had the power to go in and stop things but they didn't do so in time. Actually had to "follow" Bill Clinton!


The Serbs will probably hire an experienced public relations firm next time.

21 posted on 08/06/2006 6:31:50 PM PDT by muawiyah (-/sarcasm)
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To: Hoplite; kronos77

I'd rather stick with Mr Olmert's numbers than with Hoppie's fantasies.

22 posted on 08/06/2006 6:31:56 PM PDT by eleni121 (General Draza Mihailovich: We will never forget you - the hero of World War Two)
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To: garbageseeker; kronos77; Bokababe

June 01, 2006

Christians Under Siege in Kosovo

Cliff Kincaid reports at Accuracy In Media:

While the U.S. fights Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. and the United Nations are helping allies of Muslim terrorists come to power in Kosovo, a province of Serbia. This is a foreign policy disaster in the making that you should hope and pray gets some immediate attention from the media. To illustrate the dimensions of the problem, Father Keith Roderick of Christian Solidarity International has testified that Albanian Muslims in Kosovo have been systematically destroying Christian churches and other sites in Kosovo and the Serbian Christian population in the province is being "squeezed down to oblivion." The evidence is on display in a new DVD, "Days Made Of Fear," directed, produced and distributed by Ninoslav Randjelovic.

At the same time, Father Roderick also says that hundreds of new Mosques have been built in Kosovo over the last several years, financed mostly by Gulf Arab money.

The excellent DVD consists of 8 different films, but the most explosive is "Notes About the Rock," on the destroyed and vandalized churches and monasteries in Kosovo. Many of the scenes captured on film are considered the only video documentation on this subject available.

There is no question about the reason for the destruction. The churches were targeted by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), also known by the acronym UCK. These initials are visible on the ruins, like a calling card. They openly advertise their anti-Christian Jihad, but our media pay no attention.

Writing for the Byzantine Cultural Project and reviewing the DVD, Theodoros Georgiou Karakostas comments, "The footage of ravaged and destroyed Serbian Churches and Monasteries is appalling. The DVD is a shocking affirmation that the American television Networks such as CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the others are all lined up with the foreign policy establishment and are active practitioners of official censorship. I cannot recall seeing any of the horrifying footage on this DVD on American television."

He adds, "The same U.S. media which continues to attack the Bush administration for lying about the Iraq war, continues to give Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke, Wesley Clark, and Samuel Berger a pass for their destructive war on Yugoslavia. We should remember also that at the last Democratic National Convention in Boston two years ago, one of the top KLA men was an honored guest of John Kerry.

"The same U.S. media which was appalled by the Taliban's destruction of the 2,000-year-old Buddhist statues has nothing to say about the remarkable Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries which have stood since the period preceding the Ottoman conquests, and which are being systematically destroyed."

Why are the media ignoring what is happening in Kosovo?

Source:   Full Article



23 posted on 08/06/2006 6:44:43 PM PDT by Smartass ("In God We Trust" - "An informed and knowledgeably citizen is the best defense against tyranny")
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To: kronos77

Are there any history books (w/o bias) that would explain what in the world happened there ? I would really like to read about it.

Thank you in advance.

24 posted on 08/06/2006 6:49:30 PM PDT by vidbizz
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To: kronos77

Civilian deaths during Kosovo are only whispered about and then very, very softly after all we had a god in the White House AND in addition to being a Democrat he was after all the first BLACK President, so mums the word everyone and please tone it down to a soft soundless whisper.

25 posted on 08/06/2006 6:49:43 PM PDT by PISANO
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To: kronos77; Bokababe
Source:  Click Here
KOSOVO  - a land being Islamized by the United States, NATO and United Nations.

By Lee Jay Walker Dip BA MA

Since World War Two you have had three major conflicts in the Balkans involving Orthodox Christian communities and Islamic communities; this applies to Cyprus, Bosnia and Kosovo respectively.  On all three occasions the United States supported the followers of Islam and maybe one day the same will happen to Orthodox Christians in Macedonia?

Yet unlike the large Christian communities of Bosnia and Cyprus, it is the land of Kosovo which is being Islamized and Albanianized under NATO, the UN, and other international institutions who are meant to be neutral.  The media in the West is once more turning a 'blind eye' and information about dead Serbians is not deemed to be important.  Therefore, ethnic cleansing 'Albanian style' is being allowed to gather pace and in time a split may emerge between European members of NATO and the United States, for it would appear that the United States will one day allow Kosovo to become either independent or to join with Albania; whereas France and other European nations may oppose the United States.

However, stories about Serbians and Roma being killed and persecuted in Kosovo should be told, for their lives count and if democracy and liberalism means anything, then Serbians, Roma, and other non-Albanians must have liberty and religious freedom.  Given this, it is important to understand that both Islamization and Albanianization is taking place in modern day Europe, alongside American complicity, which ignited the conflict between Serbians and Albanians in the first place.  It is also worth remembering that Turkish nationalism destroyed Christianity in Turkey in 1915, and Albanian nationalism in Kosovo could easily do the same if allowed.

