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Tom Cruise's Behavior and Scientology: A Link?
ABC News ^ | 8-24-06 | BILL BLAKEMORE

Posted on 08/30/2006 6:14:28 PM PDT by Central Scrutiniser

Tom Cruise's Behavior and Scientology: A Link?

The Debate Continues As the Controversial Religion Thrives


Aug. 24, 2006 — - "In my opinion," says Rick Ross, who has spent years studying cults and religious groups, "(Tom Cruise's) meltdown is likely attributable to Scientology. He's made some bad career choices lately. He's damaged goods. How do you go from the world's biggest movie star to someone Viacom dumps?"

The New York Times this morning said simply that Cruise has gone "into full Scientology mode." Indeed, his recent responses to Matt Lauer, inveighing against modern psychiatric care, reflect Scientology's claim that its own methods of "auditing" people to get them "clear" are the only true way to win genuine happiness. And some non-Scientologists wonder if Cruise's jump up onto Oprah's couch was a demonstration of the self confidence granted when one gets "clear."

Once again, the public spotlight swings to the unusual religion of Scientology. It was started some 50 years ago by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard and based (by all accounts) on a story that includes intergalactic tribulations long ago between extraterrestrials and a cruel emperor named Xenu.

Not for the first time, does this notoriety exist. "A hugely profitable global racket that survives by intimidating members and critics in a Mafia-like manner ... a depraved, yet thriving enterprise" is how Time magazine's in-depth investigative cover story put it in 1991.

Tax Exempt Status For Scientology

And as recently as this February, an in-depth examination in Rolling Stone laid out details of "America's most controversial religion" -- but religion, nonetheless, which is part of the reason the IRS, after years of examining Scientology's massive and complicated coffers, had to acknowledge tax-exempt status, finally won by the group in the early 1990's on the grounds that it was a charitable organization.

"Scientology made significant inroads into Congress during the Clinton administration," says sociologist Stephen A. Kent at the University of Alberta. "Other governments including the U.K., France and Germany have not given Scientology tax exempt status," he says.

Kent says that, following contacts between Scientologist John Travolta and President Clinton, the U.S. State Department became an advocate in Germany on behalf of Scientology.

Cult expert Ross says the Germans are extremely wary of Scientology, and consider it a fascist organization.

Kent adds that active lobbying on Capitol Hill got prominent Scientologists -- including musicians Isaac Hayes and Chick Correa, as well as actor Travolta -- before congressional committees.

And during the current Bush administration? Professor Kent cites a 4:30 pm meeting listed on the official schedule of Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage on June 13, 2003 with Tom Cruise and Scientology official Kurt Weiland.

Scientology's Membership Discrepancy

But Scientology's claims that it is growing steadily around the globe -- they sometimes claim as many as 8 million to 10 million members worldwide in dozens of countries -- are derided by its critics.

"If I had to guess, I might say, perhaps, 150,000," says Kent, whose website archives some of his studies of the group.

Both Kent and cult expert Ross believe that Scientology is, in fact, shrinking and falling on relatively hard times.

"The exposure that comes through the Internet," says Kent, "seems to have had a negative impact on Scientology."

Ross's extensive archives on various cult and cult-like groups, including many on Scientology, can be found here. They have extensive documentation that tends to substantiate the charges that have been made repeatedly and continually in the press over the years.

Those charges include that Scientology requires new members to sign releases that give the church permission to keep them from conventional psychiatric care; to withhold its own records of members' case histories; and even, to keep members locked up if the church deems they are in need of Scientology's particular form of personal care.

ABC News has contacted the church of Scientology for comment and interview -- first, through Scientology International's official spokeswoman, Pat Harney, at their headquarters in Clearwater, Florida -- who referred us to Scientology's New York office where, after a brief and cordial conversation on the phone, Mr. John Carmichael promised to send us within a few hours, e-mail responses to questions we gave him.

Subsequent efforts to reach him by phone -- he did tell us he was very busy "preparing for a human rights conference in a couple of days" -- have been unsuccessful.

We are still looking forward to his response.

Who's Telling The Truth?

For most people outside Scientolgy, the church remains a conundrum. On the one hand, there are the critics and the horror stories...reports of forced labor camps to punish members who have strayed; of personal finances wiped out (among those non-celebrity members who don't have millions of dollars buffering their choices); of mental confusion and even some suicides. There are the tabloid reports of Tom Cruise converting immediate family members and the accusations that he has launched an essentially abusive relationship with his fiancée Katie Holmes. She is reported by some to have undergone a notable personality change and to be traveling now with a Scientology "minder."