Therefore, people like Marica Maric are important and her death, like countless other Serbian Orthodox Christians and Roma people, should be told.  For Marica Maric was raped in her home in Belo Polje and then disfigured after being murdered.  Her crime was being a Christian and non-Albanian in Kosovo, yet her death, and countless others, went unnoticed in the West.

In the region of Istok the situation was much worse, for 40 Serbian corpses were found in a single day, including the body of Father Stefan from Budisavac monastery; and only last week two Christian Serbs were killed for merely swimming in a contested region.  More alarming, American troops, NATO troops, and the UN stood by and watched 180,000 Serbian Christians and thousands of Roma being ethnically cleansed.  For in American controlled areas, like Urosevac, the entire Christian population was forced to leave and American troops allowed Albanians to either destroy Serbian homes or to move into their property.  This was ethnic cleansing 'Albanian style' and given American inaction, it could be argued 'American style?'

Getting back to today, it is clear that Serbians and non-Albanians in Kosovo are living in reservations, and it would appear that complete Serbian ethnic cleansing would solve the situation; for the United States lacks either the will or desire to protect Christians in Kosovo in the long-term.  Therefore, the destruction of hundreds of Christian churches and monasteries have been allowed to take place; and just like the Armenian and Assyrian Christians who were annihilated by Turkish and Kurdish Muslims in 1915; it is also important to destroy Christian places of worship and cultural buildings in order to one day create a 'pure Albanian Islamic Kosovo.'

Of course many ordinary American troops and other NATO members, and members of the European Union, do not agree with the United States; and this applies to allowing either an Islamic Kosovo or joining up with Albania.  And His Grace Amfilohije, Orthodox Christian leader, stated that '. . . had it not been for the presence of the international forces in Kosovo at this very moment in Pec, as well as Decani and Gracanica, they too, would have been reduced to rubble and turned into ashes.'

However, Serbians and non-Albanians on the whole can not be protected all over Kosovo, therefore, the international community allowed hundreds of thousands of non-Albanians to be cleansed from their land.  Given this, one day you may only hear the Islamic call to prayer in Kosovo and witness a near 100% Albanian Islamic land.  It is, therefore, ironic that the Ottoman Empire could not fully crush Christian resistance in this region, despite enslaving tens of thousands of young Christian boys for centuries and converting them to Islam; yet since American intervention this land is being emptied of Christians and all non-Albanians.

Therefore, just like Christian migrants who have fled Iraq in their hundreds of thousands since the first American conflict with Iraq, and who today fear Iraq being turned into an Islamic state; it is apparent that Christian civilians mean little in both Kosovo and Iraq.  For both communities have been left to fend for themselves and if Kosovo is to share a similar fate to that of Iraq, then the future is very bleak for Christians in these lands.  This will also mean that both Christian communities have been forced to migrate because of short-term American objectives.

Given this, then why did America support Islam three times out of three against Orthodox Christian communities in the Balkans?  And why is America seen to be anti-Muslim, when in reality the Untied States is not only an ally of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other Islamic nations, but America also helped Islam to obtain a major foothold in Europe, so why is America deemed to be anti-Islamic?  More important, why did the United States and NATO allow the ethnic cleansing of non-Albanians in Kosovo?  For the purpose of American intervention was meant to be based on human-rights and protecting a persecuted minority; yet the same nation allowed Christian civilians to be persecuted and allowed Saudi Arabia and other nations to send vast resources to Bosnia and Kosovo, why?


26 posted on 08/06/2006 7:09:55 PM PDT by Smartass ("In God We Trust" - "An informed and knowledgeably citizen is the best defense against tyranny")
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To: Hoplite
Oh God Hoplite. There you go again with your anti-Serb crap. Any chance you get to draw Serb blood you take. In fact I would guess that your very identity to tied to the hatred of Serbs.

Please don't write back I am not interested. You think your way and I think mine. We will never see eye to eye.
27 posted on 08/06/2006 7:35:48 PM PDT by SQUID
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To: Smartass

That's distressing news about the destruction of Christian churches in Kosovo. As for the mood of the country at the time of the Kosovo war, we were fed a steady stream of news that focused on Serb atrocities, leading many Americans to believe it was necessary for the US and NATO to support the other side or there would be genocide as in the Hitler era. Therefore, we allowed Clinton a free hand to establish a terrorist-allied state in Kosovo.

28 posted on 08/06/2006 7:54:19 PM PDT by Ciexyz (Leaning on the everlasting arms.)
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To: vidbizz

"Fool's Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO & Western Delusions" by Diana Johnstone is one of the best books on the subject

If you subscribe to Netflix or Blockbuster online, rent "The Brooklyn Connection" to see how the Albanians literally "bought" US foreign policy. It shows how an illegal alien named Florin Krasniqi, who snuck into the US in the trunk of a cadillac from Mexico, used US gun laws against us to supply the entire Kosovo Liberation Army with weapons -- smuggled from the US into Albania and then across the border into Kosovo.

Those are good starts.