And on the other hand, there are the believers. The regular everyday people who say Scientology has made their lives better.

And there's the warm, humorous, sensitive, highly visible image of John Travolta, who, when asked about his religion, explains patiently and kindly with nothing at all like Cruise's televised couch-leaping and self-righteous verbal assaults.

Archangel Michael -- who became such a hero in Travolta's film, "Michael", when he told the little terrier, "Remember, no matter what they tell you, you can't have too much sugar" -- just doesn't seem to square up with the Cruise "Top Gun", devilish concentration in his eyes as he barrels down, indulging his righteous obsession.

But these are just appearances -- actors' parts -- on the surface of an organization that, in spite of 15 years of thorough professional probing and reporting, still thrives and promises genuine happiness to those willing to let it take the lead.

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Its been a few rough weeks for the cult.

This is gonna make it tougher:

1 posted on 08/30/2006 6:14:29 PM PDT by Central Scrutiniser
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To: null and void

"Welcome to the golden age of Xenu!" ping.

2 posted on 08/30/2006 6:14:57 PM PDT by Central Scrutiniser (I was in the house when the house burnt down.)
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To: EveningStar

Wonder if JT's airplane has a closet?

3 posted on 08/30/2006 6:23:27 PM PDT by Central Scrutiniser (I was in the house when the house burnt down.)
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To: Central Scrutiniser
Yup, Travolta is friends cousin works in lighting in Hollywood and Travolta hit on him. He said Travolta jets in with his pals and turns his acting queerly beloved off or on depending on the company he is keeping. I feel bad for his kids having to grow up in a confusing lie like they are.
4 posted on 08/30/2006 6:23:29 PM PDT by Kimmers
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To: Central Scrutiniser

My understanding is that L.Ron Hubbard who was a science fiction writer took one of his science fiction books and turned into a bible sort of thing called Dyanetics (??) .... and that became a religion????

I like Tom Cruise and John Travolta and who cares what they belive ... they are great entertainers (but on screen they're great!)

5 posted on 08/30/2006 6:23:50 PM PDT by SkyDancer ("The Americans on Flight 93 did more to counter terrorism than the Democrats have done in 4 years")
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To: Central Scrutiniser
South Park did a hilarious episode about Cruise, Travolta and Scientology. Cruise got it banned from showing in the UK. It was a round between the eyes for Scientology.

Here is also a hilarious website:
6 posted on 08/30/2006 6:24:05 PM PDT by stm (Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence)
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To: Central Scrutiniser

He's always been a lightweight in a city (and industry) of lightweights.Where's the news here?

7 posted on 08/30/2006 6:24:29 PM PDT by Gay State Conservative ("An empty limousine pulled up and Hillary Clinton got out")
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To: Central Scrutiniser
Scientologists tend to gloss over the fact that their late Fearless Leader, L. Ron Hubbard, was an avid practitioner of Magick (with a 'k') in the Aleister Crowley tradition. Or that Hubbard was a notorious liar, not least of which were his claims of bemedaled courage and glory as a ship's captain during WWII: all lies. Or that the Church of Scientology sued the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) into nonexistence and then bought the rights to its name--now, when a worried parent calls the CAN hot-line about a child mixed up with a screwy cult, they're talking to an even screwier cult member.

The list goes on. If ever an organization can be said to be satanically inspired, Scientology is it.
8 posted on 08/30/2006 6:24:57 PM PDT by Rembrandt_fan
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To: Kimmers

Some of the folks on the anti scientology boards think that JT may be doing this to break from the church, its one of the "crimes" that they had on him since day one. I don't care if he is gay, he can be a great actor, I hope he breaks free of the cult.

9 posted on 08/30/2006 6:25:09 PM PDT by Central Scrutiniser (I was in the house when the house burnt down.)
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To: Central Scrutiniser

All religions involve a belief system that tells you how to behave, even if you don't want to. The punishments for failing to behave vary by religion, but they're fairly motivating as are the fantastic rewards for "good behavior."

Just speaking to the Christian faith, it's a choice between torture in hell forever (seems kinda harsh) or a neat mansion on Planet Heaven with golden streets. It sort of appeals to both the self-preservation mode and the "moving on up" mode.

10 posted on 08/30/2006 6:26:15 PM PDT by Dog Gone
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To: stm

I've seen it, several times.

For great info, go to and read the message boards, they are kept spam free.