29 posted on 08/06/2006 8:04:55 PM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: Ciexyz

My personal opine is that Clinton used the bomb Serbia to save Kosovo as a distraction from his Monica zipper problems.   Yes, we all were fed false information on the happenings within Kozovo.   Serbia is a sovereign nation, with Kozovo being a legal Province.   Clinton did not go the U.N., congress or to any legal body, he just decided to bomb crap out of Serbia into submission based on assumptions.   In doing so, he and NATO have created an Islamofacist foothold in the Balkans.   The supposedly ethnic cleansing that was going has worked in reverse.   Hundreds of old Christian Churches and Monasteries have been torched by Islamofacists with the blessings of NATO, and the United States.   Troubling, you bet!   Because why are we in Afghanistan and Iraq, then handing Kozovo over to the bad guys!

30 posted on 08/06/2006 8:30:36 PM PDT by Smartass ("In God We Trust" - "An informed and knowledgeably citizen is the best defense against tyranny")
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To: kronos77

And Fox News uses him to get commentary on what Israel is doing?

31 posted on 08/06/2006 8:38:38 PM PDT by The South Texan (The Democrat Party and the leftist (ABCCBSNBCCNN NYLATIMES)media are a criminal enterprise!)
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To: Smartass

Hollywood also fed us the anti-Serb, pro-Bosnia and pro-Kosovo slant in its films and TV shows. I remember two in particular: a film starring Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson about a US pilot shot down by the evil Serbs - showing a field of dead corpses, and an episode of the cable TV show La Femme Nikita (filmed in Canada but broadcast on USA Network) about an evil Serb warlord raping and then blinding his young victim so she couldn't identify him.

32 posted on 08/06/2006 8:39:13 PM PDT by Ciexyz (Leaning on the everlasting arms.)
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To: Ciexyz
Well, I don't believe for one moment that Serbia doesn't have crime, or are haloed angels.   No country in this world is scrubbed white clean, including the United States.   Few people that are not from that region of the world take interest, or really care.   Hollywood can produce all the films they want, but the truth lies in historical facts, of which can't be changed by the Michael Moore's.   Historical facts show Kozovo being within Serbia's domain.   The United Nations, the United States, nor do Arab countries have the authority to partition an established sovereign nation.   If it happens there in the Balkans, expect Dearbornistan in Michigan, USA to be next!


33 posted on 08/06/2006 8:55:46 PM PDT by Smartass ("In God We Trust" - "An informed and knowledgeably citizen is the best defense against tyranny")
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To: Smartass
expect Dearbornistan in Michigan, USA to be next

hmm, food for thought.

34 posted on 08/06/2006 9:21:35 PM PDT by Ciexyz (Leaning on the everlasting arms.)
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To: Hoplite
["Mr Olmert was confusing the deaths caused by the Serbs (~10,000 est.) with the deaths casued by NATO (~500 est.)."]

I don't understand why it is that we like to play "number games."
For example, N. Oric was responsible for the deaths of over 3000 Serbs.
He gets "time served" after serving, what, say 2-3 years in jail.

People need to stop playing number games and talking about "proportional response" etc.
35 posted on 08/06/2006 9:31:52 PM PDT by LjubivojeRadosavljevic
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To: kronos77

That was Clinton's war - doesn't count......

36 posted on 08/06/2006 9:32:38 PM PDT by Intolerant in NJ
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To: Mr. Mojo
The primary reason the press downplayed (or in many cases, ignored) the thousands of innocent civilian casualties in Kosovo caused by U.S./Allied bombing was simply the fact that a Democrat was the President at the time, and the MSM was simply looking out for their man. The secondary reason is that we were waging war against a Christian country and helping Muslims/terrorists. If instead a Republican President were in office at the time and the war was conducted in exactly the same manner the MSM would've taken every opportunity to emphasize the civilian dead, and we'd have been inundated with stories/pics of dead women and children non-stop. 13 posted on 08/06/2006 7:39:10 PM EDT by Mr. Mojo

DITTO! It was President clintoons war, so that made it okey dokey!

37 posted on 08/06/2006 9:36:00 PM PDT by timestax
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To: Ryan Ruck


38 posted on 08/06/2006 9:41:54 PM PDT by timestax
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To: timestax
True enough. The Dems are far less ideological that many believe -- they're mostly just insane party loyalists that don't give a damn about the country. To them, the acquisition and retention of power is all that matters.

If a Dem Prez closed the borders the party faithful would rave about how responsible he is in protecting us from terrorists in a time of war and protecting American jobs, where if a Pubbie Prez did the same thing he'd be branded a "racist", "isolationist," "neophobe", etc.

If a Dem Prez launched a full-scale war on Islamists and nations that finance them the party Rats would be calling him "the greatest wartime President since FDR" and of course giving him their full support, where if a GOPer did the same thing they'd be .....well, we're seeing it right now -- undermining our troops at every opportunity, comparing the President to a Nazi, etc.

They're quite predictable.

39 posted on 08/06/2006 10:00:20 PM PDT by Mr. Mojo
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To: kronos77
["Some 10,000 Albanians died in Serbia's 1998-99 counter-insurgency..."]

Remember, in 1999, prior to NATO bombing, the world was told it was 100,000 Albanians were killed by us evil Serbs.

40 posted on 08/06/2006 10:47:22 PM PDT by LjubivojeRadosavljevic
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