11 posted on 08/30/2006 6:26:46 PM PDT by Central Scrutiniser (I was in the house when the house burnt down.)
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To: Central Scrutiniser

A good luck kiss, square on the lips, for the pilot.

12 posted on 08/30/2006 6:27:31 PM PDT by BigSkyFreeper (There is no alternative to the GOP except varying degrees of insanity.)
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To: Central Scrutiniser

ooooh, ooooh, Mr. Kotter, Vinnie just hit on me!!!!

13 posted on 08/30/2006 6:27:58 PM PDT by stm (Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence)
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To: Rembrandt_fan

And, L.Ron used to beat his wives, in the words of his son L. Ron Jr. (who has since changed his name), he "beat them, beat them bloody".

The internet is killing the church, once an organization's "secrets" are published to ridicule, they fall apart, same thing happened to the KKK.

14 posted on 08/30/2006 6:28:29 PM PDT by Central Scrutiniser (I was in the house when the house burnt down.)
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To: Central Scrutiniser
Tom, Matt Lauer may not know what Ritalin is, but I do, and judging by some of your recent behavior, it might not hurt for you to try some. Ask your doctor if it's right for you.

As to that picture...I don't think I really needed to see that. Bad John. BAD John.

15 posted on 08/30/2006 6:31:36 PM PDT by RichInOC ("Rule One: NO POOFTERS!")
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To: Central Scrutiniser
Tom Cruise's Behavior and Scientology: A Link?

A nut!

16 posted on 08/30/2006 6:32:44 PM PDT by LasVegasMac (Islam........not fit for human consumption.)
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To: Central Scrutiniser
I agree I really like Travolta...He is a great actor , gay or not......I think if he ever came out it would not affect his box office draw because he is a likable guy and a good actor......
17 posted on 08/30/2006 6:32:47 PM PDT by Kimmers
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To: stm
Horshack? Now that is not right.

:-D )))

18 posted on 08/30/2006 6:33:18 PM PDT by RichInOC (...fortunately, Epstein has a note from his mother, so he's excused.)
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To: Central Scrutiniser
I found this at Rick Ross's site. While Scientology is a cult, Ross is very anti religion.

Millennium cults pose bigger threat than terrorists
The Times (London)/August 20, 1996
By Kathryn Knight
A Disaster such as the Waco siege is inevitable in Britain if the Government does not act to control the growing number of violent and irrational cults, a report says.

Some of the 500 cults operating in Britain are so unpredictable that they are potentially more dangerous terrorist groups according to The Prophets of Doom: The Security of Religious Cults, published by the Institute for European Defense and Strategic Studies, an independent think-tank. Many use mind control techniques to indoctrinate their followers, who number up to half a million.

Martin Hubback, author of the report. said that, as the millenium approached, cult activity was likely to become more intense. He called for the immediate intervention of the security services to prevent cult violence leading to mass deaths. "Only a small minority of unorthodox religious groups represent any danger to society, but those that do are capable of wreaking havoc out of all proportion to their size or importance.

Thousands of unorthodox cults exist around the world, varying from single congregation churches to big international organizations. In Britain they often fall info two categories: religious groups, which are popular among people in their 20s, and therapy-based sects, offering help for physical or mental problems, which appeal to the middle-aged. All tend to insulate themselves from society.

"It is the combination of individuals belonging to a group without rational ends, who are not in a bargaining relationship with the authorities, who are reckless as to their own survival and who possess the ability and inclination to use hitherto taboo methods of destruction, which makes cults such a serious threat to society," Mr. Hubback said. "If anything we are moving away from a world where conflict is between relatively rational players and towards one threatened by irrational cults who want to make the Apocalypse a self-fulfilling prophecy."

The report follows a number of mass cult-related deaths. At least 70 members of the Branch Davidian cult, led by David Koresh, died in their compound in Waco in 1993 after a gun battle with police and a huge fire. A third of the people who died were British. In 1994, 48 members of a Canadian-based cult died in fires in Switzerland.

More disturbingly, recent attacks have involved the public. In March of last year, nerve gas was released on the Tokyo underground. Killing 12 and injuring hundreds. [At least one of the] activists [possibly had] connections to a cult [within the so-called] Christian Identity [movement who was] responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, which killed 168 in April last year.
19 posted on 08/30/2006 6:35:10 PM PDT by Sybeck1 (What's Russia's and China's part in all of this?)
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To: Central Scrutiniser

What?....Uh, nevermind...

20 posted on 08/30/2006 6:35:43 PM PDT by Muleteam1
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